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b. medina d.

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13. This is considered as the first literary piece in the world.
a. Beuwolf c. Epic of Gilgamesh
LET REVIEW: Major b. Ramayana d. Ang Terra Cotta
SOCIAL STUDIES 14. The following are contributions of Sumerian civilization to the
Set A world EXCEPT
1. The most important contribution of the Phoenicians to civilization a. Cranial operation c. concept of alphabet
is ______ b. wheel d. lunar calendar
15. Why did Shih Huang Ti build the Great Walls of China?
a. alphabet c. trading
a) to protect Chinese people from barbarians
b. Tyrean dye and wood d. ship building b) to keep out invaders from the North
2. Which country is not part of Southeast Asia? c) to prevent Chinese emigration to the North
a. Indonesia c. Thailand d) to prevent influx of foreign cultures to China.
b. Philippines d. Japan 16. Though the continent of Asia is bigger than Africa, why it is that
3. Why is it that despite the richness of Southeast Asia when it Africa is considered as the “Center of Evolution?
comes to its natural resources, the countries which belong here a. It is where the first civilization started
has still slow economic progress compared to the countries in b. Rich agricultural products are found here
Europe and America? c. It is where the fossils and artifacts of the first species of
a. The region has a hot climate not fit for employment man are found
b. People do not have innate intelligence and ability to put up d. It is where Adam and Eve met
industries 17. All species must undergo certain change in order to fit to the
c. The region is experiencing calamities such as typhoons, condition of the environment he lived in. What principle is
tsunamis, and earthquakes which destroy crops and referred to?
industries. a. An eye for an eye c. Survival of the fittest
d. People do not have the ability to exploit natural resources b. Natural selection d. Stairway to heaven
and to put up industries 18. In searching for the ‘missing link”, there are many remains found
4. Which is the primary resources found in Southwest Asia, like by the archeologists believed to be of the first humans. Which
Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Kuwait? group is believed to have knowledge on how to use their hands
a. Olive oil and cement c. Oil and gas
in making tools?
b. Barley d. Sheep and camel
a. Australopithecus c. Homo Habilis
5. Almost one half of the world’s population is found in Asia. What b. Homo erectus d. Homo sapiens
is the implication of this information to the continent’s economic 19. The first civilization in India started in the river valleys of Indus.
status? Which group of people are the first to reside?
a. Need for employment and food in Asia is greater than the a. Hindu c. Aryans
other continents in the world. b. Dravidians d. Buddhist
b. People in Asia have more ability to create ideas and 20. King Hammurabi of Babylonian was known in Mesopotamia
products than the other continents in the world. and West Asia. How is he remembered?
a. He spread his religion
c. The increase of population in Asia is the key to the
b. He gathered the laws
industrialization of the continent.
c. He discovered a system of writing
d. Countries in Asia have high Per Capita Income
d. He married 4 muslim princesses
6. What is the socio-economic factor where man must fit into cities
21. The Torah is an important foundation of the monotheistic belief
which is the center of communication, trade and culture?
of the Hebrew. What do you mean by Monotheism?
a. Industrialization c. Assimilation
a. Belief on one God c. Belief on many gods
b. Urbanization d. Modernization
b. Belief on the Holy Trinity d. Belief on Monster gods
7. This is the period/age where man started to hunt and
22. Alexander the Great established and spread a civilization which
domesticate animals and reside in small communities. is a mixture of Asian and Greek culture. The civilization is
a. Paleolithic Age c. Mesolithic Age known as ____________
b. Neolithic Age d. Metal Age a. Hellenes c. Hellenistic
8. During this period, hunting and gathering food is the main b. Hellenic d. Lydian
source of living. 23. A terrace of plants and flowers was built by Nebuchadnezzar of
a. Paleolithic Age c. Mesolithic Age the Chaldean Empire. This is referred to _____________
b. Neolithic Age d. Metal Age a. Great Wall c. Rice Terraces
9. The most beautiful burial place in the world which is found in b. Leaning Tower d. Hanging Gardens
Agra, India and built by Shah Jahan for her wife, Muntaz Mahal 24. Asia is the biggest continent in the world and covers almost 1/3
a. Angkor Wat c. Taj Mahal of the total area. What is the total land area of Asia?
b. Pagoda d. Dome of the Rock a. 30, 243,910 kilometro kwadrado
10. Which of the following rivers is NOT found in Asia? b. 44, 391,000 kilometro kwadrado
a. Irrawady- Myanmar c. Lena- Russia, Mongolia, c. 10, 355,000 kilometro kwadrado
buryat, yakut d. 57, 098,815 kilometro kwadrado
b. Mississippi- US d. Brahmaputra- china, india 25. Japan joined forces with two European countries forming the
and bangladesh AXIS Powers against the Allied Powers. What were the two
11. The system of writing invented by the Sumerians.
European countries?
