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~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks: 1 Dec 2009 to 31 Dec 2009 ~ ~ ~ ~ Beantwortung der Frage: Was ist Aufklärung?, by Immanuel Kant [Language: German] If Your Baby Must Travel in Wartime, by the United States Department of Labor, Children's Bureau [Illustrator: Gluyas Williams] Old Roads and New Roads, by William Bodham Donne Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 98, January 25th, 1890, by Various [Editor: Francis Cowley Burnand] The Beggar Man, by Ruby Mildred Ayres A World by the Tale, by Gordon Randall Garrett [Illustrator: Leo Summers] The Hate Disease, by William Fitzgerald Jenkins [Illustrator: John Schoenherr] Die Colonie. Zweiter Band., by Friedrich Gerstäcker [Subtitle: Brasilianisches Lebensbild] [Language: German] Notes and Queries, Number 234, April 22, 1854, by Various [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc.] [Editor: George Bell] With the French in France and Salonika, by Richard Harding Davis The Moving Finger, by E. Phillips Oppenheim The Wolf Patrol, by John Finnemore [Subtitle: A Tale of Baden-Powell's Boy Scouts] Aunt Charlotte's Stories of Greek History, by Charlotte Mary Yonge History of Farming in Ontario, by C. C. James The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition 30821 30820

30819 30818

30817 30816 30815 30814


30812 30811 30810 30809 30808 30807

Vol. 7 (of 25), by Robert Louis Stevenson Apontamentos para a Biographia do Cidadão José da Silva Passos, by Manuel Joaquim Pereira da Silva [Language: Portuguese] Espada da Justiça, by José Daniel Rodrigues da Costa [Language: Portuguese] Applied Design for Printers, by Harry Lawrence Gage [Subtitle: Typographic Technical Series for Apprentices #43] Books Before Typography, by Frederick W. Hamilton [Subtitle: Typographic Technical Series for Apprentices #49] Commentaries on the Laws of England, by William Blackstone [Subtitle: Book the First] Opúsculos por Alexandre Herculano - Tomo 06, by Alexandre Herculano [Language: Portuguese] Nature Myths and Stories for Little Children, by Flora J. Cooke The Gnôsis of the Light, by F. Lamplugh Sonny, by Rick Raphael [Illustrator: John Schoenherr] The Thirst Quenchers, by Rick Raphael [Illustrator: George Schelling] The Dueling Machine, by Benjamin William Bova and Myron R. Lewis [Illustrator: John Schoenherr] The Song of Hiawatha, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow [Subtitle: An Epic Poem] The Princess of Ponthieu, by Unknown [Published in The New York Weekly Magazine] [Translator: Unknown] Geschichte von England seit der Thronbesteigung Jakob's des Zweiten, by Thomas Babington Macaulay [Subtitle: Zweiter Band] [Translator: Wilhelm Hartwig Beseler] [Language: German] Lavengro, by George Borrow [Subtitle: The Scholar, The Gypsy, The Priest] [Illustrator: Edmund J. Sullivan] With Joffre at Verdun, by Frederick Sadleir Brereton [Subtitle: A Story of the Western Front] [Illustrator: Arch. Webb] Kuningas Richard Toinen, by William Shakespeare [Translator: Paavo Cajander] [Language: Finnish] Dictionnaire raisonné de l'architecture française du Xie 30806

30805 30804 30803 30802 30801 30800 30799 30798 30797 30796 30795 30794






by Clayton Hamilton [Subtitle: With an Introduction by Brander Matthews] [Commentator: Brander Matthews] Elements of Chemistry. Hatch Les aventures de Télémaque suivies des aventures d'Aritonoüs. by Eugène-Emmanuel Viollet-Le-Duc [Language: French] Dictionnaire raisonné de l'architecture française du Xie au XVIe siècle (1/9). Apostola] [Editor: Georgy Kresentyevich Lukomsky] 30788 30787 30786 30785 30784 30783 30782 30781 30780 30779 30778 30777 30776 30775 30774 . by Horatio Winslow [Subtitle: A Practical Manual for Versifiers] A Casa do Saltimbanco. Containing all the Modern Discoveries] [Translator: Robert Kerr] Moscovia v predstavlenii inostrantsev XVI-XVII v. by Eugène-Emmanuel Viollet-Le-Duc [Language: French] Dictionnaire raisonné de l'architecture française du Xie au XVIe siècle (7/9). by Eugène-Emmanuel Viollet-Le-Duc [Language: French] Dictionnaire raisonné de l'architecture française du Xie au XVIe siècle (8/9). by Madame de Stolz [Illustrator: Émile-Antoine Bayard] [Language: Portuguese] Materials and Methods of Fiction. by François de Salignac de la Mothe Fénelon [Language: French] Rhymes and Meters. by Eugène-Emmanuel Viollet-Le-Duc [Language: French] Dictionnaire raisonné de l'architecture française du Xie au XVIe siècle (3/9).. by Antoine Lavoisier [Subtitle: In a New Systematic XVIe siècle (9/9).] [Subtitle: Ocherki P. by Eugène-Emmanuel Viollet-Le-Duc [Language: French] Dictionnaire raisonné de l'architecture française du Xie au XVIe siècle (6/9). by Eugène-Emmanuel Viollet-Le-Duc [Language: French] Dictionnaire raisonné de l'architecture française du Xie au XVIe siècle (4/9). by Eugène-Emmanuel Viollet-Le-Duc [Language: French] The First Seventeen Years: Virginia 1607-1624. by Charles E. N. by Eugène-Emmanuel Viollet-Le-Duc [Language: French] Dictionnaire raisonné de l'architecture française du Xie au XVIe siècle (5/9). by Eugène-Emmanuel Viollet-Le-Duc [Language: French] Dictionnaire raisonné de l'architecture française du Xie au XVIe siècle (2/9).

by William Montgomery Brown [Subtitle: Analyzed and Contrasted from the Marxian and 30773 30772 30771 30770 30769 30768 30767 30766 30765 30764 30763 30762 30761 30760 30759 30758 . by Salvatore Di Giacomo [Subtitle: Novelle] [Language: Italian] The Right Time. on the seventh day of January. C. by Russell Robert Winterbotham My Private Menagerie. by Sigmund Freud [Language: German] The Minus Woman. Vol. C. Hall [Illustrator: Leo Summers] Der Moses des Michelangelo. Handling and Writing of News Stories] Ham Sandwich. by M. by James R. de Sumichrast] [Translator: F. and continued. by Zachariah Poulson [Subtitle: Assembled at Philadelphia.[Illustrator: Aleksandr Martinovich Arnshtam] [Language: Russian] Dead Man's Planet. by Walter Bupp [Illustrator: George Schelling] The Baptist Magazine. by Grace Livingston Hill Communism and Christianism. Lyle Spencer [Subtitle: The Gathering. Schmitz [Illustrator: Leo Summers] Am I Still There?. by Jacopo Alighieri [Subtitle: pubblicate per la prima volta in corretta lezione con riscontri e fac-simili di codici. by adjournments. by Dwight Moody New Apples in the Garden. until the fourteenth day of the same month. by Theophile Gautier [Subtitle: from The Works of Theophile Gautier Volume 19] [Editor: F. de Sumichrast] Exit Betty. January. 1835. by James H. e precedute da una indagine critica] [Editor: Jarro] [Language: Italian] News Writing. one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five. by William Morrison [Illustrator: Ed Emshwiller] Minutes of the Proceedings of the Second Convention of Delegates from the Abolition Societies Established in Different Parts of the United States. by Various [Editor: George Wightman] Sowing and Reaping. 27. inclusive] L'ignoto. by Kris Ottman Neville [Illustrator: George Schelling] Chiose alla cantica dell'Inferno di Dante Alighieri.

Volume III (of 3). by John Ruskin [Volumes I (#30754). which has a similar title.Swanston Edition Vol. II [Subtitle: An Interpretation] [Contributor: James H. by Plato and Alexandros Moraitides [Language: Greek] Seaport in Virginia. Smith [Illustrator: George Schelling] Calamities and Quarrels of Authors. Leuba] Ringan Gilhaize. by John Ruskin [This is not a duplicate of e-book #9804. by Fredrika Bremer [Subtitle: Kuvauksia jokapäiväisestä elämästä] [Translator: Theodolinda Hahnsson] [Language: Finnish] The Stones of Venice. and III (#30756) are interlinked. by Augustus Le Plongeon [Subtitle: or. by Gordon Randall Garrett [Illustrator: Leone] 30757 30756 30755 30754 30753 30752 30751 30750 30749 30748 30747 30746 30745 30744 30743 30742 . by Isaac Disraeli The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson . by Multatuli [Subtitle: Uit de 'ideen' verzameld] [Editor: J. by Franz Kafka [Illustrator: Ludwig Meidner] [Language: German] Vestiges of the Mayas. by Stephen H. with index in Volume III. by John Galt [Subtitle: or The Covenanters] Euthyphro. Carpenter [Subtitle: and The Metaphysical Basis of Science] Anything You Can Do. by William J. van den Berg van Eysinga-Elias] [Language: Dutch] The Sex Worship and Symbolism of Primitive Races.] Der Mord. 5 (of 25). II (#30755). Volume I (of 3).] The Stones of Venice. by Gay Montague Moore [Subtitle: George Washington's Alexandria] [Illustrators: Worth Bailey and Walter Wilcox] The Last Straw. Between the Inhabitants of Mayab and Those of Asia and Africa] De Geschiedenis van Woutertje Pieterse (Deel 2 / 2). by Robert Louis Stevenson [Other: Andrew Lang] The Philosophy of Evolution. by Sanger Brown.Darwinian Points of View] Perhe. by John Ruskin The Stones of Venice. in very Remote Times. Volume II (of 3). Facts Tending to Prove that Communications and Intimate Relations Must Have Existed.

or the London Charivari. by Clara Viebig [Translator: H. by James H. by Dwight Moody Punch. by Florence Finch Kelly [Illustrator: Edwin John Prittie] The Son of His Mother. by Edward William Cole Marocco. by Louis Arundel [Subtitle: or Through Storm and Stress to Florida] Cole's Funny Picture Book No. Schmitz [Illustrator: Leo Summers] Motor Boat Boys Down the Coast. Darrow The Hound of Heaven. by Anonymous [Editor: Julius A."] 30741 30740 30739 30738 30737 30736 30735 30734 30733 30732 30731 30730 30729 30728 30727 30726 30725 30724 30723 . by Robert Herrick Bedenkingen tegen de Leer van Darwin. 1890. capitoli. 3 (of 25). Edible and Poisonous. by Francis Thompson [Illustrator: Stella Langdale] The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson . 1.] [Language: Dutch] Mushrooms of America. by Plato [Translators: George D. by Clara Viebig [Translator: H. by Antoine Charles Reuther [Subtitle: Gevolgd door beschouwingen over eenige philosophische onderwerpen. Raahauge] [Language: English English] Industrial Conspiracies. Vol.] Clark's Field. by Clarence S. by Various [Editor: Francis Cowley Burnand] Opera nova amorosa.Swanston Edition Vol. by Nocturno Napolitano [Subtitle: Strambotti. by Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev [Translator: Constance Clara Garnett] [This book is more commonly is known by the title. by Edmondo De Amicis [Language: Italian] Absolution. Raahauge] Fathers and Children. Manesis and A. by Robert Louis Stevenson] [Other: Andrew Lang] Oneness. Halcyon. Limperopoulos] [Language: Greek] Men of the Bible. Axiochus. 98. sonetti. 1. March 29. Palmer.] The Fate of Felix Brand. vol. Jr.Eryxias. "Fathers and Sons. epistole et una disperata] [Language: Italian] My Schools and Schoolmasters. by Hugh Miller [Subtitle: or The Story of my Education.

by Aristophanes [Translator: Polyvios Dimitrakopoulos] [Language: Greek] An Outline of Occult Science. by J. by Anonymous [Subtitle: or. by Henry Baird [Subtitle: Volume 2] Cyrus the Great. by Dallas McCord Reynolds [Illustrator: Schoenherr] Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland. by Rudolf Steiner [Subtitle: Fourth Edition] East Anglia. Properties. by Francis L. by Jerome Bixby [Illustrator: Kelly Freas] The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson .Subjectivity. Dangers and Uses of Rain] The Happy Man. A. by Alec John Dawson 30722 30721 30720 30719 30718 30717 30716C 30715 30714 30713 30712 30711 30710 30709 30708 30707 30706 30705 30704 . by Arthur W. by Jacob Abbott [Subtitle: Makers of History] The Rain Cloud.Swanston Edition Vol. by Gerald Wilburn Page [Illustrator: George Schelling] The Record of Nicholas Freydon. and Imaginative] The Origins and Destiny of Imperial Britain. 25 (of 25). by Norman Spinrad [Illustrator: Leo Summers] Robert Burns. Cramb [Subtitle: Nineteenth Century Europe] God and the World. by Gabriel Setoun [Subtitle: Famous Scots Series] Happy Days for Boys and Girls. by J. Robinson [Subtitle: A Survey of Thought] History of the Rise of the Huguenots. Ewing Ritchie [Subtitle: Personal Recollections and Historical Associations] El Internet y los idiomas. by Robert Louis Stevenson [Other: Andrew Lang] Captain Pott's Minister. Traditional. Cooper [Illustrator: John Goss] Combat. by Various Clouds. by Marie Lebert [Subtitle: [alrededor del año 2000]] [Language: Spanish] Where There's Hope. An Account of the Nature. Volume 2 by Alexander Leighton [Subtitle: Historical.

by A. Vernon Lee] [Subtitle: Being a Sequel to Euphorion] Sir Tom. Steeple Davis and Frank T. Oliphant Astounding Stories of Super-Science. by Roger Phillips 30703 30702 30701 30700 30699 30698 30697 30696 30695 30694 30693 30692 30691 30690 30689 30688 30687 30686 30685 30684 30683 . by Mrs.a. by Pierre Loti [Language: French] Mensonges. by Ethel Twycross Foster [Illustrator: Hernando G. or the London Charivari. by Various [Subtitle: "Demijohn" to "Destructor"] The Boys of '98. 1890. by Robert Louis Stevenson [Other: Andrew Lang] Alexandre Herculano. Slice 2. by André Gill [Commentator: Alphonse Daudet] [Language: French] Aus meinem Leben. Merrill] The Unthinking Destroyer. by Samual Hall Young Vingt années de Paris. Villa] Encyclopaedia Britannica.[Subtitle: An Autobiography] Fantôme d'Orient. by Covington Clarke Alaska Days with John Muir. by James Otis [Illustrators: J.k. by Alfred Noyes [Subtitle: And Other Poems] [Illustrator: Spencer Baird Nichols] Little Tales of The Desert. by Various The Casual Ward. 98. by Paul von Hindenburg [Language: German] Punch. by Thomas Hunt Morgan The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson . D. by Jaime de Magalhães Lima [Language: Portuguese] Aces Up. by Various [Editor: Francis Cowley Burnand] Renaissance Fancies and Studies. by Violet Paget [Author a. by John Mills The Lord of Misrule. by Paul Bourget [Language: French] A Critique of the Theory of Evolution. Vol. 11th Edition. Anstey Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son. Volume 8. Godley [Subtitle: academic and other oddments] The Brass Bottle.Swanston Edition Vol. 4 (of 25). by F. May 10. December 1930.

