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Financial Services. A. They are in constant search of personnel having managerial competencies in addition to their particular domain knowledge. 5 years in Industry. The top IT companies have excellent record in technical consulting but their ability to provide business process consulting or IT strategy consulting is yet to be fully developed. serving customers all over the globe. Senior and top executives in IT consulting organizations or as IT consultants The Indian Software companies are trying to design solutions to solve client’s specific business problems instead of just being a software vendor or service provider to the company. He has a total work experience of 43 years. and the third group as Software Entrepreneurs.Information Technology Solutions PGSEM and Career Opportunities At the outset.I. M.M. Hospitality and many others. Hence software giants such as Satyam. Wipro. M. He has worked for 25 years as Professor in XLRI. Infrastructure. Name it and it is there. 4 years in Consultancy and 34 years in teaching.S. when I was asked about the career opportunities for a PGSEM participant. Retail.E.G. Infosys. the first group as senior and top executives in IT and ITES organizations. Cognizant and HCL have established IT consulting offices in India and abroad hiring senior people locally. Section A & B in Mechanical Engineering from the Institutio n of Engineers (India).Madan holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Mysore. V. IIM Indore became the first IIM in the year 2002 to start an Executive Post -Graduate Programme in Management (EPGPM) PGSEM t h o u g ht E D GE . This sort of consulting requires embedding the perspective of business and organization right through the delivery chain.V. TCS. the PGSEM participant equipped with a management qualification from a top management institute would be a much sought after person to occupy the top-rung position in IT and ITES organizations.M. Having been exposed to verticals and possessing domain knowledge. my instant answer was that the opportunities were present anywhere and everywhere. This Dr. I am seeing the career opportunities for the present PGSEM participants in three distinct areas.D. Global companies such as IBM and Accenture are also in the fray and all these companies are competing to have a bigger share of the pie. P. Manufacturing. I like to thank the Editorial Team for having given me an opportunity to share some of my thoughts on the subject with the readers of this newsletter. the second group as senior and top executives in IT consulting organizations or as IT consultants. I have attempted here an answer. Healthcare. I thought that this answer would lead my readers nowhere and would like an answer more from a politician than from a professor. which is more specific. Currently. Faculty Speak Dr. Senior and top executives in IT and ITES organizations In the decade long illustrious history of the Indian software services industry. Hence. 2 years as Professor in IIM Indore. 2 years as Professor Emeritus in Biju Patnaik University of Technology and 2 years as the Dean of M. Madan First time. he is the Director of Arvind Educational Consultants. the Indian software companies have established themselves in a host of service verticals such as Banking. Education.D. Telecom. It was during his tenure as the Chairman – Executive Education. Later on. Insurance. keeping it within the length specified by the Editorial Team. from IIT Kharagpur. Ramaiah Institute of Management. from IIM Calcutta and Ph.

has slowed down the growth of IT and ITES organizations. economy in particular. What we should see in these layoffs and squeeze in job opportunities is the birth of a new generation of highly educated entrepreneurs graduated from the best business schools. This is the right time to convert a threat into an opportunity. a number of IT companies are being forced out of business and even the well-reputed companies are laying off people. A number of students graduating from a business school should look for becoming employers rather than employees however attractive the latter may be. when the going gets tough the tough gets going. and Europe. PGSEM t h o u g ht E D GE . new customers. which account for 70% of their business at present. I wish all the present PGSEM participants good luck and the very best in their career. as a sound business policy. Madan Software Entrepreneurs With the general slowdown of global economy and U. PGSEM graduates would be able to fill this gap either as executives in the top IT consulting companies or as independent IT consultants. V.S. both large and small. Faculty Speak Dr. S. They should create new customers domestically and throughout the world instead of depending heavily on U. a pool of enterprising individuals will make a big difference in moving this country faster towards further development and self-reliance. which happens to be the worst in the economic history of this century. our economy is definite to bounce back. Looking at the vast potential. Recession is a cyclical phenomenon and once it is over. But. The global recession.Information Technology Solutions PGSEM and Career Opportunities (contd. M. Indian IT and ITES companies.) sort of consulting requires abilities of convincing the client and leading the consulting team effectively. have seen faster growth as compared to any other country in the world and would continue to do so even in future provided IT and ITES companies create.

