Army Family Team Building

Level I

Supporting Your Child’s Education

Staying Involved During Deployment
There are many ways that parents can stay connected to their child’s education while the parent is away on deployment. Here are a few suggestions:

Before you leave:
Take some time to communicate with your child. Answer as many questions as you can about where you are going and why. Work with your child on planning an activity for when you return. Discuss ways that you might be able to stay in touch with your child during the deployment. Tell you child that you want to continue to hear about school friends and activities – sports, clubs, classes, tests. Create a fill-in-the-blank letter with your child that he/she can send to you. If possible, correspond with your child’s school to let them know about the deployment. If a guardian will be caring for your child, introduce the care giver to your child’s teachers.

During deployment:
Remember to ask about all aspects of your child’s education; don’t just concentrate on individual test performances. Keep notes so that you don’t ask the same questions every time you chat. Use audio or video equipment to tell or read a story for your child, and ask for one in return. Ask your child to write reviews of new movies or TV shows, or to keep you updated on your favorite sports team. Stay up to date with a copy of your child’s school, sports, and activity schedule. Correspond with your child’s class about your experiences with a new culture, new foods, or language that you may encounter. Send your child some stamps, coins, newspapers or other items to share and talk about. Be sure to praise and offer positive reinforcement for your child’s efforts at school while you are gone.

Upon your return:
Visit the class to share your experiences and answer questions.
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