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Artist: Buddy Rich

Title Of Album: Argo, Emarcy And Verve Small Group Buddy Rich Sessions
Year Of Release: Jan 31, 2006
Label: Mosaic Rec./Verve
Genre: Jazz
Format: Limited Edition (10000 copies!)
Style: Bop, Swing, Big Band, Bebop
Quality: FLAC / image+.cue
Bitrate: lossless
Length: 7:19:47
Total Size: 2.07 GB
Scans: No

The First Major Retrospective

With all the international fame and his musical legacy, it's amazing that there has
never been a major retrospective on CD - until now. This limited edition collection
is a complete look at Rich when he was, without question, a top star. The seven-CDs
features studio dates and live performances from 1953 to 1961 in quartet, quintet,
sextet, septet, and octet settings - plus, an 11-piece orchestra. A few tracks only
issued in Japan.

There are delightful surprises from a sea of known talents that include Harry
'Sweets' Edison, Benny Carter, Thad Jones, Ben Webster, Oscar Peterson, and more:
• A 1954 session includes inspired playing by Harry "Sweets" Edison.
• Webster's and Peterson's presence on a 1955 date with borrowed Basie-ites; Thad
Jones, Joe Newman, Frank Wess, and Freddie Green, make for exciting listening.
• The "orchestra" assembled in 1956 includes two sets of great Basie tunes with a
all-star band featuring Frank Rosolino, Pete Candoli, Buddy Collete, Jimmy Rowles,
and others.
• A highlight of the set is a 1957 quartet with with fabulous blowing by Flip

Buddy Rich - Classic Argo Emarcy & Verve Small Group (7 CD Box-Set)

His solos are virtuoso presentations of licks known and invented on the spot. Like
no one before him, he coaxes melody from a rhythm instrument. Rarely will you find
such agility and power, simultaneously. Even on blues numbers, which want naturally
to drag, Rich pushes, producing maddening tension. And when he needs to lay back
and let someone else solo, he is respectfully ever-present.

The Mosaic collection, packed with 78 tracks including 13 that have never appeared
anywhere, is a Rich fan's dream set bringing together many hard to obtain LPs that
present him as a leader of studio dates in addition to the early sixties small
group albums for both Verve and Argo. Before Rich, drums played a customary support
role. His devotion to performance put them center stage. This set finally gives him
his due. ~


1. Let's Fall In Love (A) 2:47
(H. Arlen-T. Koehler)
2. Me And My Jaguar (A) 3:38
(Buddy Rich)
3. Just Blues (A) 6:28
(B. Rich-H. Edison)
4. Sweets' Opus No. 1 (alt tk) (B) 2:34
(Harry Edison)
5. Sweets' Opus No. 1 (B) 2:34
(Harry Edison)
6. Bongo, Bass And Guitar (B) 3:27
(T. Adair-M. Dennis)
7. Strike It Rich (alt tk) (B) 5:01
(Johnny Mandel)
8. Strike It Rich (B) 6:29
(Johnny Mandel)
9. Sportin' Life (Sweetie Pie) (B) 2:35
(Harry Edison)
10. Sunday (C) 10:45
11. The Monster (C) 11:05
(Buddy Rich)
12. Ballad Medley (C) 12:13
Over The Rainbow (E. Y. Harburg-H, Arlen)
You've Changed (W. Carey-C. Fischer)
Time After Time (J. Styne-S. Cahn)
This Is Always (M. Gordon-H. Warren)
My Heart Stood Still (L. Hart-R. Rodgers)
I Hadn't Anyone Till You (Ray Noble)


1. Sonny And Sweets (D) 4:38

(H. Edison-B. Rich)
2. The Two Mothers (D) 6:01
(H. Edison-B. Rich)
3. A Smooth One (D) 9:10
(Benny Goodman)
4. Broadway (D) 11:53
5. Nice Work If You Can Get It (E) 4:05
(G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)
6. Willow Weep For Me (E) 7:02
(Ann Ronnell)
7. You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me (E) 5:11
(A. Dubin-H. Warren)
8. Now's The Time (E) 4:29
(Charlie Parker)
9. The Yellow Rose Of Brooklyn (E) 4:31
(Harry Edison)
10. All Sweets (E) 2:09
(Harry Edison)
11. Easy Does It (E) 8:16
(T. Young-S. Oliver)
12. Barney's Bugle (E) 9:39
(Buddy Rich)