1897]. by John Ashton Callista. by Ella Victoria Dobbs Presbyterian Worship.. by Various [Subtitle: A Monthly Serial designed to Promote Knowledge of Bird-Life] Primary Handwork. 16th December 1914. 30677 No. Frost] 30665 30664 30663 30662 . by Mary Wilson Alloway Sound of Terror. by Henry Cuyler Bunner [Illustrator: A. by Anonymous [Subtitle: or. by Don Berry [Illustrator: Ed Emshwiller] Eidolon. II. by Lilian Whiting [Subtitle: Their Life and Art] Mr. Terry] Buxton and its Medicinal Waters. by Robert Johnston Famous Firesides of French Canada. by Walter R. by John Henry Cardinal Newman [Subtitle: A Tale of the Third Century] Dal primo piano alla soffitta. 5. Vol. by Thomas Bailey Aldrich [Subtitle: And What Came of It] The Tale of Old Dog Spot. by Arthur Scott Bailey [Illustrator: Harry L. by Dick Purcell A Father of Women. by Richard Olin [Illustrator: George Schelling] The Trouble with Telstar. What Made the Difference] All Day Wednesday. by Enrico Castelnuovo [Language: Italian] The Story of a New York House. by John Berryman [Illustrator: John Schoenherr] Supplement to "Punch". by Robert Ottiwell Gifford-Bennet Nanny Merry. B. Chipfellow's Jackpot. by Alice Meynell [Subtitle: and other poems] Daisy's Necklace. E. by Various [Subtitle: The Unspeakable Turk] 30682 30681 30680 30679 30678 Birds Illustrated by Color Photography. by Various 30666 [Subtitle: A Monthly Serial designed to Promote Knowledge of Bird-Life] Gossip in the First Decade of Victoria's Reign. Smith] 30676 30675 30674 30673 30672 30671 30670 30669 30668 30667 Birds Illustrated by Color Photography [June. November 1897.[Illustrator: W. Cassels [Subtitle: The Course of a Soul and Other Poems] The Brownings.

by Rose Macaulay [Subtitle: An Improbable Tale of Singular Happenings] Woman under socialism. by Dwight Moody [Subtitle: Its Source. by Karl Rosenkranz [Translator: Anna C. by Gelett Burgess Ein Hungerkãnstler.Miscellaneous. Volume XV. the Method of Preserving Health to Extreme Old Age] The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson . by Franz Kafka [Language: German] Oeuvres par Maximilien Robespierre . by William Butler Yeats [Subtitle: Being Poems Chiefly of the Irish Heroic Age] Paris from the Earliest Period to the Present Day. Vol. Antiquaries. etc] [Editor: George Bell] Works of Robert Louis Stevenson. Number 233.Pedagogics as a System. 1854. 14 (of 25). Volume 1. by William McFee Mystery at Geneva. by Lewis Cornaro [Subtitle: Wherein is demonstrated. by Max Hesdörffer [Subtitle: Handboek tot het kweeken van planten in de kamer] [Editor: E. by Edward Young [Subtitle: A Tragedy] In The Seven Woods. by Maximilien Robespierre [Language: French] The Revenge. Volume XXI. by William Walton Works of Robert Louis Stevenson.Swanston Edition. Witte] [Language: Dutch] Sovereign Grace. Th. Artists. by Stephen Bartholomew [Illustrator: George Schelling] An Ocean Tramp. by Robert Louis Stevenson [Other: Andrew Lang] Kamerplanten. by Robert Louis Stevenson 30661 30660 30659 30658 30657 30656 30655 30654 30653 30652 30651 30650 30649 30648 30647 30646 30645 30644 30643 . by Robert Louis Stevenson Last Resort. Brackett] Discourses on a Sober and Temperate Life. by Various [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men. by August Bebel [Translator: Daniel De Leon] Stories of Boys and Girls Who Loved the Saviour. Genealogists. April 15. by his own Example. by John Wesley [Subtitle: A Token for Children] Notes and Queries. Its Nature and Its Effects] The Purple Cow!.

Number 2. by Gertrude Hall Notes and Queries. Genealogists. by Allan Pinkerton [Subtitle: The Murderer and the Fortune Teller] The Talking Thrush. April 8. by Howard Phillips Lovecraft 30637 [Contributor: Andrew Francis Lockhart. by Committee on Homeland Security. by Douglas Grant [Illustrator: Paul Stahr] Border.. D. 1897.Aurora the Magnificent. House of Representatives [Subtitle: Updated Through October 14. etc] [Other: George Bell] Anything Once. by Anonymous [Subtitle: A Monthly Serial Designed to Promote Knowledge of Bird-Life] 30636 30635 30634 30633 30632 30631 30630 30629 30628 30627 30626 . Antiquaries. by Herbert M. by Friedrich Gerstäcker [Subtitle: Brasilianisches Lebensbild] [Language: German] A Guide to Men. Volume 1. Artists. U. 1915-1922. Rouse [Subtitle: and Other Tales from India] [Illustrator: W. by Dallas McCord Reynolds [Illustrator: Schoenherr] La fille du capitaine. Heath Robinson] The Naples Riviera. February. 2008] [Editor: Michael Twinchek] Die Colonie. by Kasimir Edschmid [Subtitle: Zwei Novellen] [Language: German] In the Heart of a Fool. by Helen Rowland [Subtitle: Being Encore Reflections of a Bachelor Girl] Chicken Little Jane on the Big John. by William Allen White Birds Illustrated by Color Photograph. Number 232. by Lily Munsell Ritchie Das rasende Leben. Rheinhart Kleiner and Frank Belknap Long] The Somnambulist and the Detective. H. Breed Nor Birth. by William Crooke and W.S. by Maximilien Robespierre [Editor: Edmond Tardif] [Language: French] Homeland Security Act of 2002. Vaughan [Illustrator: Maurice Greiffenhagen] Projet de la constitution française de 1791. Paris] [Translator: Louis Viardot] [Language: French] 30642 30641 30640 30639 30638 Writings in the United Amateur. Erster Band. by Various [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men. by Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin [Illustrator: A. 1854.

by Frances Ann Kemble The Atlantic Monthly. Richard C. Vol. Dodd Jackson [Subtitle: Some Essentials of Effective Preaching] Christology of the Old Testament: And a Commentary on the Messianic Predictions. pages 3-188] Two New Pelycosaurs from the Lower Permian of Oklahoma. 90. by Martin Luther [Subtitle: Trinity Sunday to Advent] [Translator: John Nicholas Lenker] Wings of the Wind. Volume D. by William Pridden [Subtitle: containing an account both of the bush and of the 30625 30624 30623 30622 30621 30620 30619 30618 30617 30616 30615 30614 30613 30612 30611 30610 30609 30608 30607 . Vol. May 3. Colombia. Fox Epistle Sermons. by J. by Homer [Translator: Iakovos Polylas] [Language: Greek] Records of Later Life. by Various [Editor: Sir Francis Cowley Burnand] Alexander the Great. Blackmar The Message and the Man:. Volume B. III. by Jacob Abbott [Subtitle: Makers of History] The Missourian. Government Printing Office. by William Henry Holmes [Subtitle: Sixth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. by Eugene Percy Lyle [Illustrator: Ernest Haskell] The Unknown Quantity. Volume 15. by Various History of Human Society. its history and present condition. No. 1884-1885. by Frank W. April.Punch. Washington. 2 [Translator: Theodore Meyer] Australia. by Homer [Translator: Iakovos Polylas] [Language: Greek] Homer's Odyssey. by Henry van Dyke [Subtitle: A Book of Romance and Some Half-Told Tales] Ancient art of the province of Chiriqui. 1888. or the London Charivari. 1865. 1890. Volume C. 98. Volume A. by John Fulford Vicary Homer's Odyssey. Vol. by Homer [Translator: Iakovos Polylas] [Language: Greek] Homer's Odyssey. by Homer [Translator: Iakovos Polylas] [Language: Greek] Homer's Odyssey. by Credo Harris A Danish Parsonage.

colonies. CLVIII. Hoeven ] [Language: Dutch ] The Greville Memoirs. by Robert Louis Stevenson The Battle of Atlanta. Schürmann [Translator: J.] General Bramble. December 17. Addresses.] Spagna. 3/20). etc] [Publisher: George Bell] Notes and Queries. by Baron Du Casse [Subtitle: Documents in?dits relatifs au premier Empire] [Language: French] Histoire du Consulat et de l'Empire. by Joseph J. by Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Ralph Paine Benedict [Subtitle: Through the Science of Human Analysis: The Five Human Types] The Pines of Lory. Number 215. Antiquaries. He had not quite completed it when he died in 1882. by Edmondo De Amicis [Language: Italian] Les Rois Frères de Napoléon Ier. by Anthony Trollope [This was Trollope's last novel. by Alfred Noyes [Subtitle: Volume Two (of 2)] Works of Robert Louis Stevenson. Antiquaries. 1853. 1920. H. d. by Various [Editor: Owen Seaman] Achter de schermen. with their respective inhabitants] The Landleaguers. or the London Charivari. v. Dodge [Subtitle: and Other Campaigns. Artists. by André Maurois [Translators: Jules Castier and Ronald Boswell] Notes and Queries. etc] [Publisher: George Bell] Punch. by Various [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men. by Adolphe Thiers [Subtitle: faisant suite à l'Histoire de la Révolution Française] [Language: French] Histoire de France 1618-1661. by Various [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men. (Vol. Vol. Genealogists. by John Ames Mitchell [Illustrator: Albert D. by Jules Michelet [Subtitle: Volume 14 (of 19)] [Language: French] How to Analyze People on Sight. Blashfield] Collected Poems. Genealogists. December 10. January 7. Volume 9. Number 216. F. Greville [Subtitle: A Journal of the Reigns of King George IV 30606 30605 30604 30603 30602 30601 30600 30599 30598 30597 30596 30595 30594 30593 30592 30591 . Etc. by Charles C. by Grenville M. 1853. Artists.

by Charles Macklin [Introduction by Jean B. by Various [Editor: Owen Seaman] Shadow Mountain. by Émile Souvestre and Marcel Allain [Subtitle: Being the Second of the Series of the "Fantômas" Detective Tales] A Diplomatic Adventure. by Dane Coolidge Told in the Coffee House. Part 1] Punch. CL. Windham [Subtitle: Being a Guide to the Sportsman and Tourist in Algeria and Tunisia] The Fairy Books of Andrew Lang. by Dane Coolidge 30590 30589 30588 30587 30586 30585 30584 30583 30582 30581 30580 30579 30578 30577 30576 30575 30574 . 1916. by W. G.and King William IV. Vol. F. April 26. II] [Editor: Henry Reeve] The Continental Dragoon. Un Corsaire. Voyages et Aventures sur Mer de Narcisse Gelin. by Guy de Maupassant [Language: French] The Exploits of Juve. by S. by Eugène Sue [Subtitle: romans maritimes] [Language: French] Notes in North Africa. Vol. by Cyrus Adler and Allan Ramsay [Subtitle: Turkish Tales] Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves. by Charles C. by Robert Neilson Stephens [Subtitle: A Love Story of Philipse Manor-House in 1778] [Illustrator: H. Le Parisien en Mer. Greville [Subtitle: A Journal of the Reigns of King George IV and King William IV. by Charles J. Kern] The Asses of Balaam. Callan Wunpost. by Frank Gee Patchin [Subtitle: The Gold Diggers of Taku Pass] La Femme de Paul. III] [Editor: Henry Reeve] The Greville Memoirs. by Gordon Randall Garrett [Illustrator: Schoenherr] Atar-Gull. by Andrew Lang and Others [Subtitle: A Project Gutenberg Linked Index to All Stories in the 12 Volumes] [Editor: David Widger] The Shepherd of My Soul. Vol. C. Edwards] The Pony Rider Boys in Alaska. or Pasquin Turn'd Drawcansir. Weir Mitchell The Covent Garden Theatre. by Work Projects Administration [Subtitle: Texas Narratives. or the London Charivari.

[Illustrator: George W. Gage] Why I Preach the Second Coming, by Isaac Massey Haldeman Silver and Gold, by Dane Coolidge [Subtitle: A Story of Luck and Love in a Western Mining Camp] 30573 30572

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks: 1 Nov 2009 to 30 Nov 2009 ~ ~ ~ ~ Fanny: estudo, by Ernest Feydeau [Translator: Camilo Ferreira Botelho Castelo Branco] [Language: Portuguese] Grosser Lärm, by Franz Kafka [Language: German] Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 98, 19 May 1890, by Various [Editor: Francis Cowley Burnand] Kipling Stories and Poems Every Child Should Know, Book II, by Rudyard Kipling [Editors: Mary E. Burt and W. T. Chapin] The Bondboy, by George Washington Ogden Opúsculos por Alexandre Herculano - Tomo 03, by Alexandre Herculano [Language: Portuguese] The Art of Lecturing, by Arthur Morrow Lewis [Subtitle: Revised Edition] Before and after Waterloo, by Edward Stanley [Subtitle: Letters from Edward Stanley, sometime Bishop of Norwich (1802;1814;1816)] [Editors: Jane H. Adeane And Maud Grenfell] The Evolution of the Country Community, by Warren H. Wilson [Subtitle: A Study in Religious Sociology] Unfinished Portraits, by Jennette Lee [Subtitle: Stories of Musicians and Artists] His Last Week, by William E. Barton, Theodore F. Soares and Sydney Strong [Subtitle: The Story of the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus] Music: An Art and a Language, by Walter Raymond Spalding Eighth Reader, by James Baldwin and Ida C. Bender Claim Number One, by George Washington Ogden [Illustrator: J. Allen St. John] The Long Island Library Resources Council (LILRC) Interlibrary Loan Manual: January, 1976, by Anonymous Sleep Walking and Moon Walking, by Isidor Isaak Sadger [Subtitle: A Medico-Literary Study] [Translator: Louise Brink] 30571

30570 30569 30568

30567 30566 30565 30564

30563 30562 30561

30560 30559 30558 30557 30556

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30555 30554 30553 30552 30551 30550 30549

30548 30547

30546 30545 30544


30542 30541 30540 30539 30538 30537

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30535 30534 30533 30532 30531 30530 30529 30528 30527

30526 30525


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Bowie] English as she is spoke. by H. by Various Mundanismos. by Camille Saint-Saëns [Translator: Henry P. by John Dennis [Subtitle: (1700-1744)] The Poets' Lincoln. by Almaquio Dinis [Language: Portuguese] On the Execution of Music. 1. Edwards 30417 Waste Not. and How Lawful and Necessary It Is to Compose Other Hymns According to the Clearer Revelations of the Gospel. by Ralph Sholto Pelo mundo fóra. C. and Principally of Ancient Music. by Maria Amália Vaz de Carvalho [Language: Portuguese] 30416 30415 30414 30413 30412 30411 30410 30409 30408 30407 30406 30405 30404 .] [Language: Polish] Benjamin Franklin. by Ernst Wilhelm Hengstenberg [Translator: Theodore Meyer] A Short Essay Toward the Improvement of Psalmody. An Enquiry How the Psalms of David Ought to Be Translated into Christian Songs. B. A jest in sober earnest] Christology of the Old Testament: And a Commentary on the Messianic Predictions. by José da Fonseca and Pedro Carolino [Subtitle: or. A Picture of the Struggles of Our Infant Nation One Hundred Years Ago. v. by Various [Subtitle: With Pictures by Eminent Modern Artists] [Editor: Felix Summerly] 30422C 30421 30420 30419 30418 The Bright Face of Danger. by Various [Subtitle: Tributes in Verse to the Martyred President] [Editor: Osborn H. by Dave Dryfoos [Illustrator: Kelly Freas] The Galaxy Vol. by Isaac Watts [Subtitle: Or. 23. 1. 1890. or the London Charivari. Wheatley Traditional Nursery Songs of England. Oldroyd] How to Form a Library. 2nd ed. by William Fitzgerald Jenkins O odkryciach i wynalazkach by Aleksander Glowacki [Subtitle: Odczyt popularny wypowiedziany dnia 23 marca 1873 r. by Marie Lebert [Subtitle: around the year 2000] The Age of Pope. by Various Punch. Abbott [Subtitle: American Pioneers and Patriots Series] The Clean and Wholesome Land.] The Fifth-Dimension Tube. No. Volume 98. by Robert Neilson Stephens and H. for the Use of the Christian Church. Want.The Internet and Languages. by John S. C. March 22.

