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I was born and raised in Mollendo, Arequipa-Peru, a small town located by the

shores of the Pacific Ocean. I attended Colegio Particular Maria Auxiliardora. During that
time, I was an active athlete, I was involved in 100 mt, 4x100 and long-distance races and
high jump competitions as well. I have lived in Utah for almost 9 years. Eventho my
educational background is in Law; I was fascinated by all the gadgets that a bilingual mind
is capable to do, reason for which I decided to study Linguists at the University of Utah.
After that, I decided to pursue enrichment in my education, and decided to be part of the
MAT program at Westminster. Currently I am a student teacher at Cyprus High School and
planning on finishing the program by/in December.
To travel has always been my passion. I have had the opportunity to travel
domestically in Peru and to a few countries in South America and Spain in Europe. As a
result, I have found myself fascinated by all of the immensity of manners of seeing the
world; consequently, manifestations of this perceptions though cultures are great
motivations that languages allow to explore.

I hope to be a good World Language guide that

Mi familia
Mi lugar favorito