a. Sanskrit- language of hinduism
c. Cuneiform a. Italy and Greece c. Germany and Austria
b. Heiroglyphics d. Arabic b. Italy and Germany d. Germany and Russia
12. The flight of Mohammad from Mecca to Medina on 622A.D. is 26. The aim of Taoism is to have world balance. This is composed
known as ____________ of yin and yang. Yang symbolizes ______________
a. hegira c. urdu a. women c. youth
b. men d. aged d. Training of the leaders of the member-countries
27. The form of writing by the Chinese. 42. The Chinese civilization flourished in the Yellow River basin
a. Cuneiform c. hieroglyphics between 1600 BC and well into the twentieth century. In around
b. Calligraphy d. scribbling 600 BC, Lao Tzu was born. What religion did he found?
28. In the Babylonian Empire, the confederacy of laws is known as
a. Taoism c. Confucianism
______________. These laws is engraved in stone of more or
less eight feet in height. b. Buddhism d. Zoroastrianism
a. Laws of Dravidian c. Vedic 43. The Magna Carta was published by the King of which country?
b. Koran d. Code of Hammurabi a. France c. Austria
29. Which of the following is NOT in lined with the teachings of b. Italy d. England- King John
Hinduism? 44. The Indus Valley civilization is still somewhat of a mystery to
a. They believe in continuous cycle of life and death of man archeologists because
to make the soul pure. At this point, one attains Nirvana. a. the Aryans destroyed all the remains of the civilization
b. The lowest member of the Caste System are the b. the writing system has not been deciphered
Untouchables c. the small size of the civilization makes it difficult to excavate
c. The doctrine of Hinduism is the Four Noble Truths d. the isolation from the rest of the world limited trade an
d. The main gods of Hinduism are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva diffusion
30. The religion Islam is based on the Five Pillars. These are 45. What ideas do Hinduism and Buddhism have in common?
Shahada, Salat, Sawm, Hajj and _______. a. universal salvation c. reincarnation
a. Nirvana c. Sutee b. the caste system d. monotheism
b. Zakat d. Seljur 46. What is the largest ocean in the world?
31. The religious temple of the Sumerians is known as _______ a. Indian ocean c. Atlantic ocean
a. augur c. shul b. Arctic ocean d. Pacific ocean
b. gobekli d. ziggurat 47. All of the following are characteristics of classical civilizations
32. The former name of Myanmar. EXCEPT
a. Laos c. Constantinople a. central government c. social stratification
b. Burma d. Anatolia b. organized bureaucracy d. democratic institutions
33. On what dynasty is the Great Wall of China built? 48. The ancient people started to reside in communities and
a. Qin c. Han establish a government, created religion and developed culture
b. Chan d. Sui and means of living. What was the reason why the ancient
34. The former name of Iran. people stopped from being nomadic or from a wandering way of
a. Persia c. Asia Minor life in order to build civilization?
b. Anatolia d. Formosa a. the discovery of a system of writing
35. In Jainism, the use of force and it is important to act peacefully b. man discovered agriculture and learned to domesticate
such as not harming any form of life. This is called as the animals
absence of violence or ___________ c. the discovery of metal
a. ahimsa c. aparigraha d. the discovery of astronomy
b. asteya d. Brahman 49. The Philippine currency and its stability is projected and
supervised by ___________.
The three main principles of Jainism are ahimsa (non-
a. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)
violence), anekantavada (non-absolutism) and aparigraha b. National Economic and Development Administration
(non-possessiveness). c. Bureau of Treasury
36. An Economic principle which considers the no. of gold and silver d. Boy Scout of the Philippines (BSP)
that the country possesses as the basis of its wealth and power. 50. The Mongols became one of the greatest conquerors because
a. Socialism c. Communism of their skill in ______
b. Merkantilism d. Capitalism a. Diplomacy c. Work as herders
37. In Christianism, the belief that there are three persons in one b. Use of weapons d. Horse riding
God: The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit is called 51. Known for his liberalism, he was the most loved among the
___________. Spanish governors-general.
a. Hegira c. Holy Communion a. Jose Basco y Vargas c. Rafael Izquierdo
b. Holy Trinity d. Ahimsa b. Carlos Ma. De la Torre d. Sianon Anda y Salazar
38. In Vietnam, as a protest of the Christian policy of President Ngo 52. Which led to the creation of Pakistan as a nation in 1937?
