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Risks, opportunities Facing ‘chronic Looming battle for

to Uganda economy workplace stress’ the East African skies

Issue No. 584 August. 09 - 15 2019 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8

Get rich,
For doing
How money creates
a ‘dilute’ parliament

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August. 09 - 15 2019 1

Issue No. 584 August. 09 - 15 2019

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Cover story
Get rich, For doing nothing
How money creates a ‘dilute’ parliament

5 The Week
Stella Nyanzi jailed for nine
months, faces prison penalties Leveraging Boda Boda
platforms: Government
can use their mobile sharing
9 The Last Word
platforms to streamline
Inside the NRM struggle: transport industry
William Pike’s account of the
clash between Museveni’s utopia
32 Health
and Uganda’s hard reality
Burnout at work: Facing
14 Analysis the damage of ‘chronic
workplace stress’
Risks, opportunities to Uganda
economy: Mutebile leads experts to
analyse ways to maintain high growth
35 Arts & Culture
27 Business
Weaver Bird Sculpture Park :
Looming battle for the East African skies: Open air sculptures in that mirror a
Uganda Airlines needs to come up with a community’s cultural heritage
strategy that will enable it capture a share
of the regional aviation market

STRATEGY & EDITORIAL DIRECTOR: Andrew M. Mwenda WRITERS:Ronald Musoke, Ian Katusiime,
MANAGING EDITOR: Joseph Were Patricia Akankwatsa, Julius Businge.

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2 August. 09 - 15 2019

“It was very clear, the way Gen.

Tumwine walked towards us, there was
an obvious display of anger and fury.
He came and directed his loud shout
at me and he pointed at me. He did
not come to greet me but to attack.
Since then, my blood pressure has been
going up and I am on medication.”
On August 2, Dr Stella Nyanzi’s supporters rioted during court session, Nyanzi flashed her breasts in Cecilia Ogwal, MP for Dokolo County
protest while making judgment, the Buganda Road Court Grade One Magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu ruled
18 Months sentence but Nyanzi’s supporters hurled at her a plastic bottle that sparked many arrest by
police as they tried to restore order.   INDEPENDENT/ALFRED OCHWO

Director of Uganda
Virus Research
Institute and Principle
Investigator Professor
Pontiano Kaleebu (C)
address the press on
the progress made
on Ebola vaccine
on August 2. He
said Uganda starts “The amount of Shs436,102,014 stated
Ebola vaccine trial in the schedule was a typographical
among healthcare
and frontline workers error and the correct amount spent for
to provide additional the construction was Shs43,610,204”
information and to Auditor General John Muwanga clarifying on
evaluate the safety and
the immune response.  expenditure by judiciary

Mathias Ofumbi (R) explains

that the National Planning
Authority (NPA) is in the process
of formulating the third National
Development Plan (NDP III) to
succeed the current NDP II,
this was during a workshop on
dissemination of issue paper for
water and environment sector,
the document contributes to the “Mr Kabugo’s resignation should be
prioritization of different sectors halted until the Auditor General gives me
at national level including Water, a report detailing the correct financial
Sanitation and Environment
NGOs in partnership with position thereof.”Beti Kamya, Minister
development partners on
for KCCA rejecting the resignation of a KCCA
OCHWO director until after an audit is done

LDU recruits the UPDF soldiers Constables

100 army disqualified
from training
341 retired in last
two weeks
4500 Police is

August. 09 - 15 2019 3
Shock over torture and death of People Power’s Ziggy Wine Anite, Muhakanizi
The public reacted with hor- As we mourn him, we resolve to lock horns over UTL
ror and outrage at the manner in work even harder to end this.
which Ziggy Wine, a musician Rest well brother” People pow- Evelyn Anite, Minister of
and member of People Power, er leader Bobi Wine posted on state for privatisation and
a movement of the political his Twitter page. Ziggy Wine investment has taken on big
opposition, was kidnaped and was reportedly kidnapped in shots in the last few months.
tortured resulting into his death. June and his friends and family First was Mwesigwa Rukutana,
Ziggy Wine had one of his eyes have looked to security agen- deputy attorney general and
plucked out, his fingers chopped cies to provide answers for his now she is facing off with
off and dumped outside a hospi- torture and killing. Kidnaps Keith Muhakanizi, permanent
tal in Kampala. “Our friend Zig- and torture of opposition poli- secretary in the ministry of
gy Wine could not make it. He horrendous encounter with kid- ticians in Uganda has become finance over the same issue-
passed on last night- succumb- nap & torture. Very painful! He common in Uganda. Uganda Telecom Limited
ing to injuries sustained after a joins other countless Ugandans. (UTL). Anite wants an audit
of UTL and Muhakanizi says
carrying out an audit of the
UNRA unveils drainage structures to contain floods struggling company is sub
judice- because it is a case
As torrential and unexpected ized areas in South, western to be able to respond to these before court. Anite says the
rains continue to ravage parts and North-Eastern parts of emergencies promptly. UNRA audit shall go on because it is
of the national road network Uganda of which most have has mapped out all bottle neck per the President’s directive.
leading to various roads being been restored and works on areas in the country. Designs Muhakanizi directed the
cut off, Uganda National Roads going on others. Landslides and construction of adequate UTL administrator Bemanya
Authority (UNRA) has estab- and embankment failures have drainage structures on the road Twebaze not to avail the books
lished an emergency response been experienced along the Fort network in a phased manner of accounts to any auditors.
unit to attend to occurrences portal- Bundibugyo road while is being carried out to compre- The ministry of finance where
of various nature on the road Busaaru-Butoogo road in Bun- hensively remove the localized both Anite and Muhakanizi
network. UNRA says Most of dibugyo district has been cut bottlenecks that occur during work is traditionally a
the roads have been restored off,” UNRA said in a statement. the rainy season and ensure battleground with different
and are now in a motor-able UNRA has procured new all year round safe and effi- officials locked in power
state. The rains have caused equipment and some materials cient movement of people and struggles and the fight over the
significant damage to local- like armco culverts and gabions goods, UNRA’s statement read. UTL audit is the latest episode.

Health minister, legislators Stella Nyanzi jailed for nine months, faces prison penalties
blocked from accessing
in Luzira (she was
Lubowa hospital site restricted to jail) in a
move that offended
Drama ensued after the Minister of and delighted in equal
Health Ruth Aceng, the permanent secretary measure. The courtroom
in the Health ministry and some legislators became frenzied
were blocked from inspecting the site for the resulting in the pelting
proposed international specialized hospital of the magistrate with a
in Lubowa. The team of officials was led by
water bottle. She hurled
the chairperson of the parliamentary com-
a string of vulgarities
mittee on National Economy, also former
after he sentence was
Minister of Finance, Syda Bbumba. On
read in court throwing
reaching the premises, the gate was locked
her supporters and
and the officials could not be allowed in.
Peeping into the site, one could see private sympthisers into
security personnel as well as those attached ululation. Her critics
to Local Defence Unit (LDU). A bulldozer however lambasted her
and another vehicle were stationed behind for targeting Museveni’s
the gate in what appeared a move to block mother in her angst
any attempts of anyone entering. against the President.
The minister said that this could have Activist Stella Nyanzi Museveni. She was Uganda Prisons
resulted from a letter by the secretary to the will spend nine months acquitted of the charge of spokesman Frank Baine
Treasury, Keith Muhakanizi to the Deputy in Luzira prison after offensive communication stated that Nyanzi risks
speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanyah bar- she was convicted of after court ruled that serving longer jail-
ring the committee from visiting the site. cyber harassment for there was no proof that term for indiscipline
He said in letter dated August 02 that the a Facebook post she Museveni was annoyed. and stripping. Baine
government handed over the site to Finasi/ wrote in September 2018 After her sentencing, said Nyanzi attacked
Roko Construction SPV Limited and as attacking the mother Nyanzi staged a nude a wardress after her
such, government officials cannot move on of President Yoweri protest from her dock sentencing.
and off the site at will.

4 August. 09 - 15 2019
East African armed forces brainstorm on security Lawyers get training
for extractive industries
From the 5th to the 9th August, the East
African Development Bank hosted public
sector lawyers and legal professionals to a
second workshop that provided capacity
building in better negotiating of contracts
pertaining to natural resource manage-
ment in the extractives industries, with a
greater emphasis on lawyer’s negotiation
skills. The workshops were the seventh and
eighth of their kind, hosted by the EADB,
in partnership with law firm DLA Piper, as
Representatives from to conduct the exercise. He said that the objectives of part of a series to develop natural resource
the military police, prisons, noted that during the initial the exercise are to promote management in East Africa to ensure that
civilian components and planning conference, the the EAC integration agenda, the region maximizes its benefits from the
other stakeholders from all delegates inspected and its awareness, and interop- exploration, exploitation and extraction of
the six East African Com- approved the availability erability of the EAC armed its own resources. Speaking at the open-
munity (EAC) partner states of facilities necessary for forces and to improve their ing of the event, EADB’s Director General
met in Kampala for three the conduct of the joint readiness in responding to Vivienne Yeda noted that “it is increasingly
days to discuss modalities of exercise. The exercise is to complex security challenges critical that host countries are able to derive
conducting the 12th edition take place in Jinja at UPDF’s in the region. The hosting of tangible benefits from the exploitation of
of Command Post Exercise Jinja containment at Ugan- the CPX and Field Training their natural resources’. Yeda explained that
(CPX) code named, Ushiriki- da Deployment Capability Exercises (FTX) is rotational natural resources are a public good which
ano Imara 2019. Brigadier Center and Juniour Staff among the EAC member if well managed have the potential to drive
James Kinalwa, the chief of College. According to the states. The United Republic economic development, and if well invested
recruitment and training head of mission for the plan- of Tanzania hosted the last can actually reduce income inequality and
of the Uganda People’s ning exercise, Sam Omara military exercise in 2017/18. spur meaningful job creation. She said that if
Defence Forces (UPDF) con- from the Uganda Embassy The exercises have been con- national governments benefit from royalties
firmed Uganda’s readiness in Uganda Arab Emirates ducted since 2005. and taxes stemming from the mining sector..

More access to test for TB, Hepatitis, and Human Papillomavirus

Roche, the leading provider of HIV viral elimination of diseases in the regions with treated, resulting in lives saved,” stated Clin-
load testing announced that the Global the greatest need. “With effective treatment ton Health Access Initiative’s (CHAI’s) Chief
Access Program is expanding beyond HIV, options for these infectious agents and Science Officer David Ripin. “We welcome
to include Mycobacterium tuberculosis improved patients access to diagnostics, Roche’s decision to expand access to tests for
(MTB), Hepatitis B and C (HBV and HCV), early detection can help save lives and ease hepatitis, tuberculosis, and HPV (the lead-
and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) for suffering,” said Michael Heuer, CEO Roche ing cause of cervical cancer) to their Global
low and middle income country programs Diagnostics. “As the leader in infectious dis- Access Program, providing health systems
where the disease burden is the highest. The ease diagnosis testing, Roche is dedicated to with transparent and consistent pricing
expansion of the Global Access Program support goals on eradicating diseases glob- to these important tests in addition to the
highlights Roche’s commitment to improve ally.” “Access to cutting-edge, best in class HIV viral load and early infant diagnostics
access to cost-effective resources, implement diagnostic test results means more patients already established in the program.
scale-up programs, and contribute to the being appropriately diagnosed and well

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August. 09 - 15 2019 5

Stanchart launches
country’s first Social
Banking Solution
Standard Char- Being unveiled on
tered announced the back of the first
yet another First Digital Bank that
banking feature in was launched at the
the Ugandan mar- beginning of the
ket. In its continued year, the solution is
efforts to meet the a first for the bank
rising demands of in Uganda. The
the country’s young keyboard-based
and digitally-savvy banking solution
population, the allows clients to
Bank has launched transfer money in
the country’s first real-time, pay utility
Social Banking bills and instantly
Solution called “SC check balances from
Business, tourism set to gain from parliament meet Keyboard”. The within any social
feature, which is or messaging plat-
Ugandan businesses critical cases, the govern- items will have a chance part of the Bank’s form. The unique
will be big winners when ment granted businesses to exhibit their wares at newly launched digital solution can
the country hosts the tax exemptions on items the venues, hence putting Full Digital Bank on be configured as the
Commonwealth parlia- that would be needed for money directly into their Mobile, allows the default keyboard
mentary Conference (CPC) CHOGM. For example, wallets. Guests going out Bank’s customers on any smartphone,
from September 22 to 29. the main conference venue of the hotels on individu- to access a variety making banking
Some of the service pro- for CHOGM (Common- al and group excursions of financial services quick and seamless
viders include public rela- wealth Resort Munyonyo, will also spend on various from within any for customers who
tions and media agencies, which is also hosting CPC items of interest. Ugan- social or messaging no longer need to
catering and hospitality 2019), used the chance to da’s unique tourism sites platform without log into their SC
services; and the entertain- build a marina for boats and attributes have been having to open Mobile app for basic
ment industry. Spurred by to dock, thus easing water praised by international the Banking app.  banking services.
government enthusiasm transport from Entebbe media and industry gurus.
and support, the prospect where the airport is locat- To the conference guests,
of hosting a major event ed. However, this marina visiting Uganda presents
stimulates private inves- remains a big earner for the perfect opportunity to
tors to improve their facil- the resort to date. Other explore what the country
ities to meet the required hotels around the city has to offer in terms of
standards. For example, will also benefit by pro- wildlife safaris, adventure,
as part of preparations viding accommodation sport, food, culture and
for CHOGM in 2007, new for delegates and their entertainment. Bujagali
hotels came up, while accompanying persons. In Falls and many other sites
others upgraded their addition, Ugandans trad- are lined up for tourists.
facilities and services. In ing in souvenirs and other Officials addressing journalists
in Kampala on Aug.06

6 August. 09 - 15 2019
Humour Did you know?
Facebook is building
tech to read your mind

Facebook wants to create a device

that can read your mind — literally.
It’s funding research on brain-machine
interfaces that can pick up thoughts
Dr. Stella Nyanzi a former researcher at Makerere University was directly from your neurons and
convicted of cyber harassment by the Buganda Road court translate them into words, the company
announced in a blog post last week.
The short-term goal is to help patients
with paralysis, by decoding their brain
signals and allowing them to “speak”
their thoughts without ever having to
move a muscle. That could be a real
public good, significantly improving
quality of life for millions of people. In
the US alone, 5.4 million people currently
live with paralysis.
But Facebook’s long-term goal is to
reach a much, much wider audience:
The aim, it says, is to give all of us the
ability to control digital devices — from
keyboards to augmented reality glasses
— using the power of thought alone. To
do that, the company will need access to
our brain data. Which, of course, raises
some ethical concerns, especially since
Facebook isn’t the only one exploring
brain-computer interfaces (BCIs).
The attorney general has disowned the purported electoral
reform proposals that caused uproar saying they are fake. Various scientists, the US military, and
companies like Kernel and Paradromics
are also working in this space. Elon
Musk’s company Neuralink recently
revealed that it’s developing flexible
“threads” that can be implanted into a
brain and could one day allow you to
control your smartphone or computer
with just your thoughts. Musk said he
hopes to start testing in humans by the
end of next year.
Might this not interfere with rights that
are so basic that you may not even think
of them as rights: your mental privacy,
say, or your ability to determine where
your self ends and a machine begins?
If you haven’t heard about BCIs before,
it can be hard to believe this is now
real life, not something out of a Neal
Stephenson or William Gibson novel. But
this research really is happening.
Source: vox
Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has reiterated his displeasure over the allegations of draft in the Judiciary.

August. 09 - 15 2019
News analysis Health Business
BobiWine unveils Blood pressure: Both numbers Will Uganda Airlines
`red army’ may predict heart disease flights start this month?

Issue No. 583 August. 02 - 08 2019

Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8


What does Museveni want and
can new tough laws deliver it?

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Letters are Museveni comment on agriculture not bad

welcome ! Refer to: “Dependence the high number of people understanding the people
on agriculture sign of depending on agriculture to change them to value
The Editor welcomes short and
concise letters from our esteemed backwardness - Museveni” is a sign that Ugandans addition.
readers on topical issues. Please (The Independent Online are still backward is not
send them to: Aug.02). President Yoweri bad. It is the way he puts Kawooya Nasulu
The Editor, The Independent Kaguta Museveni saying it. He only needed to first
Publications Ltd,
P.O Box 3304,
Plot 82/84 Kanjokya St,
Museveni should value agriculture
Kampala,Uganda. Refer to: “Dependence beautiful waters of Uganda we should never forget our
on agriculture sign of that enhance fishing as an surrounding. Currently, the
Email: backwardness - Museveni” economic activity and they rise in temperatures has led
(The Independent Online also promote tourism earn- to forest fires in countries
Aug.02). Hahahaha…Let ing revenue to the country. like France, Germany and
Museveni sets up Anite me just ask for the meaning
of symbols on the court of
Please and please, I argue
that agriculture should
Russia and people spend
much of their time in swim-
against Muhakanizi arm of Uganda; what does
the cotton, lakes and rivers
rather be encouraged and
promoted unless we haven’t
ming pools just because of
harsh weather conditions.
mean to the locals? I can seen its other benefits of it The IT will never change
Refer to: “Muhakanizi, Minister still recall way back in 2003 that’s good climatic con- such a situation even though
Anite in fresh fight over UTL audit” when I was in P.3, that the ditions like rain, fresh air, it has its own advantages
(The Independent Online Aug.03). The cotton on the court of arm and the cool environment over agriculture.
Uganda Telecom Ltd (UTL) was given shows Uganda is an agricul- provided by the plants. The
to the late Libyan leader Col. Mummar tural country and the rivers list is endless. It is good to Baker Otuzuma
Gaddafi as “compensation” for his and lakes represent the develop electronically but
contribution towards the “liberation
war” of 1981 – 86. The Libyan gov-
ernment owned 69% shares of UTL. Oulanyah should let Cheap Oulanyah
But due to bad management and the
political turmoil in Libya, they pulled
Bobi bury friend stunt on Bobi wine
out. This was an opportunity for the Refer to: “Bobi Wine’s appearance at
“Ugandan scavengers” to pounce and Refer to: “Bobi Wine’s appearance at
Lugai’s funeral angers Oulanyah” (The Lugai’s funeral angers Oulanyah” (The
poke their deadly crawls in the “UTL Independent online Aug. 04). Oulanya is Independent online Aug.04). In acholi, you
carcass.” President Museveni is the just a junior despite being a deputy speaker never question or block anyone coming
greatest beneficiary in all this. Presi- in parliament. Because only a person with to mourn with you. Actually your enemy
dent Museveni is playing the “pacifi- a narrow mind would get angry at burial is even permitted to come condole with
er” in the bitter row between his cab- just because so and so has appeared. The you. Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob
inet ministers. The president does not former Deputy Paramount Chief of Acholi Oulanyah getting angry at the presence
want to be seen as “selfish” and indif- William George Lugai who had died was of Kyadondo East Legislator Robert Kya-
ferent to peoples/public interests. So, Bobi’s friend or even a role model. He had to gulanyi alias Bobi Wine’s at the funeral of
he keeps “remote controlling” behind attend. The cheering crowd was not a prob- former Deputy Paramount Chief of Acholi
the scenes. He wrote to Anite on July lem because cheering at burial these days William George Lugai was a cheap stunt on
16, and he must have also directed is not a sign of undermining the deceased the side of Oulanyah
Keith Muhakanizi to “disobey” and but rather appreciating his cooperation with
therefore, counter his own directives. those who had come to bury him like Bobi. Denis Obita
If one wants to prove this, here is Khalid bin Abdulaziz
how: The administrator’s instructions
expire on the November 22, 2019. By
this time if UTL is not yet sold, then, Oulanyah scared of Bobi Wine
the President would be exonerated
but if UTL is sold off before that time Refer to: “Bobi Wine’s country. Utterly shameful when she raised a similar
and no audit is ever done, then, it will appearance at Lugai’s funer- of a person in his position. complaint. These NRM folks
prove that the president was fully al angers Oulanyah” (The Reminds me of Specioza are running scared of Bobi!
behind the scheme of selling off UTL. Independent online Aug.04). Kazibwe complaining of Give them hell Bobi!
A very sad commentary Bobi’s attendance of a cer- Izzy
Rajab Kakyama on the state of affairs in our tain function in Jinja last year

8 August. 09 - 15 2019
The Last Word opinion

Inside the NRM struggle

By Andrew M. Mwenda
William Pike’s account of the clash between
Museveni’s utopia and Uganda’s hard reality

he capture of power by President his political image and disrupting his Interestingly the only time in his 20 years
Yoweri Museveni’s National diplomacy, then it is winning.” at the helm of New Vision when the paper
Resistance Movement (NRM) in Pike had met Ben Matogo, then a PhD had to withhold a story from publication
January 1986 was a moment of candidate at the School of Oriental and was under pressure from the United States
great hope. Blood had been shed, lives lost, African Studies (SOAS) who introduced government. Where Museveni disagreed
careers abandoned, families left behind him to the NRM struggle, especially Eriya with the New Vision, he called Pike on
and educations sacrificed in a heroic effort Kategaya. The latter invited him to Luwero phone or for face-to-face meetings and
to liberate the country from tyranny. It to get firsthand experience of the struggle expressed his displeasure but never forced
was called a new dawn, a fresh beginning, and broadcast it to the world. Pike’s book is them to withhold a story. And in almost
a rebirth. Museveni’s inaugural speech a good historical document because he kept all cases, Pike shows that Museveni’s
reflected this mood when he promised a notebook where he recorded events from disagreements with the paper would be on
“a fundamental change in the politics of 1984 to the capture of power in 1986 and to facts, not opinions. This does not mean Pike
our country.” There would be democracy the first five years of NRM in government. did not face political pressures.
and freedom. And there would be rapid The author is more impartial, less The lesson from the book is that a free
economic development to transform the impassioned and reflective on the changes press is greatly helped if leaders in the media
lives of Ugandans. in the NRM and of Museveni personally are connected to key state actors with liberal
This is the setting of William Pike’s book, as their bush ideals come face to face with convictions. This makes their intentions less
`Combatants: A Memoir of the Bush War Uganda’s political reality – nationally, suspect but also arms them with internal
and the Press in Uganda’. It is written by a regionally and internationally. surrogates to defend them within the system
man who came close to the center of it all; In the bush, NRM had claimed its when controversies emerge. For instance,
an outside-insider. Pike, an Englishman, economic policies would be “anti- Pike had allies such as Kategaya, who was
had taken enormous risks to travel from imperialist” and its political program “anti- Museveni’s childhood friend, a deputy
London to Kampala and then be smuggled dictatorship”. Once in power, Museveni prime minister, national political commissar
to the bush in Luwero to witness the NRA the pragmatist triumphs over Museveni the and for many years effectively number
in action. On many occasions he brushed idealist as utopia succumbs to reality. two. Kategaya always defended Pike and
shoulders with death. But through naivety, Pike recognises the necessity of NRM the New Vision against many elements
passion and sheer dint of tenacity, he finally abandoning its leftwing economic policy within NRM who wanted to gag the paper.
reaches Matuga where he enters an NRA idealism in favour of free market policies. Indeed, Kategaya’s fall out with Museveni in
forward camp. These emphasised rolling back the state via 2003 left Pike exposed and inaugurated the
There he interviews some of the key privatisation, liberalisation and deregulation process that led to his eventual fall in 2007.
players in this drama whose comments and were imposed upon NRM by the The third lesson is that to have freedom
give us insights into them. Kale Kayihura is IMF. Given how Uganda sold everything of the press, the media need financial
idealistic and ideological, David Tinyefuza to multinational capital, it shows how independence from the state. Although
is a deep thinker, Museveni is a master Museveni moved from being anti-imperialist owned by the state, New Vision became
of strategy, Matayo Kyaligonza jolly but to being an agent of imperialism. profitable early in its life and therefore did
fearless – if not reckless, Kahinda Otafiire But Pike does not endorse this same not depend on state subsidies to survive.
is witty and frank, Salim Saleh is intelligent necessity when it comes to the speed (as Otherwise if it had to go to politicians for
and generous. There are high standards of opposed to the direction) of democratisation. money every year, they would have used
hygiene; everyone is on strict instructions Didn’t Museveni have to abandon some of this to compromise its independence.
to use pit latrines for long and short calls. his anti-dictatorship rhetoric in the face of New Vision is also evidence of Pike’s own
(What happened to this discipline given the the requirements of consolidating political transformation from a journalist to an
mess Kampala is in today?) power and maintaining stability? entrepreneur.
It is 1984 and Tinyefuza tells Pike that the Yet it would be unfair to accuse Pike of The book’s greatest aspect is that even
NRA and UNLA had reached “strategic not recognising NRM’s contribution to with his misgivings about political
parity.” When Pike interviews Museveni, democratisation and a free press in Uganda. developments like removing term and age
he says the UNLA does not represent Indeed, the book is a statement of the liberal limits, Pike shows how far the country
“any operational capacity.” Museveni the ideals of Museveni personally, Kategaya has travelled from the basket case it was
strategic thinker is in full view: “If you critically and the NRM generally. Pike in 1986 to a more stable and increasingly
have to depend on a foreign country, even reveals through many anecdotal stories how prosperous nation it is today. Pike avoided
if it is friendly, you are hostage to that much freedom he had as Managing Director controversy because the book stops in
government,” he says, “What is essential in and Editor in Chief of a government owned 1992, a period when there was a wide elite
military terms is not the control of territory. newspaper, The New Vision and its sister consensus in favour of Museveni.
What is crucial is preservation. If a liberation vernacular papers. The paper was, therefore,
army can preserve itself and succeed in able to continually expose corruption
dismantling the enemy’s strength by killing and human rights abuses without undue
soldiers, capturing equipment, destroying restrictions from the state.

