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8248 San Carlos Boulevard

Fort Myers, Florida 33912

July 20.1990

Koren B . Wilde
Education Practices Commission
301 Florida Education Center
325 West Gaines Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399

Dear Ms. Wilde:

I chose the Informal Hearing over the Formal Hearing not because I do not dispute the
allegations. In the past two years I know of two teachers in Lee County who have been accused
of similar allegations and they lost their teaching certificates and have had to leave the area even
though not proven guilty. In fact, one was proven not guilty in court. Media coverage of trials of
this type of allegation can prove more distructive (sic) than the original lie.

H.R.S. investigated this allegation against me, interviewing the entire Scout Camp Staff as well
as (name redacted). They also checked the Scout Council in Massachusetts and found the charge

The Sheriff’s Department of Charlotte County also investigated this case and they with H.R.S.
felt this was a spite case. If your investigators had been able to check this case out with the Camp
Staff, and found that (redacted name) was upset because of a position or job change that had
been made, they may have come up with different evidence. I never swam with (redacted name)
alone – the whole Staff of about 30 was swimming at the same time. (Redacted name) slept in
the same tent as my son.

I have resigned my teaching position in Lee County on June 28 rather than have the School
Board publicly release me on these allegations. I love this area of Florida as does my family and
do not want to be forced to leave because of false allegations.

I thank God for having had the opportunity to teach for 18 years in Massachusetts and 9 years in
Florida, and for the opportunity to serve Scouts for the past 28 years, and helping 16 young men
attain Eagle Scout Rank.

I am not a bitter person, and only hope the best for education and scouting, regardless of the
outcome of this hearing. I do not feel that Option # 3, disputing the allegations in court, would
help education, scouting or my family.


William E. Sheehan, Jr.

cc Martin B. Schaap, Administrator
Professional Practices Services
352 Florida Education enter
325 West Gaines Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400