Dinh Diem against the Buddhist, one Buddhist monk burn Religious differences between _________.
himself to death. The famous act of burning oneself is known as a. hindus and muslims c. christians and muslims
b. hindus and Christians d. hindus and Buddhists
53. Which biome contains the greatest biodiversity in the world?
a. self-annihilation c. self-mortification a) tropical rainforest c) taiga
b. self-condemnation d. self-immolation b) savannah d) deciduous forest
39. The series of campaign made by European Knights to recover 54. Which does Not belong to the Homo Sapiens group?
Jerusalem from the hands of the Moslems. a. Neanderthal Man c. Cro-Magnon
a. Mass campaign c. Dark Knight b. Java Man- erectus d. Tabon Man
b. Divine Campaign d. Crusade 55. What inference can you make in the saying “An eye for an eye,
40. Which is NOT True of the religion Islam. a tooth for a tooth” in the Code of Hammurabi?
a. In Muslim community, Abu Bakr was the first Caliph a. Punishment served must be based on the degree of the
b. Ramadan or the Month of Fasting for the Muslims ends crime committed
with Eidul-Ftir b. If one commits murder, he must be imprisoned
c. Zakat is the act of praying for the Muslims five times a day- c. Hammurabi’s punishment for the offenders is cruel
salat d. Eyes and teeth will be removed for those who have
d. Muslims believe that Jesus Christ is a prophet and not a committed a crime
God. 56. What is the inevitable force in history which takes place from
41. The Southeast Asian Nation is one of the regional associations time to time?
in Asia. How does the association help the member-states? a. Change c. Development
a. Freedom and Peace is maintained b. Progress d. Evolution
b. Giving of information about development 57. Which basic principle was introduced by Spain to the
c. Giving of financial aid to the members Philippines?
a. union of church and state a. community c. city-state
b. separation of church and state b. temple d. palace
c. separation of power 72. Which country does NOT belong in North Asia?
d. slavery a. Tajekistan c. Georgia
58. To assure the citizenry of a “government of laws and not of b. Azerbaijan d. Saudi Arabia
men” which kind of judiciary is necessary? 73. These wedge-shape characters were instrumental for recording
I. free II. Independent III. Partial the achievements of the Summerians and later Mesopotamians.
a) I, II, III c) I and III a. Hieroglyphics c. Cuneiform
b) I and II d) II and III b. Hieratic script d. Stylus
59. Quran is to Islam as Vedas is to ____ 74. In the Philippines, it seems that the best candidates to a position
a. Christians c. Jews or a job do not always get hired. Which practice prevents the
b. Hindus d. Buddhists “best and the brightest” fro being hired for position?
60. When we say Islam is a way of life, it means that Islam is a. merit system c. nepotism
manifested in the ______ b. networking d. meritocracy
a. economic aspect c. political way of life 75. For which reason was the southeast treaty organization
b. religion d. all of the above (SEATO) as a regional organization conceived?
61. Which of the following behaviors bespeaks of a professional a. to fight communist aggression in the region
teacher? b. to assist member nations in international disputes about
a. speaks ill of the Filipino ways c. to engage nation in the region in cultural cooperation
b. advocates the theme of nationhood d. to help member nations work for mutual economy progress
c. imparts his personal beliefs and ideology 76. Which issue caused for estrangement of the relations between
d. seeks the cooperation of the parents for his own interest the Philippines and Malaysia in the past?
62. Which shows a desirable relationship between teachers and a. terrorists’ issue
other groups of people? b. the founding of MAPHILINDO
a. Mrs. Labor, a newly assigned principal to Barangay San c. shipping of the federation of Malaysia
Andres calls on the barangay chairman. d. the Philippine claim of Sabah
b. The new teacher was requested by the barangay council in 77. What does the statement “today the peso is worth about twenty-
a case involving one of her students. He declined. five centavos” described?
c. Mr. Baluyos feels that the barangay council is against his a. depression c. deflation
plans, so he does not consult the council even if . there is a b. inflation d. recession
need for it. 78. From which do archaeologists reconstruct pre-history?
d. The principal does her own way of campaigning for a. excavated tools c. written records
cleanliness in and outside the school; she never gets b. ethnic customs d. tribal folklore
involved with the same campaign of the barangay officials. 79. Which of the ff. was known to man before the Neolithic period?
