Army Family Team Building

Level I

Supporting Your Child’s Education

Army Initiatives for Education
Promoting academic success is vital to helping military children become well-educated and productive citizens. Here are some educational initiatives by the Army:

In- and Out-Processing Checklist for Army personnel
added schools to the installation In- and Out -Processing checklist in accordance with AR 600-8-101 requires a Soldier with accompanying children to in/out process through the Child and Youth Services/School Liaison Officer/schools allows Soldiers to acquire information and to connect to appropriate individuals on school-related matters

High School Senior Stabilization Procedure
Soldiers with High school seniors can ask for tour extension for an additional year approval dependent on needs of the Army

School Liaison Officer (SLO)
established positions Army-wide

Parent-Teacher Conferences
designated schools as a place of duty for parent-teacher conferences attending a scheduled parent-teacher conference is Soldier’s first priority (duty responsibilities permitting)


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