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Keller] Fossil Mammal Sinclairella. by Emerson Hough [Subtitle: Being the Story of the World's Greatest Exploration and the Romance of a Very Gallant Gentleman] [Illustrator: Arthur I. by Garland Greever and Easley S. by Henry MacMahon The Romance of a Plain Man. Heath] Nach Amerika! Sechster Band. Clemens [Full title: Records of the Fossil Mammal Sinclairella. by Anthony Gilmore The Benefactress. Geoffrey H. by Chester Sanford and Grace Owen [Subtitle: A Biographical School Reader for the Upper Grades] The Phantom Lover. by E. by Fletcher Manufacturing Company [Subtitle: A Collection of Choice Recipes for Sugar Boiling] How to Tie Flies. by Arthur Dekker Savage [Illustrator: Paul Orban] Psichopath. The School] The Social Work of the Salvation Army.DP. Jones 30294 The Candy Maker's Guide. Malins [Subtitle: A Record of the Extraordinary Experiences of the Man 30293 30292 30291 30290 30289 30288 30287 30286 30285 . Gregg Kildares of Storm. by Elizabeth Beauchamp The Side Of The Angels. The Pupil. C. by Ruby M. by Basil King [Subtitle: A Novel] [Illustrator: Elizabeth Shippen Grimm] Orphans of the Storm. Ayres How I Filmed the War. From the Chadronian and Orellan] The Philosophy of Teaching. by William A. by Gordon Randall Garrett [Illustrator: van Dongen] The Passing of Ku Sui. by Nathaniel Sands [Subtitle: The Teacher. Family Apatemyidae. by Lieut. by Ellen Glasgow The Magnificent Adventure. by Eleanor Mercein Kelly [Illustrator: Alonzo Kimball] Our Homeland Churches and How to Study Them. by Sidney Heath [Illustrators: Sidney Heath and Ethel M. by Laurence Mark Janifer [Illustrator: Schoenherr] Modern Americans. by Edwin Gifford Lamb 30305 30304 30303 30302 30301 30300 30299 30298 30297 30296 30295 The Century Handbook of Writing. by Friedrich Gerstäcker [Subtitle: Ein Volksbuch] [Illustrator: Carl Reinhardt] [Language: German] Sight Gag.

by Various [Subtitle: in the West-Midland Dialect of the Fourteenth Century] [Editor: Richard Morris] Die Räuberbande. by Anonymous Very Short Stories and Verses For Children. by Arthur Murphy [Commentator: Elizabeth Inchbald] That Mother-in-Law of Mine. K. tome I. by R. Max Müller [Subtitle: A Fragment] Lettres persanes. by Leonhard Frank [Language: German] Vida y obras de don Diego Velázquez. baron de Montesquieu] [Annotator: André Lefévre] [Language: French] Remember the Alamo. by F. H. Flint. by Charles-Louis de Secondat [Full author: Charles-Louis de Secondat. Clifford [Illustrator: Edith Campbell] The Grecian Daughter. F. by Andor Kapos. W. by Julio Camba [Language: Spanish] The History of Sandford and Merton. Lawrence and Amy Lowell] [Subtitle: An Anthology] La rana viajera. by Jose Rizal [Subtitle: An Abridged Translation of Dr. by Aldington et al. by Jacinto Octavio Picón [Language: Spanish] The One Hoss Shay.H. and John Gould Fletcher.Who Filmed the Great Somme Battles. Jose Rizal's Tagalog Novel. by Anonymous My Autobiography. by Mrs. and Pompei utolsó éje. [Authors: Richard Aldington. R. 'Noli Me Tangere. by Ákos Horváth [Language: Hungarian] Some Imagist Poets.] [Editor: Low Warren] Virginia under the Stuarts 1607-1688. by Oliver Wendell Holmes [Subtitle: With its Companion Poems How the Old Horse Won the Bet & The Broomstick Train] [Illustrator: Howard Pyle] Friars and Filipinos.D. Febrenbach 30284 30283 30282 30281 30280 30279 30278 30277 30276 30275 30274 30273 30272 30271 30270 30269 30268 30267 . by Barbara Constant [Illustrator: Schelling] Early English Alliterative Poems. etc.'] [Translator: Frank Ernest Gannett] A tanító. D. Wertenbaker The Sound of Silence.S. by Thomas J. by Thomas Day Tom and Maggie Tulliver.

by Charles W. by George Cary Eggleston [Subtitle: A Romance of Affairs] Frederic Lord Leighton. by E. 1493-1898. 1865. by Charles Louis Fontenay [Illustrator: Kelly Freas] Five Stages of Greek Religion. Volume 15. From the Clarendonian.Volume 40 of 55] [Full Authors: Francisco Colin. Orton [Illustrator: Orton] Disqualified. March. By a Blind Author] [A New Doglike Carnivore. by Philip K. by Ella Wheeler Wilcox The Skull. Dalquest [Full title: A New Doglike Carnivore. Volume 7. by Gilbert Murray 30266 30265 30264 30263 30262 30261 30260 30259 30258 30257 30256 30255 30254 30253 30252 30251 30250 . of Texas] [Authors: E. Raymond Hall and Walter W. by Anonymous [Subtitle: A classic Victorian erotic novel] The Philippine Islands. Economic. 1493-1898 . Combés and San Agustin [Full title: The Philippine Islands. by Leslie Burton Blades [Subtitle: The Blind Love of a Blind Hero. Descriptions of the Islands and Their Peoples. 89. Pliocene. by Glenna Lindsley Bigelow [Subtitle: An American Girl's Experiences When the Germans Came Through Belgium] A Captain in the Ranks. Dalquest] The Man Who Played to Lose. by Laurence Mark Janifer [Illustrator: Douglas] The Fighting Governor. No. by Various The Atlantic Monthly. Commercial and Religious Conditions of Those Islands from Their Earliest Relations with European Nations to the Close of the Nineteenth Century] [Editors: Emma Helen Blair and James Alexander Robertson] The Four-Faced Visitors of Ezekiel. by Various Liége on the Line of March. Showing the Political. by Colin. Genus Cynarctus. as Related in Contemporaneous Books and Manuscripts. by Arthur W. Colby [Subtitle: A Chronicle of Frontenac] The Founder of New France. Dick The Romance of Lust. Their History and Records of the Catholic Missions. by Ernest Rhys [Subtitle: An Illustrated Record of His Life and Work] Claire. by Charles W. Francisco Combés and Gaspar de San Agustin] [Subtitle: 1690-1691 Explorations by Early Navigators. Colby [Subtitle: A Chronicle of Champlain] The Heart of the New Thought. Raymond Hall and Walter W.[Illustrator: Schoenherr] Tales from Blackwood.

by John Burroughs Phemie Frost's Experiences. by James Baldwin [Subtitle: Tennyson to Chaucer] Dead Ringer. by Zoltán Ambrus [Language: Hungarian] The Vote That Made the President. by Kurt Vonnegut [Illustrator: Kossin] The Babe in the Bulrushes. by Juan Valera Six Centuries of English Poetry. by Leigh Richmond [Illustrator: Schoenherr] The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit. Torrey [Subtitle: As Revealed in the Scriptures and in Personal Experience] The Big Trip Up Yonder. Barhydt [Subtitle: Complete Instructions for Making Crayon Portraits on Crayon Paper and on Platinum. by David Dudley Field A Story of the Red Cross. Stephens Under the Maples. by John Burroughs Crayon Portraiture. by William Henry Furness [Subtitle: A Sketch] Giroflé és Girofla I.Ways of Nature. by Jerome A. by Elmore Barce [Subtitle: An Account of the Struggle to Secure Possession of the North-West from the End of the Revolution until 1812] ABC of Fox Hunting. by Lester del Rey [Illustrator: Dick Francis] Folk-lore in Borneo. by Dante Alighieri 30249 30248 30247 30246 30245 30244 30243 30242 30241 30240 30239 30238 30237 30236 30235 30234 30233 30232 30231 30230 30229 . by John Dean Paul Prologue to an Analogue. by Clara Barton [Subtitle: Glimpses of Field Work] Dante's Hel. Silver and Bromide Enlargements] Mabel's Mistake. by Arthur Helps [Subtitle: an essay on the duties of the employers to the employed] Geschichte von England. by Thomas Babington Macaulay [Full title: Geschichte von England seit der Thronbesteigung Jakob's des Zweiten] [Subtitle: Dritter Band] [Translator: Wilhelm Hartwig Beseler] [Language: German] Pepita Ximenez. Stephens The Land of the Miamis.A. by Ann S. by Ann S. by Amy Steedman The Claims of Labour. by R.

by F. Foote [Subtitle: First Series] The Ghosts. Mexico. by José Rizal [Subtitle: Noli me Tangere] [Translators: Henri Lucas and Ramon Sempau] [Language: French] Comic Bible Sketches. by Barton W. by George W. Vose [Subtitle: The Cause and the Remedy] The Strand Magazine.J. Ellis Au Pays des Moines. by Jones [Full author: J. Issue 27. March 1893. Jr. by Amy Steedman Pleistocene Bats from San Josecito Cave. Hamilton Jackson The Red Hell of Jupiter. by Paul Ernst Algo de todo. by James Patrick [Subtitle: Picture-Sermons for Children] Monophysitism Past and Present. A. by George L. by Cale Young Rice A Prairie Infanta. 1897]. Foote [Subtitle: Reprinted from "The Freethinker"] Bible Romances. Currie and Augustin McHugh Eighteenth Century Essays on Shakespeare. by George W. Nuevo Leon. Olcott Intarsia and Marquetry.[Subtitle: In proza overgebracht en met een inleiding voorzien] [Translator: H. by Eva Wilder Brodhead Bridge Disasters in America. Knox Jones. by Various [Subtitle: An Illustrated Monthly] [Editor: George Newnes] 30228 30227 30226 30225 30224 30223 30222 Birds Illustrated by Color Photograph [January. by Various [Editor: David Nichol Smith] Coquecigrues. by Various 30221 [Subtitle: A Monthly Serial designed to Promote Knowledge of Bird-Life] Evangelists of Art. by Jules Renard [Language: French] Many Gods.] The Buddhist Catechism. Ingersoll 30220 30219 30218 30217 30216 30215 30214 30213 30212 30211 30210 30209 30208 . Luce [Subtitle: A Study in Christology] Joseph the Dreamer. by A. by Robert G. Boeken] [Language: Dutch] Officer 666. by Edward S. by Henry S. by Juan Valera [Language: Spanish] The Great Cattle Trail. Volume V.

by Charles Bradlaugh. and Gods. Boyd 30207 30206 30205 30204 30203 30202 30201 30200 30199 30198 30197 30196 30195 30194 30193 30192 30191 30190 30189 . Lucas] Around the World with Josiah Allen's Wife. "Iconoclast")] McIlvaine's Star. by Charles Bradlaugh [Subtitle: Reprinted from the "North American Review" of March.[Subtitle: And Other Lectures] Men. Foote [Subtitle: First Series] In Praise of Folly. 5 Sept 1914. Boyd and Lyle G. Watts [Subtitle: Reprinted From an English Work Entitled "Half-Hours With The Freethinkers. by Marietta Holley [Illustrator: H. A. V. by Max Muller [Subtitle: Essays chiefly on the Science of Language] A Critic in Pall Mall. Collins. by George W. Foote [Subtitle: Second Series] Flowers of Freethought.a. by William C. by Various [Language: French] Landmarks in the History of Early Christianity. by Desiderius Erasmus [Subtitle: Illustrated with Many Curious Cuts] [Illustrator: Hans Holbein] Ancient and Modern Celebrated Freethinkers. Foote Arrows of Freethought. Ingersoll] Humanity's Gain from Unbelief."] [Editor: Charles Bradlaugh (a. by Cale Young Rice Farthest North. by August Derleth [Illustrator: Bob Martin] Nirvana Days. by George W. by George W. by Kirsopp Lake East of the Shadows. Pettit] Show Business. No. by Fridtjof Nansen [Subtitle: Being the Record of a Voyage of Exploration of the Ship 'Fram' 1893-1896] [Contributor: Otto Sverdrup] L'Illustration. Gardener [Subtitle: And Other Lectures] [Commentator: Robert G. by George W. 12 Sept 1914. 1889] Reminiscences of Charles Bradlaugh. 3732. 3733. and J.Volume IV. by Various [Language: French] L'Illustration No. Hubert Barclay Chips from a German Workshop . by Oscar Wilde [Editor: E. Foote Flowers of Freethought. by Mrs.k. by Helen H. Women. M.

by John Sell Cotman Vertellingen van vroeger en later tijd. by Frederick Locker-Lampson [Editor: Alfred Denis Godley] [Translator: George Cruikshank] The Fairy Changeling and Other Poems. by Ford Madox Ford Death Points a Finger. by Mordecai Cubitt Cooke [Editor: M. by Edward Allen Bell 30188 30187 30186 30185 30184 30183 30182 30181 30180 30179 30178 30177 30176 30175C 30174C 30173 30172 30171 30170 30169 30168 . by Victor Jose Fernandez Bolivar [Full title: The Mathematical-Historical Principles and the Evolution of Liberty] Saint Ursula. v. Vol. by Russell Robert Winterbotham [Illustrator: Kelly Freas] The Story of the White Mouse. or the London Charivari. 98. by John Ruskin [Subtitle: Story of Ursula and Dream of Ursula] Architectural Antiquities of Normandy. by Various [Editors: Rossiter Johnson.[Illustrator: Mel Hunter] The Fifth Queen. Berkeley] Perugino. 1890. by Unknown A History of Giggleswick School. March 15. J. by Will Levinrew The Great Events by Famous Historians. by Various O Carrasco de Victor Hugo Jose Alves. by Annie Van Sommer and Samuel Marinus Zwemer [Subtitle: A Cry of Need from Lands of Darkness Interpreted by Those Who Heard It] Astounding Stories of Super-Science January 1931. by Jacob Van Lennep [Language: Dutch] Lonesome Hearts. by Camilo Castelo Branco [Language: Portuguese] Principios Matematico-Historicos. Charles Horne and John Rudd] London Lyrics. by Various Fungi: Their Nature and Uses. by Eric Fisher Wood [Subtitle: Seven Months in the War Zone] Our Moslem Sisters. by Victor Jose Fernandez Bolivar [Full title: Los Principios Matematico-Historicos y la Evolucion de la Libertad] [Language: Spanish] Mathematical-Historical Principles. 13. by Selwyn Brinton The Note-Book of an Attache. by Clayton Hamilton [Commentator: Brander Matthews] Punch. by Dora Sigerson Shorter A Manual of the Art of Fiction.

