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Knights of Columbus

James V. Kavanaugh Council #5293

September 2019

Reminders  Council Meetings: September 3rd and September

 Charity and Benevolent Books Available 17th

 Installation of Officers—September 29, 2019.  Columbiette Meeting: September 10, 2019

Grand Knights Report Columbiette President Report

With Labor Day approaching I As September comes so means the start
want to wish you and your family of a new year for the ladies. The Blood
a safe holiday. Labor Day is a Drive on August 28, 2019 went very well.
date not of just barbeque with We were fortunate to collect 70 units of
friends and family. It is a day blood which will be used to save 210
that is dedicated to the hard- lives. I would like to thank all that
workers of the country that participated and helped out. The Grand
created the prosperity we live in. Knight of the council Kenny Reynolds
The Knights and Columbiettes assisted a lot and made it a family event
in our council have the same which made everything better. In
qualities. We have worked addition Columbian Club President, Peter
together hand-in-hand and have Costelloe for allowing us to rent the hall
created a strong council that free of charge.
has achieved a lot of amazing
tasks since our charter was
established on May 22, 1962. - Pat Tariol
Please look over the Faith In
Action Programs, these
programs are a great
opportunity to get with our
families and celebrate our faith
in a beautiful environment.
Thank you all and God Bless.
Charity Ball—September 20,
Installation of Officers is
September 29, 2019. Family
Mass is 11:30am at St. Jude’s
Church and Installation will James V. Kavanaugh
follow at approximately 2:00pm. Membership

Council Picnic—September 22,

Associate 182
2019—Time to Be Determined.
Insurance 79

Inactive 6
Council Officers
Grand Knight—Ken Reynolds
Deputy Grand Knight— John Hurley
Chancellor-Peter Cotroneo
Warden—Frank Skarren

Treasurer—Peter Costelloe
Recording Secretary—Vincent Appel
Chapter Trustees—Don Sarno, John Diadema, Stanley Blaske
Next Meeting: September 13, 2019
St. KIlians Council, Farmingdale, NY Inside Guard– Daniel Tariol
Outside Guard—Mike Quinn

Lecturer—Mike Stephens
Financial Secretary—Shawn Sexton
Fourth Degree
Next Meeting: September 25, 2019
Columbiette Officers
Location: TBD
President—Pat Tariol
Vice-President—Claire Sosnicki
Immediate Past President—Heather Raghunandan
Sentinal—Pam Amato
Treasurer—Trish Hurley
Financial Secretary—Gerri Melton
Secretary—Anne Marie Diadema

Quote of the Month: “One of life’s greatest joys comes from loving those whom no one else
loves.” - Ven Fulton Sheen

Council Activities
The Knights of Columbus participated at the
Mastic Blue Claw Festival. The Grand
Knight would like to thank all those that
participated by selling Charity and
Benevolent Books. The money being raised
is to help those in need.

Above is the image of the charitable

Knights of Columbus Safe Environment contributions made by the Kavanaugh
Knights and Columbiettes. Through
Please visit
collaboration with the Suffolk County Board of District Deputies, we were able to raise
$17,500 in order purchase 110
Wheelchairs to be distributed across Suffolk
County from the Global Wheelchair Mission.
James V. Kavanaugh District Deputy—Bill Fontaine Please Keep in Your
Columbiette District Deputy— TBA Prayers
Victims and Families of
Persons in Recent Shooting
in Dayton, Ohio and El
Paso, Texas.
William Higgins
Frank Skarren
Sharon Palazzato
Daniel Carr
Enoch Sexton
Bishops & Priests
The Unborn

Columbian Club Report

Columbian Club President Officers Brother Knights and Sister Columbiettes,

President—Peter Costelloe
Vice President—Ken Reynolds The Planning Board for the Parking Lot is in
plans and is being sent to the town for
Secretary—Stan Blaske
review. We are making renovations to the
Treasurer– Don Sarno roof to further enhance the beauty of the
building. I would like to thank everyone that
assisted with the entrance way as well as
Board of Directors the molding in the building.
Peter Cotroneo
Phil Quinn The Columbian Club is Sponsoring a Boy
Scouts. We have done the necessary
John Bivona
documentation and safety requirements.
Vincent Appel We are currently waiting for the final details
Frank Nappe and the Troop with be chartered.

Richard Palazzotto
Frank Skarren Next Meeting is September 17, 2019.
- Peter Costelloe

If you have any information that you would like to be posted in the news-
letter please contact the Grand Knight and/or Columbiette President
Faith In Action Upcoming Programs/Events

Soccer Challenge—September 21, 2019 at William Floyd Elementary School– 9am-1pm

Cross Walk for Life—October 19, 2019 at Shrine of Our Lady of the Island—10:00am
Novena For Life—October 19, 2019 at Shrine of Our Lady of the Island—11:30am
Marian Hour of Prayer—October 26, 2019 at Shrine of Our Lady of the Island—1:00pm