August. 09 - 15 2019 9

MPs brawled in Parliament for two consecutive days in September, 2017 during the presidential age limit debate

Get rich, For

doing nothing
How money creates
a ‘dilute’ parliament
10 August. 09 - 15 2019
people,” he told the school prefects “Politics gives one a bigger platform
body. to play,” he says.
It is not clear how his point, that “I have been in journalism for over
politics is not about making money but 10 years and I have written policy-
serving the community, went down influencing stories and won awards
among the pupils and their teachers. but no one knew me,” he says,
But if they were representative of most “That changed the day I was given
pupils and teachers in Uganda, it is a prominent position in (Mugisha
possible many did not believe him. Muntu’s) Alliance for National
From the look of things, the 2021 Transformation.”
parliamentary election promises to be
one of the most fiercely contested polls Chasing money
since Uganda opened the space for There are many MPs who join
multi-party elections in 2005. politics to serve.
Looking at the many prominent Julius Acon, the current MP for
people who until recently showed Otuke County and former 1500m world
little interest but are now rushing to junior champion (Lisbon, 1994) is
become MPs, political pundits and not your typical Ugandan MP and he
analysts have been asking why the job knows it. He told The Independent that
has become a “do or die” affair. he was actually asked by his people
As many contestants show in Otuke to go and represent them
willingness to mortgage their property in Parliament in 2015 because of his
and take hundreds of millions of “legacy.”
shillings in bank loans to fund their “Before I became MP,” he told The
campaigns, Sabiiti Makara, a senior Independent in a recent interview, “I
lecturer of political science at the had built for them a Health Centre IV
College of Humanities and Social in 2012 worth about Shs2 billion.”
Sciences in Makerere University, says He says he also drilled boreholes
it is all about pursuit of power and worth Shs800 million.
money. “Over the last four years, I have
“Who does not want to earn more been in Parliament; I have bought and
than they currently do?” Makara asks distributed 20,000 hoes to the people,
rhetorically. He says world over, the majority of whom are subsistence
role of MP comes with several perks. farmers in the constituency.”
Makara says in this sense, Uganda is Acon has since retired from
no different from any other place with professional athletics but he still runs
a parliament. in the master championships or races
“The position of MP encompasses for retired athletes. In June he was in
power and the desire of every man Australia participating in such races.
and woman is to attain the highest “Instead of money,” he says, “I asked
power in society,” he told The if they could drill boreholes in my
Independent on Aug. 02. constituency.”
Among those in the running is He told The Independent that up to 20
Sulaiman Kakaire, a 30-year old part- boreholes will be drilled starting this
time lecturer at Makerere University’s August.
Department of Journalism and Mass But there is another group of MP
Communication. who believe that politics is about
He is aiming for the Bugweri “eating”; the street description of being

By Ronald Musoke County seat of veteran legislator in a position that gives one power and
Abdul Katuntu who has announced he money.
arliament usually holds is not running and anointed Kakaire. Kato Lubwama belongs to this camp.
leadership mentorship Asked why he is in the running, He told journalist in an interview that
sessions for children and Kakaire who is a former journalist he “cannot refuse to eat parliament’s
on June 19 it was the turn becomes serious before somberly idle money.”
of prefects from Entebbe announcing that he is aiming “to “I would be a fala (fool) to reject
Junior School. Deputy make a contribution in the national money,” he said, “Money has never
Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, assembly.” killed anyone in my clan.”
was the mentor of the day. He spoke Still looking serious, he describes It is not clear if Lubwama who
to them in the Parliament Conference the man he aims to succeed as one was a renowned comic artist before
Hall. of the “best MPs in Parliament” and joining parliament knows this, but
“A true politician sacrifices with the appears overwhelmed that Katuntu he was echoing a popular quip about
aim of serving a greater good that is deemed him fit for the position. parliament attributed to Walter
bigger than them,” he told them. “I have since consulted friends, Bagehot, a 19th century British
“I left my profession as a lawyer family and my mentors at university journalist and businessman who
which was handsomely paying to join and they have all told me this is the became editor-in-chief of The Economist
politics which pays much less and yet right time for me to go to Parliament,” in 1861, after marrying the daughter of
I still share the money with people he concludes. He does not mention its founder and owner in 1858.
I represent but I do this to serve my money but he mentions power. Bagehot is quoted to have famously

August. 09 - 15 2019 11

The 10th Parliament in session

described parliament as “nothing less mileage allowance from Parliament to With exactly 365 days to the
than a big meeting of more or less idle the farthest point of an individual MP’s nomination of candidates for the 2021
people.” Readers are often reminded constituency. Member of Parliament campaigns, the
that Bagehot had a master’s degree Lubwama said he calls money the political temperatures are heating up
in moral philosophy to show that he MPs are paid “idle money” because he across the country.
knew what he was talking about. In does not ask for it but it somehow ends As is the norm around this time of
any case, he was an essayist who wrote up on my account because some MPs Uganda’s electoral cycle, wedding
extensively about government. agitate for it.’’ ceremonies, church service and even
Kato Lubwama spoke in May after Bernard Sabiti, a data analyst funerals rarely end without prospective
the MPs were criticized for allocating at Development Initiatives, an candidates making their intent known
themselves an extra Shs102 billion to independent international NGO, says to the voters.
cater for new higher fuel allowances. such MPs who demand more money More potential candidates are
Ugandan MPs are already paid are trying to “get a return on their increasingly using social media
handsomely – but they want more and investment.” platforms to announce their intentions
since they require executive approval Sabiti told The Independent on Aug. for elective politics. The bolder ones
to increase their salaries, they often 02 that the main motivation of going who are determined to make bigger
shortcut the process by raising their to Parliament for most MPs is to make investments are buying advertising
allowances. money. space in traditional media platforms
Each of the current 460 MPs earns “Many will say they are doing this like newspapers, television and radio
anywhere between Shs15 million to for the good of their country, or they to announce their ambition.
Shs30 million a month, beefed up by want to improve governance but the Their script is the same: They say
allowances and depending on how fact is that the politics of Uganda and they want to serve and uplift the
far their constituency is from the other third world countries is about well-being of the people in their
Parliament Building in Kampala. money.” communities.
Broken down, each of the MPs takes “That is why the first thing they do One of the surprising names this
home a monthly salary of at least Shs when they reach Parliament is raise time is popular musician Joseph
11 million. This salary is taxable but their salaries as well as jostling for Mayanja who goes by the stage name,
he or she also takes several untaxed lucrative committees in Parliament.” Jose Chameleone. Many thought it was
allowances which eventually pushes According to him, that is why a lot of his usual theatrics when he announced
their paycheck to as much as Shs 30 people spend a fortune to become MP. that he intends to run for the highly
million. “And if you ask any businessman, coveted and hotly contested Kampala
These allowances include a they will tell you that business is about Capital City mayoral seat in 2021. But
subsistence allowance of Shs 4.5 getting a return on your investment,” he appears serious about it.
million, town running allowance (Shs said Sabiti, “It is about joining the Chameleone, who will be 42 at the
1 million), gratuity (Shs 1 million), clique of eaters; it is an unwritten code next election in 2021could have run
medical allowance (Shs 500,000), among the ruling class.” for office as early as 2001 when he
committee and plenary sitting was 22-years old. Instead, the man
allowance (Shs 50,000 each) as well as a Enter the entertainers who calls himself the ‘music doctor’

12 August. 09 - 15 2019
put all efforts in his music; releasing Lubwama (Lubaga South), gospel “Prospective candidates already
hit after hit, until he became the most singer Judith Babirye (Woman MP, know that these positions are there for
recognized musician in East Africa. Buikwe District) and radio personality, the taking because everybody knows
As CEO of his Leone Island music Peter Ssematimba (Busiro County that about 70% of the MPs might not
label, he has made some money. Many South). come back,” he told The Independent on
known musicians in Uganda and East Aug.01.
Africa, gained fame under him. So why It’s all too easy He says his conclusion is based on
has he joined politics now? Most of the showbiz gang are lining analysis of the last three parliaments;
“When service fails in a state, people up because Bobi Wine’s win made it the seventh, eighth and ninth
start waking up,” he told The Observer look easy. parliaments, where the turn-over rate
in an interview, “Some of us got up Onesmus Mugyenyi, the deputy of MPs has been quite high.
because the tasks we send these people executive director of the Advocates Dr. Patrick Wakida, the executive
for, we too can do them. We can deliver Coalition for Development and director of Research World
services the way we want them.” Environment (ACODE) says becoming International, a Kampala-based polling
Even more determined is another an MP has got easier – by dilution of firm, calls the MP’s job a “position
musician Ronald Mayinja. He says he expectations. from which people earn for just
wants to go to Parliament in 2021 to Previously, Mugyenyi says, voters talking.”
help his people of Gomba in central wanted someone who exuded reason “It’s a highly paying job and yet you
Uganda. and ideas. As a result, people feared to earn for almost doing nothing and
Mayinja who over the last decade stand for MP unless they thought they not many Ugandans earn up to Shs20
has serenaded his fans with politically- had a lofty contribution to make. million a month,” Wakida told The
charged songs like Tuliku Bukenke, “Today, it is completely different,” Independent to explain why jostling to
Tulwana na Nguzi (We are fighting be MP has become so intense.
corruption), “Africa, Ani agula ensi” Crispin Kaheru, the coordinator
(Africa is up for sale) and Sente y’ekibi of Citizens Coalition for Electoral
(evil money) told The Independent on Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU)
Aug.02 that he has decided to “fight for also adds that considering that the
his people” of Gomba East because his presidency is ring-fenced, the MP role
constituency has lagged behind other is the highest available level of political
areas for far too long. achievement for the more ambitious
Mayinja told The Independent that; people who hope to join cabinet as the
“Compared to other parts of the apex of their aspirations.
country, you could be forgiven to think “Don’t forget that it is a high public
that my birth place is not in Uganda profile opportunity for business
and yet it is not too far away from networks; many young MPs use their
Uganda’s capital city, Kampala.” time in the House to broker business
“We don’t have a hospital, we deals, broker contracts and tenders,
only have “simple” clinics, and the Ronald Mayinja Crispin Kaheru besides getting school fees for their
education sector is too poor with higher education.”
children studying under trees while Cissy Kagaba, the executive director
unemployment among the youth is too of the Anti-Corruption Coalition-
high while the elderly are destitute.” he says, “Either, the citizens have given Uganda (ACCU), is blunter. “Besides
“Everything is just a mess,” Mayinja, up and they know that MPs do not do prestige, money is the number
43, told The Independent. He says much and they send in anyone.” one reason why most people covet
he intends to use his parliamentary Then Mugyenyi says, it is also the position of MP,” she told The
position alongside the contacts he has important to understand that the Independent, “If you insist that the MPs
made both here in Uganda and abroad country has been chopped up so much are in Parliament to serve the people,
to uplift his folk from abject poverty. to create smaller constituencies— a remove the money element out of
Asked why he needs to go to development which has eventually the equation and see how many will
parliament to do this, Mayinja told created a big Parliament. remain in the House.
The Independent that it is difficult for By doing this, Mugyenyi says, “Tell them that they are going to
him to mobilise when he is not into opportunities have been created for earn like a teacher, a doctor or any
mainstream politics. people who would otherwise have other ordinary public servant and see
“Sometimes I have to deal with the not actually thought about contesting. how many will go there. They have the
police that accuse me of unlawful The downside to this is that it has power to determine their emoluments.
assembly,” Mayinja said. “dumbed-down” the quality of MPs in Who would not want to have the
Should Chameleone (mayoral Parliament. entitlements that they have?”
race ), Mayinja and other showbiz “It is no longer about the ideas that Kagaba says the reason people are
personalities eyeing various seats bring these people to Parliament; it willing to mortgage their property
succeed in going to the 11th Parliament is the financial muscle and resources and take bank loans is because this
in 2021, they will be following in the that are bringing these people to is a form of business and that is why
footsteps of man-of-the-moment Robert parliament,” he says. the first thing the new MPs do is to
Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine; According to Henry Muguzi, the increase their emoluments once they
the popular musician who won the executive director of the Alliance have sworn in.
Kyadondo County East MP seat in 2017 for Electoral Campaign Finance
in dramatic style and is now vying for Monitoring (ACFIM), that is because
the presidency. Ugandan voters punish incumbents
Others of this ilk include Kato and favour new faces.

August. 09 - 15 2019 13
news anlaysis

Manufacturing is one of the top sectors driving Uganda’s economy.

Risks, opportunities the agriculture sector. The government did

more infrastructure projects, the private
sector borrowed more, and households

to Uganda economy
consumed more.
Prices remained relatively stable in
FY2018/19 with headline inflation, which
changes more rapidly because it includes

Mutebile leads experts to analyse items like food and fuel, and core inflation
averaging 3.1% and 3.7% respectively in the
11 months to May 2019. This was mainly on
ways to maintain high growth account of a drop in food crops as a result of
favourable weather conditions throughout
the year.
By Julius Businge economy, each reels off almost divergent The value of the shilling also was stable.

opinions. It weakened by just 1.1% against the US
uly has been a month of reflection They all mention agriculture, dollar, to an average of Shs3, 736 in the three
by finance experts and economic industrialisation, private sector credit, months to May 2019. In the quarter ended
technocrats on the future state of the lending rates, export driven manufacturing, January 2019 it had strengthened by 2%.
economy as the new FY2019/20 kicked the demographic dividend and more. But Commercial banks reduced their interest
off. they order them differently and prescribe rates slightly to 20.2% in the quarter to April
There is the nagging commentary that almost conflicting levels of importance to 2019 compared to 20.7% recorded in the
although Uganda is no longer a basket-case each. quarter to January 2019. On average, private
economy, it is an empty pockets-economy The general view, however, is the sector credit in the quarter ended April 2019
with enclaves of prosperity. There is also economy is buoyant. According to the Bank was 13.9%, up from 7.2% in the same quarter
fear borne of almost 10 years of slow growth of Uganda Monetary Policy Report for June last year.
that fuels questions on whether the current 2019, it is estimated that the economy grew
momentum will be sustained. by 6.1% in FY2018/19. This growth rate is Growth up, poverty up
When Finance technocrats like Central higher than the average of 4.8% registered But in a speech at the National Leadership
Bank Governor Tumusiime Mutebile, annually since 2014/2015. Institute on July 07, Ramathan Ggoobi,
lecture room gurus like Ramathan Ggoobi Growth was supported by the central a senior economics lecturer at Makerere
of Makerere University Business School bank taking a decision that favoured easier University Business School, although the
and NGO types like Julius Kapwepwe borrowing by businesses and increased economy is growing, there is a problem.
of the Uganda Debt Network are asked government spending to stimulate the The economic growth is not reflecting in the
to prescribe a path for the future of the economy and good weather that favoured pockets of the people.

14 August. 09 - 15 2019
news anlaysis
Instead more people are becoming poorer. be taxed. The bodaboda industry too, if readiness of local firms.
He cites data from the Uganda Bureau of well organised can fetch money to support He said for a long time, the high cost
Statistics that showed that 21.4% Ugandans budget expenditure, he said. and limited access to credit was a binding
are poor now compared to 19.7% from FY He also said that the government must be constraint on Uganda’s economy.
2012/13. Up to eight million people cannot more careful with tax exemptions because it This, Mutebile said that if only banks
afford three meals a day. has been a gaping hole for revenue loss. and other financial institutions could
Ggoobi said poverty has increased partly Corruption also continues to undermine lower their lending rates and expand
because of drought, sharp changes in prices, revenue collection efforts, according to the volume of their lending, substantial
crop diseases/pests, livestock diseases, Kapwepwe. numbers of businesses in the economy
storms, human epidemic, floods and power “It is not going to be a matter of how would be able to borrow money for
outages. much money has been collected for as long investment in order to boost their output
He listed current problems to the as the basket in which you are putting that while servicing their debt and increasing
economy as bad leaders, huge public debt, revenue is leaking,” he said. their incomes.
high population growth rate, regional He said that the future growth of He said that through automation
imbalance and insecurity. He said they are Uganda’s economy also depends on affairs and adoption of new technologies for
partly caused by politics. in the region. He said political leaders in the delivering financial services, it is possible
Ggoobi spoke of agriculture East African Community must be committed for banks to reduce their operating costs,
transformation, industrialisation, to implementation of the key regional and pass on the savings to borrowers
and exporting more. But it is clear his infrastructure projects – like the oil pipeline. through reduced lending rates.
prescription is agriculture. He says it must “At certain level we have to go beyond the He is optimistic that banks will exploit
see transformation, diversification, and politics,” he said, “It needs to give way for the potential of bancassurance to exploit
intensification. There must be irrigation and technocrats to do their work and for fiscal synergies with insurance to design
new crop varieties. policies and fiscal directions to continue products for the riskier borrowers.
“We must make agriculture a high value supporting regional integration which is But he added: “Whereas I remain
sector, raise productivity in order to reduce uncomfortable with the high lending
subsistence production,” he said. rates and believe that they should be
But he agrees that agriculture is a low reduced sustainably over time, I dare say
productivity sector and says industrialisation that access to credit is not the ultimate
will speed up the movement of people to binding constraint on economic growth”.
more productive sectors and improve export He said instead, a “proper diagnostic”
performance. is required to enable durable solutions.
He says farmers should get incentives to In agriculture, for example, he said
commercialise or diversify into non-farm problems that constrain agricultural
activities. finance should be tackled first.
“Economies transform when people raise On industrialisation, he quoted
agricultural surplus that they move with into research by the International Growth
industry and then services,” he said, “Our Centre that showed that Uganda can
number one task is to facilitate smallholder industrialise through prioritisation
farmers to raise their productivity and of high productivity services or
incomes,” Ggoobi said. Tumusiime Mutebile non-traditional “industries without
smokestacks” such as agro-processing,
Strive higher, mobilise better going to be a key pillar for integration of ICT, transport and tourism.
When The Independent asked Julius the Africans.” He also argued that Uganda He said the government must focus on
Kapwepwe, the director of programmes at must prepare generally to benefit from boosting export-oriented manufacturing
Uganda Debt Network to comment on the regional and international markets as a and growth of the tradable services.
economy, he expressed these fears. way of stopping to depend on some few This, he said, will help to meet the
He said the reported 6.1% growth is good countries within the EAC. rapidly growing urban demand for food
but the government must keep the key “That means we have to be strong on thereby linking urban and rural growth
fundamentals in check. standards of our products, investment across by creating market for rural production,
Specifically he pointed at debt – to –GDP the value chain of sectors…so we can be and even reducing the import bill.
ratio (currently at 41%, which is about 9% competitive as the entire global market,” he To drive exports, he said local firms
lower than the internationally recommended said, “Otherwise you can open up and get should be embedded within the supply
rate of 50%). swallowed within the very market that you chains of international retailers such
“There are concerns especially if we have opened,” as the international supermarkets. He
continue to attract someone else’s money said this would promote their export
before we have fully and prudently utilised Enter Mutebile readiness.
our own,” Kapwepwe said. For instance, he Although Governor Mutebile speaks of Mutebile said sustaining growth
said government needs to avoid unnecessary agriculture, industrialisation, and export would involve making investments in
expenditure on public servants; meaning promotion, it is clear his focus is on financial potential areas including roads, cold
politicians. sector instruments. storage, transport, support for farmer
The other avenue, he said would be to When he spoke at the Third Edition of organisations, agricultural extension, and
continue supporting the Uganda Revenue the Annual Bankers Conference held in out grower schemes.
Authority to grow domestic revenue as a Kampala on July 16, he said “We must think He said the future path of the exchange
way of reducing on external borrowing. holistically about the challenges holding rate, higher government spending, adverse
“We must strive higher, mobilise better,” back the power of finance to transform our weather conditions that could lead to a rise
he said. For instance, he said the taxi economy”. He said the government must in inflation, and weaker global economy
industry in Kenya, which is well organised direct finance and all sectors by facilitating emanating from escalating trade tensions as
in Saccos, if replicated in Uganda, can easily urban-rural linkages and promote export the major risks the economy faces.

August. 09 - 15 2019 15
news analysis

Lakeside Dairy has invested over Shs 1bn to minimize leakages in both milk processing and water use.   COURTESY PHOTO

Water use in business

Project finds most manufacturers in Uganda
unaware of opportunities in efficient water use
By Ronald Musoke commissioner water resources planning 19 the venue for the award ceremony and

and regulations department in the water Adongo explained the rationale for the
ganda easily qualifies as one of the ministry says the country is a hotchpotch project.
most “water secure” countries in of contradictions water-wise; several parts “We realised that the major water
Africa. In the south of the country of the country are grappling with too little users in the country at the moment are
you find Lake Victoria, Africa’s water while others are battling too much manufacturers but we also found out that
biggest freshwater lake while the world’s water. Meanwhile other places have water they rank highly when it comes to pollution
longest river, the Nile, runs northwards but its quality is poor. of the water resources,” she said. She
and drains the length of the country. Away from homes and farms, water is explained that many manufacturers were
Uganda boasts more freshwater lakes, increasingly demanded by a fast growing not aware of costs associated with water use
rivers, thousands of streams and plenty of manufacturing sector. A recent study in the within their enterprises and the impact of
underground water. water ministry found close to 3000 micro, their water use activities on the community
Yet when you talk to water experts in small and medium scale enterprises across and environment. And she dwelt quite a bit
the corridors of the plush headquarters of the country which directly use 16% of water on wastewater.
the Ministry of Water and Environment in in their production processes. That is why the Ministry of Water and
Luzira, Kampala, which is just metres away But these same industries have no clear Environment in partnership with the
from Lake Victoria in the south of Kampala, plans of managing their wastewater, a Uganda Cleaner Production Centre (UCPC)
they say describing Uganda as water secure practice which is partly responsible for the implemented the Switch Africa Green
is not entirely accurate. deteriorating water quality in the country’s project. Using up to US$200,000, the project
Florence Adongo, the director of water lakes and rivers. which ran from 2016 to 2018 focused on the
resources management in the Ministry of The European Union has stepped-in to “demand side management of water use
water, says Uganda was possibly water help the Ministry of Water to support more efficiency in micro, small and medium sized
secure in the past, but its fresh water is fast efficient water use in the manufacturing enterprises through promotion of water use
declining in terms of quality and quantity. sector. In a two year pilot project, they have efficiency techniques and practices.” Its
“We are in the era of climate change and been offering prizes to manufacturers who goal was to introduce proactive eco-modern
the demand for water is also increasing as achieve outstanding performance in efficient approaches to water during consumption
the population grows,” she says. water use and reduced pollution at source. through cleaner production.
Dr. Callist Tindimugaya, the The ministry headquarters was on July It introduced a ‘Blue Certificate Award

16 August. 09 - 15 2019
news analysis
Scheme’ under the theme of “Industrial Independent that world over, the Coca Cola commitment to water use efficiency. Adongo
Water Use Efficiency as a Catalyst for business is driven on sustainability and the says this went on even after the project
Compliance and Competitiveness.” company puts a lot of emphasis on both ended.
Silver Ssebagala, the executive director of energy and water efficiency. “We were surprised that 83% of the
the Uganda Cleaner Production Centre told In fact, Kamulegeya said, the Mbarara beneficiaries that participated in the project
The Independent that the project was intended Coca Cola company ranks first among the were still stuck on continuous improvement
to help enterprises reduce their water 40 plants in Africa when it comes to using towards water efficiency because water use
consumption levels. water efficiently. For every litre of beverage efficiency impacts on production,” she says.
“When you apply the concept of cleaner produced, Kamulegeya says, the company The trainers found that water productivity
production to water, it means that you will uses 1.5 litres of water against the company’s had increased by 36% beating the target of
be using less water per unit output,” he said, target of 1.9 litres. 25% while the annual volume of fresh water
“This means that we are aiming at achieving Kamulegeya told The Independent that saved from these 24 enterprises in three
more using less water and it further implies following their partnership with the Uganda years amounted to 337,118 cubic metres
that the company’s cost for water reduces Cleaner Production Centre, the beverage translating into US$ 358,440 in savings.
and the company saves upon the production company further improved its water use Similar positive results were registered in
cost because it is paying for less water.” efficiency. wastewater reduction. Adongo said each of
On the other hand, he said, when a “We were already somewhere but UCPC the participating enterprises had saved up
company uses excess water, a lot of it is not pushed us a bigger mileage ahead,” he said, to 32,803 cubic metres of wastewater from
useful; it is waste water which is discharged “Our business is water oriented that we do going into the environment.
out of the factory as wastewater which often 96% of our product using water; so water is Ministry of Water officials say that if the
pollutes water sources. When water sources our main KPI that we monitor daily, track it over 3000 enterprises across the country
are polluted, the amount of available fresh across every operation where we use it and were to participate in the project, close to
clean water for use, either for agriculture or 42 million cubic metres of water would be
drinking, is reduced. saved which would translate into US$ 45
Over 20 local companies spread across million in savings.
the country volunteered to take part in the Companies In terms of pollutants that were being
training. They varied from those which were scored discharged into the environment, all the
use water as their core resource (beverage
companies) to tea, sugar, dairy, vegetable on compliance 24 companies sent out 10.81 tonnes of
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)—the
oil, food processing and leather tanning with national amount of dissolved oxygen needed by
The 24 enterprises that took part in the
regulations, aerobic biological organisms to breakdown
organic material in a given environment.
training and were monitored over two years international When the project ended, only 3.14 tonnes
were evaluated on several criteria, including
water productivity. Enterprises which, for
benchmarks, was being discharged meaning that 7.67
tonnes was prevented from going into the
instance, had the highest amount of water investment in environment. If the 3,000 companies joined
saved in cubic metres were graded the best. water efficiency the initiative, close to 960 cubic metres would
Companies were also scored on be contained.
compliance with national regulations, mechanisms, water Adongo told The Independent that
international benchmarks, investment in recycling, rainwater one of the lessons learnt is that most
water efficiency mechanisms, the number
of implemented interventions (technology, harvesting, and enterprises in Uganda are not aware of the
interconnectedness of their businesses with
water recycling, rainwater harvesting, and waste water water and the opportunities missed.
waste water recovery) and a reduction in
recovery Sam Cheptoris, the Minister of Water and
Environment said investing in efficient water
Based on these parameters, Lakeside use and pollution reduction mechanisms
Dairy Ltd took the top prize followed by the cannot only improve compliance to water
Lugazi-based Sugar Corporation Uganda and environmental regulations but also
Ltd while the Mbarara branch of Century generates both economic and social gains to
Bottling Company came third. Kazire Health we report on it daily.” the enterprise.
Products and Buhweju Tea Factory came Before the training, Adongo said the He said pollution of water bodies reduces
fourth and fifth respectively. enterprises had been losing over 14,000 the availability of clean water; increases
Sarah Birungi, a senior manager at the cubic metres of water through leakages and business risk and therefore must be seen
Mbarara-based Lakeside Dairy Ltd told The poor practices like leaving taps running. as gross misuse of an essential but scarce
Independent that taking first position was Behaviour change under the project resulted resource.
well deserved given their recent outlay of in a drastic saving of over 29,000 cubic “Strict compliance of water quality and
investments at the company. Birungi said metres of fresh water. environmental standards must therefore
the company had invested up to US$ 300,000 The factories achieved this through be observed and appropriate compliance
to minimize leakages in the process of milk plugging leakages, condensing vapour for policies on wastewater as a resource
processing and water usage. reuse, using of pressure guns and press taps. established. Let us remember water is not
“Before this project came, we used to “Water measurement only stopped at available unless it fits its intended use.
lose thousands of litres of milk because of the point of abstraction or the water metre “This project has demonstrated that
leakages,” she told The Independent, “(But installed by NWSC,” she said. This wastage, if we work together not only within the
now) the more we resort to new methods, she said, contributed to a large volume of government but also in the private sector, we
the more we save on expenses.” wastewater. shall be able to benefit more but also impact
Bashir Kamulegeya, the Packaging But the trainers also did their own checks more the environment.”
Manager (Production) at Century Bottling and evaluations, often involving impromptu
Company, Mbarara branch told The visits to factories to check their level of