No. by Samuel Vaknin [Editor: Lidija Rangelovska] Macedonia: A Nation at a Crossroads. by Nicolò Papadopoli Aldobrandini [Full title: Le monete di Venezia descritte ed illustrate da Nicolo Papadopoli Aldobrandini. 1. Hellwag] [Language: German] Le monete di Venezia. Christianity and the Bible. 1885. by Griffenhagen and Young [Full author: George B. by I. by Intercollegiate Peace Association [Editor: Stephen S. by Mark Twain [Translator: H. by Various Die Abenteuer Tom Sawyers. Haldeman The True-Born Englishman. March. by Samuel Vaknin [Editor: Lidija Rangelovska] Prize Orations of the Intercollegiate Peace Association. by E. 1865. M. February. Georg Friedrich Händel [Subtitle: Solomon (Second Overture)] [Transcriber: Herbert] Relativity: The Special and General Theory. Nesbit [Illustrators: Frances Brundage and M. by Various [Subtitle: 1916. 07.[Subtitle: From its Foundation 1499 to 1912] Royal Children of English History. 1931. Volume 15. Elso felev 20. by Samuel Vaknin [Editor: Lidija Rangelovska] Narcissistic and Psychopathic Leaders. No. by Samuel Vaknin [Editor: Lidija Rangelovska] Abuse. fuzet] [Editor: Kalman Arkay] [Language: Hungarian] Old English Patent Medicines in America. by Various Arrival of the Queen of Sheba. 1] [Subtitle: Con disegni di C. by Various The Atlantic Monthly. by Paul Bourget [Language: Portuguese] Christ. Bowley] Astounding Stories. July. Griffenhagen and James Harvey Young] A agua profunda. by Daniel Defoe [Subtitle: A Satire] The American Missionary--Volume 39. 88. v. V. Kunz] [Language: Italian] Vasarnapi Konyv. and Their Consequences and Effects. Weston] 30167 30166 30165 30164 30163 30162 30161 30160 30159 30158 30157 30156 30155 30154C 30153C 30152C 30151C 30150 . by Albert Einstein Essays on God and Freud. Torture and Trauma.

by L. Henty [Subtitle: The Young Settlers] [Illustrator: J. by William Reed Huntington Walter Pieterse. by Susan Warner What She Could. Antiquaries. W. by James Brendan Connolly Daisy Brooks. Number 217. 5. by G. Giles [Subtitle: A Book for Tourists] The Seiners. by Various Gone Fishing. by Harry F. November. etc] The Canon of the Bible. Artists. and Fluctuations] Nye and Riley's Wit and Humor (Poems and Yarns). by Susan Warner The House in Town. 1853. B.21 octobre 1789-1er juillet 1794] [Editor: Albert Laponneraye] [Language: French] Out on the Pampas. Zwecker] Little Brother. December 24. by Multatuli [Subtitle: A Story of Holland] [Translator: Hubert Evans] [Multatuli is the pseudonym of Eduard Douwes Dekker] Elementary Theosophy. by Cory Doctorow The Continental Monthly. by Susan Warner Opportunities. by Lawrence J. by James H. Rogers Notes and Queries. by Susan Warner 30149 30148 30147 30146 ~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks: 1 Sep 2009 to 30 Sep 2009 ~ ~ ~ ~ Pathfinders of the Great Plains. A. 4. by Samuel Davidson [Subtitle: Its Formation. 1863. Genealogists. History. by Bill Nye and James Whitcomb Riley 30145 30144 30143 30142C 30141 30140 30139 30138 30137 30136 30135 30134 30133 30132 30131 . Vol. by Various [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men. Schmitz [Illustrator: Krembel] The Beauties of the State of Washington. by Laura Jean Libbey [Subtitle: A Perilous Love] Short History of the Book of Common Prayer. by Maximilien Robespierre [Full title: Discours par Maximilien Robespierre . Burpee [Subtitle: A Chronicle of La Verendrye and his Sons] Discours par Robespierre--1789-1794. No.Trading.

by Comtesse de Segur [Illustrator: Virginia Francis Sterrett] Where Strongest Tide Winds Blew. Birch] The Church. the Schools and Evolution. by Charles Dickens and Hallie Erminie Rives [Illustrator: Reginald B. by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez [Language: Spanish ] The Art of Confectionary. by Francis Hodgson Masonic Monitor of the Degrees. by Voltaire [Translator: Peter Phalen] [Note: This is a translation of eBook 4649] Entre naranjos. February. Cherries. 1931.. Grapes. &c. Ballou Old French Fairy Tales. Conrad] Tante. JOB)] [Language: French] Graham's Magazine Vol XXXIII No. and Candies. by Marah Ellis Ryan [Illustrator: Edward S. Orange-Flowers. by Judson Eber Conant The Flute of the Gods.Due South or Cuba Past and Present. With the Best Methods of Clarifying. Lemons.Volume 3: Micromegas. Apricots Green. &c. Hammond] 30130 30129 30128 30127 30126 30125 30124 30123 30122 30121 30120 30119 30118 30117 30116 30115 30114 . Also How to Make All Sorts of Biscakes. Citrons. 4 October 1848. Plumbs. Oranges. Currants.a. Graham and Robert T. Laying Corner Stones. by Maturin M. and the Different Ways of Boiling Sugar. Golden Pippins. Dedications. Peaches. by Various [Editors: George R. Etc. Angelica. as Violets. Georg-Gunther von Forstner [Commentator: John Hays. by Oscar Wilde [Illustrator: Charles Robinson] Calvinistic Doctrine of Predestination Examined and Refuted. Sugar-Works. Dry and Liquid. by George Thornburgh [Full title: Masonic Monitor of the Degrees of Entered Apprentice. Curtis] Astounding Stories. Jr. Nectarines. Flowers and Herbs.k. Maspins. Rasberries. by Various Romans -.] The Happy Prince and Other Tales. by Edward Lambert [Subtitle: Shewing the Various Methods of Preserving All Sorts of Fruits.. Masonic Burial. Figs. by Anne Douglas Sedgwick Journal of Submarine Commander von Forstner. Walnuts.] ABC. by Jules Lemaître [Subtitle: Petits Contes] [Illustrator: Jacques Onfroy de Breville (a. by Robert McReynolds Tales from Dickens. Goosberries. Wardens. Fellow Craft and Master Mason] [Subtitle: together with the Ceremony of Installation. Almonds. viz.

[Translator: Anna Crafts Codman] The One-Way Trail, by Ridgwell Cullum [Subtitle: A story of the cattle country] Development of the Phonograph at Alexander Graham Bell's Volta Laboratory, by Leslie J. Newville [Subtitle: Contributions from the Museum of History and Technology, United States National Museum Bulletin 218, Paper 5, (pages 69-79)] A Noble Woman, by Ann S. Stephens Name and Fame, by Adeline Sergeant [Subtitle: A Novel] The Russian Garland, by Various [Subtitle: being Russian Falk Tales] [Editor: Robert Steele] [Illustrator: J. R. de Rosciszewski] The Quality of Mercy, by W. D. Howells Principles of Political Economy, by John Stuart Mill [Editor: J. Lawrence Laughlin] The Vast Abyss, by George Manville Fenn [Subtitle: The Story of Tom Blount, his Uncles and his Cousin Sam] [Illustrator: W.H. Overend] The Strand Magazine, Volume V, Issue 26, February 1893, by Various [Subtitle: An Illustrated Monthly] [Editor: George Newnes] Species Plantarum, by Carolus Linnaeus [Subtitle: Sections VI-X] [This text is a continuation of 20771 and 27049.] [Language: Latin] Birds Illustrated by Color Photograph [March 1897], by Various [Subtitle: A Monthly Serial designed to Promote Knowledge of Bird-Life] Hethadenee waunauyaunee vadan Luke vanenana, by Luke [Subtitle: The Gospel According to Saint Luke] [Translators: Michael White Hawk and John Roberts] [Language: Arapaho] Whispers, by Paul Cameron Brown Marion Fay, by Anthony Trollope Hypochondriasis, by John Hill [Subtitle: A Practical Treatise (1766)] The Venetian School of Painting, by Evelyn March Phillipps Erinnerungen, by Ludwig Thoma [Language: German] The Camera Fiend, by Ernest Hornung 30113 30112

30111 30110 30109

30108 30107 30106





30101C 30100 30099 30098 30097 30096

At the Crossroads, by Harriet T. Comstock [Illustrator: Walter De Maris] Fred Fenton Marathon Runner, by Allen Chapman [Subtitle: The Great Race at Riverport School] The Shepherd of the North, by Richard Aumerle Maher Lords of the Housetops, by Various [Subtitle: Thirteen Cat Tales] [Editor: Carl Van Vechten]

30095 30094 30093 30092

Itinerario da viagem, que fez a Jerusalem o M.R.P., Francisco Guerreiro 30091 [Language: Portuguese] Robinetta, by Kate Douglas Wiggin et al [Authors: Kate Douglas Wiggin, Mary Findlater, Jane Findlater and Allan McAulay] Young Barbarians, by Ian Maclaren Dorothy Dainty at the Mountains, by Amy Brooks Amaryllis at the Fair, by Richard Jefferies [Commentator: Edward Garnett] Has Anyone Here Seen Kelly?, by Bryce Walton [Illustrator: Paul Orban] Life of Henry Martyn, 1781 to 1812, by Sarah J. Rhea [Full title: Life of Henry Martyn, Missionary to India and Persia, 1781 to 1812] Norwegische Volksmährchen vol. 2, by P. Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Moe [Subtitle: gesammelt von P. Asbjørnsen und Jørgen Moe] [Commentator: Ludwig Tieck] [Translator: Friedrich Bresemann] [Language: German] Letters of Madam Guyon, by P. L. Upham Westward with the Prince of Wales, by W. Douglas Newton The Arena, by Various [Subtitle: Volume 18, No. 92, July, 1897] [Editor: John Clark Ridpath] Samlade Skrifter #28, by August Strindberg [Subtitle: Hemsöborna och Skärkarlsliv] [Language: Swedish] Skäkarlsliv, by August Strindberg [Language: Swedish] Hemsöborna, by August Strindberg [Language: Swedish] Die Hanse und England, by Friedrich Schulz [Subtitle: von Eduards III. bis auf Heinrichs VIII. Zeit] 30090

30089 30088 30087 30086 30085


30083 30082 30081


30079 30078 30077

[Language: German] Graham's Magazine Vol XXXIII No. 3 September 1848, by Various [Editor: George R. Graham and Robert T. Conrad] Our Next-Door Neighbors, by Belle Kanaris Maniates [Illustrator: Tony Sarg] Jessica, the Heiress, by Evelyn Raymond 30074 Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 8, Slice 3, by Various [Subtitle: "Destructors" to "Diameter"] Angelot, by Eleanor Price [Subtitle: A Story of the First Empire] Paginas Archeologicas, by Felix Alves Pereira [Subtitle: III - Situação conjectural de Talabriga] [Language: Portuguese] Bom senso e bom gosto--Quental, by Antero de Quental [Full title: Bom senso e bom gosto, carta ao sr. A. F. de Castilho] [Language: Portuguese] Bom senso e bom gosto--Chagas, by Manuel Pinheiro Chagas [Full title: Bom senso e bom gosto, folhetim a proposito da carta que o sr. Anthero do Quental dirigiu ao sr. A. F. de Castilho] [Language: Portuguese] Descripçaõ do Canamo ou Canave, by Henri-Louis Duhamel du Monceau [Full title: Descripçaõ sobre a cultura do Canamo ou Canave] [Translator: José Mariano da Conceição Veloso] [Language: Portuguese] Oeuvres complètes de lord Byron, Volume 9, by George Gordon Byron [Subtitle: comprenant ses memoires publies par Thomas Moore] [Annotator: Thomas Moore] [Translator: Paris Paulin] [Language: French] Laboratory Manual of Glass-Blowing, by Francis C. Frary Benign Stupors, by August Hoch [Subtitle: A Study of a New Manic-Depressive Reaction Type] Burma, by R.Talbot Kelly [Subtitle: Peeps at Many Lands] Double Take, by Richard Wilson [Illustrator: Paul Orban] The Plague, by Teddy Keller [Illustrator: Schoenherr] The Religious Sentiment, by Daniel G. Brinton [Subtitle: Its Source and Aim: A Contribution to the Science and Philosophy of Religion] 30073 30072 30071 30076 30075





30066 30065 30064 30063 30062 30061

Vasárnapi Könyv, by Various [Subtitle: 1914. Elsö félév 9. füzet] [Editor: Kálmán Árkay] [Language: Hungarian] The Wings of the Dove, Volume II, by Henry James Independence: Virginia 1763-1783, by Virginia State Dept. of Education [Full title: The Road to Independence: Virginia 1763-1783] The Pirate Woman, by Aylward Edward Dingle Punch, or, the London Charivari, Volume 98, March 8, 1890, by Various [Editor: Sir Francis Burnand] The 1893 Duryea Automobile, by Don H. Berkebile [Full title: The 1893 Duryea Automobile In the Museum of History and Technology] A Virginia Village, by Charles A. Stewart Los Puritanos, y otros cuentos, by D. Armando Palacio Valdés [Editor: W.T. Faulkner] [Language: Spanish] Esploración arqueológica de la Provincia de Catamarca, by Moreno [Full author: Francisco Pascasio Moreno] [Language: Spanish] The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume VI, by Various [Editor: Ida Husted Harper] Tales From Catland, for Little Kittens, by Tabitha Grimalkin [Illustrator: Hammatt Billings]


30059 30058 30057 30056 30055

30054 30053


30051 30050

Het huiselik en maatschappelik, by Foort Cornelis Dominicus 30049 [Full title: Het huiselik en maatschappelik leven van de Zuid-Afrikaner] [Subtitle: in de eerste helft der 18de eeuw] [Language: Dutch] The Contemporary Review, Volume 36, September 1879, by Various Aircraft and Submarines, by Willis J. Abbot [Subtitle: The Story of the Invention, Development and Present-Day Uses of War's Newest Weapons] Le Tour du Monde; Abydos, by Various [Subtitle: Journal des voyages et des voyageurs; 2e Sem. 1905] [Editor: Édouard Charton] [Language: French] Planet of Dreams, by James McKimmey [Illustrator: Paul Orban] The Carnivore, by G. A. Morris [Illustrator: Burchard] Lutezia, by Anton Giulio Barrili [Language: Italian] 30048 30047