63. As a matter of principle, which is renounced by the Phil. As an a. making pottery c. using fire
instrument of national policy? b. practice of agriculture d. domestication of animals
a. civilian authority 80. Which is a proof that the Philippines was inhabited as early as
b. nuclear weapons in its territory 21,000 years ago?
c. autonomy of local government a. skull cap discovered in Tabon cave, Palawan
d. war b. mummies found in Timbac cave in Benguet
64. What maybe the reason why the highly pigmented, dark skin c. chinaware unearthed in Calatagan, Batangas
evolved in the tropics? d. boat fragments excavated in Butuan river banks
a. as protection against intense sunlight 81. When I conclude that my students are cheaters because I
b. consequence of mild sunlight caught one of them cheating, I commit the fallacy of:
c. crucial for the body’s ability to make vitamin D a. false cause c. accident
d. for absorption of more light b. faulty analogy d. hasty generalization
65. In the theory of evolution, Australopithecus undergo physical 82. Because of the onset and proliferation of AIDS cases, which
and biological changes to adopt in the new environment where social problem gained renewed attention and concern?
they live in. Which is not included? a. child labor c. prostitution
a. bipedalism b. drug addiction d. pornography
b. changes in the size of teeth 83. To practice Yin-Yang principle, a person must:
c. changes in the size of the brain a. Be kind c. live in a natural environment
d. changes in blood pressure b. Be disciplined d. live a simple life.
66. Which religion tells that there is a fight between good and evil? 84. The use of seal approved in the Sumerians’ business
a. Judaism c. Zoroastrianism transaction was:
b. Hinduism d. Taoism a. based on trust c. more systematic
67. Who wanted a mixture of Eastern and Western civilization? b. rigid d. complicated
a. King Philip II c. Queen Elizabeth 85. While studying the violence in the Middle East for their
b. Julius Caesar d. Alexander the Great contemporary issues class, the teacher reminded the class that
68. Which is NOT a factor that contributed to the development of the first civilization is located in Iraq. Which civilization is this?
early civilization? a. Chaldean c. Akkadian
a. technology c. centralized religion b. Babylonian d. Sumerian
b. language d. large community 86. Which term refers to all life zones – plants, animals other
69. Which is NOT a river valley civilization? organisms and the physical environment in a particular area?
a. Huang Ho c. Persia a. Tundra c. Savanna
b. Indus d. Mesopotamia b. Ecosystems d. Rainforests
70. Asia can be best described as _______ 87. What artificial waterway allows water transportation from Europe
1. Cradle of civilization to enter Asia without going around Africa?
2. land of diverse and enthusiastic culture a. Panama canal c. Canal Grande
3. Colonial basket of the world b. Suez canal d. Erie Canal
4. Origin of religion 88. Which is not a legacy of the sexagesimal system?
a 4, 3, 2 c. 2, 3 , 4 a. 60 seconds on a minute
b. 1, 2, 3 d. 1 - 4 b. 60 minutes in an hour
71. Ziggurat is ____ c. 360 degrees in a circle
d. None of the above
89. What proves that early civilization were theocratic?
a. The people created temples for deities.
b. The people usually had a patron god or goddesses.
c. The people worshipped many gods and goddesses
d. The leaders were usually the high priest or seen as
representatives of the gods.
90. What is oftentimes erroneously referred to as holy war, when it
actually translates to struggle in the way of Allah?
a. Salat c. Jihad
b. Hajj d. Zakat
91. Many of the Arab contributions to education happened during
the Golden Age of Islam. In which caliphate dit it happen?
a. Rashidun c. Abbasid
b. Umayyad d. Fatimid
92. What was the term for the traditional Chinese concept that the
powers of authority of the emperor came from heaven and
emperors should then be regarded as Sons of Heaven?
a. Confucianism c. Chung Kuo
b. Taoism d. Mandate of Heaven
93. Islam’s central doctrine is the _________, which says that there
is no God except Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.
a. Zakat c. Shahadah
b. Saum d. Salat
94. We give credit to the oriental philosophers for their contributions
to their ideas in education. Who does not belong to the group?
a. Buddha c. Lao Tze
b. Confucius d. Mencius
95. What were the secrets of the Hittites for their success in
a. Consulting the stars before going to war
b. Iron implements and war chariots
c. War ships
d. Plunder and intimidation
96. Though not a political power, they made lasting contribution for
their belief that would become the three major faith in the world
right now.
a. Chaldeans c. Persians
b. Phoenicians d. Hebrews
97. Some schools patterned their school’s mission and vision after
the Greek ideals like excellence, courage, and honor in Homer’s
epic poems, namely the:
a. Dialogue and Republic c. Works and Days
b. Iliad and Odyssey d. Aeneid and Eclogues
98. Which statement does not describe the Spartans?
a. The people had a militaristic orientation
b. They trained their warriors not to fear death
c. They led the Peloponnesian League
d. The valued the Golden Mean.
99. Which statement does not describe the Athenians?
a. They value moderation
b. They value the Golden Mean
c. They granted equal rights to the women
d. They cherished freedom of thoughts and speech.
100. Which among the following is not a civilization in the ancient
a. Aztec c. Olmec
b. Harappa d. Incan