) and get right down to it. DVR Seshadri. programs often take only 2-3 students per year. the one point wherein you can say “Yes. DVR Seshadri. because I don’t want to get sued … on that American note. But with all these negatives. But before you enter the academic world be sure that you are excited by deep theoretical (and some mathematical) research and you are willing to live in a world of very few interactions with people and a “publish or perish” mindset. So. recommendations. and all good research schools require you to publish in the top journals. However. stop reading!! And go. accounting et al.consider doing a PhD and putting yourself through 5 years of stress and another 6 years of hell (till you get tenure) only if you are willing to be an academician. my under-PhD-training part of the brain kicks in and points out that such methods suffer from recall bias. less able to make small talk and even less able to have time for yourself. and the guidance and recommendations of Profs Patibandla and Prakhya. Marketing at the Smeal College of Business. I would never have managed this without the guidance. marketing. She is from the PGSEM batch of 2006. Get a GMAT score which is 720+ (at least) and then seriously draw your school list. trying to put a finger onto the one incident. is the carrot of a better life – eventually. have low reliability and are not generalizable. to get tenure. then fold your sleeves – choose a domain (finance. That said. Ahem. perhaps? And at this point of time. And one are a good place to start for your school list. Remember. The Pennsylvania State University. help and contacts of Prof. I won’t take names. And that really is the crux of the matter . Still interested? Well. I do think PGSEM-ers (have we coined that word yet?) are well suited to strive towards a PhD degree because of two reasons: 1) evident high self-motivation and 2) a liking for choking pain and no time for oneself. Underground information is critical – you could land up in a top school with Professors who don’t invest in you – and that’s disaster. PGSEM t h o u g ht E D GE . Talk to your Professors at IIMB concerning everything you can imagine – the schools. usually takes 2-3 years from start to finish. here is when I decided”. live a normal life.utdallas. Its’ simply not worth it to go back into the industry – an additional five years of work experience will serve you better. And publishing is tough – the top journals have a very low acceptance rate. or was it sooner… a subliminal thought. so the acceptance rate at most good schools is 3-4%. contacts with Profs and of course. I tried to do the same – when did I make my decision to do a PhD? Was it the conversation with Prof. do be ready for the fact that you will be less liked. spread your applications and try and talk to current PhD students about each school. The UT Dallas research rankings (top100. So it’s a special kind of hell. standing outside the PGSEM classrooms. multiple times. eating pakodas and having tea. Unless until you wish to spend all your life with these dual conflicting thoughts in your head. good luck and good bye for now! Alumni Speak Mahima Ha da Mahima Hada is a Doctoral Candidate. strategy.Information Technology Solutions Contemplating a Business PhD? Reminiscence is a wonderful thing – you look back on previous years.

though over the years I had learnt it. It would provide me with the required Leadership path and create a growth mechanism to scale further heights of learning. Transition from Software Testing to Software Development Sandeep is currently the Head Corporate Affairs Group (India & Sri Lanka) at British Council Division.Information Technology Solutions Career Transition Outside the IT Industry “Change is the only constant in life…” Special Feature Sandeep Kochhar This is so true of today’s Business and our personal lives. and that’s when I found that management is another stream I should look at. He is from the PGSEM batch of 2007. I heaved a sigh of relief when I moved out from a technical to a business related role. and was able to understand the big picture easily. After the first quarter of electives I realized that I should take electives in different areas and explore and learn as much as possible. I could most easily understand the business perspective. This was my first misconception. I realized very soon that I was not cut out for coding.5 years of IT experience. I will attempt to share my experiences through my career transitions within and out of the IT industry. Transition from the IT industry to the Not for Profit Sector I entered PGSEM with about 4. and understand what the customer wants. as it all went according to plan. PGSEM t h o u g ht E D GE . I explored different areas. and I wanted to learn and try and apply my learning’s back at work. I started my IT career in software testing. and I was inclined towards consulting. Transition from a Technical to a Business Analyst role I moved to a business analysis role post a 1 yr Executive Management (eMEP) from IIMK. I did my PGSEM final project on a resource management issue being faced in my organization. and was working in a business analyst role at a captive IT MNC centre. I was a fish out of water in technical roles. and how to go about meeting his requirements. I felt the need to explore more in area of management. I think I was lucky. I enjoyed my role and was able to do a reasonable job. Interestingly. peer pressure pushed me to think of coding as I was made to believe that testing is subservient to coding. It took me a year to settle down in PGSEM since I had just got married. but I knew deep down that I was not cut out for it. which most people said was not possible. However. and realized why people harp about core-competence. British High Commission. I was clear that I did not want to leave my job. and then I slowly started to try to apply the PGSEM learning’s back at work.