30045 30044 30043

Streifzüge an der Riviera, by Eduard Strasburger [Language: German] Mlle. Fouchette, by Charles Theodore Murray [Subtitle: A Novel of French Life] [Illustrators: W. H. Richardson, E. Benson Kennedy and Francis Day] The Red River Colony, by Louis Aubrey Wood [Subtitle: A Chronicle of the Beginnings of Manitoba] Adventurers of the Far North, by Stephen Leacock [Subtitle: A Chronicle of the Frozen Seas] A line-o'-verse or two, by Bert Leston Taylor In the Shadow of the Hills, by George C. Shedd Word Study and English Grammar, by Frederick W. Hamilton [Subtitle: A Primer of Information about Words, Their Relations and Their Uses] Off Course, by Mack Reynolds [Author a.k.a. Dallas McCord Reynolds] [Illustrator: Kelly Freas] I'll Kill You Tomorrow, by Helen Huber [Illustrator: Kelly Freas] Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 98, February 8, 1890, by Various [Editor: Francis Cowley Burnand] Nella lotta, by Enrico Castelnuovo [Language: Italian] The Eye of Dread, by Payne Erskine [Illustrator: George Gibbs] I coniugi Varedo, by Enrico Castelnuovo [Language: Italian] Lost in Translation, by Larry M. Harris [Illustrator: Schoenherr] The Award of Justice, by A. Maynard Barbour [Subtitle: Told in the Rockies] Sult, by Knut Hamsun [Language: Norwegian] A Story of One Short Life, 1783 to 1818, by Elisabeth G. Stryker [Subtitle: Samuel John Mills] Rugs: Oriental and Occidental, Antique & Modern, by Rosa Belle Holt [Subtitle: A Handbook for Ready Reference] The Fisher-Boy Urashima, by Anonymous [Translator: B. H. Chamberlain] The Daughter of the Storage, by William Dean Howells

30042 30041

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30034 30033 30032 30031 30030 30029 30028 30027 30026 30025 30024 30023

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Margaret Oliphant The Doctor's Family. Margaret Oliphant Life Sentence. by Seward D. by James McConnell [Illustrator: Dick Francis] The Hunting of the Snark. by Various Morals of Economic Internationalism. Hobson 29882 29881 ~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks: 1 Aug 2009 to 31 Aug 2009 ~ ~ ~ ~ . Volume 59. No. Lisle [Subtitle: Or. McIvor-Tyndall] Criminal Man. Various 29883 Astounding Stories of Super-Science. by Ali Nomad [Subtitle: The Spiritual Function of Sex] ["Ali Nomad" is a pseudonym of Dr. by Agnes C. 366. April.O Máo Rei e o Bom Subdito. in Eight Fits] [Illustrator: Henry Holiday] Discours par Robespierre. by Allan Menzies [Subtitle: A Sketch of Primitive Religious Beliefs and Practices. by Gina Lombroso-Ferrero [Subtitle: According to the Classification of Cesare Lombroso] [Commentator: Cesare Lombroso] A Romance of the West Indies. by Mrs. H. by Unknown [Language: Portuguese] Runaway. by William Morrison [Illustrator: William Ashman] Sex=The Unknown Quantity. by Eugene Sue [Translator: Marian Longfellow] History of Religion. by Agnes C. Laut The Cariboo Trail. 1930. by Jaime de Magalhães Lima [Language: Portuguese] 29898 29897 29896 29895 29894 29893 29892 29891 29890 29889 29888 29887 29886 29885 29884 Blackwoods Edinburgh Magazine. and of the Origin and Character of the Great Systems] Up the Forked River. Lisle (an anagram). Laut [Subtitle: A Chronicle of the Gold-fields of British Columbia] Rogações de Eremita. Alexander J.] The Rector. by John A. October. Jayne. 1846. by Maximilien Robespierre [Full title: Discours par Maximilien Robespierre -17 Avril 1792-27 Juillet 1794] [Language: French] Pioneers of the Pacific Coast. Adventures in South America] [Edward Sylvester Ellis wrote this book under the pseudonym Seward D. by Lewis Carroll [Subtitle: an Agony. 1792-94. His other pen name in the PG catalog is R. by Mrs.

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by Anton Giulio Barrili [Language: Italian] I rossi e i neri. 365. by Victor Hugo [Language: French] Les contemplations. vol. March. by Anton Giulio Barrili [Language: Italian] Les contemplations. 1930. Roberts 29848 29847 29846 29845 29844 29843 29842 29841 29840 29839 . by J. Leslie Brooke [Subtitle: With Drawings in Colour and Black and White] The House in the Water. by Paul Ehrlich and Adolf Lazarus [Subtitle: Normal and Pathological] [Commentator: German Sims Woodhead] [Translator: W. by Aphra Behn [Subtitle: Volume V] [Editor: Montague Summers] The Fathers of New England. R. D. No. Myers] Anecdotes & Incidents of the Deaf and Dumb. by W. Volume 59. by Various The Paliser case. by Charles G. by Charles M. vol. Roe A Nursery Rhyme Picture Book. P. by Charles Carleton Coffin 29849 [Subtitle: 1769 . v 2-2. Various Jacquine Vanesse.Dave Porter At Bear Camp. by Victor Cherbuliez [Language: French] Al de Kinderliederen. 1846. Heije [Language: Dutch] The Rosicrucian Mysteries. by L. Andrews [Subtitle: A Chronicle of the Puritan Commonwealths] The Ivory Snuff Box.1776 A Historical Romance] Astounding Stories of Super-Science. v 1-2. June. Rogers] Blackwoods Edinburgh Magazine. by Melville Davisson Post Woodrow Wilson's Administration and Achievements. Lord and James William Bryan 29859 29858 29857 29856 29855 29854 29853 29852 29851 29850 Daughters of the Revolution and Their Times. 1. by Edward Stratemeyer [Subtitle: The Wild Man of Mirror Lake] [Illustrator: Walter S. by Frank B. by Edgar Saltus I rossi e i neri. by Arnold Fredericks Dwellers in the Hills. 2. by Victor Hugo [Language: French] Histology of the Blood. by Max Heindel [Subtitle: An Elementary Exposition of Their Secret Teachings] The Works of Aphra Behn.

by Thucydides [Subtitle: Volume 2 (of 4)] [Translator: Ioannis Zervos] [Language: Greek] Peloponnesian war. by Thucydides [Subtitle: Volume 1 (of 4)] [Translator: Ioannis Zervos] [Language: Greek] Second Sight. by D. East Indies. by Carleton W. by Thucydides [Subtitle: Volume 3 (of 4)] [Translator: Ioannis Zervos] [Language: Greek] Peloponnesian war. by Thucydides [Subtitle: Volume 4 (of 4)] [Translator: Ioannis Zervos] [Language: Greek] Peloponnesian war. by William Tufnell Le Queux [Language: Spanish] Hair Breadth Escapes. Armando Palacio Valdés [Language: Spanish] El tesoro misterioso. by Anthony Trollope Life and Amours of Kate Percival. Arthur [Subtitle: Perilous incidents in the lives of sailors and travelers in Japan. by Louis Marie Anne Couperus [Language: Dutch] Peloponnesian war. by Sophie Cottin [Subtitle: ou les Exilés de Sibérie] [Language: French] L'étincelle. etc.. S. Gay and Dashing Kate Percival] [Subtitle: The Belle of the Delaware] Elisabeth. Ritchie] De verliefde ezel.[Subtitle: A Book of Animal Stories] [Illustrators: Charles Livingston Bull and Frank Vining Smith] Common Science. by Maximilien Robespierre [Full title: Le carnet de Robespierre (septembre-décembre 1793)] [Editor: Albert Mathiez] 29838 29837 29836 29835 29834 29833 29832 29831 29830 29829 29828 29827 29826 29825 29824 29823 . by Kate Percival [Full title: The Life and Amours of the Beautiful. Cuba. Washburne [Editor: John W. by Delly [Language: French] Diana. by Susan Warner Le carnet de Robespierre. etc. by Basil Eugene Wells Riverita.] Is He Popenjoy?. by T.

by Thomas J. by Marie Lebert [Language: Spanish] 29804 29803C . Carew Hazlitt] The Cathedrals of Northern France. J. by Frances Elizabeth Barrow [Subtitle: Being the Fifth Book of the Series] The Little Nightcap Letters. E.. by Various The Man Who Wins. by João Manuel Pereira da Silva [Subtitle: Chronica do Seculo XVII] [Language: Portuguese] The Plunderer.. by Frédéric Houssay 29822 29821 29820 29819 29818 29817 29816 The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizens. Gage] The Industries of Animals. Lennes Elemente der Absoluten Geometrie. by Anonymous Astounding Stories of Super-Science. by Roy Norton [Illustrator: Douglas Duer] The Harbor of Doubt. W. Slaught and N. by Robert Herrick Solid Geometry with Problems and Applications (Revised edition). by Unknown [Subtitle: Reprints of the Early and Very Rare Jest-Books Supposed to Have Been Used by Shakespeare] [Editor: W.[Language: French] Rescue Squad. by Frank Williams [Illustrator: G. by Luciano Cordeiro [Subtitle: historia anecdotica de um tratado inedito] [Language: Portuguese] Una Corta Historia del EBook. by Francis Miltoun [Illustrator: Blanche McManus] Manuel de Moraes. by Georg Jellinek 29815 [Translator: Max Farrand] De komedianten. by Louis Marie Anne Couperus [Language: Dutch] The Big Nightcap Letters. by H. by Johannes Frischauf [Language: German] 29814 29813 29812 29811 29810 29809 29808 29807 29806 Étude des Élassoïdes ou Surfaces A Courbure Moyenne Nulle. May. by Frances Elizabeth Barrow [Subtitle: Being the Fourth Book of the Series] The Girl Scouts Their History and Practice. O'Hara Shakespeare Jest-Books. 1930. by Frances Elizabeth Barrow Two Mittens and the Little Play Mittens. by Ribaucour 29805 [Author: Albert Ribaucour] [Language: French] O thesouro do rei Fernando.

by Colonel Prentiss Ingraham [Subtitle: The Stranger in Camp] The Most Sentimental Man. by Madison J. David S. by Melkanoff et al. by Leigh Richmond and Walt Richmond [Illustrator: John Schoenherr] Four Lectures on Mathematics. by Dave Dryfoos [Illustrator: Fries] The Hohokam Dig. And Its Experiences. Dunn First Course in the Theory of Equations. by Leonid Nikolayevich Andreyev [Subtitle: Novelas breves] [Translator: Nicolás Tasín] [Language: Spanish] Japan. Asbjörnsen und Jörgen Moe] [Author: Foreword by Ludwig Tieck] [Translator: Friederich Bresemann] [Language: German] An Ode. by David Murray The Prison Chaplaincy. Nodvik and David G. by Hosea Quinby Norwegische Volksmährchen I. by Marie Lebert La Fonction Gamma. by Jacques Hadamard [Subtitle: Delivered at Columbia University in 1911] England. by Byron A. by Theodore Pratt Buffalo Bill's Spy Trailer. Cawein Tree. Melkanoff. Smith Pleasant Journey. Spare that Woodman. by Richard F.Une Courte Histoire de l'EBook. by Marie Lebert [Language: French] A Short History of EBooks. Picturesque and Descriptive. Cantor] Équations Différentielles. Saxon. by Evelyn E. Thieme [Illustrator: George Schelling] Poppa Needs Shorts. by P. [Full title: A Fortran Program for Elastic Scattering Analyses with the Nuclear Optical Model] [Authors: Michel A. by Joel Cook [Subtitle: A Reminiscence of Foreign Travel] Raiding with Morgan. John S. by Vito Volterra [Full title: Leçons sur l'intégration des Équations 29802C 29801C 29800 29799 29798 29797 29796 29795 29794 29793 29792 29791 29790 29789 29788 29787 29786 29785 29784 29783 . by Maurice Godefroy [Language: French] Los espectros. by Leonard Eugene Dickson Elastic Scattering Analyses. Asbjörnsen and Jörgen Moe [Subtitle: gesammelt von P.

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06.Les derniers jours de Pékin. by Various Rural Hygiene. Brinton [Subtitle: An Address Before the Annual Meeting of the New Jersey Historical Society. 1911] The Lord of Glory. by Henry Neely Ogden An Ethnologist's View of History. by Walter Goodman Geographic Variation in the Harvest Mouse. 1896] Bunte Steine. by Rupert Hughes 29565 29564 29563 29562 29561 ~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks: 1 Jul 2009 to 31 Jul 2009 ~ ~ ~ ~ M.Volume 38. P. 1884. by Philip José Farmer Boy Scouts Handbook. Reithrodontomys megalotis. by Daniel G. M. On the Central Great Plains And in Adjacent Regions] [Authors: J. or An Artist in Cuba. the work and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ] The American Missionary -. No. January 28. at Trenton. Knox Jones and B. Punch's Parliamentary Portrait Gallery] They Twinkled Like Jewels. Mursaloglu] The Clock that Had no Hands. by John Lydgate Told by the Northmen:. June. by Victor Hugo [Language: French] Warrior Race. by Jones and Mursaloglu [Full title: Geographic Variation in the Harvest Mouse. by E. by Herbert Kaufman [Subtitle: And Nineteen Other Essays About Advertising] In a Little Town.'s in Session. by Boy Scouts of America [Subtitle: The First Edition. [Ethel Mary] Wilmot-Buxton [Subtitle: Stories from the Eddas and Sagas] Mulheres e creanças. by Adalbert Stifter [Subtitle: Ein Festgeschenk] [Language: German] The Temple of Glass. by Maria Amália Vaz de Carvalho [Subtitle: notas sobre educação] [Language: Portuguese] Le Roi s'amuse. by Pierre Loti [Language: French] The Pearl of the Antilles. by Andre Dacier [Editor: Samuel Holt Monk] 29560 29559 29558 29557 29556 29555 29554 29553 29552 29551 29550 29549 29548 29547 . by Robert Sheckley [Illustrator: Scattergood] The Preface to Aristotle's Art of Poetry. New Jersey. by Harry Furniss [Subtitle: From Mr. by Arno Gaebelein [Subtitle: Meditations on the person.

by Poul William Anderson A Walk from London to Fulham. Côte d'Ivoire. 1860] [Editor: Édouard Charton] [Language: French] Le Tour du Monde. Dillon Croker] [Illustrator: F. Driggs [Illustrator: F. Ohio. 1905] [Editor: Édouard Charton] [Language: French] The Hands. by Randall Davies Silhouettes. by Maurice Hewlett [Illustrator: William Hyde] Jolly Sally Pendleton. Afrique Centrale. by Various [Subtitle: Journal des voyages et des voyageurs. Birmingham Six Centuries of Painting.Where Half The World Is Waking Up. 2e Sem. by Joseph Pohle [Subtitle: A Dogmatic Treatise] [Editor: Arthur Preuss] Le Tour du Monde. Wilson] The Valor of Cappen Varra. F. Morgan The Red Hand of Ulster. P. Île d'Elbe. Actual and Habitual. by A. 1905] [Editor: Édouard Charton] [Language: French] Le Tour du Monde. Kachmir. by Thomas Crofton Croker [Editor: T. by Fichte [Full title: Achtundvierzig Briefe von Johann Gottlieb Fichte und seinen Verwandten] [Author: Johann Gottlieb Fichte] [Editor: Moritz Weinhold] [Language: German] 29546 29545 29544 29543 29542 29541 29540 29539 29538 29537 29536 29535 29534 29533 29532 29531 29530 . by Clarence Poe The Spanish Jade. sem. by Arthur Symons Achtundvierzig Briefe von Johann Gottlieb Fichte. by Various [Subtitle: Journal des voyages et des voyageurs. 1905] [Editor: Édouard Charton] [Language: French] Le Tour du Monde. 2em. by Richard Sternbach [Illustrator: Ray Houlihan] The Myxomycetes of the Miami Valley. by Various [Subtitle: Journal des voyages et des voyageurs. by George A. W. by Ezra Meeker and Howard R. 1er sem. N. Fairholt] Grace. by Various [Subtitle: Journal des voyages et des voyageurs. by Laura Jean Libbey [Subtitle: The Wife Who Was Not a Wife] Ox-Team Days on the Oregon Trail. 1er sem.

