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The GEO Group, lnc.

Corporate Headquarters
4955 Technology Way
August 19,2019 Boca Raton, Florida 33431

TEL: 561 893 0101

866 301 4436

Dear GEO Employee,

I felt it important that you receive a respollse directly from me concerning the recent
events that occurred at our facilities in Boulder, Aurora, Tacoma, Boca Raton and
San Antonio.

On June 27,2A19, approximately 100 people held a protest outside our Bl

Headquarters in Boulder, CO. The protest was organized by a local activist group
who called on the Boulder Charnber of Commerce to remove BI as a lnernber,
insisted other Charnber of Commerce rnembers withdraw until BI is removed, asked
the Boulder City Council to divest from companies that provide services to ICE,
pressed the owner of our building to cancel our lease, and asked BI to cancel our
contracts with ICE.

On July 12,2019, approximately 1,000 people held a protest outside our Aurora ICE
Processing Center in Aurora, CO. During this event, masked protesters trespassed
onto our property in what the Aurora Police Department described as "illegal
activity" and removed our American flag and 2 others. In their places appeared a
Mexican flag, a "Thin Blue Line" police hero banner that had disparaging anti-cop
graffiti, and a flag that condemned police officers.

On July 13,2019, at approxirnately 4:00 am one of our Lieutenants, a Sergeant and

two Officers witnessed an individual armed with an assault rifle set fire to our GTI
building and a vehicle just outside of our Northwest ICE Processing Center in
Tacoma, WA. These brave employees irnmediately took a position of cover and
directed the Tacoma Police Department as to the specific actions and location of the
armed man as the events unfolded. Local law enforcement irnmediately arrived and
subsequently shot and killed the armed man.

On August 12,2019, our Corporate Office in Boca Raton was protested by "Never
Again Action." Never Again Action is a rnobilization of different affiliated Jewish
organizers whose goal is to shut dornt ICE. This new organization sprang up after
congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez referred to ICE processing centers as
"concentration camps." A host of mainsheam Jewish organizations joined the U.S.
Holocaust Museum to reject the comparisons made between the Holocaust and
current events.

The following day, August 13,2A19, at approximately 3:00 am, shots were fired
into ICE's San Antonio Office and our Central Region Office (located in the sirne
building). Luckily, no one was injured, and the FBI is investigating this incident as
atargetnd attack.

The intent of my message is not to cause you to be fearful, but rather ensure you
know fact from fiction. False narratives and deliberate mischaracterizations were
the basis for these recent events. Misguided individuals intimidated our employees
and defamed the American flag at a time when we recently commemorated the birth
of our nation and the 75th anniversary of our landing at Nonnandy. Even more
troubling, are the individuals in Tacoma and San Antonio who were intent on
causing physical harm to persons and property.

We continue to see false and baseless claims made in the media against our company
and other govenrment service providers. We are deeply committed to delivering
culturally responsive services in safe and humane environments and to treating
everyone in our care with dignity and respect.

Like all Americans, we are concerned about the unprecedented humanitarian crisis
at our Southern border; we acknowledge the challenge, but we are disappointed by
the historically and factually inaccurate portrayal of ow facilities. Our facilities have
never been overcrowded, nor have they ever housed unaccompanied minors.
Contrary to some reports, our company has never provided services related to the
sepamtion of families. Our facilities are highly rated by independent accreditation
entities and provide humane residentiat care, including 2417 medical services,
modern recreation amenities, and access to legal counsel.

We will continue to work with our goyemment parbrers, to ensure safe and secure
operations at all our facilities. Additionally, GEO will continue our efforts to
provide industry-leading offender rehabilitation programs and reentry services with
the objective of reducing recidivism and ensuring individuals successfully transition
back into local communities.

Many of you are hungry for information to help set the record straight, not only for
yorr, but in some circumstances for your family and friends. Over the last couple of
*GEO in the News" to all of you with a company email
weeks, we sent emails titled
address. These emails contained video news stories or articles that told our story. If

yoll don't have a conrpany email address and lvottld like to receive these ttpdates,
please send an enrail to sulrscribegeosLory(ii geogrottlt.cottt u,ith yottt' nallte, email
address or cell phone nnmber (ilyou prel'er us to send thern via text rnessage). Please
note that rve u,ill only use yoLlr email or text messaging fbr these types of updates,
and you can simply opt out at any tirne.

Stay tuned as we continue to provide you with the facts about what we do and the
accomplishments of our incredible worklbrce. Please visit u'u,u'.*'earegco.conr to
leam more about rvho u,e are, our recidivism solutions, hou,we are improving lives,
dispelled rlunors and the latest news/blogs. The attached document is also
infbrmative and states rvhat our role is as a governtnent service provider and what
we don't do. Discuss it rvith your peers, your lamily, and your fi'iends. If you have
questions, please ask. There is no better time to dispel rumors or f'ears and to set the
record straight.

Please remerlber that these false reports regarding the level of service we provide,
is not a ret'lection of you attd your peers. Our success has alu,ays been greatly
attributed to the quality of our employees and I continue to be proud of the work you
perfbrm every day.

Thank you fbr your hard work and dedication, not only to our company, but to our
clients. those entrusted in our care, and the comtnunities we work and live in.


George C. Zoley
Chainnan and CEO

Setting the Record Straight on GEO's Role as a
Long-Standing Government Services Provider

What We Don't Do

8 \1/e don't manage any shelters or facilities housing unaccompanied minors

6l We don't manage an], border patrol holding facilities along the tl.S. Southrvest boruler

@ We rlon't manage any facilities ryith tent structures or chain-link fencing in housing areas
8 \Ye don't manage any facilities that are overcrorvded, in fact our contracts forbid this

E \\'e don't plal' a role in passing crinrinal justice or immigration lan's, and u'e have never
advocated for or against criminal justice or immigration enforcement policies

What We Do

S We manage motlern immigration Processing Centers under contract rvith U.S.

Immigration and Customs Enforcenrent (ICE) n'ith amenities including artificial tur{
soccer fields, flat screen T\rs in living :tr?AS, indoor and outdoor recreation, classrooms,
multipurpose rooms, and libraries
i* We proudly comply rvith the Obama-Biden Aelministration's performance-based national
detention standards
g We provide safe and humane residential care for non-sentenced individuals during the
adjudication of their immigration cases! ryith an al,el?ge length of sta1, of 30 to {5 days
S The services rve provide today are in no $ay different from the high-quality services rve
provided for eight years untler the Obama-Biden Atlministration
S3 We manage federal prisons that are reselved almost erclusively for non-citizen criminal
aliens and only'one of our federal prisons houses ferver than 300 D.C. rcsidents
€l \1'e manage correctional facilities housing state and local inmates antl provide offender
rehabilitation and post-release support services, proven to reduce recidivism, through our
GEO Continrrum of Care

S Vl'e manage facilities that are highly rated bf independent accreditation entities including
the American Correctional Association, the National Commission on Correctional Health
Care, and The Joint Commission
tl) rrVe advocate for public-private partnerships that deliver private sector solutions to public
sector challenges rvith strict government oversight. The facilities rye manage have on-site,
full-time government monitors

4955 Technology Way, Boca Raton, Florida 33431

561493-0101 . @e@
Thc GEO 6roup, ln(. !