August. 09 - 15 2019 17
news analysis

The math of democracy ways of ranking them. There is about a 9%

It explains why the Democrats may chance the electorate as a whole has no clear
have trouble picking a candidate With 24 different candidates running,
there are 620 billion trillion possible rank-
ings. A study by University of Delaware
By Alexander Strang & Peter Thomas best candidate! Their ranked preferences are researcher William V. Gehrlein calculated

inconsistent with each other. the probability that there is no Condorcet
ith 24 declared candidates for
This situation is an example of Con- winner, a candidate who would win a one-
the Democratic Party’s presiden-
dorcet’s paradox. It was named for the on-one election against any other candidate.
tial nomination (and counting),
French Enlightenment philosopher and With two dozen candidates, there will be no
many Americans are likely won-
mathematician Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas Condorcet winner 70% of the time.
dering how the party will ultimately make
de Caritat, marquis of Condorcet, an advo- That means that, about two-thirds of the
up its mind and settle on the best candidate.
cate of democratic reforms who perished in time, there will be at least three candidates
As mathematicians, we wondered wheth-
1794, a victim of the French Revolution. who end up in a winnerless rock-paper-scis-
er there might not even be a best candidate.
To Condorcet, a winner is a candidate sors situation.
In fact, this is an established mathematical
who would win a one-on-one election Condorcet’s paradox assumes a worst-
paradox. The more candidates there are, the
against any other candidate. But, a paradox case scenario, where the candidates are sta-
greater the chance there is no clear favorite.
arises when there is no candidate who wins tistically indistinguishable from one another.
Here’s what we mean. head-to-head against all opponents – which In this situation, each voter arrives at their
Suppose there were only two candidates implies that voters’ ranked preferences con- rank order randomly and independently –
for some office, and that each voter preferred tradict one another. as if each voter secretly rolls the dice to rank
one or the other. Barring a perfect tie, one How likely is a situation like Condorcet’s the candidates.
candidate will end up with the most votes. paradox to arise in practice? It depends on It is unlikely that voters’ preferences are
Ignoring complications like the Electoral how many candidates there are, and how actually chosen in this random way. For
College or voter turnout, the election process evenly distributed the voters’ preferences example, Joe Biden might take affront to the
provides a way to measure the “will of the are. Relatively few studies have shown con- notion that he is equally likely to be ranked
people.” Now imagine there were three can- clusive evidence for the Condorcet paradox first or last across all Democrats’ ballots.
didates instead of just two. in real life. But it has been observed in a Nevertheless, if Democrats appear to be
Three friends and a pollster walk into a number of elections, including the 2006 Dan- having difficulty making up their collective
bar and discuss the upcoming election. The ish elections for prime minister. mind this election season, it is possible that
first friend thinks that candidate A is better The possibility is not as abstract as it this apparent indecision is because there is
than B, and that C is the worst of all. The may seem. For example, some Americans, no well-defined will of the people to be dis-
next agrees that B is better than C, but she including Bernie Sanders, believe that, had cerned at all.
thinks that B and C are both better than A. Sanders won the Democratic primary in
The final friend partially agrees with both 2016, he would have beaten Trump in the Alexander Strang is Ph.D Candidate in
of them: He thinks C is the best candidate, general election. This implies an underlying Mathematics, Case Western Reserve University
followed by A, and then B. rock/paper/scissors inconsistency: Trump and Peter Thomas is Professor of Mathematics,
The pollster cannot say which is the best beats Clinton; Clinton beats Sanders; but, Case Western Reserve University
candidate, since, for these voters, there is no somehow, Sanders beats Trump. In a Source:The Conversation
three-candidate race, there are six possible

18 August. 09 - 15 2019
Telephone : 256 41 4707 000 The Republic of Uganda
: 256 41 4232 095 Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development
Fax : 256 41 4230 163 Plot 2-12, Apollo Kaggwa Road
: 256 41 4343 023
P.O. Box 8147
: 256 41 4341 286
Email :
Website :
In any correspondence on
this subject please quote No. HRM 155/222/02

23rd July, 2019

All Accounting Officers (Central and Local Government)


Reference is made to the Budget Execution Circular Ref: BPD 86/107/06 dated 10th July, 2019 to all Accounting Officers
communicating policy and administrative guidelines to enhance timely implementation of Government Programs and
activities for FY 2019/20.
In relation to the above, there are several issues related to payment of Pension and Gratuity that were noted while executing
the budget for FY 2018/19 that require your urgent attention. These include among others, the following:

 It has been noted with concern that some some officers are soliciting for “bribes”  Ensure that payments made to Pension
retired staff are still facing difficulties from Pensioners and have deliberately and Gratuity arrears claimants correspond
in accessing their retirement benefits refused to process and /or pay out veri- with the amounts in the schedules sent to
of Pension and Gratuity despite Govern- fied Pension and Gratuity arrears cleared you. In addition, claimants should be paid
ment decentralizing the management of for payment by this Ministry unless the their claims on time when the funds are
payroll to respective institutions. This has “bribe” is paid. released; and
left many Pensioners discontented and
dissatisfied with the system and has led As such, the following procedures Any officer found inflating Gratuity
to accumulation of Pension and Gratuity should be followed in payment of figures and/or receiving or asking
arrears; Pension and Gratuity: for bribes from Pensioners will be
 Processing and payment of Pension and penalized because this is against the
 It has also been noted that some votes Gratuity should be based on the time of Law and Code of Conduct under the
are deliberately inflating Gratuity figures retirement, that is, the one who retires Public Service Standing Orders.
based on wrong computations which is first, should access their retirement ben-
not acceptable; efits first;
I will follow up these matters closely
 Paying of different Pension and Gratu-  Remind you that the formula for calcu- with the Permanent Secretary, Ministry
ity arrears amounts that are contrary to lating Gratuity is ). Please note that the of Public Service to ensure that these
those cleared for payment in schedules annual basic salary is based on the last anomalies are addressed and people
sent to you; and salary scale paid to that particular retir- are paid on time.
ing staff as indicated on the last payslip;
 Furthermore, there are allegations that
The purpose of this letter therefore, is to inform you as above.

Keith Muhakanizi
Copy to:
Rt. Hon Prime Minister
All Cabinet Ministers
All Hon. Ministers of State
Head of Public Service and Secretary to Cabinet
Deputy Head of Public Service and Deputy Secretary to Cabinet
All Hon. Members of Parliament
Auditor General
The Inspector General of Government
The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Service
Accountant General



010 Ministry of Agriculture, Animal & Fisheries 2,444,162,626 -

012 Ministry of Lands, Housing & Urban Development 81,543,657 -

013 Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports 2,738,751,082 -

014 Ministry of Health 162,814,169 -

015 Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives 251,721,053 -

016 Ministry of Works and Transport 150,128,448 27,078,390

017 Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development 69,200,096 -

018 Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development 19,747,921 -

019 Ministry of Water and Environment 102,352,913 -

105 Law Reform Commission 15,029,960 -

111 Busitema University 1,795,918,787 888,525,710

124 Equal Opportunities Commission 419,049,856 -

131 Auditor General 10,526,630 -

144 Uganda Police Force 922,004,990 -

145 Uganda Prisons 568,750,758 -

164 Fort Portal Referral Hospital 16,756,196 -

167 Jinja Referral Hospital 234,557,263 -

168 Kabale Referral Hospital 88,516,930 -

171 Soroti Referral Hospital 27,332,831 -

174 Mubende Referral Hospital 41,553,919 -

SUB TOTAL CENTRAL GOVERNMENT VOTES 10,160,420,085 915,604,100


503 Arua District 465,457,546 -

504 Bugiri District 14,577,539 -

505 Bundibugyo District 134,542,086 -

506 Bushenyi District 108,149,663 -

508 Gulu District 29,174,448 29,174,448

509 Hoima District 429,372,923 -

510 Iganga District 187,993,720 187,993,720

511 Jinja District 851,578,690 663,858,174

512 Kabale District 674,468,463 -

513 Kabarole District 214,085,417 -

514 Kaberamaido District 170,213,432 -

517 Kamuli District 267,333,722 -

520 Kapchorwa District 58,592,492 -

521 Kasese District 891,315,373 894,315,373

523 Kayunga District 373,155,219 117,720,764

524 Kibaale District 97,558,416 82,365,021

526 Kisoro District 762,608 -

527 Kitgum District 475,991,785 281,309,539

528 Kotido District 189,556,350 -

529 Kumi District 448,803,058 -

531 Lira District 93,122,768 -

532 Luwero District 66,974,262 -

533 Masaka District 255,536,952 145,419,236

534 Masindi District 44,345,233 43,682,455

536 Mbale District 406,023,457 -

538 Moroto District 269,822,831 -

539 Moyo District 6,591,439 -

540 Mpigi District 38,092,637 38,092,637

543 Nakapiripirit District 102,547,496 -

ii August 09 - 15 , 2019
ND GRATUITY ARREARS FUNDS FOR FY 2018/19 Republic of Uganda



544 Nakasongola District 84,844,144 84,844,144

546 Ntungamo District 1,366,587,890 1,282,305,019

548 Pallisa District 214,841,203 -

549 Rakai District 550,564,449 216,596,333

550 Rukungiri District 367,596 -

551 Sembabule District 54,734,002 -

552 Sironko District 288,129,305 288,129,305

553 Soroti District 207,052,829 154,902,034

554 Tororo District 380,790,301 88,038,447

558 Ibanda District 36,230,336 -

560 Isingiro District 59,775,462 -

561 Kaliro District 6,450,942 -

562 Kiruhura District 119,426,251 -

564 Amolatar District 12,470,227 -

565 Amuria District 25,226,422 -

566 Manafwa District 189,471,603 -

567 Bukwo District 67,722,330 -

571 Budaka District 409,017,989 -

572 Oyam District 161,263,018 161,263,018

573 Abim District 159,956,385 -

574 Namutumba District 267,982,335 -

575 Dokolo District 337,943,840 288,650,608

577 Maracha District 34,528,755 32,528,755

580 Lyantonde District 9,578,023 -

582 Buikwe District 71,549,790 -

583 Buyende District 315,825,548 -

584 Kyegegwa District 51,351,506 47,153,689

588 Alebtong District 129,125,424 -

589 Bulambuli District 21,242,157 -

591 Gomba District 40,351,650 40,351,650

592 Kiryandongo District 27,885,870 -

594 Namayingo District 79,336,555 -

600 Bukomansimbi District 4,435,247 -

601 Mitooma District 99,539,289 -

605 Kibuku District 82,000,000 -

606 Nwoya District 34,411,391 -

608 Butambala District 38,022,770 21,671,760

610 Buhweju District 182,810,812 -

614 Kakumiro District 15,787,931 -

752 Entebbe Municipal Council 1,334,755,727 685,795,058

753 Fort Portal Municipal Council 56,667,372 -

757 Kabale Municipal Council 59,233,988 -

759 Masaka Municipal Council 699,746,901 -

760 Mbale Municipal Council 597,167,283 431,564,775

762 Moroto Municipal Council 12,117,357 -

764 Tororo Municipal Council 35,705,443 -

772 Mukono Municipal Council 1,172,052 -

775 Ntungamo Municipal Council 3,269,308 -

786 Mubende Municipal Council 325,298,277 325,298,277

SUB TOTAL LOCAL GOVERNMENT VOTES 16,729,505,310 6,633,024,239

GRAND TOTAL 26,889,925,395 7,548,628,339

August 09 - 15 , 2019 iii


Budget Q1

Vote Vote Description Wage Non Wage Devt. Total Wage Non Wage Devt. Total

001 Office of the President 53,324,745,331 126,453,795,063 14,566,903,923 194,345,444,317 13,257,839,724 43,942,426,841 6,396,626,962 63,596,893,526

002 State House 17,096,983,542 377,702,863,470 12,338,411,302 407,138,258,314 4,274,245,886 95,645,662,168 1,486,051,413 101,405,959,466

003 Office of the Prime Minister 2,875,264,198 82,750,259,594 72,166,921,257 157,792,445,049 718,816,050 19,593,693,199 9,498,708,907 29,811,218,156

004 Ministry of Defence & 533,464,235,561 642,941,526,156 1,978,206,102,263 3,154,611,863,980 143,998,463,372 189,439,121,127 331,419,229,846 664,856,814,345
Veteran Affairs

005 Ministry of Public Service 5,231,420,555 21,389,718,331 4,912,758,976 31,533,897,862 1,248,477,774 3,642,175,353 618,594,872 5,509,247,999

006 Ministry of Foreign Affairs 5,536,259,952 98,497,535,085 712,990,598 104,746,785,635 1,384,064,988 37,480,584,686 86,600,000 38,951,249,674

007 Ministry of Justice and 8,820,355,135 69,551,186,872 83,902,354,095 162,273,896,102 2,205,088,784 28,390,289,694 24,177,335,024 54,772,713,501
Constitutional Affairs

008 Ministry of Finance, Planning 6,708,272,222 435,529,562,917 61,876,324,986 504,114,160,125 1,562,291,806 130,786,998,813 14,805,461,461 147,154,752,080
& Economic Dev.

009 Ministry of Internal Affairs 2,299,483,654 32,190,165,278 6,928,701,718 41,418,350,650 574,870,914 5,303,914,378 1,618,693,965 7,497,479,256

010 Ministry of Agriculture, Ani- 13,032,948,956 32,630,431,355 141,121,955,560 186,785,335,871 3,258,237,239 6,917,985,453 28,866,575,663 39,042,798,354
mal, Industry & Fisheries

011 Ministry of Local Government 8,568,702,754 13,928,030,141 18,948,688,904 41,445,421,799 2,142,175,689 2,903,071,474 3,689,087,488 8,734,334,650

012 Ministry of Lands, Housing & 8,102,862,280 44,531,861,435 8,920,964,458 61,555,688,173 2,025,715,570 10,821,052,069 1,782,281,084 14,629,048,724
Urban Dev.

013 Ministry of Education and 17,811,101,871 235,603,623,665 79,490,408,662 332,905,134,198 4,452,775,468 53,779,774,950 9,095,494,193 67,328,044,611

014 Ministry of Health 14,617,456,906 67,497,775,157 68,207,824,860 150,323,056,923 3,654,364,227 14,732,113,025 13,769,305,990 32,155,783,241

015 Ministry of Trade, Industry 2,458,248,716 73,028,861,116 44,026,568,092 119,513,677,924 614,562,179 47,462,596,128 10,619,390,800 58,696,549,107
and Cooperatives

016 Ministry of Works and 11,865,803,051 72,644,448,883 917,269,426,576 1,001,779,678,510 2,966,450,763 15,155,250,728 519,966,194,204 538,087,895,695

017 Ministry of Energy and 6,224,570,622 65,070,560,703 460,788,819,369 532,083,950,694 1,556,142,656 14,060,800,110 102,815,201,467 118,432,144,233
Mineral Development

018 Ministry of Gender, Labour 4,052,757,656 104,958,860,063 43,807,983,627 152,819,601,346 1,013,189,414 25,851,443,761 11,167,219,403 38,031,852,577
and Social Dev.

019 Ministry of Water and 7,181,899,228 14,685,840,449 399,684,251,941 421,551,991,618 1,795,474,807 3,764,091,390 91,477,574,062 97,037,140,258

020 Ministry of Information & 5,936,950,345 19,034,990,995 38,222,839,682 63,194,781,022 1,484,237,586 2,571,886,713 12,385,045,385 16,441,169,684
National Guidance

021 East African Community 1,135,398,749 71,250,521,756 80,400,000 72,466,320,505 283,849,687 38,007,378,936 40,200,000 38,331,428,624

022 Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife 2,085,603,786 25,088,517,979 12,640,968,872 39,815,090,637 521,400,947 5,394,548,848 1,908,821,109 7,824,770,903
and Antiquities

023 Ministry of Science, Technol- 2,060,364,768 33,813,263,980 53,387,838,800 89,261,467,548 515,091,192 5,773,072,995 18,642,059,700 24,930,223,887
ogy and Innovation

101 Judiciary 47,694,396,146 112,919,584,526 21,009,500,000 181,623,480,672 11,923,599,037 31,209,399,632 2,054,750,000 45,187,748,668

102 Electoral Commission- 34,205,472,442 162,166,227,320 32,930,000,010 229,301,699,772 8,551,368,110 70,813,783,173 19,750,000,010 99,115,151,293

103 Inspectorate of Government 21,169,761,280 19,013,178,358 13,293,212,651 53,476,152,289 5,292,440,320 3,576,474,480 3,224,151,581 12,093,066,381

104 Parliamentary Commission- 86,932,848,938 535,155,036,813 65,691,000,000 687,778,885,751 22,112,966,174 185,833,962,460 6,167,842,820 214,114,771,454

105 Law Reform Commission- 4,073,396,523 1,715,218,323 200,020,403 5,988,635,249 1,018,349,131 631,202,693 33,760,202 1,683,312,026

106 Uganda Human Rights 6,594,848,793 13,147,133,038 51,797,335 19,793,779,166 1,648,712,198 3,536,931,559 20,398,668 5,206,042,425

107 Uganda AIDS Commission- 1,319,679,712 7,394,437,045 7,809,000 8,721,925,757 329,919,928 1,859,402,870 3,904,500 2,193,227,298

108 National Planning Authority- 8,910,649,932 20,242,275,054 4,414,167,988 33,567,092,974 2,311,044,483 4,920,474,370 1,187,333,994 8,418,852,847

109 Law Development Centre 5,142,512,000 8,906,131,477 4,393,304,237 18,441,947,714 1,285,628,000 2,518,127,431 673,995,636 4,477,751,067

110 Uganda Industrial Research 5,326,400,188 7,341,534,872 1,562,000,000 14,229,935,060 1,331,600,047 1,928,921,762 229,000,000 3,489,521,809

111 Busitema University 23,098,788,738 12,339,381,449 1,530,790,480 36,968,960,667 5,774,697,185 6,136,212,304 318,695,275 12,229,604,763

112 Ethics and Integrity 2,583,576,840 6,008,787,297 - 8,592,364,137 645,894,210 1,264,702,398 - 1,910,596,608

113 Uganda National Road 71,105,192,984 27,346,930,529 1,744,551,860,714 1,843,003,984,227 17,776,298,246 5,996,990,554 587,000,066,815 610,773,355,615

114 Uganda Cancer Institute 5,115,670,731 14,925,021,381 13,929,264,971 33,969,957,083 1,278,917,683 3,734,255,345 3,819,991,243 8,833,164,271

115 Uganda Heart Institute 4,599,180,224 15,457,977,315 4,650,000,000 24,707,157,539 1,149,795,056 3,986,427,496 2,165,000,000 7,301,222,552

116 National Medical Stores 11,987,249,323 384,184,965,694 - 396,172,215,017 2,996,812,331 128,061,655,231 - 131,058,467,562

iv August 09 - 15 , 2019
NDITURE RELEASES (QUARTER 1) FOR FY2019/2020 (USHS) Republic of Uganda

Budget Q1

Vote Vote Description Wage Non Wage Devt. Total Wage Non Wage Devt. Total

117 Uganda Tourism Board 1,855,392,000 23,156,339,576 155,302,512 25,167,034,088 463,848,000 2,981,224,352 32,651,256 3,477,723,608

118 Road Fund 2,667,413,000 437,815,763,629 6,620,000,000 447,103,176,629 666,853,250 109,486,477,650 812,500,000 110,965,830,900

119 Uganda Registration Services 8,979,523,309 17,518,093,959 405,000,000 26,902,617,268 2,244,880,827 6,299,733,459 46,768,750 8,591,383,036

120 National Citizenship and 4,417,488,712 88,154,858,766 9,227,156,949 101,799,504,427 1,104,372,178 39,024,858,786 1,075,406,000 41,204,636,964
Immigration Control

121 Dairy Development Authority 1,570,400,000 4,919,147,691 3,642,434,987 10,131,982,678 392,600,000 858,565,534 804,572,850 2,055,738,384

122 KAMPAL CAPITAL CITY 113,882,508,655 102,581,019,924 78,635,244,583 295,098,773,162 28,470,627,164 62,096,840,486 37,879,943,797 128,447,411,447

123 Rural Electrification Agency 15,813,207,826 22,802,451,299 128,139,340,875 166,755,000,000 3,953,301,957 3,120,690,585 12,875,635,338 19,949,627,879

124 Equal Opportunities Com- 2,966,807,972 8,937,304,416 360,425,570 12,264,537,958 741,701,993 2,132,556,686 - 2,874,258,679

125 National Animal Genetic Res. 4,027,575,199 5,870,387,738 53,344,216,572 63,242,179,509 1,006,893,800 1,244,609,427 17,302,901,445 19,554,404,672
Centre and Data Bank

126 National Information Technol- 6,645,161,925 26,723,661,634 7,442,585,563 40,811,409,122 1,661,290,481 3,873,087,272 1,151,450,222 6,685,827,975
ogy Authority

127 Muni University 9,207,167,598 3,882,889,036 4,200,000,000 17,290,056,634 2,301,791,900 1,888,069,518 214,500,000 4,404,361,418

128 UNEB 3,950,000,000 47,174,867,578 15,000,000,000 66,124,867,578 987,500,000 8,774,733,744 3,726,761,961 13,488,995,705

129 Financial Intelligence 3,477,400,000 9,324,178,446 215,000,000 13,016,578,446 869,350,000 1,587,585,546 107,500,000 2,564,435,546

130 Treasury Operations - 10,739,967,266,249 - 10,739,967,266,249 - 3,364,117,575,099 - 3,364,117,575,099

131 Auditor General- Statutory 27,769,543,824 28,099,585,073 8,050,000,000 63,919,128,897 6,942,385,956 9,496,767,612 3,163,000,000 19,602,153,568

132 Education Service Com- 2,816,299,471 6,411,403,940 191,530,250 9,419,233,661 704,074,868 1,458,259,548 95,765,125 2,258,099,540

133 Directorate of Public Pros- 16,881,948,321 20,685,425,229 5,855,351,179 43,422,724,729 4,220,487,080 4,967,916,057 844,418,897 10,032,822,035

134 Health Service Commission 2,325,110,826 4,462,152,269 80,000,000 6,867,263,095 581,277,707 1,115,538,067 20,000,000 1,716,815,774

136 Makerere University 166,781,144,132 133,815,836,261 15,516,209,712 316,113,190,105 41,695,286,033 66,907,918,131 4,737,797,760 113,341,001,924

137 Mbarara University 31,728,669,422 11,713,320,007 3,685,768,714 47,127,758,143 7,932,167,356 5,788,645,100 790,417,178 14,511,229,633

138 Makerere University Business 47,726,744,880 24,133,755,689 4,830,500,000 76,691,000,569 11,931,686,220 12,066,877,845 1,590,250,000 25,588,814,065

139 Kyambogo University 50,377,928,711 75,348,324,179 6,722,845,106 132,449,097,996 12,594,482,178 37,690,122,399 3,361,422,553 53,646,027,130

140 Uganda Management Institute 12,938,918,277 18,465,589,787 1,890,000,000 33,294,508,064 3,234,729,569 9,182,794,894 450,000,000 12,867,524,463

141 Uganda Revenue Authority 163,263,760,807 231,351,652,318 43,639,695,827 438,255,108,952 40,815,940,201 57,837,913,080 8,229,318,007 106,883,171,288

142 National Agricultural Re- 22,472,228,449 19,716,573,662 37,472,993,562 79,661,795,673 5,618,057,112 4,661,303,220 4,854,986,614 15,134,346,946
search Organisation

143 Uganda Bureau of Statistics 12,849,513,885 26,822,316,955 20,409,485,946 60,081,316,786 3,212,378,471 6,990,897,450 3,132,672,466 13,335,948,388

144 Uganda Police Force 286,540,059,271 240,555,547,019 196,101,504,144 723,197,110,434 71,635,014,818 84,191,996,788 121,768,725,220 277,595,736,826

145 Uganda Prisons 65,138,817,254 145,704,050,573 36,821,536,287 247,664,404,114 16,284,704,314 50,012,359,764 10,689,303,618 76,986,367,696

146 Public Service Commission 2,783,286,479 5,889,311,122 184,222,142 8,856,819,743 695,821,620 1,302,462,549 42,111,071 2,040,395,240

147 Local Government Finance 1,118,818,400 3,538,681,547 156,699,840 4,814,199,787 279,704,600 968,215,693 49,224,960 1,297,145,253

148 Judicial Service Commission 1,978,958,846 7,623,588,178 242,796,624 9,845,343,648 494,739,712 2,082,039,700 77,949,156 2,654,728,568

149 Gulu University 31,059,367,148 13,589,494,130 3,802,724,598 48,451,585,876 7,764,841,787 5,639,270,269 486,590,575 13,890,702,631

150 National Environment Man- 6,722,086,551 18,339,736,322 989,999,994 26,051,822,867 1,680,521,638 2,481,910,988 212,624,997 4,375,057,623
agement Authority

151 Uganda Blood Transfusion 3,837,882,208 12,234,330,407 1,870,000,000 17,942,212,615 959,470,552 3,049,727,394 800,000,000 4,809,197,946
Service (UBTS)

152 NAADS Secretariat 2,184,900,000 2,859,001,897 140,849,891,542 145,893,793,439 546,225,000 502,624,362 47,834,190,353 48,883,039,715

153 Public Procurement and 6,968,591,800 6,870,963,859 10,994,000,000 24,833,555,659 1,742,147,950 1,647,766,685 1,342,600,000 4,732,514,635
Disposal of Assets

