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Global Oil & Gas Practice, Analytics Analytics Manager McKinsey Knowledge Centre

OVERVIEW OF ANALYTICS AT MCKINSEY KNOWLEDGE CENTER McKinsey & Company is a preeminent management consulting firm that helps leading companies and institutions make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements to their performance. With over 6,000 consultants working in 83 offices in 45 countries, McKinsey advises organizations worldwide on issues of strategy, organization, operations and technology. McKinsey Knowledge Center is the largest hub of the Firm’s knowledge network accounting for a quarter of the 1300 knowledge professionals in the Firm. The knowledge professionals at the center play an important role in our consulting engagements and are organized into three core service lines – Practice Research, Knowledge on Call and Analytics. Analytics helps our consultants solve complex modeling and data intensive business problems by leveraging specialized tools and techniques. OVERVIEW OF POSITION AND RESPONSIBILITIES Mckinsey Knowledge Centre, India is looking for a Analyst for its Oil & Gas Analytics team. We are seeking a creative and energetic professional with strong analytical, communications and organizational skills with past experience in oil & gas related issues. This individual will work with McKinsey Knowledge Centre Analysts as well as McKinsey consultants to:

• Articulate, scope, and prioritize project needs, and identify and gather relevant
resources for the same

• Provide synthesis, insight, and practical implications within tight deadlines,

via end products in the form of models, single exhibits, written summaries and basic fact packs in team problem solving, share evolving business trends and best practices, and contribute to knowledge creation initiatives

• Serve as a thought partner, leveraging internal and external networks, to engage

analytics. Specific qualifications ¶ Good problem-solving. including proficiency with Excel. and quantitative skills ¶ Inquisitive. etc.• Continue to build knowledge of oil & gas related issues for the team on the whole We expect that you will also contribute to building the Oil & Gas practice by participating in the professional development of colleagues. analytical. and finding new ways to create innovative and distinctive services. synthesis. The primary job responsibilities for the Analysts fall into two categories: (1) client service team support and (2) knowledge development. Word. PowerPoint. and general business concepts and terminology ¶ Strong multi-tasking abilities ¶ Professional attitude and service orientation. and basic financial analysis packages EDUCATION & PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED An undergraduate or advanced degree from a respected institution in Chemical Engineering is required. financial.g. • UG with minimum 2 years of relevant experience or PG with minimum 1 years of relevant experience. as well as to enhance team spirit. • Experience in an energy-related or other scientific environment preferred • . as well as a strong academic background and some relevant work experience. team player ¶ Strong IT skills. helping to design and deliver training programs. investigative nature ¶ Excellent written and verbal communication skills ¶ Broad understanding of petroleum trends and issues strongly preferred ¶ Solid understanding of economic.. KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS REQUIRED General qualifications Analysts will need to demonstrate good intrinsic skills (e.) that indicate high potential.

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