1. Shorty George (F) 5:10

(C. Basie-A. Gibson)
2. Jump For Me (F) 5:40
(Count Basie)
3. Blues For Basie (F) 7:15
(Harry Edison)
4. 9:20 Special (F) 4:33
(B. Harding-E. Warren)
5. Blue And Sentimental (G) 4:45
6. Blue And Sentimental (45 tk) (G) 3:38
7. Down For Double (G) 4:05
(Freddie Green)
8. Down For Double (45 tk) (G) 3:41
(Freddie Green)
9. Ain't It The Truth? (G) 2:57
10. Jumpin' At The Woodside (G) 6:22
(Count Basie)


1. Lover Come Back To Me (H) 6:20

(S. Romberg-O. Hammerstein)
2. Topsy (H) 8:10
(E. Battle- E. Durham)
3. Undecided (H) 9:25
(S. Robin-C. Shavers)
4. Broadway (H) 8:10
5. Jumpin' At The Woodside (H) 10:11
(Count Basie)
6. Pent-Up House (I) 3:41
(Sonny Rollins)
7. Bloody Mary (I) 6:31
(Ernie Wilkins)
8. That's Rich Man (I) 5:28
(Ernie Wilkins)


1. Astronaut (I) 7:37

(Ernie Wilkins)
2. Straight No Chaser (I) 4:22
(Thelonious Monk)
3. A Night In Tunisia (I) 6:15
(D. Gillespie-F. Paparelli)
4. Miss Bessie's Cookin' (I) 5:18
(B. Rich-E. Wilkins)
5. Big Leg Mary (I) 5:46
(Ernie Wilkins)
6. A Swingin' Serenade (I) 4:06
(Ernie Wilkins)
7. Brainwashed (I) 5:01
(Ernie Wilkins)
8. Lulu's Back In Town (J) 5:48
(A. Dubin-H. Warren)
9. Will You Still Be Mine? (J) 4:40
(T. Adair-M. Dennis)
10. Fascinatin' Rhythm (J) 4:34
(G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin)
11. Makin' Whoopee (J) 4:21
(W. Donaldson-G. Kahn)
12. Misty (J) 5:04
(Erroll Garner)
13. Cheek To Cheek (J) 6:15
(Irving Berlin)


1. Playtime (K) 6:09

(Sam Most)
2. Marbles (K) 5:46
(J. Morris-S. Most)
3. The Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful (L) 3:05
4. Little Susie (L) 5:02
(Ray Bryant)
5. R.B. (L) 4:50
(Mike Mainieri)
6. Angel Eyes (L) 3:50
(M. Dennis-E. Brent)
7. The Be-Bop Irishman (L) 5:05
(Ray Bryant)
8. Foxy (L) 3:09
(Sam Most)
9. The Surrey With The Fringe On Top (L) 5:37
(O. Hammerstein-R. Rodgers)
10. The Way You Look Tonight (L) 4:34
11. Doxy (L) 2:53
(Sonny Rollins)
12. Mountain Greenery (L) 2:54
(L. Hart-R. Rodgers)


1. Blowin' The Blues Away (N) 8:38

(Horace Silver)
2. B.R. Blues (M) 3:08
(Mike Mainieri)
3. Late Date (N) 5:08
(W. Maynard)
4. Caravan (M) 9:43
5. Young Blood (N) 5:55
(Mike Mainieri)
6. I Remember Clifford (N) 3:44
(Benny Golson)
7. Rose Room (M) 6:31
(A. Hickman-H. Williams)
8. Satin Doll (M) 5:49
9. Lover Come Back To Me (M) 5:17
(S. Romberg-O. Hammerstein)
10. Afghan (N) 4:03
(Mike Mainieri)
11. If I Were A Bell (N) 3:27
(Frank Loesser)

Personnel: Buddy Rich (drums); Bill Pittman, Freddie Green, Barney Kessel (guitar);
Sam Most (flute, clarinet, alto saxophone); Sonny Criss, Willie Smith, Benny Carter
(alto saxophone); Flip Phillips, Frank Wess, Georgie Auld, Seldon Powell, Tom Brown
, Ben Webster (tenor saxophone); Bob Poland, Bob Lawson, Buddy Collette (baritone
saxophone); Conrad Gozzo, Harry "Sweets" Edison, Marky Markowitz, Pete Candoli,
Rolf Ericson, Thad Jones (trumpet); Milt Bernhart, Willie Dennis , Bob Enevoldsen
(trombone); Dave McKenna, Gerald Wiggins, Jimmy Rowles, Johnny Morris , Oscar
Peterson, Ronnie Ball (piano); Mike Mainieri (vibraphone, marimba); Joe Mondragon,
John Simmons , Peter Ind, Ray Brown , Richard Evans , Joe Comfort, Wyatt Ruther
(bass instrument).

Arrangers: Marty Paich; Ernie Wilkins.