154 Uganda National Bureau of 21,355,699,000 31,827,303,121 15,752,915,228 68,935,917,349 5,338,924,750 4,771,121,086 4,838,228,807 14,948,274,643

155 Cotton Development 2,013,258,396 2,417,989,018 4,211,000,000 8,642,247,414 503,314,599 515,895,923 645,750,000 1,664,960,522

156 Uganda Land Commission 613,637,890 643,601,799 39,315,398,183 40,572,637,872 153,409,473 290,531,524 11,194,487,342 11,638,428,338

157 National Forestry Authority 6,465,502,000 20,150,706,345 5,882,993,000 32,499,201,345 1,616,375,500 2,720,709,772 1,470,548,250 5,807,633,522

159 External Security Organisation 11,764,319,600 36,396,604,161 3,639,296,000 51,800,219,761 2,941,079,900 19,138,819,732 1,222,324,000 23,302,223,632

August 09 - 15 , 2019 v

Budget Q1

Vote Vote Description Wage Non Wage Devt. Total Wage Non Wage Devt. Total

160 Uganda Coffee Development 6,864,730,385 89,354,347,297 482,595,349 96,701,673,031 1,716,182,596 55,399,695,119 125,285,175 57,241,162,890

161 Mulago Hospital Complex 29,205,751,193 31,409,003,240 11,020,000,000 71,634,754,433 7,301,437,798 9,713,250,259 3,072,500,000 20,087,188,057

162 Butabika Hospital 5,699,926,408 7,572,312,805 8,308,140,579 21,580,379,792 1,424,981,602 2,253,809,001 2,907,500,000 6,586,290,603

301 Lira Univesity 8,994,919,709 7,404,756,403 2,500,000,000 18,899,676,112 2,248,729,927 3,680,523,202 750,000,000 6,679,253,129

302 UNMA 7,413,000,000 5,148,169,410 14,202,320,974 26,763,490,384 1,853,250,000 322,227,018 774,310,000 2,949,787,018

303 NCDC 3,605,163,636 6,762,027,225 3,900,000,000 14,267,190,861 901,290,909 2,032,103,357 695,000,000 3,628,394,266

304 UVRI 1,541,135,116 5,247,920,477 2,280,000,000 9,069,055,593 385,283,779 1,307,750,677 371,250,000 2,064,284,456

305 DGAL 1,333,873,768 7,599,030,312 10,094,357,000 19,027,261,080 333,468,442 2,952,948,328 2,446,886,225 5,733,302,995

306 Uganda Export Promotion 1,261,200,000 3,725,658,979 56,280,720 5,043,139,699 315,300,000 524,418,510 1,250,000 840,968,510

307 Kabale Univesity 23,161,359,288 7,807,590,714 1,382,240,000 32,351,190,002 5,790,339,822 3,804,700,076 117,030,000 9,712,069,898

308 Soroti Univesity 7,423,422,924 4,358,354,243 6,000,000,000 17,781,777,167 1,855,855,731 2,142,648,658 885,000,000 4,883,504,389

309 NIRA 20,334,800,000 35,360,402,647 6,166,562,779 61,861,765,426 3,564,420,000 5,486,902,874 798,383,160 9,849,706,034

310 Uganda Investment Authority 4,203,398,801 10,138,208,827 1,105,859,000 15,447,466,628 1,050,849,700 1,766,431,410 73,431,250 2,890,712,360

311 Uganda National Oil Company 19,569,600,000 11,900,520,024 - 31,470,120,024 4,779,000,000 3,783,150,220 - 8,562,150,220

312 Petroleum Authority of Uganda 18,331,096,672 31,867,941,954 - 50,199,038,626 4,582,774,168 7,624,257,007 - 12,207,031,175

Total Center Votes 2,427,231,734,576 17,063,189,340,299 7,414,469,558,200 26,904,890,633,075 616,023,293,840 5,365,190,686,081 2,165,973,768,116 8,147,187,748,037

163 Arua Referral Hospital 5,049,276,538 3,110,233,643 1,060,000,000 9,219,510,181 1,262,319,135 771,085,711 265,000,000 2,298,404,845

164 Fort Portal Referral Hospital 5,626,932,530 3,399,021,206 1,060,000,000 10,085,953,736 1,406,733,133 940,918,605 395,000,000 2,742,651,738

165 Gulu Referral Hospital 5,109,283,102 3,117,644,972 1,488,000,000 9,714,928,074 1,277,320,776 955,085,523 362,000,000 2,594,406,298

166 Hoima Referral Hospital 6,198,321,977 2,335,935,649 760,000,000 9,294,257,626 1,549,580,494 672,168,340 310,000,000 2,531,748,834

167 Jinja Referral Hospital 7,198,013,685 3,913,399,114 1,188,000,000 12,299,412,799 1,799,503,421 1,129,231,371 550,000,000 3,478,734,792

168 Kabale Referral Hospital 4,160,121,944 2,930,426,007 1,488,000,000 8,578,547,951 1,040,030,486 793,937,240 721,000,000 2,554,967,726

169 Masaka Referral Hospital 4,600,041,778 2,840,565,396 2,058,000,000 9,498,607,174 1,150,010,445 953,776,847 636,500,000 2,740,287,291

170 Mbale Referral Hospital 6,638,184,259 4,852,071,020 3,058,000,000 14,548,255,279 1,659,546,065 1,635,170,139 807,000,000 4,101,716,204

171 Soroti Referral Hospital 4,578,714,048 2,718,675,474 1,138,000,000 8,435,389,522 1,144,678,512 673,972,369 359,500,000 2,178,150,881

172 Lira Referral Hospital 5,199,309,548 2,871,553,165 1,488,000,000 9,558,862,713 1,299,827,387 871,357,716 560,500,000 2,731,685,103

173 Mbarara Referral Hospital 5,427,379,650 4,786,077,092 1,678,000,000 11,891,456,742 1,356,844,913 2,037,904,201 494,500,000 3,889,249,113

174 Mubende Referral Hospital 5,434,497,287 1,778,371,327 1,060,000,000 8,272,868,614 1,358,624,322 558,115,202 975,000,000 2,891,739,524

175 Moroto Referral Hosptial 4,330,946,527 1,506,886,845 1,488,000,000 7,325,833,372 1,082,736,632 374,121,711 398,610,900 1,855,469,243

176 Naguru Hospital 6,731,971,837 1,613,511,431 1,055,562,168 9,401,045,436 1,682,992,959 534,941,089 850,000,000 3,067,934,048

177 Kiruddu Referral Hospital 4,784,734,764 7,230,000,000 - 12,014,734,764 1,196,183,691 1,807,500,000 - 3,003,683,691

178 Kawempe Referral Hospital 4,699,714,800 4,198,000,000 - 8,897,714,800 1,174,928,700 1,049,500,000 - 2,224,428,700

179 Entebbe Regional Referral 2,308,919,908 1,000,000,000 - 3,308,919,908 577,229,977 250,000,000 - 827,229,977

180 Mulago Specialized Women 7,395,885,244 2,000,000,000 - 9,395,885,244 1,848,971,311 500,000,000 - 2,348,971,311
and Neonatal Hospital

Total Referral Hospitals 95,472,249,426 56,202,372,341 20,067,562,168 171,742,183,935 23,868,062,357 16,508,786,062 7,684,610,900 48,061,459,319

201 Ugandan Mission at the 1,951,317,368 15,135,381,309 - 17,086,698,677 975,658,684 7,567,690,655 - 8,543,349,339
United Nations, New York

202 Uganda High Commission in 1,397,196,224 4,977,247,057 275,000,000 6,649,443,281 698,598,112 2,488,623,529 137,500,000 3,324,721,641
United Kingdom, London

203 Uganda High Commission in 1,104,934,797 3,856,199,452 - 4,961,134,249 552,467,399 1,928,099,726 - 2,480,567,125
Canada, Ottawa

204 Uganda High Commission in 305,552,179 4,248,849,419 - 4,554,401,598 152,776,090 2,124,424,710 - 2,277,200,799
India, New Delhi

205 Uganda High Commission in 544,097,087 2,748,632,015 60,000,000 3,352,729,102 272,048,544 1,374,316,008 30,000,000 1,676,364,551
Egypt, Cairo

206 Uganda High Commission in 339,136,497 3,354,256,380 1,068,783,400 4,762,176,277 169,568,249 1,677,128,190 534,391,700 2,381,088,139
Kenya, Nairobi

207 Uganda High Commission in 467,936,975 3,630,949,337 450,000,000 4,548,886,312 233,968,488 1,815,474,669 225,000,000 2,274,443,156
Tanzania, Dar es Salaam

208 Uganda High Commission in 222,440,942 2,223,882,140 - 2,446,323,082 111,220,471 1,111,941,070 - 1,223,161,541
Nigeria, Abuja

vi August 09 - 15 , 2019
NDITURE RELEASES (QUARTER 1) FOR FY2019/2020 (USHS) Republic of Uganda

Budget Q1

Vote Vote Description Wage Non Wage Devt. Total Wage Non Wage Devt. Total

209 Uganda High Commission in 440,341,954 2,786,194,280 80,000,000 3,306,536,234 220,170,977 1,393,097,140 40,000,000 1,653,268,117
South Africa, Pretoria

210 Uganda Embassy in Wash- 1,361,738,163 6,371,157,989 280,000,000 8,012,896,152 680,869,082 3,185,578,995 140,000,000 4,006,448,076

211 Uganda Embassy in Ethiopia, 308,361,458 2,931,800,593 110,000,000 3,350,162,051 154,180,729 1,465,900,297 55,000,000 1,675,081,026
Addis Ababa

212 Uganda Embassy in China, 388,182,714 4,592,327,046 50,000,000 5,030,509,760 194,091,357 2,296,163,523 25,000,000 2,515,254,880

213 Uganda Embassy in Rwanda, 528,561,670 2,775,966,848 20,000,000 3,324,528,518 264,280,835 1,387,983,424 10,000,000 1,662,264,259

214 Uganda Embassy in Switzer- 1,450,007,520 5,790,491,703 180,000,000 7,420,499,223 725,003,760 2,895,245,852 90,000,000 3,710,249,612
land, Geneva

215 Uganda Embassy in Japan, 1,068,667,400 3,823,100,072 74,000,000 4,965,767,472 534,333,700 1,911,550,036 37,000,000 2,482,883,736

217 Uganda Embassy in Saudi 703,855,703 2,928,227,789 - 3,632,083,492 351,927,852 1,464,113,895 - 1,816,041,746
Arabia, Riyadh

218 Uganda Embassy in Denmark, 762,895,394 4,142,328,074 467,000,000 5,372,223,468 381,447,697 2,071,164,037 233,500,000 2,686,111,734

219 Uganda Embassy in Belgium, 1,099,010,754 4,415,372,331 4,900,000,000 10,414,383,085 549,505,377 2,207,686,166 2,450,000,000 5,207,191,543

220 Uganda Embassy in Italy, 847,596,800 4,184,285,509 - 5,031,882,309 423,798,400 2,092,142,755 - 2,515,941,155

221 Uganda Embassy in DRC, 543,839,400 3,425,360,630 - 3,969,200,030 271,919,700 1,712,680,315 - 1,984,600,015

223 Uganda Embassy in Sudan, 528,809,710 3,350,210,560 110,000,000 3,989,020,270 264,404,855 1,675,105,280 55,000,000 1,994,510,135

224 Uganda Embassy in France, 951,381,400 4,898,608,457 3,750,000,000 9,599,989,857 475,690,700 2,449,304,229 1,875,000,000 4,799,994,929

225 Uganda Embassy in Germany, 1,132,334,325 4,636,214,179 - 5,768,548,504 566,167,163 2,318,107,090 - 2,884,274,252

226 Uganda Embassy in Teheran 707,489,902 3,134,633,045 100,000,000 3,942,122,947 353,744,951 1,567,316,523 50,000,000 1,971,061,474

227 Uganda Embassy in Moscow 609,960,453 3,500,354,663 157,000,000 4,267,315,116 304,980,227 1,750,177,332 78,500,000 2,133,657,558

228 Uganda Embassy in Canberra 928,750,081 3,688,792,554 - 4,617,542,635 464,375,041 1,844,396,277 - 2,308,771,318

229 Uganda Embassy in Juba 423,024,300 4,055,792,093 2,550,000,000 7,028,816,393 211,512,150 2,027,896,047 1,275,000,000 3,514,408,197

230 Uganda Embassy in Abu 764,922,868 4,251,376,126 60,000,000 5,076,298,994 382,461,434 2,125,688,063 30,000,000 2,538,149,497

231 Uganda Embassy in 278,201,018 2,507,913,525 1,500,000,000 4,286,114,543 139,100,509 1,253,956,763 750,000,000 2,143,057,272

232 Guangzhou Consulate in 419,123,898 4,125,594,417 - 4,544,718,315 209,561,949 2,062,797,209 - 2,272,359,158


233 Mission in Ankara 675,896,094 3,628,106,674 90,000,000 4,394,002,768 337,948,047 1,814,053,337 45,000,000 2,197,001,384

234 Mission in Mogadishu 134,405,764 2,741,869,939 905,000,000 3,781,275,703 67,202,882 1,370,934,970 452,500,000 1,890,637,852

235 Mission in Kuala Lumpur 509,622,627 2,962,517,089 50,000,000 3,522,139,716 254,811,314 1,481,258,545 25,000,000 1,761,069,858

236 Mission in Mombasa 236,820,000 1,759,647,807 - 1,996,467,807 118,410,000 879,823,904 - 998,233,904

237 Mission in Algiers 645,435,000 2,971,611,951 277,000,000 3,894,046,951 322,717,500 1,485,805,976 138,500,000 1,947,023,476

238 Uganda Embassy, Doha 541,404,242 2,641,642,693 - 3,183,046,935 270,702,121 1,320,821,346 - 1,591,523,467

Total Missions Abroad 25,323,252,681 143,196,895,745 17,563,783,400 186,083,931,826 12,661,626,341 71,598,447,873 8,781,891,700 93,041,965,913

500 Total Local Governments 2,116,513,369,644 829,696,265,149 458,284,647,585 3,404,494,282,378 530,668,907,301 278,690,639,589 152,761,549,195 962,121,096,085

Grand Total 4,664,540,606,327 18,092,284,873,534 7,910,385,551,353 30,667,211,031,214 1,183,221,889,838 5,731,988,559,605 2,335,201,819,911 9,250,412,269,354

August 09 - 15 , 2019 vii


VOTE LOCAL Wage Salary Arrears Pension Gratuity Pension and Non-Wage Development TOTAL
GOVERNMENT Gratuity Arrears

501 Adjumani District 4,286,681,442 - 105,577,570 143,468,004 - 1,003,842,517 1,132,537,812 6,672,107,345

502 Apac District 3,027,504,213 - 896,139,086 320,098,529 - 652,841,570 883,296,047 5,779,879,445

503 Arua District 8,285,082,214 278,033,260 782,397,171 874,581,005 2,282,557,873 2,663,617,568 1,645,953,519 16,812,222,610

504 Bugiri District 4,937,161,661 33,768,462 237,132,470 202,673,842 - 1,339,360,110 923,852,495 7,673,949,040

505 Bundibugyo District 4,949,648,692 - 177,622,212 98,701,479 - 1,276,276,026 1,270,044,045 7,772,292,454

506 Bushenyi District 4,205,288,243 101,421,227 616,538,207 247,251,160 1,069,336,949 1,110,166,417 711,897,987 8,061,900,190

507 Busia District 4,473,509,270 42,903,073 271,999,818 212,968,673 933,124,615 1,562,267,427 967,109,221 8,463,882,097

508 Gulu District 4,454,103,946 158,494,687 514,987,790 181,523,457 1,282,453,125 797,479,246 970,387,869 8,359,430,120

509 Hoima District 2,707,382,610 33,801,456 406,753,568 243,069,143 322,263,033 786,229,304 769,725,058 5,269,224,172

510 Iganga District 5,170,629,249 19,819,796 849,440,981 402,867,962 326,974,443 1,554,920,235 769,828,179 9,094,480,845

511 Jinja District 7,003,523,362 55,614,491 522,695,448 499,270,515 42,568,865 1,615,407,224 982,148,324 10,721,228,229

512 Kabale District 5,135,040,912 49,873,648 823,210,830 310,961,419 41,216,802 1,096,904,481 1,169,365,972 8,626,574,064

513 Kabarole District 3,606,512,845 56,611,927 537,972,190 251,683,886 1,044,686,216 1,096,435,900 1,097,676,400 7,691,579,364

514 Kaberamaido District 1,735,988,601 91,044,837 175,938,107 113,527,930 234,594,732 609,751,299 993,412,758 3,954,258,264

515 Kalangala District 1,971,228,246 - 55,011,253 33,740,053 693,848,740 358,093,966 789,665,472 3,901,587,730

517 Kamuli District 6,441,204,271 44,222,664 675,594,592 273,334,909 80,570,258 1,863,161,298 883,136,702 10,261,224,694

518 Kamwenge District 3,190,073,813 74,164,202 178,886,915 236,958,943 - 988,457,544 1,113,624,167 5,782,165,584

519 Kanungu District 6,035,758,958 114,725,137 321,450,945 205,228,478 150,213,944 1,558,309,759 954,792,942 9,340,480,163

520 Kapchorwa District 2,502,282,699 13,059,130 282,946,638 118,170,940 534,097,333 546,254,915 957,627,152 4,954,438,807

521 Kasese District 10,322,081,854 85,214,654 506,068,940 400,216,752 309,016,853 2,598,104,965 1,181,558,831 15,402,262,849

522 Katakwi District 3,086,747,052 47,844,654 265,292,338 147,597,318 - 934,859,399 1,240,907,770 5,723,248,531

523 Kayunga District 5,684,633,489 96,166,357 231,341,725 195,135,935 247,033,020 1,380,949,606 1,108,782,538 8,944,042,670

524 Kibaale District 2,512,685,375 7,892,019 254,048,779 51,032,368 852,977,648 533,604,129 1,340,775,125 5,553,015,443

525 Kiboga District 3,495,887,627 1,098,125 122,801,742 99,620,446 77,223,326 737,556,803 1,133,208,112 5,667,396,181

526 Kisoro District 6,255,669,072 - 248,101,906 142,853,892 363,153,066 1,332,303,049 698,500,500 9,040,581,485

527 Kitgum District 4,160,632,604 169,828,922 471,403,749 127,517,459 640,331,056 901,252,325 1,050,573,867 7,521,539,982

528 Kotido District 1,466,806,025 - 64,859,270 86,071,914 1,588,402,910 438,812,057 909,813,640 4,554,765,816

529 Kumi District 2,830,011,457 34,473,009 771,124,591 165,850,066 158,716,396 1,041,001,573 1,308,954,937 6,310,132,029

530 Kyenjojo District 4,584,562,765 2,782,183 239,671,101 168,767,566 131,906,109 1,627,575,156 1,231,677,672 7,986,942,552

531 Lira District 4,520,111,920 265,464,583 790,308,509 283,954,042 4,001,159,254 1,522,809,291 1,221,995,663 12,605,803,262

532 Luwero District 9,151,055,871 288,403,496 532,404,404 318,528,954 607,760,089 2,113,500,437 1,210,181,241 14,221,834,492

533 Masaka District 3,230,238,068 22,187,536 847,831,359 205,438,332 374,041,169 950,702,146 668,399,115 6,298,837,725

534 Masindi District 3,319,120,604 - 412,902,840 132,172,934 1,006,321,888 823,552,321 938,278,742 6,632,349,329

535 Mayuge District 5,508,314,577 185,726,025 222,187,089 191,867,156 26,426,134 1,720,218,866 1,240,109,963 9,094,849,810

536 Mbale District 6,038,425,577 105,231,427 1,064,221,690 438,236,575 405,567,914 2,341,443,623 1,443,597,059 11,836,723,820

537 Mbarara District 3,213,327,388 - 809,648,392 334,629,927 180,319,074 782,396,413 709,795,462 6,030,116,656

538 Moroto District 1,825,798,062 19,446,492 45,194,020 28,422,692 - 453,599,726 879,305,507 3,251,766,499

539 Moyo District 2,765,291,477 - 312,881,103 90,730,965 - 671,802,387 850,449,739 4,691,155,671

540 Mpigi District 4,229,107,540 19,768,345 626,658,320 142,830,127 1,890,015,908 944,629,741 716,140,383 8,569,150,364

541 Mubende District 3,338,582,472 55,259,947 431,476,099 185,329,307 199,354,246 1,009,880,295 956,801,813 6,176,684,179

542 Mukono District 6,250,270,106 8,860,715 793,866,771 342,905,551 367,260,976 1,739,816,636 1,298,438,328 10,801,419,083

543 Nakapiripiriti District 1,368,100,631 - 34,927,295 108,272,603 - 394,891,978 927,076,504 2,833,269,011

544 Nakasongola District 4,208,020,924 118,643,763 84,896,044 92,478,060 13,112,315 985,942,504 454,710,532 5,957,804,142

545 Nebbi District 3,876,851,035 - 782,767,784 208,913,342 - 1,037,368,871 1,258,073,148 7,163,974,180

546 Ntungamo District 7,139,866,809 38,160,954 536,508,627 275,376,220 1,080,559,623 1,913,055,008 1,216,402,747 12,199,929,988

547 Pader District 3,711,483,228 - 93,201,317 101,614,397 1,912,284 1,067,103,250 1,183,693,563 6,159,008,039

548 Pallisa District 3,753,140,999 6,911,762 811,890,361 217,753,101 322,460,362 1,298,186,771 1,625,091,765 8,035,435,121

549 Rakai District 5,175,372,531 160,648,342 463,222,299 158,081,381 258,174,471 1,339,074,279 755,197,330 8,309,770,633

550 Rukungiri District 5,673,090,785 43,144,441 684,958,296 297,005,506 236,356,778 1,693,749,249 1,040,245,055 9,668,550,110

viii August 09 - 15 , 2019

DITURE LIMITS FOR (QUARTER 1) FY 2019/2020 (USHS) Republic of Uganda

VOTE LOCAL Wage Salary Arrears Pension Gratuity Pension and Non-Wage Development TOTAL
GOVERNMENT Gratuity Arrears

551 Sembabule District 4,470,889,626 63,276,049 97,022,287 154,734,849 - 1,080,141,830 807,515,361 6,673,580,002

552 Sironko District 4,177,862,211 389,432,793 372,118,950 255,928,410 2,005,276,547 1,267,329,447 1,356,155,147 9,824,103,505

553 Soroti District 3,017,212,683 107,130,706 698,392,961 264,385,584 4,193,894,542 1,132,659,837 1,329,229,923 10,742,906,236

554 Tororo District 6,795,272,103 232,199,935 879,386,187 582,200,295 7,071,763,680 2,550,402,593 1,837,733,067 19,948,957,860

555 Wakiso District 8,697,921,205 294,650,459 522,503,004 425,861,541 - 2,864,112,911 2,985,509,677 15,790,558,797

556 Yumbe District 5,061,039,931 53,849,249 124,655,786 208,770,907 - 2,060,898,897 1,746,760,019 9,255,974,789

557 Butaleja District 4,208,342,980 90,280,215 237,526,271 185,338,745 1,616,250,779 1,382,146,146 1,389,032,869 9,108,918,005

558 Ibanda District 3,062,910,012 - 209,755,476 117,682,936 - 760,233,164 730,348,382 4,880,929,970

559 Kaabong District 2,179,569,583 152,647,246 59,602,055 45,432,131 93,796,366 749,080,028 513,959,884 3,794,087,293

560 Isingiro District 5,300,393,362 22,254,381 160,919,361 150,125,108 719,822,344 1,600,890,417 760,920,711 8,715,325,684

561 Kaliro District 3,943,118,378 22,085,856 118,360,708 331,922,467 - 1,281,975,507 1,051,800,380 6,749,263,296

562 Kiruhura District 2,236,040,281 109,842,207 139,746,279 98,842,091 13,897,722 596,457,777 790,775,581 3,985,601,938

563 Koboko District 2,155,846,697 159,295,847 80,583,416 99,571,892 146,616,673 656,224,881 1,139,216,326 4,437,355,732

564 Amolatar District 2,404,460,410 - 99,162,247 170,633,735 11,218,752 714,848,637 1,385,141,078 4,785,464,859

565 Amuria District 2,821,201,533 - 133,958,749 216,866,820 - 911,028,305 1,372,900,491 5,455,955,898

566 Manafwa District 2,827,310,801 223,500,004 253,589,596 133,273,775 245,181,237 830,414,667 1,391,228,084 5,904,498,164

567 Bukwo District 2,973,249,552 80,085,247 49,288,510 79,662,357 - 890,840,025 1,233,466,147 5,306,591,838

568 Mityana District 4,492,961,435 - 281,280,728 181,810,322 796,800,817 957,255,002 852,933,170 7,563,041,474

569 Nakaseke District 4,463,524,517 - 79,043,134 179,333,835 16,085,186 1,226,817,799 750,803,307 6,715,607,778

570 Amuru District 2,851,382,261 - 76,004,318 130,307,712 703,750,395 754,914,262 1,165,400,375 5,681,759,323

571 Budaka District 3,113,268,395 13,184,719 191,616,643 119,497,221 792,629,631 1,195,241,693 1,270,878,776 6,696,317,078

572 Oyam District 4,707,238,377 83,450,588 296,021,882 348,541,628 867,941,398 1,744,924,267 1,741,511,556 9,789,629,696

573 Abim District 2,419,294,394 47,868,384 48,085,386 70,782,220 39,642,153 682,807,565 852,627,894 4,161,107,996

574 Namutumba District 3,462,744,373 55,617,990 114,509,054 126,199,433 125,491,947 1,173,944,275 865,219,246 5,923,726,318

575 Dokolo District 2,877,871,735 107,749,968 139,682,678 134,237,127 332,153,384 847,727,759 1,305,919,053 5,745,341,704

