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July 21, 2019

To whom it may concern,

The purpose of this letter is to recommend Mr. Aaron Loyd for employment as
an educator. Mr. Loyd was my student teacher in our second-grade classroom for the
2018-2019 school year. Aaron possesses many personal and professional characteristics
that would make him an asset to any educational organization in which he seeks
Personally, he is very approachable, friendly, observant, sensitive and upbeat
with a positive attitude even in the midst of difficulties. He is a good communicator, a
hard worker and always willing to take on a challenge or learn from mistakes. During his
student teaching, he also held down a full-time job on weekends while being a single
parent to his three children. He did it all with finesse!
Professionally, Mr. Loyd is a natural teacher! He is very confident with classroom
management and always conveyed his expectations to students in a clear and
appropriate manner. If there was a behavior issue, Aaron approached the student in a
sensitive, supportive way and encouraged problem solving. He uses humor, technology
and hands-on math games and science activities in his approach to engage students in
the learning at hand. He is conscientious about record-keeping and uses data analysis in
his formative assessment on a regular basis. Mr. Loyd often spoke to me unsolicited of
observations he made of our students - sometimes of an academic nature and other
times, of a social-emotional nature. Either way, his perceptions were always on target
and very helpful. He always strove to ensure that every childs’ needs were met on a daily
basis. Even when he first began and was only expected to observe my teaching, he was
circulating around the classroom assisting students one on one and engaging them. Mr.
Loyd is also a team player! He is always looking for ways to help our grade level team by
lending a hand or sharing resources, curriculum units or lesson plans.
I highly recommend Aaron Loyd for employment as an educator. It is my sincere
opinion that any district hiring Mr. Aaron Loyd will be very pleased with his


Kateri L. Simonds
Cooperating Teacher
Allen Park Public Schools
Bennie Elementary School