147. 1916. 1914. Chief Justice Marshall in the Case of Samuel A. by John Marshall [Subtitle: With a Statement of the Case. by Unknown [Language: Portuguese] The Camp Fire Girls in the Mountains. Delivered by Mr. No. 1755-1835. Georgie Sheldon Le poète et l'inspiration. Vol 150. Las bodas de Yolanda. by Various Enamels and Cameos and other Poems. 1832. February 9. 86. Plaintiff in Error. by Mrs.] Olive in Italy. by Francis Jammes [Subtitle: Orné et gravé par Armand Coussens] [Illustrator: Armand Coussens] [Language: French] Punch or the London Charivari. December 23. versus the State of Georgia. by Sigmund Freud [Language: German] Opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States. by Owen Seaman Vergänglichkeit. Worcester. Volume 14. Vol. by Jane L. by Plotinus 29529 29528 29527 28526 29525 29524 29523 29522 29521 29520 29519 29518 29517 29516 29515 29514 29513 29512 29511 29510 . by Moray Dalton El molino silencioso.Historia Antiga. Fielding Vrouwenkiesrecht in de Skandinavische landen. Or The London Charivari. by Mary Hooper [Subtitle: Thirteenth Edition] Punch. by H. by Various The Battle of the Bays. by Théophile Gautier [Translator: Agnes Lee] Tupa Uudentalon veräjällä. by Carl Anton Wetterbergh [Language: Finnish] Nelson's Home Comforts. 1864. Stewart [Subtitle: or Bessie King's Strange Adventure] The Soul of a People. by Hermann Sudermann [Language: Spanish] An Essay on the Beautiful. December. Extracted from the Records of the Supreme Court of the United States] [The opinion was delivered and presumably written by Chief Justice John Marshall. by Aletta Henriette Jacobs [Language: Dutch] The Leech. by Phillips Barbee [Illustrator: Connell] The Masked Bridal. by Margaret Williamson The Atlantic Monthly. at January Term. by Various [Editor: Owen Seaman] John and Betty's History Visit.

by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón [Subtitle: Historia verdadera de un sucedido que anda en romances escrita ahora tal y como pasó] [Contributor: Benjamin P. by Frederik Pohl [Illustrator: Dick Francis] Little Masterpieces of Science: Explorers. by Robert Sheckley [Illustrator: Ed Emshwiller] The Ethics of Coöperation. by Gilbert Cannan [Subtitle: A Tale of Three Idealists] The Paper Moneys of Europe. his grand discovery. by Unknown [Subtitle: for improvement in reference to their charities. by James Hayden Tufts Reisbrieven uit Afrika en Azië. by Emmett J. A. Tomas X] [Editor: Jacques Paul Migne] [Language: Latin] King Philip. by John Stevens Cabot Abbott [Subtitle: Makers of History] 29509 29508 29507 29506 29505 29504 29503 29502 29501 29500 29499 29498 29497 29496 29495 29494 . Scott Mummery. by Various [Subtitle: being a concordance of choice tributes to the great Genoese. and his greatness of mind and purpose] Sancti Hilarii: Pictaviensis. by Francis W. education. by Aletta Henriette Jacobs [Subtitle: benevens eenige brieven uit Zweden en Noorwegen] [Illustrator: Cornelis André Vlaanderen] [Language: Dutch] El sombrero de tres picos. by Tomás de Iriarte [Language: Spanish] Christopher Columbus and His Monument Columbia. by J. by Fritz Reuter Leiber [Illustrator: Bowman] The Hated. Bourland] [Language: Spanish] Suggestions to the Jews.[Subtitle: From the Greek of Plotinus] [Translator: Thomas Taylor] Warm. and general government] What's He Doing in There?. Giles and Hilarius [Full title: Sancti Hilarii: Pictaviensis Episcopi Opera Omnia] [Subtitle: Patrologiae Cursus Completus. Hirst [Subtitle: Their Moral and Economic Significance] The Film of Fear. by Various [Editor: George Iles] Negro Migration during the War. by Arnold Fredericks [Illustrator: Will Foster] Fábulas literarias.

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Allen L. H. by Basil Hall Chamberlain Noble Deeds of the World's Heroines. Both in These Days. by Gian Giorno Trissino [Subtitle: Tragedie tresexcellente. Chapelle An Encore. Reynolds. and in Antient Times] How the Piano Came to Be. Smith The Issahar Artifacts. by L. by Howard I. by Nancy Luce No Hiding Place. Landsberg] Aino Folk-Tales. by Henry Charles Moore The Migrations of an American Boat Type. Volume II (of 8). tant pour l'argument. Lind-af-Hageby [Subtitle: and some subjects of the day and the war] Morals in Trade and Commerce. by Diogo de Macedo [Subtitle: Romance Historico do Seculo XVI] [Language: Portuguese] People of Position. by Ellye Howell Glover Sophonisba. by Thomas William Allies 29282 29281 29280 29279 29278 29277 29276 29275 29274 29273 29272 29271 29270 29269 29268 . by Émile Souvestre [Language: French] Remarks Concerning Stones from the Clouds. by Richard R. que pour le poly langage et graves sentences dont elle est ornée] [Editor: Gilles Corrozet] [Translator: Mellin de Saint-Gelais] [Language: French] The Innocent Adventuress. by John Stewart Williamson 29287 29286 29285 29284 29283 ~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks: 1 Jun 2009 to 30 Jun 2009 ~ ~ ~ ~ Un philosophe sous les toits. by Jesse Franklin Bone The Story of the Great War.[Translators: J. Connelly and L. by Frank B. Volume VI. by H. Richard Boehm] A Complete Edition of the Works of Nancy Luce. Hill The Formation of Christendom. by Margaret Deland Salvage in Space. R. Churchill and Francis T. Anderson O Christão novo. by Various [Subtitle: History of the European War from Official Sources] [Editors: Francis J. Miller] A Succinct View of the Importance and Practicability of Forming a Ship Canal across the Isthmus of Panama. by Stanley Portal Hyatt [Illustrator: H. by Edward King [Full title: Remarks Concerning Stones Said to Have Fallen from the Clouds. by Mary Hastings Bradley Mountain Meditations.

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Paul Meek Introductorie for to Lerne to Speke French Trewly. on Thursday. by Henry Howland Crapo [Full title: Address delivered by Hon. by William Lawson. and to make any ground good. by Sterner St. by Juan Patricio Fernández [Language: Spanish] The Einstein See-Saw. & Present State of the Gypsies. C. Habits. 147.Rosinante to the Road Again. by Raymond Francis Yates A Historical Survey of the Customs. before the Central Michigan Agricultural Society. May 24th. Henry H. Nirvana. Simon Harwood and Anonymous [Subtitle: or. Crapo. by John Dos Passos 29073 Punch. by James Freeman Clarke 29071 29070 29069 29068 29067 29066 29065 29064 29063 29062 29061 29060 29059 29058 29057 29056 29055 29054 . by Miles John Breuer The World Beyond. by Mary Wood-Allen The Present State of Virginia. or the London Charivari. Henry H. Governor of Michigan. by Rev. by Various [Subtitle: An Illustrated Weekly] Bremen Cotton Exchange. 1880. F. by John Hoyland Loukis Laras. Vol. by William Delisle Hay [Subtitle: or Settler and Maori in Northern New Zealand] Poisoned Air. Jesse Lyman Hurlbut [Subtitle: For Boys and Girls] Harper's Young People. November 18. To Pronounce. by Various 29072 [Editor: Owen Seaman] Chit-Chat. by Andreas Wilhelm Cramer [Subtitle: 1872/1922] [Translator: Ch. at their Sheep-shearing Exhibition held at the Agricultural College Farm. by Raymond King Cummings New Orchard And Garden. by Hugh Jones Orthodoxy: Its Truths and Errors. and to Speke French Trewly] Hurlbut's Bible Lessons. 1914. Uhte] Boys' Book of Model Boats. August 3. by Demetrios or Demetrius Bikelas or Vikelas [Language: Greek] Relacion historial de las misiones de indios chiquitos que en el Paraguay tienen los padres de la Compañía de Jesús. for a rich Orchard: Particularly in the North and general] Address by Hon. Crapo. The Searchlight. by Mathew Joseph Holt Brighter Britain! (Volume 1 of 2). The best way for planting. grafting. by Anonymous [Full title: An Introductorie for to Lerne to Read. 1866] Almost A Man.

July 20. by Stephen McKenna Como e porque sou romancista. Together with Some Account of the Singular Manner by Which He Departed This Life] The Heads of Apex. by Roger de Bussy-Rabutin [Subtitle: suivie des Romans historico-satiriques du XVIIe siècle] [Annotator: Paul Boiteau] [Language: French] The Fabric of Civilization. by Various [Subtitle: An Illustrated Weekly] A Tangled Tale. by Various [Subtitle: An Illustrated Weekly] Histoire amoureuse des Gaules. by Henry Augustus Wise [Author a. by Frederic C.k. by Annie Salomons [Language: Dutch] Harper's Young People. by Anonymous [Subtitle: A Short Survey of the Cotton Industry in the United States] Captain Brand of the "Centipede". by Beatrix Potter [Translators: Victorine Ballon and Julienne Profichet] [Language: French] Account of a Voyage of Discovery. tome I. by José Paulo de Mira [Full title: Um brado contra as monterias de cerco aos Lobos na Provincia do Alemtejo] [Language: Portuguese] In the Orbit of Saturn. by José de Alencar [Language: Portuguese] Um brado contra as monerias. by Girolamo Rovetta [Language: Italian] La montanara. 1880. and the Great Loo-Choo Island] Harper's Young People. by Roman Frederick Starzl Baby. Lawrence to the Yser with the 1st Canadian brigade. by Francis Flagg From the St.Raiders Invisible.a. by Desmond Winter Hall Histoire de Pierre Lapin. by Lewis Carroll [Illustrator: Arthur B. July 27. Curry Een Meisje-Studentje. by Captain Basil Hall [Subtitle: to the West Coast of Corea. Frost] The Education of Eric Lane. Harry Gringo] [Subtitle: A Pirate of Eminence in the West Indies: His Love and Exploits. by Anton Giulio Barrili [Language: Italian] 29053 29052 29051 29050 29049 29048 29047 29046 29045 29044 29043 29042 29041 29040 29039 29038 29037 29036 . 1880.

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van Vloten] 28979 28978 28977 28976C 28975 28974 28973 28972 28971 28970 28969 28968 28967 28966 28965 28964 28963 . by George W. by Aleksis Kivi [Translator: Hilma Hall] [Language: Esperanto] Diario de la expedicion reduccional del ano 1780. A. by Various [Subtitle: An Illustrated Weekly] The Manor House School. by Mrs. mandada practicar por orden del Virey de Buenos Aires. 1880. by William Shakespeare [Translator: Paavo Cajander] [Language: Finnish] 'Crumps'. by Frederich Schiller [Subtitle: A Linked Index to the Project Gutenberg Editions] [Editor: David Widger] La Botistoj. The Plain story of a Canadian who Went. by Louis Becke [Subtitle: A Linked Index to the Project Gutenberg Editions] [Editor: David Widger] Inaugura parolado de Barack Obama. Peck [Subtitle: A Linked Index to the Project Gutenberg Editions of The "Bad Boy" Series and Others] [Editor: David Widger] Illustrated Works Of Frederich Schiller. by Francisco Gavino Arias [Language: Spanish] A Dear Little Girl at School. From Interviews with Former Slaves] [Subtitle: Virginia Narratives] The Works Of Louis Becke. Blanchard Kuningas Juhana. 2009] [Language: Esperanto] Works Of George W. Dixon] Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States. Chaplin Ayrton [Editor: William Elliot Griffis] El infierno del amor. by Louis Keene Het verhaal van de honingbij. by Tickner Edwardes [Translator: M. by George Sand [Language: French] Shaman.[Subtitle: A Judge of the High Court of Justice] Child-Life in Japan and Japanese Child Stories. by Angela Brazil [Illustrator: A. by Amy E. June 1. M. Peck. by Barack Obama [Subtitle: 20-a de januaro. by Robert Shea Harper's Young People. by Manuel Fernández González [Subtitle: leyenda fantastica] [Language: Spanish] Cadio.

