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In consequence and in continuation to all previous communication and agreement; both the
parties accept to enter in to this agreement on the following:

1. The agreement covers the following organizations being managed by Client:
• Clifton Kidney & General Hospital
• Welfare Society for Patient Care

2. That the Service Provider accepts to design based on the approved WordPress
template for the both of the organizations. The development and maintenance of
websites will be managed by Client.

3. That the Service Provider accepts digital marketing services as shown in table below:

Activity Time Period KPI

(Per organization) (Per organization) (Per organization)
Static Posts Monthly 6
Social GIFs Monthly 5
Video Monthly 1
Message Responses*** Daily 90% response rate
Reviews Posting** Monthly 2
Newsletter* Monthly 2
*Email marketing is subject to minimum 500 subscriber’s information collected through website.
** The budget will be agreed prior to appointing any blogger, if any.
*** Subject to Clause A6.

4. The Service Provider will manage the SEO, Google My Business and Content services
of the website which includes the existing and newly designed website on monthly
• Will focus on web 2.0
• 2 guest blogs post per month
• Off page activities:
a. Blogs
b. Comments
c. Business profile
d. Image submission
e. Forums
• On- page activities:
a. Update URLs, meta description, and page titles
b. Establish a value proposition
c. Define your target audience
d. Plan new page titles

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5. The Service Provider will develop a Micro DVC every quarter for YouTube and

6. The Service Provider will be responsible for photo/video shoot (end to end).

7. The response time will be managed by Service Provider subject to the following:
• Weekdays: 10 AM to 7 PM PST
• Weekends & holidays: Average 2 hours response rate
• After office hours during weekdays: Average 2 hours response rate
• Daily response cycle: 10 AM to 12 AM daily.
• Peak-season: the responses will be managed as per schedule agreed with client.

8. The Paid Marketing budget allocated by Client is PKR 10,000 per website for the

9. The Service Provider will run email marketing for the client, subject to provision of
email database.


10. Service Provider shall provide a monthly digital marketing report [Value Report] by
10th of each month for the previous month.


11. That the Service Provider consents to perform the aforementioned activities for a
period of 11 months i.e. July 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020.

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12. Subject to the provisions of Clause A of the Contract;

S. No. Description Gross Amount Discount Total Net Frequency

1 Website Designs 70,000 (20,000) 50,000 One Time
(Clause A2) –
2 websites
2 Digital Marketing, 200,000 (25,000) 175,000 Monthly
SEO and Content
(Clauses A3 and A4)
– 2 Organizations
3 Micro DVC 100,000* (10,000) 90,000 Need Basis
(Clause A5) - Each
4 Photo & Video Shoot 200,000** - 200,000 Need Basis
(Clause A6) - Each
* The video shots purchase from 3rd party sources will be billed on cost to cost to Client, subject
to prior Client approval.
** Service Provider will hire a 3rd Party production house for the 2/3 days session. However, the
Client can arrange their own photo/videographer and Service Provider’s Creative team will guide
them for the shoot without any addition to fees.

a. Services cycle will be monthly with billing on 21st of each month for the
month services. As per 3techno AR policy a net credit period of 5 days will
be provided to the Client.
b. Any other out of pocket expenses shall be billed separately and will be agreed
in advance.
c. The Paid Marketing will be billed on Actual. Each month’s billing cycle the
Service Provider will share the Actual Spending Report for Client’s record
d. Any other expenses shall be mutually agreed before spending.


13. The Services shall be performed at Office No. 203 2nd Floor, Windsong Palace, Plot
No, A-16, Block 7/8. K.C.H.S.U off Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan.


14. Access will be provided for all related infrastructure and data sources.

15. Deliverables design will be frozen, from the date of user acceptance.

16. The Service Provider has a right to show his product or services developed for the
Client on social media, 3techno website, different forums, as portfolio for future
endeavors, and other places as deem fit.

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The signatories to this agreement are officially entitled and are fully conversant with
all the clauses contained herein.

Ms. Iffat Yazdani Mr. Fahad Jahanzeb Khan

Director CEO
WSPC 3techno

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