Forgiveness - The Key to Healing

Forgiveness – What does this mean exactly? This is an influencing factor to emotional healing, and in so doing we stop the cycle of rebirth. We are here to learn to forgive. Not only to forgive others but to forgive ourselves for perceived transgressions to others. When we hurt others we in turn hurt ourselves. Our lesson here is to learn to forgive all. This is our truth. As our ego takes over we ‘teach’ ourselves that it is to hard to forgive. We ‘hold on’ to every slight, grievance etc. To some holding on to pain makes people believe they have the power, however all this does is bring more negativity into our lives, makes it even harder to let go and gives the ego more power to control our true spirit, our souls. We deny ourselves the freedom and healing that forgiveness can bring us. As you forgive everyone and everything, you become whole. You have always been complete but, your awareness of this will start to grow and becomes your truth. The truth is you are NOT and NEVER will be separated from a higher energy. We are all ONE. As you let go of the ego’s power you become the light. You become aware of whom you really are; a being of the light. The world around you reflects your thoughts and your fears. By looking at each individual and situation, you will realize that the cause of distress you experience is indeed a projection of your fear. To forgive is to let go – affirmation. Forgiveness emanates from the heart, the area and chakra that connect us with the higher energy (god/goddess). It is a state of mind that allows the light to penetrate the consciousness. Although forgiveness is taught few understand how important it is to LIVE the process. Our mental and emotional bodies have been in control for many lifetimes. Enlightenment and the teachers who assist us with this process, do not appear to the student until a majority of our karmic debt has been forgiven and the recipient has started to rise on their path, acquiring a higher frequency. At that moment the individual calls through their consciousness to the teachers, using the law of attraction, and this energy brings into our lives teachers who provide us with the long desired answers. The ego (which is the individual personified) is the barrier between the soul and the higher self. If you wish to free your “lower self” from pain, suffering and anguish, then you need to connect with your “higher self”. The only way to achieve this is to choose freedom. Forgiveness is the purification of the soul. Remember the choice is yours. Free will! We find that through thousands of years we have been sent wonderful teachings and lessons, however the medium of “religion” has analyzed these lessons through the ego, the human mind. Analyzing and dissection via the mind is insufficient and has bought with it many misconceptions and abuse.

The Universe is a field of energy. This energy is the life force of all individuals. We only connect to this energy through our “higher Self”. Anyone who vibrates at the lower energy finds it difficult to connect with this energy. Emotions like hate, envy, jealousy, anger, remorse, suspicion etc vibrate at the lower energy, hence making the idea of forgiveness, to gain freedom, vital. These feelings inhibit one from realizing our full potential and power. We find the ego will always choose the path of less resistance, making it easy. The higher self will receive guidance from a higher guidance; this usually requires more strength and discipline. It is easier to hate, feel righteous, judge, than it is to humble one self and forgive. Our ego will listen to anything that gives it justification. Choosing to let go begins in the mind. At the moment of this decision, your process of reuniting with the “higher self” begins. We do find paradoxes in these situations though. A person who hurts us is considered by the ‘victim’ to be bad, however often this is not the case. Events present themselves for two reasons: Karmic debts and Dharmic destinies. Dharmic destinies are usually tests of initiation, also situations occur that are not intended to cause harm, but because the ego is in control, they become harmful. Circumstances can then arise that evolve into additional tests. There are many situations bought into our lives, by ourselves that advance our state of learning as we have to be strengthened on the path of initiation. It is therefore reasonable that assume we will all be tested. Tests often come through individuals whom we least suspect. This assures the lesson is more difficult to achieve, but the inner knowledge gained elevates us to a position of greater power and strength. Another paradox we find is that the victims believe they are winning because they hold on to the pain, anger etc. The individuals who have caused them this pain are in fact controlling their souls by keeping it vibrating at a lower level. This will continue for as long as the individual allows themselves to hold on to that lower state of mind. So by letting go, you don’t allow another’s deed to imprison the soul, you experience a higher state of consciousness and freedom. In letting go and experiencing forgiveness, a lighter, happier sense of release and freedom overcomes the consciousness, allowing the mind to open to new ideas, hope, love and healing.

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