576 Buliisa District 1,819,386,530 19,906,779 23,086,360 45,050,625 73,181,784 479,799,105 1,053,692,555 3,514,103,738

577 Maracha District 3,166,374,294 26,124,613 142,560,822 154,276,050 26,358,319 923,159,205 1,266,701,860 5,705,555,163

578 Bukedea District 3,701,232,442 - 195,395,699 256,553,772 - 1,121,816,247 1,479,734,865 6,754,733,025

579 Bududa District 3,186,451,334 - 203,887,089 182,389,350 - 1,152,158,124 1,153,762,873 5,878,648,770

580 Lyantonde District 2,473,489,475 58,684,233 37,522,404 62,084,760 79,168,234 597,095,490 770,371,336 4,078,415,932

581 Amudat District 973,250,792 - 13,334,647 37,385,877 33,838,184 345,024,874 886,772,375 2,289,606,749

582 Buikwe District 3,239,887,613 - 104,425,075 131,310,148 229,120,073 859,342,857 729,299,128 5,293,384,894

583 Buyende District 2,921,721,070 66,496,879 64,297,211 114,983,428 - 1,132,323,795 1,016,015,501 5,315,837,884

584 Kyegegwa District 2,574,605,449 14,192,580 86,246,490 61,652,799 174,471,704 895,415,792 894,901,568 4,701,486,382

585 Lamwo District 2,464,787,486 - 44,473,495 94,367,694 163,965,478 707,985,629 975,988,496 4,451,568,278

586 Otuke District 2,099,173,275 12,846,005 37,249,808 101,421,694 - 666,222,927 928,932,717 3,845,846,426

587 Zombo District 2,975,639,293 284,818,587 70,482,643 90,961,971 374,148 1,011,872,556 1,227,503,162 5,661,652,360

588 Alebtong District 2,974,084,057 - 135,652,605 223,129,871 4,059,456 1,061,176,747 1,370,978,239 5,769,080,975

589 Bulambuli District 2,935,228,427 2,410,686 89,899,613 146,108,698 489,020,750 936,349,741 1,525,868,035 6,124,885,950

590 Buvuma District 1,458,956,229 - 10,230,795 65,630,876 - 420,976,332 584,311,774 2,540,106,006

591 Gomba District 2,837,461,991 - 63,148,411 125,848,315 439,968,609 938,809,363 631,801,065 5,037,037,754

592 Kiryandongo District 3,187,246,221 101,681,749 50,251,738 69,923,177 - 1,075,722,270 1,057,963,224 5,542,788,379

593 Luuka District 3,591,115,794 - 75,655,585 139,194,783 - 1,193,608,206 751,634,354 5,751,208,722

594 Namayingo District 3,249,171,258 - 50,113,062 85,285,573 - 925,272,902 1,226,847,401 5,536,690,196

595 Ntoroko District 1,621,853,215 3,980,761 6,587,334 79,162,619 31,263,764 457,664,225 816,242,549 3,016,754,467

596 Serere District 3,905,267,599 110,540,141 132,861,480 203,743,926 117,113,875 1,326,239,650 1,619,220,705 7,414,987,376

597 Kyankwanzi District 3,418,929,621 11,833,627 64,419,026 45,958,186 - 856,533,520 1,169,178,375 5,566,852,355

598 Kalungu District 3,631,265,156 27,572,535 115,694,084 114,916,874 - 1,065,655,120 761,710,894 5,716,814,663

599 Lwengo District 3,940,508,324 34,342,192 110,901,228 199,109,540 560,074,309 1,125,321,814 861,463,420 6,831,720,827

August 09 - 15 , 2019 ix

VOTE LOCAL Wage Salary Arrears Pension Gratuity Pension and Non-Wage Development TOTAL
GOVERNMENT Gratuity Arrears

600 Bukomansimbi 2,430,165,807 - 70,751,070 116,909,351 - 733,926,725 746,505,875 4,098,258,828


601 Mitooma District 3,694,420,921 17,823,831 113,986,059 218,435,616 17,173,696 1,104,947,782 1,094,232,311 6,261,020,216

602 Rubirizi District 2,275,000,572 14,458,805 41,334,056 83,924,316 441,796,440 575,195,410 1,025,745,616 4,457,455,215

603 Ngora District 2,475,429,380 59,164,650 110,878,219 111,800,976 134,518,005 872,357,004 1,030,385,624 4,794,533,858

604 Napak District 1,961,764,783 - 13,405,870 77,533,501 - 583,546,065 1,043,061,057 3,679,311,276

605 Kibuku District 2,857,851,342 46,080,497 84,489,794 150,640,868 673,942,480 895,108,283 1,879,018,664 6,587,131,928

606 Nwoya District 2,323,491,019 - 61,488,931 40,108,517 648,441,686 670,509,923 1,446,590,731 5,190,630,807

607 Kole District 3,623,566,546 282,091,063 134,247,465 243,462,318 133,851,022 899,877,856 1,151,355,417 6,468,451,687

608 Butambala District 3,121,349,933 36,781,678 58,752,411 152,146,585 - 756,049,871 588,362,871 4,713,443,349

609 Sheema District 3,857,981,825 27,928,496 213,487,346 179,425,289 345,124,555 872,322,883 877,085,711 6,373,356,105

610 Buhweju District 1,771,539,457 - 58,975,162 65,260,344 565,857,873 496,710,201 943,633,774 3,901,976,811

611 Agago District 3,685,076,322 143,818,996 59,580,850 124,524,123 148,079,011 1,236,085,044 1,771,090,503 7,168,254,849

612 Kween District 2,461,814,302 51,024,984 43,205,194 59,414,306 169,509,990 671,379,273 1,269,537,632 4,725,885,681

613 Kagadi District 4,346,444,112 - 37,413,289 53,777,421 - 1,273,608,381 1,213,147,338 6,924,390,541

614 Kakumiro District 2,384,405,340 25,857,981 23,277,046 68,736,343 - 932,204,125 1,206,997,627 4,641,478,462

615 Omoro District 3,536,798,382 9,455,142 48,635,080 184,389,729 - 678,655,233 1,724,626,671 6,182,560,237

616 Rubanda District 3,513,426,799 29,375,096 112,333,457 205,199,996 - 891,104,143 735,589,629 5,487,029,120

617 Namisindwa District 3,405,824,658 - 40,792,970 226,625,050 - 1,202,417,985 1,119,530,581 5,995,191,244

618 Pakwach District 2,107,652,372 - 14,140,070 61,984,671 - 664,651,873 967,518,053 3,815,947,039

619 Butebo District 2,090,866,205 - 22,399,330 63,620,748 - 744,677,907 1,073,856,816 3,995,421,006

620 Rukiga District 3,212,615,700 - 19,540,100 39,246,929 - 656,052,764 554,454,028 4,481,909,521

621 Kyotera District 4,723,738,435 - 18,366,195 49,828,404 - 1,380,337,778 574,386,542 6,746,657,354

622 Bunyangabu District 2,599,579,193 8,871,829 22,528,272 68,876,639 - 741,650,879 815,733,893 4,257,240,705

623 Nabilatuk District 1,023,549,110 - 15,143,812 61,984,671 - 260,503,344 893,333,365 2,254,514,302

624 Bugweri District 2,654,768,843 - 15,143,812 61,984,671 - 752,560,272 928,036,478 4,412,494,076

625 Kasanda District 2,772,907,342 - 15,143,812 81,241,186 - 938,267,812 1,054,059,293 4,861,619,445

626 Kwania District 3,198,435,303 - 15,143,812 61,984,671 - 749,311,016 1,036,500,743 5,061,375,545

627 Kapelebyong District 1,229,948,730 - 15,143,812 61,984,671 - 464,086,436 635,951,731 2,407,115,380

628 Kikuube District 2,208,710,668 - 15,143,812 61,984,671 - 729,478,516 755,835,508 3,771,153,175

629 Obongi District 1,430,792,570 - 13,303,080 50,000,000 - 1,886,031,063 773,572,512 4,153,699,225

630 Kazo District 2,220,521,415 - 13,303,080 50,000,000 - 662,636,913 915,485,396 3,861,946,804

631 Rwampara District 3,055,841,516 - 13,303,080 50,000,000 - 624,393,723 831,764,275 4,575,302,594

632 Kitagwenda District 2,127,069,043 - 13,303,080 50,000,000 - 622,549,816 624,891,529 3,437,813,468

633 Madi-Okollo District 2,260,908,714 - 13,303,080 50,000,000 - 711,404,652 1,203,570,491 4,239,186,937

634 Karenga District 1,073,187,814 - 13,303,080 50,000,000 - 325,011,047 914,523,455 2,376,025,396

635 Kalaki District 1,671,767,920 - 13,303,080 50,000,000 - 567,645,051 1,161,084,541 3,463,800,592

751 Arua Municipal 1,484,820,741 - 74,301,683 112,106,092 423,365,455 578,869,690 146,609,312 2,820,072,973

752 Entebbe Municipal 1,122,025,882 741,050 116,388,510 132,675,243 - 360,425,620 189,777,023 1,922,033,328

753 Fort-Portal Municipal 1,619,718,654 54,908,672 84,039,746 69,089,037 59,354,371 582,990,001 164,167,345 2,634,267,826

754 Gulu Municipal 2,177,670,006 - 147,156,958 142,958,615 793,574,046 916,606,271 298,908,690 4,476,874,586

755 Jinja Municipal 2,482,215,452 131,644,530 328,795,177 135,839,967 823,087,903 669,401,464 168,010,880 4,738,995,373

757 Kabale Municipal 1,883,971,117 - 112,814,316 265,089,817 - 505,239,605 122,501,327 2,889,616,182


758 Lira Municipal 1,479,072,839 20,181,740 109,202,436 168,885,391 176,164,395 672,692,151 187,234,934 2,813,433,886

759 Masaka Municipal 1,407,885,224 77,803,776 79,131,312 135,781,537 39,770,899 464,584,536 247,511,957 2,452,469,241

760 Mbale Municipal 2,690,175,033 21,489,496 201,551,611 143,518,998 173,826,551 1,208,488,495 196,123,480 4,635,173,664

761 Mbarara Municipal 3,421,095,706 71,729,598 141,947,289 121,689,766 627,392,003 928,450,134 461,454,152 5,773,758,648

x August 09 - 15 , 2019
ITURE LIMITS FOR (QUARTER 1) FY 2019/2020 (USHS) Republic of Uganda

VOTE LOCAL Wage Salary Arrears Pension Gratuity Pension and Non-Wage Development TOTAL
GOVERNMENT Gratuity Arrears

762 Moroto Municipal 499,932,667 - 18,383,448 28,196,860 - 154,453,223 78,433,006 779,399,204


763 Soroti Municipal 1,660,673,952 - 48,935,122 92,326,404 - 609,825,664 121,200,367 2,532,961,509


764 Tororo Municipal 1,307,113,106 45,255,816 77,183,078 123,112,666 603,772,529 214,781,614 125,579,251 2,496,798,060

770 Kasese Municipal 1,968,768,356 6,736,624 59,564,995 111,832,049 185,941,512 436,328,912 378,598,580 3,147,771,028

771 Hoima Municipal 1,402,953,702 - 64,193,903 103,137,070 96,185,209 621,495,474 248,086,586 2,536,051,944

772 Mukono Municipal 2,235,265,081 52,800,321 44,468,357 70,704,018 - 461,499,175 329,592,973 3,194,329,925

773 Iganga Municipal 815,631,718 - 9,427,473 28,217,205 - 235,892,722 105,622,731 1,194,791,849


774 Masindi Municipal 1,417,839,922 503,837 41,505,210 30,534,649 45,393,816 440,599,477 255,111,210 2,231,488,121

775 Ntungamo Municipal 502,889,819 - 22,297,788 52,640,000 187,074 198,610,869 132,758,540 909,384,090

776 Busia Municipal 707,087,479 3,777,800 16,418,721 20,741,401 - 323,720,259 171,210,496 1,242,956,156

777 Bushenyi- Ishaka 1,353,218,525 23,683,545 79,173,660 115,953,375 510,802,028 379,148,873 72,143,191 2,534,123,197
Municipal Council

778 Rukungiri Municipal 1,323,141,065 - 55,852,564 81,186,979 - 223,212,937 81,055,735 1,764,449,280


779 Nansana Municipal 1,846,032,585 - 32,482,983 136,987,904 - 803,994,737 501,158,864 3,320,657,073


780 Makindye-Ssabagabo 873,572,229 - 4,477,048 36,680,100 - 479,931,832 1,449,978,184 2,844,639,393

Municipal Council

781 Kira Municipal 1,175,708,858 - 5,446,975 53,308,791 - 884,781,138 1,304,287,713 3,423,533,475


782 Kisoro Municipal 396,287,915 - 977,359 20,753,426 41,766,888 183,946,422 56,026,800 699,758,810

783 Mityana Municipal 1,288,731,724 - 19,167,283 61,342,818 - 481,354,198 134,984,488 1,985,580,511


784 Kitgum Municipal 854,178,941 - 201,244,303 114,245,997 - 454,686,662 95,209,845 1,719,565,748


785 Koboko Municipal 911,076,568 46,657,123 12,522,546 51,039,583 - 328,566,987 252,355,991 1,602,218,798

786 Mubende Municipal 1,010,984,861 11,729,588 14,905,350 17,386,391 - 556,733,237 231,638,339 1,843,377,766

787 Kumi Municipal 937,414,512 - 7,898,674 47,271,032 - 245,784,421 117,257,895 1,355,626,534


788 Lugazi Municipal 913,181,877 - 23,195,611 91,915,519 - 328,884,678 208,824,719 1,566,002,404


789 Kamuli Municipal 985,800,503 - 17,301,246 30,823,645 - 306,650,549 141,535,704 1,482,111,647


790 Kapchorwa Municipal 1,083,139,207 - 39,886,331 59,791,095 - 386,010,551 85,778,764 1,654,605,948


791 Ibanda Municipal 1,692,666,583 - 35,421,500 113,852,357 14,330,264 467,662,583 135,288,368 2,459,221,655

792 Njeru Municipal 1,264,231,699 - 28,837,341 57,444,476 - 556,612,800 267,293,004 2,174,419,320


793 Apac Municipal 954,603,569 - 15,528,410 14,185,563 - 330,409,742 111,084,202 1,425,811,486


794 Nebbi Municipal 1,163,712,094 - 15,406,764 41,912,974 - 163,002,340 88,476,374 1,472,510,546


795 Bugiri Municipal 541,014,394 - 18,797,625 68,391,670 - 282,312,336 97,383,156 1,007,899,181


796 Sheema Municipal 1,869,489,946 36,290,153 42,036,272 96,714,779 22,212,167 490,797,114 290,381,190 2,847,921,621

797 Kotido Municipal 672,793,856 1,040,000 5,902,398 56,496,031 - 385,825,871 157,155,792 1,279,213,948

Total 530,668,907,311 7,394,255,675 33,462,316,965 25,195,476,833 54,507,683,905 158,130,906,255 152,761,549,186 962,121,096,085

August 09 - 15 , 2019 xi
Republic of Uganda





1 502 Apac District Not Submitted 32 564 Amolatar District Not Submitted 62 629 Obongi District Not Submitted

2 503 Arua District Not Submitted 33 568 Mityana District Not Submitted 63 631 Rwampara District Not Submitted

3 504 Bugiri District Not Submitted 34 570 Amuru District Not Submitted 64 632 Kitagwenda District Not Submitted

4 506 Bushenyi District Not Submitted 35 571 Budaka District Not Submitted 65 635 Kalaki District Not Submitted

Arua Municipal
5 507 Busia District Not Submitted 36 572 Oyam District Not Submitted 66 751 Council Not Submitted

6 508 Gulu District Not Submitted 37 573 Abim District Not Submitted Gulu Municipal
67 754 Council Not Submitted
7 509 Hoima District Not Submitted 38 575 Dokolo District Not Submitted Kabale Municipal
68 757 Council Not Submitted
8 510 Iganga District Not Submitted 39 576 Buliisa District Not Submitted
Lira Municipal
69 758 Council Not Submitted
9 513 Kabarole District Not Submitted 40 578 Bukedea District Not Submitted
Masaka Municipal
Kaberamaido 70 759 Council Not Submitted
10 514 District Not Submitted 41 580 Lyantonde District Not Submitted
Tororo Municipal
11 518 Kamwenge District Not Submitted 42 581 Amudat District Not Submitted 71 764 Council Not Submitted

Iganga Municipal
12 520 Kapchorwa District Not Submitted 43 585 Lamwo District Not Submitted 72 773 Council Not Submitted

44 586 Otuke District Not Submitted Masindi Municipal

13 522 Katakwi District Not Submitted 73 774 Council Not Submitted

14 527 Kitgum District Not Submitted 45 589 Bulambuli District Not Submitted Bushenyi-Ishaka
74 777 Municipal Council Not Submitted
15 528 Kotido District Not Submitted 46 592 District Not Submitted Rukungiri Municipal
75 778 Council Not Submitted
16 535 Mayuge District Not Submitted 47 593 Luuka District Not Submitted
Nansana Municipal
76 779 Council Not Submitted
17 537 Mbarara District Not Submitted 48 598 Kalungu District Not Submitted
Kira Municipal
Bukomansimbi 77 781 Council Not Submitted
18 538 Moroto District Not Submitted 49 600 District Not Submitted
Kisoro Municipal
19 539 Moyo District Not Submitted 50 604 Napak District Not Submitted 78 782 Council Not Submitted

Mityana Municipal
20 540 Mpigi District Not Submitted 51 613 Kagadi District Not Submitted 79 783 Council Not Submitted

21 543 Nakapiripirit District Not Submitted Koboko Municipal

52 614 Kakumiro District Not Submitted 80 785 Council Not Submitted
22 545 Nebbi District Not Submitted 53 615 Omoro District Not Submitted Kumi Municipal
81 787 Council Not Submitted
23 546 Ntungamo District Not Submitted Namisindwa
54 617 District Not Submitted Kapchorwa
82 790 Municipal Council Not Submitted
24 551 Sembabule District Not Submitted
55 618 Pakwach District Not Submitted Ibanda Municipal
25 552 Sironko District Not Submitted 83 791 Council Not Submitted
56 621 Kyotera District Not Submitted
Njeru Municipal
26 553 Soroti District Not Submitted Bunyangabu 84 792 Council Not Submitted
57 622 District Not Submitted
Nebbi Municipal
27 555 Wakiso District Not Submitted 85 794 Council Not Submitted
58 623 Nabilatuk District Not Submitted
28 556 Yumbe District Not Submitted
59 624 Bugweri District Not Submitted
29 557 Butaleja District Not Submitted
60 627 District Not Submitted
30 559 Kaabong District Not Submitted
61 628 Kikuube District Not Submitted
31 561 Kaliro District Not Submitted

xii August 09 - 15 , 2019

Republic of Uganda



Submission of Q4 Reports Submission of Q4 Reports Submission of Q4 Reports

Vote Code Vote Name Vote Code Vote Name Vote Code Vote Name
FY 2018/19 FY 2018/19 FY 2018/19

501 Adjumani District Not Submitted 577 Maracha District Not Submitted 788 Lugazi Municipal Council Not Submitted

502 Apac District Not Submitted 580 Lyantonde District Not Submitted 789 Kamuli Municipal Council Not Submitted

503 Arua District Not Submitted 581 Amudat District Not Submitted Kapchorwa Municipal
790 Council Not Submitted
505 Bundibugyo District Not Submitted 582 Buikwe District Not Submitted
791 Ibanda Municipal Council Not Submitted
506 Bushenyi District Not Submitted 585 Lamwo District Not Submitted
792 Njeru Municipal Council Not Submitted
508 Gulu District Not Submitted 586 Otuke District Not Submitted
793 Apac Municipal Council Not Submitted
512 Kabale District Not Submitted 587 Zombo District Not Submitted
797 Kotido Municipal Council Not Submitted
514 Kaberamaido District Not Submitted 588 Alebtong District Not Submitted
617 Namisindwa District Not Submitted
531 Lira District Not Submitted 589 Bulambuli District Not Submitted
618 Pakwach District Not Submitted
532 Luwero District Not Submitted 590 Buvuma District Not Submitted
621 Kyotera District Not Submitted
534 Masindi District Not Submitted 593 Luuka District Not Submitted
622 Bunyangabu District Not Submitted
536 Mbale District Not Submitted 595 Ntoroko District Not Submitted
624 Bugweri District Not Submitted
537 Mbarara District Not Submitted 599 Lwengo District Not Submitted
625 Kasanda District Not Submitted
539 Moyo District Not Submitted 601 Mitooma District Not Submitted
626 Kwania District Not Submitted
540 Mpigi District Not Submitted 610 Buhweju District Not Submitted
629 Obongi District Not Submitted
541 Mubende District Not Submitted Fort-Portal Municipal
753 Council Not Submitted 630 Kazo District Not Submitted
543 Nakapiripirit District Not Submitted
758 Lira Municipal Council Not Submitted 631 Rwampara District Not Submitted
544 Nakasongola District Not Submitted
759 Masaka Municipal Council Not Submitted 632 Kitagwenda District Not Submitted
546 Ntungamo District Not Submitted
760 Mbale Municipal Council Not Submitted 633 Madi-Okollo District Not Submitted
547 Pader District Not Submitted
762 Moroto Municipal Council Not Submitted 634 Karenga District Not Submitted
549 Rakai District Not Submitted
764 Tororo Municipal Council Not Submitted 635 Kalaki District Not Submitted
553 Soroti District Not Submitted
771 Hoima Municipal Council Not Submitted
555 Wakiso District Not Submitted
772 Mukono Municipal Council Not Submitted
556 Yumbe District Not Submitted
774 Masindi Municipal Council Not Submitted
559 Kaabong District Not Submitted
614 Kakumiro District Not Submitted
564 Amolatar District Not Submitted
615 Omoro District Not Submitted
566 Manafwa District Not Submitted
779 Nansana Municipal Council Not Submitted
569 Nakaseke District Not Submitted
Makindye Ssabagabo
570 Amuru District Not Submitted 780 Municipal Council Not Submitted

572 Oyam District Not Submitted 782 Kisoro Municipal Council Not Submitted

573 Abim District Not Submitted 783 Mityana Municipal Council Not Submitted

576 Buliisa District Not Submitted 787 Kumi Municipal Council Not Submitted

In contravention of Section 45 (3) of the Public Finance Management Act, 2015 (PFMA), 85 Local Government votes, have not
submitted hard copies of their Performance Contracts for FY 2019/20, and 84 Local Government votes have not submitted their Quarter
Four (Q4) Budget Performance and accountability reports for FY 2018/19, whose deadline was 31st July 2019, as listed below. In the
same vein, Kaberamaido and Kalaki Districts Local Governments Have Not Submitted Their Final Budget Estimates for FY 2019/20. This
therefore serves as the final reminder to the respective Accounting Officers to submit the above documents without further delay.

August 09 - 15 , 2019 xiii

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The changing Commonwealth

And the ties that (still) bind the British Empire
By Julianne Schultz with nearly 1 million red ceramic poppies tinents, when independence was granted or

– one for each of the 888,246 British and won, the royals presided and then departed.
welve years after William the Con- Commonwealth soldiers killed in the first By the end of the day, it seemed there was
queror sailed across what’s now world war. a polite hint that this unexpected idea might
known as the English Channel to The unexpected and overwhelming suc- possibly be something that might be consid-
invade England, kill the king and cess of Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, ered – maybe. None of us left the meeting
claim the crown in 1066, he constructed the and subsequent sale of each flower, present- thinking it was likely the tower would
Tower of London. ed the challenge of success for the tower’s include a more robust representation of the
Defiant locals viewed the stone tower, management. What next could match this legacy of empire anytime soon, let alone
built into the remnants of the city’s Roman achievement? attempt to reconcile what had been done in
wall, as a symbol of the oppression of the In 2017, I was a member of a group of the name of the Crown.
continental regime. For the new monarch international cultural leaders invited to meet As those who opposed William the Con-
it was an important defensive hold on the with the tower’s executive to brainstorm queror had learnt, like their successors in
north bank of the Thames, a useful place for new ideas that could help continue this suc- far-flung lands who were later subjected to
temporary retreat if needed. cess. We were a diverse group of artists and British rule: to the victor goes the spoils.
Over the following millennia the tower, administrators from many countries.
more than any other building, has repre- Those from the former colonies – South A changed power balance
sented the power of the throne: a palace, Africa, Uganda, India, Malaysia, Singapore, We are so accustomed to hearing about
treasury, public-record office, mint, menag- Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia – American exceptionalism that British excep-
erie and, most famously, a prison – the place had plenty of suggestions: include the histo- tionalism is rarely discussed. But, as the epi-
where opponents were imprisoned and, ry of the empire (those jewels…), invite art- genetic precursor of the American condition,
sometimes, executed. ists from the Commonwealth to create and it deserves consideration. It may help make
Now it has more than a touch of Disn- present works that engage with history, and sense of the Brexit vote, which mystifies
eyland – a World Heritage site visited by provide new points of connection with the those not steeped in centuries of British
nearly 3 million people a year, and home to City of London, and with local communities myth-making and its resurgent Europe-as-
the crown jewels, the most glittering embod- in East London – many of whom trace their other drumbeat over the past two decades.
iment of a former empire. heritage to lands once ruled by Britannia. It did not take long after the narrow vote
Sentiment, glamour, heritage and power The initial reaction was swift and some- to leave the European Union was declared in
are a heady mix, and over the past decade what unexpected. “What has that got to do June 2015 before a new phrase intruded into
the tower has gone from being a dour with the tower?” one executive asked, his public discussion.
embodiment of imperial might to the place face revealing his genuine astonishment. Seventy years after the war that marked
that one in ten of those who come to the To those of us from the former colonies, the end of the British Empire, a quaint, ahis-
second-most-visited city in the world pay who had grown up in places named for torical notion emerged. In the jargon of the
to see. long-forgotten monarchs and were quickly day, it was time for the Commonwealth to
It is one of six historic Royal Palaces, a discovering how much we had in common, become Empire 2.0: a sphere of influence
royal charity with commercial and political it was straightforward. The empire had been with one-third of the world’s population,
clout. This was symbolised most compel- built in the name of, and to the benefit of, the one-fifth of global trade, and the dominant
lingly in 2014 when the precinct was covered Crown. In country after country, on five con- global language.