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by Richard R. Volume II. by Charles G.Audio: The Princess and the Goblin.S. by Rosa Nouchette Carey Collector's Item. by Jim Bushman Mémoires d'Outre-Tombe. Bellerophon. with a detail of the principal events that occurred in that ship between the 24th of May and the 8th of August 1815] [Editor: William Kirk Dickson] One Out of Ten. by Sir Frederick Lewis Maitland [Subtitle: Being the narrative of the surrender of Buonaparte. Scott Fitzgerald Ferien vom Ich. by Anthony Hope The Surrender of Napoleon. Smith 28941 28940 28939 28938 28937 28936 28935 28934 28933 28932 28931 28930 28929 28928 28927 28926 28925 28924 28923 28922 . 1862. by J.. by Rudyard Kipling Audio: This Side of Paradise. by F. by Jaime Balmes [Language: Spanish] O Conde de S.. by Unknown [Editor: Knud Rasmussen] [Translator: W. by Tomaz de Melo [Language: Portuguese] La bodega. by François-René Chateaubriand [Subtitle: Tome V] [Editor: Edmond Biré] [Language: French] El Criterio. by Robert F. Luiz. by Francois Guizot [Subtitle: Recueil complet des discours prononcés dans les chambres de 1819-1848] [Language: French] In the Morning of Time. by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez [Language: Spanish] Diary from March 4. by George MacDonald Audio: Stalky and Co. by Various [Subtitle: An Illustrated Weekly] Compatible. Anthony Ferlaine Eskimo Folktales. 1880. Worster] In the Musgrave Ranges.M. 1861. by Paul Keller [Language: German] Histoire parlementaire de France. Young Harper's Young People. and of his residence on board H. Roberts Captain Dieppe. May 25. D.] Lover or Friend. by Adam Gurowski [This is the first of three volumes covering the period 1861-1865. to November 12.

by Edgar A. by Hezekiah Butterworth [Subtitle: The Rhine to the Arctic] Paz e Arbitragem. by Sir Leslie Stephen [Subtitle: Addresses to Ethical Societies] English Synonyms and Antonyms. by Sebastião de Magalhães Lima [Language: Portuguese] Audio: Voodoo Planet. by Rufus by Paul The Tale of Timber Town. by Pierre Nicole [Translator: J V Cunningham] Audio: War and Peace. Guest [Illustrators: Various] José Estevão. by James Champlin Fernald [Subtitle: With Notes on the Correct Use of Prepositions] 28921 28920 28919 28918 28917 28916 28915 28914 28913 28912 28911 28910 28909 28908 28907 28906 28905 28904 28903 28902 28901 28900 . by Herbert Spencer Audio: A Dream within a Dream. by Edward Bulwer-Lytton [Subtitle: A Linked Index to the Project Gutenberg Editions] [Editor: David Widger] Correspondencia Oficial e Inedita sobre la Demarcacion de Limites entre el Paraguay y el Brasil. King] Audio: Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan LeFanu Audio: Some Turns of Thought in Modern Philosophy by George Santayana ZigZag Journeys in Northern Lands.An Essay on True and Apparent Beauty in which from Settled Principles is Rendered the Grounds for Choosing and Rejecting Epigrams. Volume I (of 2). by Jaime de Magalhães Lima [Language: Portuguese] Social Rights And Duties. by Gerolamo Rovetta [Language: Italian] Audio: The Philosophy of Style. by Ayn Rand Audio: The Book of Tea. Book 1 by Leo Tolstoy [Translators: Louise Shanks Maude and Aylmer Maude] Audio: Frenzied Fiction by Stephen Leacock Audio: From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne [Translators: Lewis Page Mercier and Eleanor E. by Alfred Grace The Works Of Edward Bulwer-Lytton. by Andre Norton Audio: Anthem. Azara [Language: Spanish] All That Matters. by Edgar Allan Poe Audio: Book of Philemon. by Félix D. by Okakura Kakuzo Mater dolorosa.

Farr and E. H. Tobias Smollett. Volume XXXIX: 1683-1690] [Editor: E.] Stories And Tales Of The Irish. by Charles Darwin [This is the first edition of this work. Nolan Benefactor. H. issued about 7 years after the first. Smith Le Cabinet des Fées. by Frank A. by William F. The 2nd edition has numerous substantive changes from the first. Blair] The Historical Novels Of Georg Ebers. by Various [Subtitle: Explorations by Early Navigators. by William Carleton [Subtitle: A Linked Index to the Project Gutenberg Editions] [Editor: David Widger] Harper's Young People. by Various [Subtitle: Or Recreative Readings Arranged for the Express Use of Students in French] [Editor: George Gérard] [Language: French] Helps to Latin Translation at Sight. by Georg Ebers [Subtitle: A Linked Index to the Project Gutenberg Editions] [Editor: David Widger] The Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication. As Related in Contemporaneous Books and Manuscripts. by David Hume. Economic. by Ferdinando Petruccelli della Gattina [Language: Italian] The Boy Broker. E. by Edmund Luce The Mexican Twins. With a Proem by Austin Dobson] [Illustrator: Arthur Rackham] A History Of England From Early Times. Descriptions of the Islands and Their Peoples. by George H. 1880. Showing the Political. by Parker Fillmore [Illustrator: Rose Cecil O'Neill] Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. by Lewis Carroll [Subtitle: Illustrated by Arthur Rackham. by Various [Subtitle: An Illustrated Weekly] Two Plus Two Makes Crazy. Their History and Records of The Catholic Missions. E-books #2872 and 3332 are taken from the 2nd edition. Commercial and Religious Conditions of Those Islands from Their Earliest Relations with European Nations to the Close of the Nineteenth Century.The Philippine Islands. by Walt Sheldon Of Time and Texas. 1493-1898--Volume 39 of 55. Munsey [Subtitle: Among the Kings of Wall Street] The Hickory Limb. Volume II (of 2). Nolan 28899 28898 28897 28896 28895 28894 28893 28892 28891 28890 28889 28888 28887 28886 28885 28884 . by Lucy Fitch Perkins Il Re prega. May 18.

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Forrest] Audio: Legend Land. 1880. Mitton [Illustrator: A.. by Herman Melville Audio: Oomphel in the Sky. E. by Jarro [Jarro is a pseudonym of Giulio Piccini] [Language: Italian] La baraonda.] [Language: French] Il processo Bartelloni. April 6. Beam Piper A Son of the Middle Border. April 13. Worts [Subtitle: A Mystery Story of Modern China] [Illustrator: Gayle Hoskins] The Gitavros. by H. by Mark Twain Peter the Brazen. de l'Empire. or the Whale.Audio: Otto of the Silver Hand. and Other Correspondents by George Henry Borrow [Editor: Thomas James Wise] Round the Wonderful World. by Rigas Golfis [Subtitle: Drama] [Language: Greek] Harper's Young People. du Consulat. S. by Jacob Abbott [Subtitle: A Franconia Story] 28795 28794 28793 28792 28791 28790 28789 28788 28787 28786 28785 28784 28783 28782 28781 28780 28779 28778 28777 28776 . by Gerolamo Rovetta [Language: Italian] Letters to his mother. by G. Beam Piper Audio: Omnilingual. 1880. by Howard Pyle Audio: Moby Dick. by Various [Subtitle: An Illustrated Weekly] Histoire amoureuse des Gaules suivie des Romans historicosatiriques du XVIIe siècle (2/4). by Ida Saint-Elme [Subtitle: Souvenirs d'une femme sur les principaux personnages de la R publique.. 1880. by Various [Subtitle: An Illustrated Weekly] Harper's Young People. by Roger de Bussy-Rabutin [Language: French] Jeux et exercices des jeunes filles. April 20. by George F. Volume 1 & 2. Ann Borrow. by Various [Subtitle: An Illustrated Weekly] Stuyvesant. by Various Audio: Extracts from Adam's Diary. (4/8). etc. by Marguerite Du Parquet [Illustrator: Georges Fath] [Language: French] Mémoires d'une contemporaine. by Hamlin Garland Harper's Young People. by H.

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by Jacob Abbott [Subtitle: Makers of History] Een Kerstlied in Proza. by George Greenwood [Subtitle: or. by Hugh Smith [Subtitle: Abstracted From An Ingenious Work. sound. by Archibald Williams [Subtitle: Dealing in simple language with steam. by John R. by Lyman Frank Baum [Author writing under the name.[Subtitle: A Story of Cherry Court School] Hints on Horsemanship. Macduff A History of England Principally in the Seventeenth Century.. Volume III (of III). Entitled An Essay On the Nerves] Gipsy Life. Mills Richard III. Assyrians. by Philip Kindred Dick [Illustrator: Herman Vestal] How it Works. 1606-1624. by Leopold von Ranke 28563 28562 28561 28560 28559 28558 28557 28556 28555 28554 28553 28552 28551 28550 28549 28548 28547 28546 . Lately Published. electricity. by George Smith [Subtitle: being an account of our Gipsies and their children] The Words of Jesus. by Enos A. Carthaginians. Susan B. and with their applications to apparatus in common use] Twinkle and Chubbins. light. Kuylman] [Language: Dutch] Aux mines d'or du Klondike. to a Nephew and Niece. Laura Bancroft] [Subtitle: Their Astonishing Adventures in Nature-Fairyland] [Illustrator: Maginel Wright Enright] The Trail of the Goldseekers. hydraulics. by Charles Dickens [Translator: J. Medes and Persians. Macedonians and Grecians (Vol. by Hamlin Garland [Subtitle: A Record of Travel in Prose and Verse] Song in a Minor Key. by Catherine Lucille Moore A Treatise on Foreign Teas. by Wesley Frank Craven Beyond Lies the Wub. Volume I (of 6). optics. etc. 1 of 6) by Charles Rollin The Panjandrum Picture Book. Anthony and Matilda Joslyn Gage] The Virginia Company Of London. heat. by Randolph Caldecott History of Woman Suffrage. by Léon Boillot [Subtitle: du lac Bennett à Dawson City] [Language: French] The Ancient History of the Egyptians. Common Sense and Common Errors in Common Riding] Wild Life on the Rockies. Babylonians. by Various [Editors: Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

1798.] A California Girl. by Various Bibliomania. No. by Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts An Impartial Narrative of the Most Important Engagements Which Took Place Between His Majesty's Forces and the Rebels. by Josef Linck [Subtitle: Litteraturhistoriskt utkast] [Language: Swedish] A Bookful of Girls. by Anna Fuller [Contents: Blythe Halliday's Voyage Artful Madge The Ideas of Polly Nannie's Theatre Party Olivia's Sun-Dial Bagging a Grandfather] Soldier Stories.Say and Seal. by John Jones [Subtitle: Including very interesting information not before made public. by Edward Eldridge 28545 28544 28543 28542 28541 28540 28539 28538 28537 28536 28535 28534 28533 28532 28531 28530 28529 28528 . by Thomas Frognall Dibdin [Subtitle: A Bibliographical Romance] Om Lars Johansson (Lucidor den olycklige). Volume 59. by Frederic Max Descripción de la Patagonia y de las Partes Adyacentes de la América Meridional [Language: Spanish] The American Missionary. Volume 6. Carefully collected from authentic letters. by E. Volume 54. January. During the Irish Rebellion. or Book-Madness. Volume II. by Susan Warner and Anna Warner Say and Seal. by Forrest James Ackerman Oeuvres complètes de lord Byron. by Rudyard Kipling The Astronomy of the Bible. Walter Maunder [Subtitle: An Elementary Commentary on the Astronomical References of Holy Scripture] Out of This World Convention. by R. No. by Various The Banner Boy Scouts Snowbound. 363. 1846. by Susan Warner and Anna Warner Rex Ex Machina. Volume I.] Kings in Exile. Tombs Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Warren [Subtitle: A Tour on Skates and Iceboats] ["George A. by George Gordon Byron [Subtitle: comprenant ses mémoires publiés par Thomas Moore] [Annotator: Thomas Moore] [Translator: Paulin Paris] [Language: French] The King's Post. 3. Warren" was a pseudonym used by the Stratemeyer Syndicate. by George A. 1900. C. July.

and Present Condition. to which is added A Farther Account of the Tryals of the New-England Witches] What's-His-Name. by Henry Fisk Carlton [Editor: Claire T. by Thomas Forester [Subtitle: with Notices of their History. Her Brother and her Lover. F. Antiquities. by Cotton Mather and Increase Mather [Subtitle: Being an Account of the Tryals of Several Witches Lately Executed in New-England. by George Barr McCutcheon [Illustrator: Harrison Fisher] The Tree That Saved Connecticut.] The Brass Bound Box. by Anonymous [Subtitle: A Highly Erotic Narrative of Voluptuous Facts and Fancies] Forbidden Fruit. by Susan Warner Miss Rovel. Gruger] The Saracen: The Holy War. Horne] 28527 28526 28525 28524 28523 28522 28521 28520 28519 28518 28517 28516C 28515C 28514 28513 28512 28511 28510 28509 . by Robert Shea The Prairie Child.] [Language: Dutch] Nobody. by Delly [Language: French] Mex. by Anonymous The Power of Mesmerism. by Frank Noyes Wescott [Illustrator: Frederick R. by Robert Shea The Saracen: Land of the Infidel. Zyve] Rambles in the Islands of Corsica and Sardinia. by Arthur Stringer [Illustrator: E. Ward] Wonders of the Invisible World. by Gustave Dubarry [Translator: D. by Henry Fisk Carlton [Editor: Claire T. Zyve] Othello. by Victor Cherbuliez [Language: French] Laura Middleton.The Story of Nathan Hale. by Evelyn Raymond [Illustrator: Diantha W. by William Logan Hepsey Burke. by Anonymous [Subtitle: Luscious and exciting story and More forbidden fruit or Master Percy's progress in and beyond the domestic circle] L'Exilee. Alda de Sousa] [Language: Portuguese] Het Geld van Robinson Crusoe. by David A.V. Wells [Subtitle: Populaire uiteenzetting omtrent den oorsprong en het gebruik van geld als ruilmiddel] [Translator: E.

by Kate Sanborn [Subtitle: Fourth Edition] The Busted Ex-Texan and Other Stories. by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Molière 28508 28507 28506 28505 28504 28503 28502 28501 28500 28499 28498 28497 28496 28495 28494 28493 28492 28491 28490 28489 28488C . by Charles Klein and Arthur Hornblow [Subtitle: A Narrative of Metropolitan Life] [Illustrator: Clarence Rowe] The Rival Campers Ashore. by William J. by Ruel Perley Smith [Subtitle: The Mystery of the Mill] [Illustrator: Louis D. by Hamlin Garland [Subtitle: A Novel] Dishes & Beverages of the Old South. by Virginia McGaw All About Coffee. by William H.] [Editor: Paul M. Pearson] Myths of the Norsemen. by Rudolf Steiner [Language: German] Baby Nightcaps. Macduff Our Italy. by H. Issue 1. A. by Charles Dudley Warner The Third Degree. by John R. by Martha McCulloch-Williams Scouting For Girls.The Comical Creatures from Wurtemberg. Ukers Mother Earth. Stitt Robinson. by W. No. by Ian Hay [Subtitle: The Story of a Perfect Gentleman] Die Kernpunkte der sozialen Frage in den Lebensnotwendigkeiten der Gegenwart und Zukunft. Gowing] The Wit of Women. Locke Tartuffe. 5: Volume II. Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts. by W. H. by Robert E. by The Girl Scouts [Editor: Josephine Daskam Bacon] The Beloved Vagabond. by Unknown [Subtitle: Second Edition] [Contributor: Hermann Ploucquet] The Mind of Jesus. by Frances Elizabeth Barrow The Light of the Star. Jr [Subtitle: Land Grants in Virginia 1607-1699] The Speaker. Guerber [Subtitle: From the Eddas and Sagas] Introduction to the Science of Sociology. by Various [Subtitle: December. Murray Construction Work for Rural and Elementary Schools. Burgess Scally. H. Park and Ernest W. 1906.

by John Brownlie [Subtitle: Being Centos and Suggestions from the Office Books of the Holy Eastern Church] Notes and Queries. Number 195. Number 192. Genealogists. 1767. by Various [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men. Clarke The Frontier. Genealogists. by H. July 2. Artists. Volunteers during the Spring and Summer of 1861. Bower History of Company F. etc] [Other: George Bell] Boken om lille-bror. Antiquaries. by Various [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men. by Louis Antoine de Bougainville [Language: French] The Philosophy of the Conditioned. en 1766. 1st Regiment. etc] [Editor: George Bell] Notes and Queries. by Gustaf af Geijerstam [Subtitle: Ett äktenskaps roman] [Language: Swedish] 28487 28486 28485 28484 28483 28482 28481 28480 28479 28478 28477 28476 28475 28474 28473 . by Charles H. by Everett B. etc] [Editor: George Bell] Notes and Queries. 1768 & 1769. Artists. etc] [Editor: George Bell] Notes and Queries. Hoeper] Chantaclar e Partelote. Artists.I. by Various [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men. Antiquaries. 1853. Genealogists. Pauline Johnson Sawtooth Ranch. July 16. Mansel Legends of Vancouver. by E. by B. by Various [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men. Antiquaries. Antiquaries. Antiquaries. R. 1853. 1853. Genealogists. July 23. 1853. by Geoffrey Chaucer [Subtitle: The Nun's Priest's Tale] [Translator: Ermes Culos] [Language: Friulian] The Weakling. M. Number 194. July 9. Cole [Illustrator: van Dongen] Voyage autour du monde par la frégate du roi La Boudeuse et la flûte L'Étoile. 1853. July 30. Genealogists. Number 193. by Various [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men. Artists. by Maurice LeBlanc [Translator: Alexander Teixeira de Mattos] Hymns from the East. Number 196. etc] [Editor: George Bell] Notes and Queries.[Subtitle: or The Hypocrite] [Translator: Jeffrey D. L. Artists.

