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E-mail: company i. 1. Business type: Sole proprietor/Closed corporation/Private company/Company/Trust/ c. Business name: company/Trust name CC/Pty (Ltd)/Ltd trading as XYZ (if applicable) b. Business.General notes: • This document is a template and should be customised to your specific purpose and tailored to the requirements of the intended recipients. Company registration number: self explanatory d. VAT number: self explanatory f. Tax reference number: self explanatory e. Banking details: Bank: 2 Business Profile of (insert company name here) . • The document is available in MS word format and can be e-mailed. put on disk/flash if required (at an additional charge). Tel: Multiple numbers if available g. Shop) h. Physical address: k.A. Postal Address: l. Fax: land line and fax-2-email number/s (Fax to e-mail fax numbers available from The P. Docex Address: m. Cell: if applicable j. Administrative & Contact Information a.

Business goals & objectives Specific goals that the company wants to achieve. profit making.Branch: Account number: Branch code: Account manager: Account managers details: 2. 1 paragraph. it identifies the customer(s). Vision statement A vision statement outlines what an company wants to be. organic growth. Business strategy The general strategy of the company. horizontal integration. diversification. Values General guiding principles that are to govern all activities. Introduction a. c. d. not for profit.g. Products c. speculation.g. E. what it’s business is. b. Company History A short. and it is timeless. 3. E. b. etc 4. Strategy a. What the company does 2 to 3 sentences about what the company does. b. it provides clear decision-making criteria. Mission statement A mission statement outlines what the company is now. it identifies the critical process(es). it is inspirational. It focuses on tomorrow. Business concept a. etc f. e. Economic intent What the economic intent of the organisation is. and which market sectors it services. It focuses on today. history of the company. and it states the level of performance. Business concept What the business does. investment. Services 3 Business Profile of (insert company name here) . growth by acquisition. vertical integration.

b. etc c. Management structure An organogram may be added showing the management structure and reporting hierarchy. 5. E. Affirmative action initiatives k. what are the competitive advantages? e. SABS standards specifications applicable. Business model Describe your business model and the reasoning behind choosing it. Service pledge A pledge of how the company wants to deliver services. etc h. 7. Management & Ownership a. Quality policy & objectives ISO ratings. Management f. Value chain Give a breakdown of the value chain you will be operating in and where your company will fit into this value chain.g. Ownership Structure Ownership percentages and structure. home based. Attorneys i. Directors d. BEE & BEEE 6. g. Professionals & Advisors h. Current customers & projects A list of customers. Business & leadership skills e. etc f. retail. Office and administrative personnel g. office bound. Business competitiveness What makes the business competitive with other businesses in it’s sector. projects and contact details for reference. Accountants j.d. Centralised. Completed projects 4 Business Profile of (insert company name here) . Shares available and taken up. de-centralised.

c. Shop offers the service of applying for this for customers. please feel free to contact us. The P. f. Company/CC documents d. Tax clearance certificate from SARS. SABS / ISO 9000 requirement compliance documentation e. Thank you for taking the time to go through this business profile. b. If there are any questions or comments. Copy of identity documents of directors and shareholders. 5 Business Profile of (insert company name here) .A. Copy of detailed curriculum vitae or resume of partners.A list of customers. projects and contact details for reference. Attachments and supporting Documentation (available on request) a. g. Maps showing location. Any other relevant substantiating documentation. 8. owners & management.