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news analysis
It did not take long before British political those from former colonies in the rest of the mended reforms to ensure the Common-
leaders were invoking this revival, reciting world. wealth of Nations might continue to exercise
Rudyard Kipling on journeys abroad, con- During the years of Empire, the “mother geopolitical and cultural influence.
juring a nostalgic vision of a wealthy mother country” had a special appeal, and people The tensions between the Global North,
country enriched by trade with the former gravitated to the “green and pleasant land” and its focus on human rights, and the Glob-
colonies. in the north Atlantic to study and work. al South, which resented any hint of imperi-
No-one bothered to ask whether this As the Commonwealth grew, more peo- alism, took a toll on its legitimacy.
vision was shared by the independent ple came from equatorial lands to work and After the underwhelming Common-
states that had once been part of an empire. live in British cities. As novelist Zadie Smith wealth Heads of Government Meeting
When they did, the answer was unexpected. reflected: “… to have been raised in London, (CHOGM) in Perth in 2011, The Economist
The power balance had changed – trade with, say, Pakistani Muslims in the house took the advocates of what was to become
with Europe, China and the US were more next door, Indian Hindus downstairs, and Empire 2.0 to task.
important. Latvian Jews across the street, is thought of, Talk of the Commonwealth forming the
If there is a moment that marks the end by others, as evidence of a specific historical dynamic, like-minded, free-trading core of a
of the British Empire it was when the Royal social experiment …” new British global network for prosperity is,
Yacht Britannia sailed out of Hong Kong’s Of course, as a child I did not realise that to use the technical term, cobblers. The Com-
Victoria Harbour at midnight on June 30, the life I was living was considered in any monwealth is many things: a talking shop,
1997, on her last voyage. Charles, Prince of way provisional or experimental by others: a useful place to exchange best practice on
Wales, was there to oversee the handover to I thought it was just life. And when I wrote everything from education for girls to fight-
China, or what he called “the great Chinese a novel about the London I grew up in, I ing malaria, an occasionally effective forum
takeaway”, with accompanying displays further did not realise that by describing an for putting pressure on regimes to clean up
of military might and unlikely promises of environment in which people from different their governance or face the embarrassment
“one country with two systems”. places lived relatively peaceably side by side, of suspension. But it is also seriously dys-
On the flight back to London, Charles I was “championing” a situation that was in functional.
wrote in his diary that Prime Minister Tony fact on trial and whose conditions could sud- Following negotiations, a new Common-
Blair: “… understands only too well the denly be revoked. wealth Charter was signed by the Queen,
identity problem that Britain has with the Britain changed as a result. But when it as head of the organisation, in March 2013.
loss of an empire and an inability to know joined the Common Market in 1973, the Designed to give new meaning to an insti-
what to do next. Introspection, cynicism and hard work of interrogating and reconciling tution crafted for another era, it restates
criticism seem to have become the order of the past was pushed aside, before a settled democratic and independent values and
the day and clearly he recognises the need to understanding of the legacy of empire could notes: “… that in an era of changing eco-
find ways of overcoming apathy and loss of be fully realised. nomic circumstances and uncertainty, new
self-belief by finding a fresh national direc- Britain’s leap into Europe cast countries trade and economic patterns, unprecedented
tion”. – including Australia and New Zealand – threats to peace and security, and a surge in
Charles was surprised to realise that he adrift, like teenagers thrown out of home popular demands for democracy, human
was seated in business class, and the Labour before they were ready. They found new rights and broadened economic opportuni-
politicians were on the lower deck of the partners and geographic destinies, and the ties, the potential of and need for the Com-
British Airways jumbo in first class: “Such is past was buffed with nostalgia. monwealth – as a compelling force for good
the end of empire, I sighed to myself”. and as an effective network for co-operation
Two decades later, as the Empire 2.0 What now for the Commonwealth? and for promoting development – has never
dream gained some traction in Britain, The history of the Commonwealth during been greater.”
Chinese President Xi Jinping celebrated the the period from 1973 to 2015, when Brit- The resilience of the new charter and the
anniversary of the handover by stressing the ain shifted focus to Europe – and its four commitment of member countries to “mutu-
overwhelming importance of China being freedoms of movement of people, goods, al respect, inclusiveness, transparency,
“one country”. services and capital – is an interesting story accountability, legitimacy and responsive-
At that moment it was unequivocally of redefinition, shifting power relations and ness” is often tested. The Commonwealth
clear that power and influence had moved emerging values. sets the scene, with an inclusive, competitive,
east. Beijing was now the emerging global During those decades, the Common- people-to-people exchange, followed by the
epicentre. wealth of Nations and its London-based People’s Forum of civil society groups, and
secretariat pursued, with varying degrees then CHOGM.
The decline of British exceptionalism of persuasiveness, an increasingly human- These meetings consider the many chal-
The creation in the 1960s of what was rights-focused agenda: educating, empow- lenges of creating a robust multilateral
called the “New Commonwealth” was an ering, encouraging the rule of law and sus- organisation that represents most of the
example of British exceptionalism. The New tainability, excluding countries that stepped world’s poorest, most populous and youth-
Commonwealth was conceived as a pro- beyond acceptable norms. ful countries, against the uncertain backdrop
gressive league of nations with some shared As time went on, the Commonwealth of succession planning for the new head of
history, values, institutions and language, seemed to make less sense. Surveys suggest- the Commonwealth.
which came into its own as negotiated settle- ed it was a relic from another age – today, Despite the added complication of Brexit
ments and bloody wars of independence in only 16 of the 52 member countries retain the negotiations and the nostalgic attachment to
the former colonies concluded in the years Queen as head of state. The Commonwealth past glory, the prospect of Commonwealth
after the second world war. Never before Games endured as an important internation- becoming Empire 2.0 remains, as The Econo-
had a fallen empire found such an ingenious al sporting fixture, but royal tours became mist suggested, “cobblers”.
way to hold on to influence. less frequent and the once relatively free
The New Commonwealth marked the movement of people between the former Julianne Schultz is founding editor of Griffith
beginning of a grand experiment. It extend- colonies became more complicated. REVIEW; Professor, Griffith Centre for Social
ed rights and recognised the connection of Expert groups were appointed to test the and Cultural Research, Griffith University
people from beyond the eight nations that continuing relevance of the institution in the
founded the Commonwealth in 1949, to face of public “indifference”. They recom-

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Commonwealth meeting
brings opportunities
Kadaga globetrotting to promote conference
By Independent Team Association (CPA) conference that ran parliamentarians and legislators and

from July 29 to Aug.02. their staff and families to visit Uganda’s
peaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga who led a delegation from tourist attractions, appreciate the
Kadaga is traversing the Uganda used the occasion to promote nation’s diverse culture, and pick out
globe in last minute efforts to the Uganda conference. The conference souvenirs and gifts.
rally colleagues from other is scheduled for September 22-29 at the Earlier on July 22, she was in Morocco
parliaments to converge on Kampala for Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo in where she invited her counterpart,
the 64th Commonwealth Parliamentary Kampala but Kadaga wants delegates to Habib Elmalki, and others to come to the
Conference (CPC). She was recently arrive earlier – possibly a week early and conference.
in Islamabad, Pakistani, for the Asia leave later. It is expected that the event will bring
region Commonwealth Parliamentary She said she wants Asian together over1000 parliamentarians,

20 August. 09 - 15 2019
news analysis
Some delegations, such as the accepted an invitation from the
UK Commonwealth Parliamentary Commonwealth Parliamentary
Association (CPA) are already organising Association to become the deputy
an additional visits to Uganda. patron of the Commonwealth
The Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference. Since 1989, the Vice-Patron
Association (CPA) organises its of the Commonwealth Parliamentary
annual Commonwealth Parliamentary Association has traditionally been
Conference (CPC) each year as one of the Head of State or Government of
the largest gatherings of Commonwealth the CPA Branch hosting the coming
parliamentarians. It is a unique and annual Commonwealth Parliamentary
valuable opportunity to network with Conference. The patron is Queen
legislators for shared-learning and to Elizabeth OF the United Kingdom.
build diplomatic relations.
Kadaga, as the President of the Issues to be discussed
Commonwealth Parliamentary The conference will be held under
Association and head of Uganda’s the theme: ‘Adaption, Engagement
parliament, is hosting the event together and Evolution in a rapidly changing
with CPA Uganda. Commonwealth’. Issues to be
Attendance is expected to be discussed will include climate change,
high since Kadaga is a highly youth unemployment, innovations in
respected and influential leader in Parliament and the role of parliaments in
the Commonwealth. She is a former facilitating people with disabilities. The
chairperson of the Commonwealth challenge of urbanisation, separation of
Women Parliamentarians (CWP) from powers and post-legislative issues are
2013-2016. She is also a former Vice- also on the cards.
Chairperson of Commonwealth Women Uganda last hosted a CPC in 1967.
Parliamentarians (International) and It is the biggest commonwealth event
Executive Committee Member of the to be held in the country since the
Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly 2007 Commonwealth Heads of State
representing Africa and and Government
former chairperson of Meeting (CHOGM). It
Commonwealth Women has, however, hosted
Parliamentarian Africa a number of high-
Region. profile Commonwealth
The event is expected conferences,
to bring together over including the 126th
1000 foreign delegates Inter-Parliamentary
at an estimated cost Union in 2011 and
about Shs20 billion ($5.3 Commonwealth Youth
million). It is expected Parliament in 2018.
to be attended by These events are the
Speakers and Members culmination of almost
of Parliament from the 53 different two year-long preparations since Uganda
parliamentary staff and decision makers commonwealth countries. offered to host the conference during the
from across the Commonwealth for the The conference will include the 2017 CPC in Dakar Bangladesh.
conference and networking. Delegates landmark 30th Anniversary Conference Commonwealth Parliamentary
will come from Asia, Australia, the of the Commonwealth Women Association (CPA) Secretary General
British Islands, Canada, the Caribbean, Parliamentarians (CWP). There will Akbar Khan praised Kadaga’s
India, South East Asia, the Americas, and be elections for the Chairperson preparation in February when he visited
the rest of Africa. of the Commonwealth Women Uganda.
Locally, Kadaga is selling the Parliamentarians (CWP), the CPA According to an official statement
conference as a not to be missed Treasurer and the CPA Small Branches from the CPA, the event is happening
business, tourism, and investment chairperson for new three-year terms. at a time of increasing focus and greater
opportunity. Her team is arranging There will also be a number of scrutiny of parliamentarians and overall
visas, hotel accommodation, transport, additional conferences and meetings distrust of parliaments. Delegates
and exhibition spaces for Ugandans including 37th CPA Small Branches will, therefore, have an opportunity to
to sell locally made products to the Conference; 6th triennial Commonwealth benefit from professional development,
delegates. Kadaga’s team has organised Women Parliamentarians (CWP) supportive learning and sharing of best
excursions for groups of delegates to Conference; 64th CPA General Assembly; practices from colleague.
various parts of the country to see the meetings of the CPA Executive The CPA connects, develops,
beauty and enjoy the hospitality of Committee; and the Society of Clerks at promotes, and supports parliamentarians
Uganda. the Table (SOCATT) meetings. and their staff to identify and benchmark
“There is going to be money in the The conference programme will good governance and implementation of
economy,” she said at a meeting with include conference plenaries and 10 enduring values of the Commonwealth.
media managers where she appealed for workshops for parliamentarians, with Founded in 1911, it comprises 180
their support. She said the conference is some workshops focusing on gender, parliaments and legislatures.
also an opportunity to market Uganda youth, and the CPA’s Small Branches.
for tourism and investment. President Yoweri Museveni also

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Looming battle for
the East African skies
Uganda Airlines needs to come up with a strategy that will
enable it capture a share of the regional aviation market

By Isaac Khisa with the first phase covering Nairobi, Kili- three times a week at US$292 and US$325 for
manjaro, Juba, Bujumbura, Dar es Salaam, a return ticket, respectively.
fierce battle is looming in the Mogadishu, and Mombasa. Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro, which
East African aviation market The second phase will cover Lusaka, will be serviced daily, have been put at
as Uganda’s national carrier, Johannesburg, Congo Brazzaville, Bangui, US$286 and US$311 for a return journey and
Uganda Airlines, takes to the Khartoum, Kinshasa, Libreville, as well as US$289 and US$290 for one – way journey,
skies on August. 28. Guangzhou, India, and London upon receiv- respectively. The carrier will also offer air-
The Ugandan national ing additional aircrafts. craft charter, holidays and safaris as well as
carrier is expected to heighten competition The carrier bought four Bombardier cargo freight services.
against the Kenya Airways, RwandAir, CRJ 900s for regional flights, two of which Normal rates, however, usually range
South African Airways and Ethiopian Air- arrived in the country on April 24. The other between US$300-US$400 for various destina-
lines that have dominated the region for two are expected next month. tions in the region.
decades. However, two Airbus A330-800neos, This development comes as the revived
Uganda Airlines Commercial Director, which will be used for long haul flights are Air Tanzania makes efforts to capture a
Jenifer Bamuturaki, said on August. 02 that expected to be in the country between 2020 share of the regional aviation business and
the carrier has obtained a certificate from and 2021. the continent.
the International Air Transport Association Uganda Airlines will operate two daily With a fleet of six aircrafts and two more
(IATA) and that the flight tickets are on flights out of Entebbe to Nairobi and Juba expected before the end of the year including
sale ahead of the scheduled maiden flight at a two-month promotional fare of US$278 a Dreamliner, the Tanzanian national carrier,
to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in and US$225 for a return ticket and US$257 unveiled the Dar es Salaam-Mumbai route
Nairobi. and US$201, respectively, for a one-way last month and secured a slot at the Lon-
Customers have options to make pay- ticket. don-based Gatwick Airport.
ments across the region through cash, credit It will fly three times weekly to Mogadi- This follows the launch of Dar es
cards or mobile money. shu at US$590 for a return ticket and US$448 salaam-Johannesburg route in June this year.
Bamuturaki said the carrier plans to fly to for a one-way ticket. The carrier is also flying to Comoros, Enteb-
various destinations in phases in the region, Bujumbura and Mombasa will be serviced be, Lusaka, Harare and Bujumbura.

22 August. 09 - 15 2019
The older airlines, however, have had
to come up with various offers to remain Uganda Airlines routes for the first phase
competitive in not only the regional aviation
market but also the African market.
Kenya Airways which has had near
monopoly on these routes amid complaints
over exorbitant charges is as well, looking
to strengthen its intercontinental, long-haul
flights to the United States, Europe, Asia and
West Africa.
Kenya Airways operates at least four daily
flights from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam, five
daily flights to Entebbe in Uganda, four
daily flights to Lusaka in Zambia and at Juba
least one daily flight to the tourist town of
Livingstone in Zambia also two other cities
in Zambia.
In June this year, the Kenyan carrier
announced plans to double its fleet over the Entebbe Nairobi
next five years to widen its route network.
The carrier had a fleet of 41 airplanes at
the end of last year, comprising a mix of
wide and narrow body Boeing planes, com- Bujumbura Mombasa
pared with Ethiopian which operates more Kilimanjaro
than 100 planes.
In February last year, Kenya Airways low
cost subsidiary, Jambo jet unveiled two-daily
Dar es Salaam
flights out of Entebbe. The carrier was in
May 2016 granted regulatory approval to
fly to 16 routes including Addis Ababa, Dar
es Salaam, Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro, Mwanza,
Kigali, Juba, Bujumbura, Hargeisa, Mogadi-
shu, Goma, Kisangani and Moroni. tightening competition on Kenya Airways, da Airlines, said though the carrier may not
On the other hand, Ethiopian Airlines is RwandAir, and Air Tanzania. necessarily make huge sums of money, it
seeking to set up hubs in southern, central In addition, Ethiopian Airlines has direct will help in the growth of other sectors of the
and the Horn of Africa. The Addis Ababa flights between Juba and Entebbe – the route economy.
based airline has been reviving some of that has existed since 2014 following the “The airline will promote agriculture
the stalled national carriers, mainly in the demise of Air Uganda. export to support the economy, market the
southern Africa region where it operates a This development in the region’s aviation country for tourism, and provide employ-
substantial number of flights. industry means that Uganda Airlines has to ment to many Ugandans,” he said.
Ethiopian Airlines has signed a sharehold- put up a serious fight based on the quality Uganda’s export that consists mainly of
ing agreement with Zambia’s main devel- of services such as timely departure so as to agricultural products has been growing over
opment agency to re-launch the southern capture a good share of the aviation busi- the last five years from merely US$2.7bn in
African country’s flag carrier at an initial ness. 2014 to US$3.6bn in 2018.
cost of US$30 million, a step that will see the Similarly, tourism has continued to reg-
Horn of Africa leading airline acquire 45% We are ready for competition ister growth in earnings from US$1.1bn in
stake in Zambia Airways, which is set to be Cornwell Muleya, the technical advisor at 2013 to US$1.4bn in 2018.
re-launched after more than two decades on the Uganda Airlines said the carrier is ready Financial analysts said it would be pru-
the ground. to compete with the established airlines in dent for the Uganda Airlines to share their
Under the new pact signed last year, the the region. strategy on whether they would be targeting
Zambian government will be the majority He, however, said if the carrier is to suc- the low-cost customers or premium cus-
shareholder with a 55% stake, with Ethi- ceed, then, it must make the right decision, tomers. “Despite of the many flights on the
opian Airlines taking the rest 45% stake. right investment, right funding as well as Entebbe-Nairobi route, prices of the tickets
The Airline is also seeking to set up hubs in ensure that there are right people to run the are still quite expensive,” said Aeko Ongo-
Southern, Central and the Horn of Africa. airline. dia, CEO of Xeno technologies. “Flying from
Ethiopian Airlines helped launch ASKY “If we do all those things which make an London to Barcelona is possibly 45 euros yet
Airlines in the West African country of Togo attractive airline, then it doesn’t matter what the distance is much longer.”
and then acquired a 49% stake in Malawi’s the competition does because automatically Ongodia said carriers intending to com-
flag carrier in southern Africa in 2013. customers will want to go with the one who pete on premium rates such as those offered
Ethiopian carrier is also said to be in talks offers the best service,” he said. by Kenya Airways and RwandAir will need
with Chad, Djibouti, Congo Republic, Dem- Uganda Airlines is pinning its growth on to do a thorough analysis on whether the
ocratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guin- the local population that is estimated to be specified routes have enough business class
ea and Guinea to set up carriers through spending slightly over US$400million on to occupy the business section.
joint ventures or secure landing spots. It also flights annually. However, he said there is still room for the
aimed to create a new airline in Mozam- Currently, Entebbe International Airport growth of the low cost carriers in the region
bique that it will fully own. handles more than 1.8million customers, due to limited number of competitors. Cur-
In East Africa, Ethiopian Airlines flies shared among more than 18 airlines. rently, it is only Jambo Jet that operates a
to Nairobi, Entebbe, Kigali and Tanzania Ephraim Bagyenda, the CEO at the Ugan- low-cost carrier.

August. 09 - 15 2019 23

Stanbic half year net

profit up 40% to Shs 134bn
The lender plans to focus on providing
solutions that meet clients’ needs
By Julius Businge

tanbic Bank has registered an in-
crease in net profit by almost 40% to
Shs134bn in the first six months end-
ing June.30, according to its financial
results released on Aug.05.
This performance was supported by net
interest income that went up to Shs215bn
from Shs169bn. In addition, total operating
income grew from Shs321bn to Shs398bn.
This performance has pushed up earn-
ings per share for shareholders from Shs3.83
to Shs5.24 in the period under review.
Meanwhile, total assets – another indi-
cator determining a well functioning busi-
ness, grew by 18% from Shs5.1trillion to
However, liabilities grew from Shs4.2tril-
lion to Shs5trillion. Other operating expens-
es increased somewhat from Shs94bn to
Shs98bn in the same period. has increased their customer touch points and come up with innovations that can low-
Customer deposits grew by about 10% to and provided choice to customers in execut- er their operational costs and hence lower
exceed Shs4.1trillion up, from Shs3.75tril- ing their day to day financial transactions. interest rates.
lion in June 2018.The bank extended credit The new channel now represents 20% of Speaking at the third Uganda Bankers
worth Shs400bn in the period January – June all the bank’s transactions. Association conference in Kampala on July
- which grew its loan portfolio by 27% to Through agents, customers can access a 16, Bank of Uganda Governor Emmanuel
Shs2.7tn. wide range of services including cash depos- Tumusiime Mutebile said that through auto-
“We have had a remarkable performance its and withdrawals, bill payments, school mation and adoption of new technologies
over the past six months underpinned by fees collections, fund transfers. for delivering financial services, it is possible
our customer centric approach and the “It gives us an opportunity to de-clutter for banks to reduce their operating costs, and
strength of our diversified businesses,” the branches and offer a better customer pass on the savings to borrowers through
Mweheire said. experience for more high value and high reduced lending rates.
He said the growth in the first six months touch transactions,” Mweheire said. Going forward, Mweheire said the pri-
had also been supported by enhanced eco- ority for the bank will continue to focus on
nomic activity as credit growth across all Going digital strengthening its propositions by providing
customer segments improved. The bank is progressively going digital in solutions that meet clients’ needs and help
“We remain a key enabler in major sectors offering services to customers. them achieve their aspirations.
such as agriculture, manufacturing, con- In the first six months of this year, branch “We will continue this focus into the sec-
struction and trade sectors especially sup- transactions accounted for less than 15% of ond half of the year through customising
porting the SME sector,” he said. the bank’s total transactions, meaning the services, focusing on meeting client service
Mweheire said the growth in assets puts bank is executing 85% of the transactions level agreements, delivering client journeys
them in a much stronger position to support on digital channels which includes agent and transforming the bank into an organisa-
larger development projects and better facili- banking. tion that is future ready,” he said.
tate economic growth in the country. Mweheire said digital banking is signifi- Mweheire said that Uganda’s economy
The strong asset growth was accentu- cant in that it enhances the customer experi- remains strong with robust growth across
ated by strong customer deposit growth ence by providing a 24/7 digital platform for many sectors.
with excess liquidity being appropriately customers to execute their day-to-day bank- He said with the GDP growth of 6%in
deployed across the different asset classes, ing wherever and whenever they want. fiscal year 2018, means that “we have really
mainly customer loans, government securi- It also reduces the cost of doing business turned the corner with even more positive
ties and interbank lending. and enhances efficiency as it is of no value momentum poised for 2019.”
In terms of agent banking, the bank has queuing in branches to execute low value He said as a bank, they are seeing a
increased its number of active agents to 1, transactions such as paying utilities or school rebound in key sectors of manufacturing,
000 countrywide. fees. This comes as Bank of Uganda contin- construction, agriculture, personal borrow-
Mweheire said the new banking segment ues to urge sector players to use technology ing and trade.

24 August. 09 - 15 2019

Britam clinches deal

with Uganda Airlines
By Isaac Khisa according to Article 50 of the Montreal

K-based insurer in Uganda, This development cements Britam
Britam, has once again insurance as the preferred choice
won a business deal with for government in the provision of
the government to provide insurance services to the government’s
insurance cover, this time for Uganda infrastructure projects.
Airlines. Previously, Britam has provided
Willis Towers Watson is the airlines’ insurance cover for the Kampala
insurance broker. Britam CEO, Allan – Entebbe Expressway worth
Mafabi confirmed to The Independent US$476million, new cable bridge
on Aug.02 that they are indeed the along the River Nile in Jinja worth
insurance provider for Uganda US$130million, expansion of Entebbe
Airlines. International Airport works worth US$
However, he did not divulge more 200million, among others including
information with regard to the deal. roads and medium to small hydro
Uganda Airlines, CEO, Ephraim power projects.
Bagyenda said on Aug.02 that Britam Since opening shop in Uganda,
is the airlines’ insurance provider and Britam has recorded tremendous
that it will cover aircrafts, passengers, business growth since it entered the
war risks, hull loss among others, Ugandan market nearly nine years ago
in the likely event of any liability driven by infrastructure development.
that may arise in the course of its However, Bagyenda remained The insurer’s gross underwritten
operations. guarded on the agreed premiums and premiums have increased from merely
“Britam went through a serious who were the other competitors in the Shs348million in 2011 to Shs58bn in
selection process through the Public bidding process. 2018.
Procurement and Disposal of Public Globally, carriers are supposed to With a 10% market share, Britam is
Assets and eventually won the bid,” he have adequate insurance cover in currently ranked 4 th out of the country’s
said. respect to passengers and the aircrafts, 21 non-life insurance firms.

Kenya Re eyes Ugandan market as profits fall

BY Isaac Khisa & Agencies Supervision, re-insurance firms are required 222bn to Shs 310.8bn in H1-2019, compared

to have Shs 9bn and Shs 6bn as minimum to the corresponding period last year.
enya Reinsurance Corporation capital for those dealing in non-life and life It attributed the growth to a rise in local
(Kenya Re) has set up a year-end respectively. agriculture business. The reinsurer obtains
deadline to open up a subsidiary in Successful entry of Kenya Re into the most of its gross premiums from the local
Kampala, according to its Chief Ex- Ugandan market will tighten competition in market, where it will continue to enjoy man-
ecutive Officer, Jadiah Mwarania. the re-insurance business segment currently datory cession of 20% until 2020.
Mwarania, who held an investor briefing dominated by Uganda Re, Zep Re popularly Mwarania said the reinsurer is dealing
in Nairobi on August.02 said the decision known as PTA Re and the Africa Re. with tougher competition from domestic
by countries such as Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya Re said Ethiopian Airlines plane reinsurers in countries like Ethiopia and
Ethiopia to set up own reinsurers had eaten crash and the Dusit terror attack resulted in a Uganda, as well as new entrants.
into its market share. 48.57% spike in claims and a 12.2% fall in net He said: “Some of the challenges the
Ibrahim Kaddunabi Lubega, the chief profit for the half year ended on June. 30. corporation faced during the first half of the
executive officer at the Insurance Regulatory The re-insurer blamed the rise in claims year 2019 [included] increased competition,
Authority of Uganda confirmed to The Inde- on the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash in premium undercutting, domestic reinsur-
pendent that Kenya Re has approached the March and the Dusit terror attack in Janu- ance business in some of our key markets,
regulator for licensing to carryout business ary, for which the firm paid out Shs 1.5bn changing reinsurance treaty structures
in the Ugandan market. and Shs 1.54bn respectively. Kenya Re also towards excess loss as opposed to propor-
“We have requested them to supply us paid Shs 1.54bn in claims for floods in Asian tional treaties, and the devaluation of curren-
with what we require and once they fulfil countries. Net profit stood at Shs 37.8bn cy in some of our markets.” To grow in new
them, we should be able to grant them an (US$10.5m) in the period, compared with markets, Kenya Re has enhanced its capital
operating licence,” he said in a phone inter- Shs 43.1bn last year. to access business in the Middle East, North
view. According to the current Insurance Better news was that Kenya Re posted a Africa and West Africa.
Act, 2017, which emphasises Risk-Based 40% rise in gross written premiums from Shs

August. 09 - 15 2019 25

Rosebud limited Vivo Energy gets three standards

enters China market

Assi said that the triple ISO
osebud limited, Uganda’s rose certification was the highest
flower growers has penetrated honour bestowed upon any
the China market with 100,000 company seeking excellence
flowers. Ravi Kumar, the farm through implementing qual-
manager says that the new market is to ity management systems.
help stabilise the fluctuating demand “It speaks to our day to day
in the European market. “Between processes and practices,” he
June and July this year, we participated said. He added that the new
in two flower exhibitions in Hunan development will increase
and Kunming which has fetched us their efficiency and effective-
distant orders,” Kumar said, “We have ness while selling fuels to
dispatched our first order of 100,000 Assi (L) is joined by other officials to cut a cake during the celebrations customers. Ben Manyindo,

flowers to Beijing and Guangzhou,” he the Uganda National Bu-
added. He added that the business is good ugust 01 was a day Standards Organization reau of Standards executive
not only for them but Uganda as well to celebrate for (ISO). The standards include director said attaining three
because it reduces on the trade imbalance Vivo Energy Ugan- ISO 9001: 2015 certification ISOs is not an easy task jour-
between China and Uganda. Dimple da workers and for implementing Quality ney. “When you reach the
Mehta, the company’s administrative management at Kampala Management Systems; ISO end, it may seem simple,”
manager says that as demand increases, Serena Hotel. The company 14001:2015 for Environmen- he said. “Many of us cannot
the firm plans to expand from 60,000 to that distributes and markets tal Management System and even manage one.” “Those
200,000 hectares of cultivation. He also Shell branded fuels and lu- ISO 45001:2018 Certification that meet standards are
revealed that the firm is in the process bricants in Uganda attained for Occupational Health our good friends because
of replacing small rosebud flowers with three standards certifica- and Safety. The company’s they make our lives easy,”
bigger ones due to change in demand. tions from the International managing director Gilbert Manyindo said.


