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FULL AND PUBLIC DISCLOSURE OF FINANCTAL INTERESTS TAST NAME — FIRST NAME — HIGDLE NAME: Diaz de laPortilla, Alex WAILING ADDRESS: 1481 NW 22nd Street 2017 FOR OFFIGE USE ONLY: iP 33142 ‘COUNTY Miami-Dade NAME Cf GEFIE OR POSTON HELD OR SOIGIT! Miami-Dade County Commissioner District 5 OZR Al eed 8 9 PART A~NET WORTH Please enier the value of your net worth as of December 31, 2017 or a more current date, (Note: Net worth is not ca culated by subtracting your reported fatlities rom your reported assets, so olease see the instructions on page 3] My net worth as of December 31 94,910.24 2017 was 15 FART B s Clan. SE OTradc HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND PERGONAL EFFECTS: Tiaetel goede art prvenl ess ay Ue fepned no arp won thd moras sue exteeds £1,000. This eslegery Helos any ofthe folowing, rt Ral for investrent purposes: Jer. ealectons of stamps. guns. ard rumismaic bems: at objets: Household aqumant and furnishings; ching; other neuseho lems, and vehices for personal use, whelher eve cr leased “The aggrogate value of my housshld goods ard persenel effects (deverited above io § 90/000.00, {ASSETS INDIVIUALLY VALUED AT OVER 1,00: DESCRIPTION OF ASSET (specifi descipton is equted. a Real property located at 1519 SW 19 Street Miami FI 33145 Instructions ps) VALUE OF ASSET $580,000.00 Real property located at 1481 NW 22nd Street Miami Florida 33142 $1,320,000.00 Real property located at 12000 SW 177 Avenue Miami Florida 33196 $402,500.00 Charles Schwab ILR-A /Investment 1000 Brickell Avenue Miami Florida 33131 [s1460.24 PART C ~ LIABILITIES LIABILITIES IN EXCESS OF $1,009 (Sea Instructions on page 4y [NAME AND ADDRESS OF CREDITOR AMOUNT OF LIABILITY Mr. Cooper 8950 Cypress Waters Blvd, Coppell Texas 75019 $386000.00 Revocable HM Holdings LLC 135 San Lorenzo Avenue, Suite 740 Coral Gables FI 33146 _ [$500,000.00 GIN AND SEVERAL UADILITIE® NOT REFORTED ABOVE: NAME AND ADDRESS OF CREDITOR AMOUNT OF LIABILITY — Nik Ean pee Tanda roerenae Sarma by onan Ba S020), FAC. PRET PART D = INCOME, ‘went cach separate sauies and amount ot inzome winch exceeded 51,000 during the year ncn expy of your 2017 fra iene erat, eae : ‘aching you rlurs, es the law requtes BLAH ated acon iia i sae onoteaere Poses Woo eae rescattinne at ssa pe in Garmeome nota D1 oct te te a copy of my 2017 fodsral income taxceturn and oll W's, schedules, ard atoowmehedl APR 14 PM 12: 06 IF you checks boc ard atac 3 copy ofyor 2017 tx lum, yu ree not cote he end f Pr PRINARY EOURCES OF CONE (Gee iestractions on page Si ie i NAME OF SCURCE OF NCOME EXCEEDNG 61,000 sconeso oF eouncd idle DEPART if Awount, First Stone Management LLC 1481 NW 22 Street Miami FI, 33142 $95,000.00 ‘SECONDARY SOURCES OF INCOME [Msorcuslomere, clint, ol, ofbudnatese ved by repering puro zea hetuctons on aap 6h uaME OF NAME OF MAJOR SoURCES ADDRESS PRINCIPAL aUSIIESS EUSINESS ENTTY (CF BUSINESS’ NGOME OF SOLRGE, AGTIVIFY OF SOURCE Ad PART E INTERESTS IN SPECIFIED BUSINESSES lInstrustions on page 6) BUSINESS ENTITY #4 AUSINESS ENTITY #2 BUSINESS ENTITY'S EE, 7 SBS evry sale ADORESS OF SUSNEeS ENTITY PRINCIPAL BUSNESS seni FOSTIONTEID itm entre heel Wate wosalcss TATURE OF My Ganesh Nrencst PART F- TRAINING For officers required to complete annual ethics trairing pursuant to section 112.3142, FS, (QI CERTIFY THAT | HAVE COMPLETED THE REQUIRED TRAINING. OATH soinvor ae : eee ee ee eginirg otis frm, do éepose an cath or afemation di 20 KY py WER OC del Nor tnd sey that nition diclxed on is om ani, tnd conplen, aR Tipe or Sian CagerNONE i 3 “a COMMISSION erenaly inoun 79s GRrrensseoes thet) “ype of Mertieaton reaceneh NY : TTa cetiied puble secaurtan:oansed under Chapler 473, or atlrnay h good standing withthe Floige Bar prepares this form for you, ne or he must compet the folowing statement —_____ propares the CE Form 6 in ancordance with At. I, See. 8, Florida Gonsttion, ‘geben TIZSTUM, Fonda Sau, nd re HSTUCTOTE Tine fom. Upon my reasonable ewledge ard bale, the daclvaure here eu end correct Sgnature Date’ Preparation of this form by a CPA or attorney does not relieve the ler ofthe responsibility o sign the form under oa. IPANY OF PARTS A THROUGH E ARE CONTINUED ON A SEPARATE SHEET, PLEASE CHECK HERE, Irsopertos yan inl PREET