Carey Rose O'Paradise. Horne] Heart of the Blue Ridge. Vol. Easter and Pentecost] [Translator: John Nicholas Lenker] Not Like Other Girls. 5 of 8. by Charles Morris [Subtitle: A Study In Evolution] Punch. Vol. by Thomas J. or the London Charivari. Vol. by Ada Leverson Epistle Sermons. Horne] Great Men and Famous Women. by Jean Lee Hunt 28472 28471 28470 28469 28468 28467 28466 ~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks: 1 Mar 2009 to 31 Mar 2009 ~ ~ ~ ~ The Limit. II. Anstey What a Young Woman Ought to Know. by Waldron Baily 28465 28464 28463 28462 28461 28460 28459 28458 28457 28456 28455 28454 . by Éléonore Riego de la Branchardière Great Men and Famous Women. 6 of 8. Goeverneur] [Language: Dutch] The American Missionary -. by May Sinclair Bolden's Pets. by Various Don Quichot van La Mancha. by Miguel Cervantes de Saavedra [Editor: J. by Grace Miller White The Combined Maze. Wallace [Illustrator: Diehl] In Brief Authority. 2. 147. by F. No. A. Vol. by Mary Wood-Allen Golden Stars in Tatting and Crochet. by F. Wertenbaker [Subtitle: Or The Origin and Development of the Social Classes of the Old Dominion] Man And His Ancestor. by Martin Luther [Subtitle: Epiphany. November 4. by Various Samantha at Coney Island. by Various [Subtitle: A series of pen and pencil sketches of the lives of more than 200 of the most prominent personages in History] [Editor: Charles F. by Marietta Holley [Subtitle: and a Thousand Other Islands] A Catalogue of Play Equipment. by Various [Subtitle: A series of pen and pencil sketches of the lives of more than 200 of the most prominent personages in History] [Editor: Charles F.Volume 54. J.Patrician and Plebeian. L. April. 1900. by Rosa N. 1914.

Hildebrandt] Uncle Terry. by Stanton Arthur Coblentz The American Housewife. by Margaret Penrose [Subtitle: A Strange Message from the Air] A Treatise of Schemes and Tropes. by Ethel M. Graham Cootes] The Readjustment. by Anonymous [Subtitle: Containing the Most Valuable and Original Receipts in all the Various Branches of Cookery. by John S. Fritch Stopover. by Emma Speed Sampson The Helpful Robots. Stevens] The Comings of Cousin Ann. and Written in a Minute and Methodical Manner] I Like Martian Music. Shea It's a Small Solar System. by Jacob Abbott [Subtitle: Makers of History] Home Life in Germany. by Clarence Young [Subtitle: The Motor Boys Fighting for Uncle Sam] A Modern Cinderella. by William Gerken The Motor Boat Club and The Wireless. by Charles E. by Lucy Fitch Perkins [Illustrator: Lucy Fitch Perkins] Filosofía Fundamental. C. by Allan Howard A Handbook of the English Language. by James De Mille [Subtitle: A Novel] The Astronomy of Milton's 'Paradise Lost'.Flight Through Tomorrow. Bob and Jerry on the Firing Line. Makers of History. Irving Hancock [Subtitle: The Dot. by H. by Will Irwin Ned. by Amanda M. Dash and Dare Cruise] The Campfire Girls of Roselawn. Chambers [Illustrator: W. Douglas The Dark Star. by Mrs. Alfred Sidgwick The Irish Twins. Kelley [Illustrator: F. by Richard Sherry [Commentator: Herbert W. by Charles Clark Munn [Subtitle: A Story of the Maine Coast] Madame Roland. by Thomas Orchard Richard II. by Robert Gordon Latham The Cryptogram. by Jaime Balmes 28453 28452 28451 28450 28449 28448 28447 28446 28445 28444 28443 28442 28441 28440 28439 28438 28437 28436 28435 28434 28433 28432 28431 28430 . by Robert W. by Robert J. D. Abbott Turn About Eleanor.

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A Summer Ramble Among the Fossiliferous Deposits of the Hebrides.k. December 23. by George Thompson [Subtitle: A Romance of City Life] The Duke's Motto. 3/4. by Adam Mickiewicz [Subtitle: A Sergeant's Story] The End of the Rainbow. 1879. by Various [Editor: Epiphanius Wilson] Cecilia Valdés o la Loma del Ángel. by Alexander v.Egyptian Literature. by Cirilo Villaverde [Language: Spanish] Reise in die Aequinoctial-Gegenden des neuen Continents v. December 30.] Hypolympia. Day and Mary Buckle [Subtitle: A Book about Embroidery] The Countess of Albany. With Rambles of a Geologist or.a. Humboldt [Subtitle: In deutscher Bearbeitung von Hermann Hauff] [Translator: Hermann Hauff] [Language: German] Woher die Kindlein kommen. by Dr. by Lewis F. Characters. by Sir John Lubbock [Subtitle: and the Wonders of the World We Live In] The Cruise of the Betsey. Hans Hoppeler [Language: German] Liberalism. Vernon Lee) 8 Venus in Boston. by Various [Subtitle: An Illustrated Weekly] The Beauties of Nature. T. an Ironic Fantasy] Art in Needlework. Hobhouse My First Battle. by L. and Memorable Transactions of the Most Eminent Scots Worthies] Seven Miles to Arden. The Gods in the Island. by Violet Paget (a. by Hugh Miller [Subtitle: or. by Various [Subtitle: An Illustrated Weekly] 28282 28281 28280 28279 28278 28277 28276 28275 28274 28273 28272 28271 28270 28269 2826 28267 28266 28265 . Ten Thousand Miles Over the Fossiliferous Deposits of Scotland] Biographia Scoticana (Scots Worthies). by Marian Keith Harper's Young People. by John Howie [Subtitle: A Brief Historical Account of the Lives. by Justin Huntly McCarthy [Subtitle: A Melodrama] Harper's Young People. by Ruth Sawyer ["Ruth Sawyer" was a pseudonym for Lucinda Durand. 1879. by Edmund Gosse [Subtitle: Or.

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et du système nobiliaire depuis François premier] [Language: French] Anderson Crow. et particulièrement des marquis. by Isaac Newton [Language: Latin] Possession. by Robert W.Harper's Young People. by George Barr McCutcheon The Battle with the Slum. 1879. by Various [Subtitle: An Illustrated Weekly] Prisoners of Poverty Abroad. Birmingham [George Birmingham was the pseudonym for James Owen Hannay] Pan Tadeusz. by Gerolamo Rovetta [Language: Italian] Conséquences du système de cour établi sous François 1er. by Jacob A. Gummerus [Subtitle: Uutelo] [Language: Finnish] A Vanished Hand. by Friedrich Gerstäcker [Subtitle: Ein Volksbuch] [Language: German] An Appeal in Favor of that Class of Americans. The Last Foray in Lithuania. Chambers [Illustrator: Edmund Frederick] Nach Amerika! Vierter Band. by George A. by Lydia Maria Child A Padre in France. by Pierre-Louis Roederer [Subtitle: Première livraison contenant l'histoire politique des grands offices de la maison et couronne de France. December 2. Eubank Veljekset. by Adam Mickiewicz [Subtitle: or. Detective. by Helen Campbell The Gay Rebellion. by Sarah Doudney A Romantic Young Lady. J. by Francesco Simonetta 28246 28245 28244 28243 28242 28241 28240 28239 28238 28237 28236 28235 28234 28233 28232 28231 28230 28229 28228 28227 . by Laurence Housman [Subtitle: A Peep-Show in Paradise] Ninnoli. by Robert Grant In Orchard Glen. Riis Les règles de Cicco Simonetta. des dignités de la cour. Called Africans. by R. S. by Marian Keith 'Lizbeth of the Dale. A Story of Life Among Polish Gentlefolk in the Years 1811 and 1812 in Twelve Books] [Translator: George Rapall Noyes] The Story of Kentucky. by Marian Keith Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica. by K.

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offerecidas a quem não póde dormir Nº 11 (de 12). by Albert Bigelow Paine [Illustrator: J. by Camilo Castelo Barnco [Language: Portuguese] Renan. by Various [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary 28210 28209 28208 28207 28206 28205 28204 28203 28202 28201 28200 28199 28198 28197 28196 28195 28194 . by Bertha Thomas The Gospel Day. and Compiled from the Written Statements of the Court and the Counsel. Taine.D. by Gabriel Monod [Subtitle: Les maîtres de l'histoire] [Language: French] Louis Philippe. by Louisa May Alcott Lucian . offerecidas a quem não póde dormir Nº 12 (de 12). M. M.[Subtitle: dessins par Alfred de Musset] [Language: French] Alfred de Musset. by Henry Fisk Carlton [Editor: Claire T. by Charles Ebert Orr [Subtitle: The Light of Christianity] Noites de insomnia. Michelet. by Camilo Castelo Branco [Language: Portuguese] Washington Crossing the Delaware.] Harper's Young People. Zyve] How Mr. April 1. offerecidas a quem não póde dormir Nº 10 (de 12). by Charles Dickens and Others The Trial of Reuben Crandall. in the District of Columbia. by Camilo Castelo Branco [Language: Portuguese] Noites de insomnia. 1879. by John Stevens Cabot Abbott [Subtitle: Makers of History Series] A Budget of Christmas Tales. 1917] [Language: Dutch] Notes and Queries. Rabbit Lost his Tail. Number 231. by Gino Bertolini [Subtitle: De Aarde en haar Volken. &c. by Lucian [Translator: Ioannis Kondylakis] [Language: Greek] Noites de insomnia. by Arvède Barine [Language: French] Famous Women: George Sand.] [Subtitle: Carefully Reported. by Various [Subtitle: An Illustrated Weekly] De Ziel van het Noorden. 1854. Charged with Publishing and Circulating Seditious and Incendiary Papers. with the Intent of Exciting Servile Insurrection. November 18.The complete works Volume 5. Condé] Moods.

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Anthony. Volume III (of 3). Zyve] Women As Sex Vendors. by Bryce Walton [Illustrator: Charles McNutt] Critical and Historical Essays. Baron Macauley] Walls of Acid. Dec. by Oliver Optic [Subtitle: or The Young Fugitives] In Doublet and Hose. Tobias and Mary E. by Adam Mickiewicz [Language: Polish] Shepherd of the Planets. Why Women Are Conservative(Being a View of the Economic Status of Woman)] Balady i romanse.] Caesar Rodney's Ride. by Alan Mattox [Illustrator: Leo Summers] Strange Alliance. by Michael Müller Elävänä haudattu by Oskar Höcker 28053 28052 28051 28050 28049 28048 28047 28046 28045 28044 28043 28042 28041 28040 28039 28038 28037 28036 28035 . by Emily Sarah Holt [Subtitle: A Story of the Marian Persecution] History of Woman Suffrage. by Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm [Subtitle: Basn fantastyczna] [Illustrator: Henryk Tom] [Language: Polish] Ships in Harbour. by Henry Fisk Carlton [Editor: Claire T. by William Wirt John Brown: A Retrospect. B. 1884. by Macaulay by Thomas Babington Macaulay [Author a. Susan B. Marcy [Subtitle: or. by Lucy Foster Madison [Subtitle: A Story for Girls] [Illustrator: Clyde O.Band 2.k. by Alfred Roe [Subtitle: Read before The Worcester Society of Antiquity. by Robert Browning [Editor: Myra Reynolds] Robin Tremayne. Deland] Public School Education. by R. by Gottfried Keller [Language: German ] Selections from the Poems and Plays of Robert Browning. and Matilda Joslyn Gage] Watch and Wait. 2.Celebration in Baltimore of the Triumph of Liberty in France.a. [Editors: Elizabeth Cady Stanton. by Henry Hasse Kopciuszek. by David Morton Die Leute von Seldwyla -. Volume II (of 3).

Presenting the Most Modern Ideas upon the Subjects of Technic. by James Francis Cooke [Subtitle: Study Talks with Foremost Virtuosos. by Henry Slesar Het Nieuwe Leven. by Clinton Scollard Resurrection. by Isabel Savory Pictorial Photography in America. by Mary Evarts Anderson The Wild Huntress. by Brayton Norton [Illustrator: Dan Sayre Groesbeck] Pictures and Stories from Uncle Tom's Cabin. by Meredith Nicholson In the Tail of the Peacock. by James Paton [Subtitle: Or Thirty Years Among South Sea Cannibals] Pictorial Photography in America 1922. by Unknown [Editor: John P. by Various [Contributor: Henry Moore] Pictorial Photography in America 1921. 85. by Mayne Reid [Subtitle: Love in the Wilderness] Sprays of Shamrock. 10)] [Language: Finnish] Scenes in the Hawaiian Islands and California. Paton. 1920.[Subtitle: Tosi kertomus vuodelta 1857 (Ps. Anthony and Matilda Joslyn Gage] Birds in the Bush. by David Drummond Bone Dwellers in Arcady. by Gage [Editors: Elizabeth Cady Stanton. by Albert Bigelow Paine [Subtitle: The Story of an Abandoned Farm] [Illustrator: Thomas Fogarty] Great Pianists on Piano Playing. Vol. by Various [Contributors: Arthur Dow. 3. Volume I (of 3). Interpretation. Jewett] History of Woman Suffrage. Susan B. Clarence White and Henry Moore] El Diablo. A Series of Personal Educational Conferences with Renowned Masters of the Keyboard. by Robert Joseph Shea Reluctant Genius. Style and Expression] The Story of John G. by Bradford Torrey The Complete Works. by Dante Alighieri [Subtitle: La Vita Nuova] [Translator: Nico van Suchtelen] [Language: Dutch] Scottish Football Reminiscences and Sketches. by Lucian [Language: Greek] Otherwise Phyllis. by Various 28034 28033 28032 28031 28030 28029 28028 28027 28026 28025 28024 28023 28022 28021 28020 28019 28018 28017 28016 28015 .

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