WFP gets $10.6m support from Russia Britania unveils new product

tribution, which highlights ritannia Allied Industries Limited
Uganda’s importance to the has added a new product on their
humanitarian community as wide range of juice brands dubbed
a strategic East and Central Splash Kachupa. The new product
African region logistics hub. comes in three flavors that is; mango, apple
and orange. Splash juice was introduced to
The truck types have a trans-
the Ugandan market in 1997. Speaking at the
portation capacity of 10-14
unveiling ceremony held at the company’s
metric tons each and have
offices in Ntinda on Aug.02, the company’s
previously been deployed
managing director Vinay Dawda, said the
in difficult operational envi-
new product gives customers choice and
ronments with in Central Af- would serve customers looking for a bold
rican Republic, Democratic thirst quencher. “We recognized our cus-
Republic of Congo, Ethiopia tomers were looking for refreshing new
Officials standing next to the trucks during the press conference and South Sudan, where options and something they can sip and

needs exceed the capacities keep,” he said. He said the launch of the new
he United Nations the East and Central African of local transporters. Alexan- product is in line with the company’s vision
World Food Pro- region. The vehicles are part der Dmitrievich Polyakov, of becoming the largest food and beverage
gramme has re- of a Russian global contribu- the Russian Ambassador to manufacturer in East Africa. Meanwhile, the
ceived a contribution tion to WFP this year of 97 Uganda said: “We can see MD said that they are working closely with
of 53 KAMAZ trucks and trucks and 30 trailers, ac- them (trucks) here, new and Coca-cola Beverages Africa to dispose of
10 trailers from the Russian companied by mobile work- shining, but ready for opera- plastics which would otherwise be a danger
Federation to boost its relief shops, spare parts and tech- tion in the most challenging to the environment.
work in the hard to reach nicians. The entire donation road conditions. I am con-
areas. The Country Director is estimated at US$10.6m fident they will prove to be
for WFP, Elkhidir Daloum, bringing the total value of beneficial to the region, meet
said the trucks will be sta- Russia’s KAMAZ-based all needs of the Global Truck
tioned at the WFP’s Regional contribution since 2006 to Fleet.” Hillary Onek, the
Logistics Hub in Kampala, USD 33.8 million. Uganda minister for relief, disaster
Uganda. They will assist received 53 trucks and 10 preparedness and refugees
in the distributions and trailers of the global con- said that the government is
deliveries and distributions tribution, which is more grateful for the support from
of commodities throughout than half of the global con- Russia to support WFP. Britannia officials taste the new splash Kachupa

26 August. 09 - 15 2019

BoU’s move on foreign

direct investment
By Julius Businge knowledge and understanding

of Uganda and Africa to serve
ank of Uganda, Re- their clients.
finitiv and the ACI “Our long-standing relation-
Financial Markets ship with the Central Bank of
Association of Ugan- Uganda and ACI has enabled
da are working together to the regulator to have insights on
strengthen Uganda’s trade market activity including full
lifecycles, setting up the country visibility of market drivers and
for increased global markets challenges through our real-
participation. time coverage,” Najjar said.
Announcing this in Kampala BoU’s director for financial
on Aug.1, the executives said markets David Sajjabi said Ref-
Rays of Grace students receives prices after they won Five Stars 2-0 in the the market’s entire interbank initiv’s real-time data coverage
2019 Buganda Airtel Rising Stars finals tournament at Bukalasa Agricultural network now has increased will help the bank to establish
Collage in Luwero on August 4.  INDEPENDENT/ALFRED OCHWO
capacity through Refinitiv’s price stability and encourage
fixed income call outs. objectivity and transparency in
Fixed income callouts, a the market.
Refinitiv trading platform, was Benoni Okwenje, the chair-
launched in Uganda in 2017 man for ACI Financial Markets
and enables multiple counter- Association, Uganda, said they
parties to have real-time price are continuously enhancing
discovery across bonds and good market practices aimed at
bills, helping to foster transpar- maintaining global standards.
ency, latency, and liquidity. “Our collaboration with
This is in addition to risk and Refinitiv and the Bank of
compliance solutions, and vari- Uganda is a continuation of our
ous other holistic enterprise and efforts…it is exciting to see the
trading solutions that Refinitiv innovation in this space such as
already provides to the market. that of Refinitiv’s Fixed Income
Nadim Najjar, the managing callouts,” he said. The company
director for Middle East and has also rolled out fixed income
Africa at Refinitiv said they callouts in Kenya, Zambia and
have accumulated in-depth Mauritius.
Ziad Daoud, Africell Chief Executive Officer cheek hands with MTN Chief
Executive Officer Wim Vanhelleputte at unveiling ceremony held on August 6.
all Africell subscribers can now use MTN to top-up airtime and data bundles
through MTN Mobile Money agents.  INDEPENDENT/ALFRED OCHWO

Weekly share price movement (July 29)

Security July 29 July.23 Movement
BATU 30,000 30000 00
BOBU 128 128 00
CENT 1,165 1,171 0.5
QCL 149 150 0.7
DFCU 650 650 00
EABL 7,143 7,111 0.5
EBL 1,446 1,447 0.1
JHL 13,183 13,113 0.5
KA 152 175 13.1
KCB 1,421 1,415 0.4
NIC 12 13 7.6
NMG 1,681 1,719 2.2
Beker Mugunda (with microphone), guest speaker expressed a NVL 329 329 00
concern that most Ugandan business owners do not empower youth, SBU 29 29 00
the discussion was on innovation and industrialization by business
UCHM 12 12 00
leaders under the theme “How Corporate East Africa Can Claim the 21st
Century.” this was during the 10th Edition of the Annual CEO Forum held UCL 14 13 7.6
on August 1, at Kampala Serena Hotel.  INDEPENDENT/ALFRED OCHWO UMEME 299 300 0.3
ALSI -- -- --

August. 09 - 15 2019 27
People in a high stress work environment. Too intense a workload, paired with a toxic work environment and other sources of stress, can lead to burnout.

Burnout at work
Facing the damage of ‘chronic workplace stress’
What is burnout?

By Maria Cohut occupational disease.” This is due not
only to the high number of people For years, academics and mental
n a world where it seems — all across the globe — who report health professionals alike have been
as though the pressure to experiencing it, but also due to its working to put together a definition
perform is always on, more and important impact on well-being and of burnout based on the most common
more people are admitting to quality of life. causes and symptoms.
burnout at work. What is this According to the same researchers, “In a nutshell, (burnout) is a
phenomenon, and how can you some of the occupations most at risk syndrome brought on from chronic
cope with it if it happens to you? In of burnout are linked to professions workplace stress that hasn’t been
this Spotlight feature, we investigate. that encounter high levels of stress, successfully managed,” explained Kat
In May 2019, the World Health including healthcare, social work, Hounsell.
Organisation (WHO) formally police work, teaching, and customer Hounsell is the founder of Everyday
recognised burnout as an “occupational services. Other professionals who have People, an organisation (based in the
phenomenon.” reported high levels of burnout include United Kingdom) that offers leadership
Their decision came after years of lawyers and academics. development, well-being coaching
hearing people talk about it, trying So, what is burnout, and how workshops, and mental health first aid
understand why it affected them, and is it different from other forms of training.
attempting to identify what they could occupational stress? If a person does “(It) can include feelings of energy
have done to cope with it. experience burnout, how can they cope depletion or exhaustion, increased
Recently, a Gallup study of around with it in the moment, and how can mental distance from one’s job, or
7,500 full time workers found that 23% they learn to overcome it with time? negative/cynical feelings related to
were often in “burnout mode.” About For this Spotlight feature, we spoke one’s job — including reduced belief
44% “sometimes” entered a burnout to professionals who have had burnout that (the person is) capable of doing
mode. themselves, as well as experienced the job and producing good results,”
Although the WHO do not yet mental health and well-being coaches, she continued.
recognise burnout as a medical to find out the whats, whys, and hows “Burnout can be defined as the loss
condition, some researchers call it “an of this occupational hazard. of meaning in one’s work, coupled

28 August. 09 - 15 2019
with mental, emotional, or physical
exhaustion as the result of long term,
unresolved stress,” agreed business
neurolinguistic programming
practitioner and mental health trainer
Tania Diggory.
Diggory is also the founder and
director of Calmer, which supports
entrepreneurs and professional teams
with mental health and well-being
However, burnout is not simply
work related stress; a moderate amount
of stress at work can even have positive
outcomes. So what’s the difference?

The difference between stress and

Some studies have shown that stress
can help boost a person’s motivation,
improving their mental performance in
the short run. This was the conclusion
of a study from the University of Manager showing support: Organisations must put into place systems that support employees’ well-being.
California, Berkeley, led by Elizabeth
Kirby, who is now an assistant other factors can also contribute to juggling a full time postgraduate
professor at Ohio State University in stress levels and lead to burnout. degree and a job in order to make ends
Columbus. For one person who spoke to MNT, meet.
“Some amounts of stress are good to these factors included financial stress, “In a way, (I) kind of thought that I
push you just to the level of optimal as well as instances of workplace wasn’t working enough. [...] You get
alertness, behavioral and cognitive bullying. pressure from almost all angles, and
performance,” says Kirby. “I experienced burnout (...) in the one of the things I think isn’t talked
There is nothing positive about second year of my Ph.D., when there about enough (in examples of academic
burnout, Diggory told Medical News was just a constant level of stress burnout) is that natural, peer-to-peer
Today. “The difference between underlying everything that I was doing pressure that you get.”
burnout and work related stress is the in my job,” Robin told us. “I’m thinking about the shared
point at which it becomes a serious “That was from the workload that I misery of working on a Saturday, past
health issue,” she explained. had, financial struggles that went along midnight, or posting photos on social
“Stress is something we all go with it, some workplace bullying — my media accounts (showing) that you’re
through and there are different degrees supervisor and my team were very working on the beach although you
of stress (...). However, studies have unsupportive,” they added. should be on holiday. That sort of
shown that ongoing, high levels of Douglas, who used to work a public- pressure, I think, really gets in your
cortisol — the primary stress hormone facing job in a healthcare environment, head,” he added.
— are not good for our well-being,” mentioned that his relationship with ‘A growing epidemic of should-based
Diggory said. his managers also increased his risk of thinking’
“When stress starts to build over burnout. Diggory told MNT that many aspects
a period of time and we experience “I think it was a mixture of of modern society drive people to
symptoms of anxiety or low moods,” unachievable targets and often having allow their work life to seep into time
she added, “this can lead to chronic to deliver bad news to people as part they should be dedicating to leisure
stress and our cognitive skills can of the job (that led me to burnout). My and personal relationships.
become impaired. By this, I mean that managers did not deal with stress well “From my observation, modern
our working memory, our ability to either, which often had a knock-on day society is driven so much by
think logically and carry out tasks effect to the rest of the team,” he told technology that we are experiencing
effectively isn’t as sharp as it usually MNT. an ever-on culture, where you can be
is.” Indeed, many of the people we spoke online, contactable, and search for
“High volumes of stress over a long with explained that the example set by information 24/7 — for the human
period of time can lead to exhaustion higher-ups and peers — who worked body and its sensory system, this can
and, therefore, burnout,” says to exhaustion and did not put any time be overwhelming in large volumes,”
Diggory aside for mental or physical recovery she warned.
— was an important contributing “In the context of business, while
Why does burnout occur? factor to engaging in behaviors that there are multiple benefits to being
Being under constant pressure to led to burnout and not recognising this more globally connected than ever
achieve, with few opportunities to experience for what it was. before, I’ve personally noticed a
take real breaks from work, can add “I found it really hard to tell that growing epidemic of should-based
to a person’s levels of stress. This can I was experiencing burnout (when) I thinking. Because we can work
make them feel overwhelmed and more was, and when people told me that anytime, it doesn’t mean we need to,”
likely to reach the burnout stage. But I was, I didn’t believe them,” said said Diggory.
aside from an overwhelming workload, Sam. He entered burnout mode while “However,” she added, “unhelpful

August. 09 - 15 2019 29
thinking patterns such as ‘I should be although feeling low on energy could
working more,’ ‘I should be checking make these hard sometimes,” Douglas
my emails,’ ‘I should work late again, told us.
there’s just too much to do...’ can lead Robin, Sam, and Sarah all said that
us to experience high levels of stress, taking up running helped them feel
overwhelm, and anxiety.” better both physically and mentally,
motivated them to get out of the house
How does burnout affect people? regularly, and helped keep their minds
“It was like I was swimming through off work related problems.
a dark tunnel filled with custard. It But any activity can be helpful, as
sounds kind of stupid, but basically long as it’s something that you can use
I was wading through this dense, to relax and feel better. “There’s no one-
horrible time.” size-fits-all when it comes to taking care
This is how Sam described what of your mental and physical well-being,”
burnout felt like to him. said Diggory.
Burnout can affect well-being “So to start with, it’s essential to give
and quality of life in various ways. yourself permission to take time off
This can lead to poor physical and work and enable yourself to build your
mental health, as well as a sense of inner strength.”
isolation from other people. It can also “If you imagine you’d broken your leg,
contribute to anhedonia, which is a loss you wouldn’t expect to get on with life
of pleasure in activities that used to be as normal without taking appropriate
pleasurable. Robin told us that it was through rest and recuperation, until you’d built
Describing what the burnout zone speaking to friends that they realised up the physical strength you needed.”
looks like to them, Robin told us, “I they were experiencing burnout — and
was working myself into the ground that their peers were experiencing it, Not just an individual responsibility
for a long time and stayed up until too. Although everyone should try
2am, not eating properly, just focusing For Sarah, the understanding that she to set healthful boundaries in their
on research and work constantly, and was in burnout mode also came from work life, to learn to say “no” when
giving all of my time and energy to that speaking to a friend. workload becomes overwhelming,
without spending any time on things “I reached out to a friend who was in and to ask for help when they need it,
that I used to enjoy doing.” a similar position, who mentioned she the responsibility of preventing and
They also added that they had felt all her resources were completely overcoming burnout does not only rest
become quite isolated. Sam described a depleted, she mentioned feeling burned with the individual.
similar state of isolation, as did Sarah, out and I thought: ‘That’s it! I’m Organisations must also put into place
another person who spoke to MNT. exhausted and feel I have nothing left to systems that will foster employees’
She exclaimed: “(Burnout) affected give to my work,’” Sarah told MNT. well-being, so that they are able to stay
every part of my life! It impacted my What happens once you recognise healthy and productive.
ability to concentrate and focus on my that you’re experiencing burnout? “At an organisational level, one top tip
work, I couldn’t sleep, I was constantly Where do you go from there? Kat is for the business to accept that burnout
worried about work but felt unable to Hounsell advised breaking the cycle of happens, and that a culture that fosters
actually do any, it led to an anxious isolation. “Ask for help, you don’t need well-being and good mental health is
procrastination where I was constantly to battle burnout alone,” she said. a must-have. A foundation building
worrying about work but unable to get “Good workplaces will have supports block is to conduct regular stress risk
anything productive accomplished.” in place for when team members assessments (and act on the output),”
She added that “(t)hese feelings of need help, but they’re not always well advised Hounsell.
stress and inadequacy quickly had a communicated.” Diggory agreed. “I believe the solution
negative effect on my friendships and “Find someone at work (who) you (to tackling burnout) is reliant on
relationships. For a period I felt unable trust, and ask what’s available, (such organisations implementing a well-being
to leave the house, making me feel as) a confidential (employee assistance strategy to nurture a mentally healthy
increasingly socially isolated.” program) system, occupational culture in their workplaces; a happy
health support, even flexible working business starts with managers and their
Tips on coping and recovery opportunities.” staff,” she told MNT.
In order to manage burnout and “Give yourself permission to take Yet she added that people can take
eventually overcome it, the first step is time off,” said Hounsell. some steps in preventing burnout,
recognising that you are experiencing it. The next step in breaking through particularly by “replac[ing] the ‘shoulds’
As the people we spoke to have noted, burnout is to make more time for with ‘coulds.’”
this can be very difficult — especially yourself — with intention. All the For instance, she said that if you
if burnout leads you to increasingly people who spoke to MNT about find yourself thinking, “I could work
isolate yourself from others. their burnout experience said that more,” instead, try telling yourself: “I’ve
Also, if colleagues and peers are carving out some time to do something worked a lot today, and I deserve a
facing a high amount of work related enjoyable on a regular basis really break. I’ll preserve my energy levels for
stress and fail to recognise that they helped. my family (and) friends, and then feel at
are close to burnout, it can make things “Taking time off and away from my best for work tomorrow.”
even more difficult. work helped! It was difficult to escape She challenged our readers to reassess
However, one way of getting to the these (negative) feelings after hours their thought patterns, asking them,
root of the problem is by sharing your and at the weekend without activities “What choice will you make today?”
experiences with others. such as sports and playing music,

30 August. 09 - 15 2019
By Regean Mugume(Research Analyst -EPRC)
Leveraging Boda Boda platforms
Government can use their mobile sharing
platforms to streamline transport industry

he Boda Boda business seems to be lion) according to World Bank(2017) but also the emotional labour needs which seeks to
taking the Transport industry in the save the environment from pollution. With establish micro-relationships of making the
central business District of Kampala reduced number of cars demand, the spaces customer feel good. This attribute enables
by storm with the introduction of used for vehicle parking can be kept green to riders to have good customer relations with
new players like Taxify, Safe Boda, Uber beautify the urban areas while protecting the the customers with an intention to have a
and Mondo-ride among others. The mobile environment good rating by the customer which is in
sharing platforms have recently made it easy Furthermore, the companies increase cus- contrast with the traditional Bodaboda riders
and convenient to link Boda Boda riders to tomer welfare since their application system that associated with poor customer relations
customers (Passengers) through a smart- charges lower prices as compared to the and indiscipline.
phone internet enabled application. unregistered riders. Customers now prefer Meanwhile, the motorcycle riders under
The new sharing platform in the bodaboda using Uber boda or safe boda because it is this new arrangement are also forced to save
industry seems to be creating what once convenient and cheaper by far as compared some of their money, because the money
appeared impossible; a functioning market to the usual unregistered rides. They offer from the rides paid with credit is only given
for motor vehicle/car -hire services that is up to 30% price discount as compared to to them at the end of the week. Given that
governed largely by supply and demand as the traditional usual bodaboda riders hence most of them are youth whose saving cul-
the transactional orders for bodaboda rides leaving the customer with a saving. ture has been poor, the new system enables
(supply) operates in line with demand. Moreover the customer is saved from the them to save and develop them economi-
The innovation comes after several failed challenge of moving to look for the boda- cally hence improving their livelihoods.
attempts by the government to conduct boda rides in places that are sometimes not Since the system uses internet enabled
registration of bodaboda riders to guide the safe. The application enables customers to smartphones and at times allows the mobile
regulation of this highly informal industry. predetermine the details of the transactions money transactions, it is likely to trigger
Despite being the most popular means of like the distance of the journey, area of desti- backward and forward linkage demands in
transport due to its ease to navigate through nation hence saving both the rider and cus- the ICT and financial services sectors. This
impassable roads, Boda Boda have been tomer the time spent in bargaining. will not only lead to the opening up of busi-
associated with social evils like high rates of The system also has an inbuilt rating nesses in internet and mobile money services
road accidents, crime rates and traffic rules system that requires riders to engage in but also enhance financial inclusion in the
violation. Notably, the Mulago National economy leading to economic growth.
Referral hospital alone receives 10 to 20 vic- In light of these, it is therefore impera-
tims of Boda Boda accidents daily. tive for the Government to engage private
A study by Crossroads and UKAID (2014) companies in the Boda boda online mobile
indicated that the more the boda bodas in Since the sharing platforms with the aim of formal-
the city, the more the roads accidents, espe-
cially those caused by the motor cycles. This
system uses izing the transport industry. This can be
achieved through public private partner-
literally means that with the high rates of internet enabled ships where the private companies can focus
youth unemployment, unregulated boda
bodas are likely to worsen the road accident
smartphones efforts on the effective service provision role
as the government regulates the bodaboda
situation not only in Kampala but the entire and at times industry to ensure customers are transported
With sharing platform companies like safe
allows the at fair prices in adherence to the traffic and
safety rules.
bodas,Uber Boda and others, data bases on mobile money In addition, strong trust structures by
the riders’ details can be captured not only to
guide on the regulation by the Government
transactions, it is platform owning companies should be
built to enable privacy and confidenti-
but also for traceability in case of crime likely to trigger ality. Customers using online systems
emergencies like theft, murder and terrors as
have happened in the past. Therefore, these backward and should be ensured as it can be hacked
and pose security threats given that they
private transport companies will greatly forward linkage indicate the geographical location of the
help the government to control the surging
numbers of bodaboda operators as well as demands in the prospective customers.

streamline importation and first hand(not ICT and financial Reagan Mugume is a Research Analyst with the
used) motorcycles in the country.
The new arrangement may also reduce the services sectors Economic Policy Research Centre, Kampala.

demand of automobiles (cars, motor vehi-

cles) in the city since they are deemed safe
and convenient for the urban population.
This will not only reduce the traffic conges-
tion that costs the economy (USD 800 mil-

August. 09 - 15 2019 31
By José Antonio Ocampo
Reform opportunity for IMF
It shouldn’t allow major economies to usurp its role
in international macroeconomic policy coordination

his month marks the 75th anniver- underpin the “global financial safety net” banks do during crises, but at the interna-
sary of the signing of the Bretton that has increasingly featured in discussions tional level.
Woods agreement, which established of international monetary issues. This should be matched by the creation of
the International Monetary Fund The IMF should also be credited for its pru- new lending instruments – a process that
and the World Bank. For the IMF, it also dent handling of international capital flows. ought to build on the reforms that were
marks the start of the process of selecting a The Bretton Woods agreement committed adopted in the wake of the global financial
new managing director to succeed Christine countries gradually to reduce controls on crisis. As IMF staff have proposed – and as
Lagarde, who has resigned following her trade and other current-account payments, the G20 Eminent Persons Group on Global
nomination to be European Central Bank but not on capital flows. An attempt to force Financial Governance recommended last
president. There is no better moment to re- countries to liberalise their capital accounts year – the Fund should establish a curren-
consider the IMF’s global role. was defeated in 1997. And, since the global cy-swap arrangement for short-term lending
The most positive role that the IMF has financial crisis, the IMF has recommended during crises. Central banks from developed
played throughout its history has been to the use of some capital-account regulations countries often enter into bilateral swap
provide crucial financial support to countries as a “macroprudential” tool to manage arrangements, but these arrangements gen-
during balance-of-payments crises. But the external-financing booms and busts. erally marginalize emerging and developing
conditionality attached to that support has Yet some IMF initiatives, though economies.
often been controversial. In particular, the important, have not had the impact they Then there are the IMF initiatives that
policies that the IMF demanded of Latin should have had. Consider Special Drawing have failed altogether. Notably, in 2001-
American countries in the 1980s and in Rights, the only truly global currency, which 2003, attempts to agree on a sovereign
Eastern Europe and East Asia in the 1990s was created in 1969. Although SDR alloca- debt-workout mechanism collapsed, due to
saddled the Fund’s programs with a stigma tions have played an important role in cre- opposition from the United States and some
that triggers adverse reactions to this day. ating liquidity and supplementing member major emerging economies.
It can be argued that the recessionary countries’ official reserves during major To be sure, the IMF has made important
effects of IMF programs are less harmful crises, including in 2009, the instrument has contributions with regard to sovereign
than adjustments under the pre-Bretton remained underused. debt crises, offering regular analysis of the
Woods gold standard. Nonetheless, the The IMF should rely on SDRs more capacity of countries in crisis to repay, and
IMF’s next managing director should actively, especially in terms of its own advising them to restructure debt that is
oversee the continued review and stream- lending programs, treating unused SDRs unsustainable. But a debt-workout mecha-
lining of conditionality, as occurred in 2002 as “deposits” that can be used to finance nism is still needed, and should be put back
and 2009. loans to countries. This would be particu- on the agenda.
The IMF has made another valuable contri- larly important when there is a significant Finally, the IMF needs ambitious gover-
bution by helping to strengthen global mac- increase in demand for its resources during nance reforms. Most important, building
roeconomic cooperation. This has proved crises, because it would effectively enable on reforms that were approved in 2010,
particularly important during periods of the IMF to “print money,” much like central but went into effect only in 2016, the Fund
turmoil, including in the 1970s, following the should ensure that quotas and voting
abandonment of the Bretton Woods fixed- power better reflect the growing influence
exchange-rate system, and in 2007-2009, of emerging and developing economies. To
during the global financial crisis. (The IMF this end, the IMF must end its practice of
also led the gold-demonetisation process in The IMF has appointing only European managing direc-
the 1970s and 1980s.)
But, increasingly, the IMF has been rele-
made another tors, just as the World Bank must start con-
sidering non-US citizens to be its president.
gated to a secondary role in macroeconomic valuable Lagarde’s departure represents a golden
cooperation, which has tended to be led
by ad hoc groupings of major economies
contribution opportunity to put the IMF on the path
toward a more effective and inclusive future.
– the G10, the G7, and, more recently, the by helping to Seizing it means more than welcoming a
G20 – even as the Fund has provided indis-
pensable support, including analyses of
strengthen new face at the top.

global macro conditions. The IMF, not just global José Antonio Ocampo, the author of
the “Gs,” should serve as a leading forum
for international coordination of macroeco-
macroeconomic `Resetting the International Monetary (Non)
System’, is a board member of Banco de
nomic policies. cooperation la República, Colombia’s central bank, a
At the same time, the IMF should pro- professor at Columbia University, and Chair
mote the creation of new mechanisms for of the UN’s Committee for Development
monetary cooperation, including regional Policy.
and inter-regional reserve funds. In fact, the
IMF of the future should be the hub of a net- Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2019.
work of such funds. Such a network would

32 August. 09 - 15 2019
By Patrick Ajuna
Support National Graduate Scheme Bill
It offers a solution to more than 500,000 unemployable
graduates that enter the job market every year

arliament is getting ready for debate manage them. 207 other tertiary institutions. All these send
of the National Graduate Scheme In addition, while such initiatives are their students (products) into the world of
Bill, 2018 for debate in the following commendable as they seek to address this work annually where they find a multitude
a series of consultations and discus- disturbing issue of skills gap in the labour of others already floating on the labour
sions by its Committee on Gender, Labour market, each of them has some shortcom- market.
and Social Development with key interested ings. For example, the UGVS and GTP have Since the state of joblessness in the country
organisations like the Federation of Uganda low coverage and therefore benefit only a is every one’s concern which affects all of
Employers (FUE) and the Private Sector very small fraction of graduates. This could us in one way or another, there is need for
Foundation Unit (PSFU) about is objects and probably explain why there is little informa- sobre and meaningful discussions; especially
contents. tion to the public concerning the existence by the key stakeholders – the government,
The National Graduate Scheme Bill, 2018 of such schemes. As for the internship pro- employers (private sector), workers’ unions,
is a private member’s Bill drafted by Waira gramme, it is not only given inadequate time parents and students to be involved in
Kyewalabye Majegere, the Member of Par- but students are left to find placements for which each of the fore mentioned categories
liament for Bunya East County Constituency themselves which at times are inappropriate of stakeholders ought to come well prepared
in response to the prevailing rampant unem- for meaningful work-based training. to make consideration and compromise (sac-
ployment problem in the country; especially Besides, the fact that UGVS is a donor rifice) in order to arrive at win-win situation.
for the university graduates. funded scheme, its sustainability may not be As they say, where there is a will there is
According to the statistics, more than guaranteed hence the need for a law to pro- always a way.
500,000 graduates enter the job market every vide for its continuity in the event that such Similarly, it’s important that the govern-
year with inadequate skills or those skills donors funding has stopped. ment provides meaningful incentives to
that are not demanded on the job market Since the main objective of the National employers to provide placement opportu-
due to a mismatch between the curriculum Graduate Scheme Bill is to enhance gradu- nities for the trainees under this National
in the tertiary institutions and the labour ates skills development for employability, Graduate Scheme as proposed in Clause
market requirements leading to the problem increased productivity and competitiveness 17(3) of the Bill so that a reasonable number
of skills mismatch and shortages which which objective is consistent with FUE pri- of interns can be accommodated since such a
is currently being experienced by many ority area number one, ‘Facilitate skills for sacrifice goes with high costs.
employers in the face of the prevailing high employment and development’ as contained Therefore, it’s matter of necessity that
unemployment rates in the country. in its Business Agenda - the lobbying tool cabinet, MPs and the general public support
The National Graduate Scheme Bill, 2018 to the government, it implies that FUE sup- the passing of this Bill into law. This can be
acknowledges the existence of a number of ports the said Bill. This could be subject to followed by consultations with all interest
government and non-government interven- the issues raised in its (FUE) Position Paper groups on the strategies and guidelines of
tions that are already in operation to address that was presented to the Parliamentary creating an efficient and effective system for
this problem of skills gaps and shortages. Committee on Gender, Labour and Social this National Graduate Scheme. This will
These include the internship programme Development. Widening of the target group ensure that the multitudes of unemployed
which is meant to be compulsory for all beyond university graduates is one of such young and educated Ugandans who are
university students during the course of issues. floating on the labour market and others
their studies, the Uganda Graduate Vol- Whereas unemployment tends to be high who will graduate from the many tertiary
unteer Scheme (UGVS) – a skills initiative among university graduates, the objective institutions in the country can be empow-
programme for graduates courtesy of the of the scheme is to provide an opportunity ered with appropriate skills of employability
partnership between the United Nations for national service and to facilitate the tran- and self-employment together with the cul-
Development Programme, United Nations sition from school to work. This, coupled ture of national service and work ethics. It is
Volunteers Programme and the government with the fact that employers both in the through this way that the prevailing state of
of Uganda through the Ministry of Gender, public and private sectors not only employ rampant unemployment and hopelessness
Labour and Social Development (MGLSD), university graduates but the diploma and especially among the majority youth can be
and the Graduate Trainee Programme certificate holders as well, suggests that this overcome.
(GTP); a scheme undertaken by some com- Bill needs to consider Ugandans beyond the As rightly put by Harbison, a world
panies in the country both public and private graduates. renowned economist, a country which is
like URA, UMEME, Electricity Regulatory True, it’s an enormous task and costly ven- unable to develop the skills and knowledge
Authority and the Judicial Service Commis- ture to expand the scheme beyond the uni- of its people and utilise them effectively in the
sion. It is intended to bridge the gap between versity graduates by including the Diploma national economy will be unable to develop
the knowledge and skills acquired at the uni- holders as well given the overwhelming anything else. The development of Human
versity and those required in the job market. number of students to be involved. For Capital Quality is very essential for employ-
However, as rightly observed in the Grad- instance, according to the National Council ability, high productivity, higher incomes and
uate Scheme Bill, such schemes are not pre- for Higher Education (NCHE) records, there sustainable economic growth.
mised in a legal framework and therefore are are 47 universities nine of which are public,
not insulated from being abused by some 29 private and nine degree-awarding insti- Patrick Ajuna works with Federation of Uganda
unscrupulous officials among those who tutions. Besides the universities, there are Employers, department of policy and research

August. 09 - 15 2019 33
Bunyoro-kitara Kingdom to Buganda- was
a popular game in the kingdom played for
leisure by fully grown up men only.
The presence of these symbolic installa-
tions- central to the Buganda culture- sug-
ART | BOOKS | SOCIETY | TRAVEL | CULTURE gests the intentional approach to art produc-
tion by the artists which is to interact with
the community.
Community interaction with the art does
not stop at the local community visiting the
park, but is spread out to the vast audiences
including young corporates from Masaka
town centre, school children from interna-
tional schools like Kampala International
School Uganda (KISU), GEM International
Schools and the tourist community who
want to interact with indigenous artworks.
This is obviously a departure to the norm of
public art display in spaces restricted to most
of the public. This limitation to access art in
the public distances the community from the
art and it can be argued from this point that
the art in the open spaces does not speak to
the people. It is possibly erected to commu-
nicate a political narrative or for tourists.
The Weaver Bird Sculpture Park challeng-
es such a divide between art and public. The
sculptures and installations at the site are
clearly accessible to the public through open
access to the park to both the local and tour-

Weaver Bird
ist community and the construction process
of the artworks on display.
An interactive art project like this may
never have been successful if it was not for
the ethical inculcation of unity at the centre.

Sculpture Park
To illustrate this theme of unity, at the centre
of the small village is a towering monument
measuring above 20ft tall. It is the Monu-
ment of Unity 2012 depicting three abstract
figures: Father, Mother and Child evoked as
Open air sculptures in that mirror a symbol of unity in the family. According
to Joe Bukenya, community artist and my
a community’s cultural heritage guide for this tour, the concrete sculpture
was built by a group of artists from Kenya
under the Kuona Arts Trust collective and a

By Dominic Muwanguzi the tradition of collaborative art making. It’s section of Ugandan artists to demonstrate to
a process that can be traced back to African the community the significance of unity in
he perception that art only re- traditional communities; where the artisan the community. “Everything in this commu-
sides in the traditional art spaces worked directly with the community to pro- nity is done together. For example, all the art
like museums and galleries is duce art. projects in this community are worked on by
quickly overturned when one The sculptures here were all built with the the community and this bonds us together,”
visits Weaver Bird Sculpture participation of the community and a num- says Bukenya.
Park, located almost 7 km from ber of artists visiting the space. In this, they The manner in which this sculpture park
Masaka town, on the south- eastern part of mirror the culture and traditional heritage is related to the community is an essential
Uganda. of the space within which they are situated. inspiration to art in public spaces, not only
Sitting on top of a sprawling hill overlook- For example, the vast garbage can by Ronex, in Kampala but across the region. As a form
ing a famous swamp and nestling in a can- is used to collect garbage at the camp. This of creating new ways of interacting with art,
opy of wildly growing eucalyptus trees, the trash bin encourages and promotes the idea the sculptures here mirror the cultural her-
space inhabits several sculptures constructed of keeping the environment clean to ensure itage of the community and provide a plat-
from a variety of media; including concrete, healthy lives of the communities. This prac- form to freely express oneself. This is wit-
stained glass, fiber glass and plastic off-cuts. tice of community environment responsibil- nessed in the wall mural that bears diverse
They are evenly spread out on a vast acreage ity is a rejoinder to the tradition of Bulungi scribbling of different people reacting to
of land measuring approximately fifteen Bwansi that is still practiced in Buganda varied issues in their community.
acres with scrubs of glass offering a rustic under the auspices of the Kabaka chiefs
ambience to the visitor. Even the two square found in every district of the Kingdom. Weaver Bird Sculpture Park is part of Weaver
bathrooms, sitting side by side, evoke an A few minutes from the bin constructed Bird Community of the Arts located in Ndegeya
identity of sculptures. They were built with a from aluminum off-cuts, is the board game village in Masaka. It is a brainchild of Collin
mixture of concrete and rock extracted from (Omweso) installation. The board game- Sekajugo, a community artist who established it
the foothill of the hill by the community in supposedly introduced by the Bachwezi of in 2012 to give back to the community.

34 August. 09 - 15 2019

Breaking free from the

claws of a sex cabal
ura Maids profiles Lena Ayugi stake for both of these protagonists.
in a super hero character of This book is rich in some literary
sorts, attempting to do the devices such as personification,
impossible to break the back description and flashback. For instance,
of a dangerous cabal that is engaged in chapter one, as Lena waited on the
in the abduction of unsuspecting poor veranda of her ward from where she
girls from an internally displaced could see the wardress on duty come
people’s camp in Lira. out of the office to summon prisoner
At the height of the protracted No. UG50, we see her encounter with
LRA war in northern Uganda, human a fly.
traffickers pounced and had a field day “A lake fly flapped its wings and
to supply brothels with all manner of fell on her lap. She let it say goodbye.
victims of the war; mainly girls that This April morning the lake flies still
were desperate to survive. danced around the enclosure in the
The story begins during Lena’s final same way they did the first time she
hours in Luzira Prison, where she arrived, slowly beckoning would-be
had been incarcerated for two years watchers’ attention in lazy circular
as a prisoner of conscience. Lena was motions. At night they gyrated around
unfortunately among the victims. This security lamps…”
Gulu University graduate had her Later in the same chapter one, Lena’s
hopes and dignity shattered, thanks to former inmate, Martina, describes
the evil schemes of an agency called Lena’s facial disposition in her
Zura Maids. reminiscence. It says, “Martina
On the surface, ‘Zura Maids’ is the remembered Lena’s saddened face,
business name of an employment the three lines of frown permanently
agency for house maids. But in reality
it is a secret holding ground used by
Title: Zura Maids etched on her forehead. The teary
eyes that sat behind beautiful long
a powerful ring of human traffickers lashes. The glorious beautiful black
that specilise in using young girls as Author: Apio Eunice Otuko skin that concealed prison difficulties
sex slaves. and scarcities. She saw lacerations.
As the story goes in the book, Publisher: FEMRITE The scarred back, shoulders and
it did not matter to Lena that the buttocks…”
magistrate had chosen not to believe Publications Limited As her maiden work of fiction,
her innocence. What mattered was Apio Eunice Otuko presents a
that her attorney, Arthur Mubende, Number of pages: 300 tragedy that echoes her real life
that good man, had believed her. aspirations as an activist against
He did not mind that the world
had made a prostitute of her. He
Year of publication: 2018 sexual violence meted on women.
She seems to cast a spotlight on some
believed her when she told him she
had been deceived; that instead of
Category: Novel of the evils that simmered nearly
undetected and overshadowed by
the housekeeping job, she had been the murderous wave that swept the
forcefully held in a brothel somewhere Reviewed by: Nathan Kiwere north.
in the sprawling slums of Kawempe, She is the co-founder of Facilitation
along with fifteen other girls. He for Peace, a human rights and
believed her when she told him that development NGO based in Lira.
after six months of sexual slavery she had no right to violate her body the She studied at Makerere University
could not take it anymore and so she way it had done. The world had no for both her undergraduate and
had decided to end the ordeal with a right to deprive her of her freedom… master’s degree. In 2016 she graduated
cigarette lighter a client forgot in her Having found out that the reason with a PhD in Anthropology from the
room. The brothel had burnt down. Arthur Mubende willingly agreed to University of Birmingham in the UK.
No one was hurt, but she was charged represent her pro bono was because Zura Maids is a must-read for anyone
with arson, and after a slow six months he had lost his own sister fifteen years that loves local literature that combines
trial she was found guilty. They lost back under similar circumstances, Lena literary genius and advocacy.
the case and she was sentenced to two agreed to team up with him after her
years imprisonment. eventual release from prison in order
Lena felt the world had wronged to rescue her younger sister Milly
her. The world had no right to keep her and Arthur’s sister Molly. In a battle
away from her loved ones. The world against the mighty cabal, a lot is at

August. 09 - 15 2019 35
Chinese goodies container for Kenya MPs arrives empty
The Chinese Embassy in Kenya is container arrived in the parliament
in shock after a container delivering yesterday on 30th July and opened by
its goodies to Parliament from Beijing the officers of the National Assembly,
arrived in Nairobi empty. The contain- it was empty inside,” read a statement
er tagged ‘diplomatic goods’ was sup- by the Chinese embassy.
posed to have laptops and computer The Directorate of Criminal Investi-
projectors from the National People’s gations (DCI) is probing circumstances
Congress of China delivered through under which the goodies “disap-
the Chinese Embassy in Kenya. peared”. Detectives have reportedly
“We were shocked to be notified by impounded the lorry that delivered the
the National Assembly that when the empty container.

Woman ‘marries’ her dog Millennials want love

With the advent of online engagements, it was best if she but can’t afford it
dating apps, you’d think that it just tied the knot with her gold-
couldn’t be easier finding ‘the en retriever on British breakfast Millennials are struggling to
one’. Well, unfortunately for one TV show `This Morning’. Many find love because they cannot
woman, all dating has done for viewers said they genuinely afford to date, a new study has
her is provide unhappy moment couldn’t believe what they were found.
after unhappy moment. So she seeing. One viewer wrote on According to a survey con-
decided to take matters into social media: “What is hap- ducted by researchers at dating
her own hands and ‘marry’ the pening with this programme? site Match, the majority of Gen-
Brewery launches tea one male in her life that will
never leave her: her dog. Eliza-
Sinking to new depths. This
woman may actually be quite
eration Y is looking for the one,
with 63 per cent of respondents
that tastes like beer beth Hoad decided to she was vulnerable, not to mention this revealing they want to find
over getting hurt by men and poor dog. Come on team, do romantic love. However, for
The makers of popular after 221 dates and four failed better.” one-third of singles, finances
Australian beer Victoria and the cost of dating means
Bitter have released a they feel unable to fully pursue
limited edition VB Tea that their quest for love. According
combines Ceylon black tea to Match, the average date,
and Super Pride hops, the comprised of a dinner for
same variety of hops that two, a bottle of wine, and two
gives Victoria Bitter its movie tickets, costs $102.32 in
bitterness. The result, a cup America (Approx.Shs370,000).
of tea that tastes like beer. So many millennials feel they
Or at least that’s what the must reach a certain income
people at Victoria Bitter level before dating.
would like you to believe.

‘Bent’ pyramid opens in Egypt

Egypt has opened to visitors smooth limestone casing, are
the “bent” pyramid built for the built at a steep 54 degree angle,
pharaoh Sneferu, a 101-metre before tapering off towards the
structure south of Cairo that top. It has been reopened to the
marks a key step in the evolu- public for the first time since
tion of pyramid construction. 1965, when it was closed for
The 4,600-year-old structure restoration works. The angu-
is one of three built for Fourth lar shape contrasts with the
Dynasty founding pharaoh straight sides of Sneferu’s Red
Sneferu in Dahshur, at the Pyramid just to the north, the
southern end of the Memphis first of ancient Egypt’s fully
necropolis, a Unesco world formed pyramids and the next
heritage site. Its appearance is step towards the Great Pyra-
unusual. The first 49 metres, mid of Giza.
which have largely kept their

36 August. 09 - 15 2019
The cheapest Cheapest vehicles to operate on a weekly basis:
 Micro cars  Kia Carnival

car to run  Kia Picanto

 Mitsubishi Mirage
 Fiat 500 Pop
 Toyota Tarago
 Volkswagen Mul-

Light cars Sports cars

Kia, Suzuki, Rav4 and more  Kia Rio  Toyota 86
 Suzuki Swift  Mazda MX-5
 Suzuki Baleno  Subaru BRZ
By Agencies Mitsubishi Lancer and Hyundai i30  Mazda2  Subaru WRX

petrol.  Honda Jazz  Renault Megane
ew survey reveals the most In the small SUV category gold Sport
affordable – and most ex- was awarded to the Hyundai Kona Small cars
pensive – new models to Active front-wheel drive auto, while  Kia Cerato Small SUV
own and operate in 2019 the Hyundai IONIQ Electric Elite  Honda Civic  Hyundai Kona
The Royal Automotive Club of Vic- was the cheapest EV to operate.  Mitsubishi Lancer  Honda HR-V
toria (RACV) has released the results Mid-size SUVs were considerably  Hyundai i30 diesel  Mazda CX-3
of its annual running costs survey, pricier to own and operate, but the  Hyundai i30 petrol  Suzuki Jimny
and the results might surprise you. cheapest of them were the Ford  Suzuki Vitara
It measured the cost of owning Escape and Toyota RAV4 in both Medium cars
and operating a new vehicle in petrol and hybrid form.  Toyota Camry Hybrid Medium SUV
Victoria for private use, travelling The Toyota Camry Hybrid Ascent  Toyota Camry petrol  Ford Escape
15,000km a year, over a five-year Sport took the win among mid-size  Mazda6  Toyota RAV4
period. vehicles, while Honda’s Odyssey VTi  Subaru Liberty  Toyota RAV4
The vehicles assessed in the 2019 was cheapest in the people-mover  Hyundai Sonata (hybrid)
RACV survey included a field of 141 category.  Kia Sportage
models across 14 categories. Finally, in the booming ute sector, Large cars  Nissan X-TRAIL
As usual, the results factor in the the Mitsubishi Triton claimed wins  Holden Commodore (petrol)
standing costs of owning a vehicle in both the 4×2 and 4×4 categories, (four-cylinder)
(purchase price, registration, insur- followed in the latter by the Holden  Holden Commodore Large SUV
ance, depreciation, loan repayments, Colorado and the Isuzu D-MAX, (V6)  Subaru Outback
etc.) and running costs including fuel Ford Ranger and Toyota HiLux.  Toyota Camry (petrol)
and maintenance. The most expensive models to  Skoda Superb  Subaru Outback
The Kia Rio hatchback took the top own? Once again this year that title  Kia Stinger (diesel)
spot. It has a 1.4-litre four-cylinder goes (surprisingly) to the Tesla Mod-  Kia Sorento
petrol engine paired to an automatic el X 100D. People-movers  Hyundai Santa Fe
transmission. Also up there for pricey running  Honda Odyssey  Volkswagen Tiguan
Second overall and in the light-car costs was the BMW X5 xDrive30d,  Hyundai iMax Allspace
class was the Suzuki Swift GL, and followed by the Toyota 200 Series
third overall and top micro-car was LandCruiser diesel and Ford’s V8 4×4 SUV
the Kia Picanto. Mustang coupe.  Mitsubishi Pajero
The popular Mazda2 Neo ranked Sport
fifth overall, while another Kia – the  Isuzu MU-X
Cerato – was ninth overall and  Toyota Fortuner
top small car, significantly  Holden Trailblazer
ahead of small-car  Ford Everest
rivals like the
Honda Civic, 2WD Ute
 Mitsubishi Triton
 Ford Ranger
 Isuzu D-MAX
 Toyota HiLux
 Nissan Navara
4WD Ute
 Mitsubishi Triton
 Holden Colorado
 Isuzu D-MAX
 Ford Ranger
 Toyota HiLux

August. 09 - 15 2019 37
global comment

By Paul Mulindwa
AU success in Sudan
Its approach to mediating could become a model for
resolving similar challenges in other African countries

ediating a deadlocked political the strong, appropriate action taken by the ical crises were often criticized for being too
dispute is difficult work in the AU. little too late. And the group has drawn ire
best of times. Mediating the con- The AU condemned the military crack- for failing to act against repressive or abusive
flict in Sudan between military down on protesters and suspended Sudan’s regimes, even as it proscribes the uncon-
rulers and opposition demonstrators – fol- membership until “the effective establish- stitutional overthrow of those regimes. In
lowing the dramatic ouster of an autocratic ment of a civilian-led transitional authority.” 2017, for example, the AU condemned the
leader, and against a background of wide- But it also continued working to facilitate Zimbabwean military’s ouster of that coun-
spread (violently suppressed) protests – was progress – crucially, by engaging with local try’s long-standing dictator, Robert Mugabe,
supposed to be nearly impossible. Yet the stakeholders. As the AU’s Peace and Secu- before adjusting its stance.
African Union has managed to do it. rity Council pointed out, “Sudanese stake- In Sudan, the AU avoided its past mistakes.
After weeks of tense negotiations, AU holders are the sole authors of their destiny Now, it must continue to play a constructive
negotiators, led by Special Envoy Mohamed at this critical juncture in the history of their role in the country, maintaining engagement
el Hacen Lebatt of Mauritania and Ethiopian country.” with all stakeholders to ensure a smooth
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, managed to The approach worked. Within a month, transition. Moreover, it should apply the les-
secure a power-sharing agreement between the two sides were back to the negotiating sons from Sudan more broadly, as it carves
Sudan’s ruling military council and civilian table, and in just three days struck a deal out a role for itself as an effective champion
opposition leaders. It is a major step toward to break the deadlock, agreeing to form an of peace in Africa. That role should include
ending the political crisis that has gripped 11-member joint military-civilian authority acting as a kind of early-warning mechanism
Sudan for more than six months. to run Sudan during an interim period of – identifying, highlighting, and challenging
The crisis began last December, when 39 months. A military general will lead the factors that could fuel political crises.
street protests erupted in response to cuts in council for the first 21 months, and a civilian One such factor, common in Africa, is pres-
bread and fuel subsidies. The economy was leader for the remaining 18 months, fol- idents’ refusal to leave office, relying instead
near collapse, following years of US sanc- lowed by an election. on changes to electoral law or even the
tions (mostly lifted in 2017) and the loss of The agreement offers hope to a people who constitution to extend their terms. Egypt’s
oil revenues following South Sudan’s inde- have suffered under repressive leadership Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Rwanda’s Paul Kagame,
pendence in 2011, and the protests quickly for decades. But it is not only Sudanese who and Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni (who sub-
grew into large-scale demonstrations against stand to benefit. The AU’s approach to medi- sequently also made sure the upper age
President Omar Hassan al-Bashir’s brutal ating the dispute in Sudan could become limit was scrapped) have all employed this
three-decade-long dictatorship. a model for resolving similar challenges in strategy.
In April, the military stepped in to unseat other African countries, including Algeria, Such power grabs pose a serious threat to
and arrest al-Bashir, who stands accused of, Libya, and South Sudan. good governance, peace, stability, and secu-
among other things, overseeing the genocide The AU’s interventions in previous polit- rity. In 2015, enabled by a new constitution,
in Darfur in the 2000s. But protesters were Burundi’s president, Pierre Nkurunziza,
not seeking another military regime – let won a third term amid violent protests. The
alone one led by the former defense minister, same year, similar protests erupted in the
Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan, al-Bashir’s
former ally and enforcer – so they continued The same year, Democratic Republic of Congo, following
the introduction of a law that would allow
to camp outside the military headquarters in similar protests President Joseph Kabila to prolong his
Under pressure, Hamdan announced, erupted in the tenure. The AU should show leadership in
this area, pursuing interventions that but-
within a day of al-Bashir’s ouster, that he Democratic tress constitutional democracy, in line with
was stepping down as the head of the transi-
tional government – but only to be replaced Republic of Congo, its Agenda 2063.
The AU has resisted military coups in the
by another military leader. Protests con- following the past. On the heels of its success in Sudan, it
tinued to escalate – and so did the military’s must stand against “constitutional coups”
violent repression. On June 3, security forces introduction of carried out by presidents, as it establishes
brutally attacked the sit-in in Khartoum, a law that would itself more firmly as a force for peace and
leaving over 100 dead and hundreds more democratic governance in Africa.
injured. allow President
Talks collapsed. The prospects for a deal Joseph Kabila to Paul Mulindwa is Advocacy and Campaigns
between the Transitional Military Council Officer with CIVICUS, a global alliance of civil-
and the opposition coalition, operating prolong his tenure society organisations.
under the banner of the Forces of Freedom
and Change, appeared bleak. And they Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2019.
probably would have been, were it not for

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