) Some of the electives I took included: Intercultural management. especially people skills and improving my problem solving skills. and contrary to my expectations the monetary rewards were much better than the IT industry.Information Technology Solutions Career Transition Outside the IT Industry (contd. I started to apply to the not for profit sector as well. I concentrated more on areas which I wanted to explore further or where I felt I needed to develop as a professional. and the project from Delhi. Social Entrepreneurship. I had slowly made up my mind to try outside the IT industry. having a workable IQ. on a 2 yr employment contract. I started to highlight generic skills which were applicable outside the IT context – program management. I think I was really lucky when I landed a Change Management job with a UK NGO. Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness.5 yrs of IT Industry behind. had got some exposure to it from the Social Entrepreneurship elective. and leaving my 7. Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation. Change management especially in a BPR context. The electives I took helped a lot to improve in these areas. networking. job consultants. Spirituality and Self-Development for Global Managers. and I realized that I had run out of roles in my current organization. and completing my last quarter of PGSEM. I took a big decision to relocate from Bangalore to Delhi with my family. an interest towards solving business problems. a senior management role. I tried to explore my inner self as much as the outer world to understand and plan what I wanted to do in future. I tried every available option. I assessed myself as having a very low EQ. Human Dimensions of Corporate Restructuring. Hence most of my focus was on developing my EQ. I however had a tough ask of settling in a new job. and vacancies in newspapers. I consciously made up my mind that I will not get into something unless it is different. and obviously IT skills. it was a challenging assignment. There is no doubt that the IIMB tag had helped me get this wonderful break. After the second year was over reality dawned on me. only to realize that the offers coming my way were more on the same kind of work I was doing. Luckily my wife also found a job in Delhi and we relocated together. Special Feature Sandeep Kochhar PGSEM t h o u g ht E D GE . Job sites. VEIL and Theatre. and trying something completely different. During the second year at PGSEM I did some interesting work in Business Process Reengineering (BPR) in my organization. Business Analysis skills. I was looking at doing something similar in a non IT context. and I was still not clear of what next? I tried for 6 months in the job market.

The other challenge being that the NGO I worked in had a political context as well. I was the youngest member of the Senior Management Team. with easily a decade age difference between the next youngest in the management team. But beyond doubt this has been my toughest transition in a job assignment till date. The other challenge I faced was that the Not for profit sector was very different from an IT profit centre or a cost centre operation. The silver lining of course being that I stuck it out and recently completed by 2 yr contract and my contract has got renewed for another 2 years. I faced quite a few challenges the first being. and I was responsible for the overall program. and the same was deeply ingrained in the ethos of the organization. finance. there were a set of change projects and each project had a change project manager who was responsible for the change project. Reality was however completely different. and Social Entrepreneurship. facilities. HR. We were implementing a global change program in areas of marketing.Information Technology Solutions Career Transition Outside the IT Industry (contd. The obvious challenge I faced was also operating at a leadership level role across the organization. and exceptional ratings a few times. After completing the first 3 months I got a shocker – my probation was extended. operations. I definitely missed not studying political science at IIMB. and it took me a while to understand how a spending organization works. In my previous roles in the IT industry in my performance appraisals I was used to getting met expectations ratings in my performance reviews. Special Feature Sandeep Kochhar PGSEM t h o u g ht E D GE .) I felt I was really equipped for my new role especially after having taken up electives like Corporate Restructuring human dimensions.

The event ended with a gala dinner.   Mr. A residential orientation program for the incoming PGSEM batch of 2008 was conducted to coincide with this event. The junior batches designed a T-shirt to serve as a souvenir for the seniors. The inauguration was followed by inspiring workshops comprising of simulations. Managing Director and Chairman of Accenture India inaugurated the conference and delivered the key note address. The key contributors of the batch were felicitated and the fun-filled evening proceeded with performances from the graduating batch.  PGSEM t h o u g ht E D GE . 2008 with the theme ‘Leadership from Within’. the day before the convocation of Class of 2008.Information Technology Solutions PGSEM Updates for 2008 Graduation Dinner – Class of 2008 The Graduation Dinner for the graduating batch was organized on 23 March 2008. On this occasion. rd PGSEM Upda tes LCUBE 2008 The first annual residential summer event LCUBE 2008 (stands for Leadership Learning Leisure) was organized from May 30-June 1. PGSEM Office released the profile book of the graduating batch. Harsh Manglik. theatre and role-plays on ‘Experiential Leadership’ organized by the renowned leadership consultant Raghu Ananthanarayan. Around 140 students graduated in this batch along with the first batch from Chennai. games.

Founder & Chairman. The quiz was conducted by Prof. Wipro Technologies. Sudip Banerjee . 2008 in association with Karnataka Quizzing Association open to corporate participant teams. IIM Bangalore.Vice President Server Technologies. Vijay Anand . Axcend Automation Systems and Prof.Information Technology Solutions PGSEM Updates for 2008  A corporate quiz on leadership was organized on May 31. 2008 with a key note address from Mr. Rajeev Gowda. Som Mittal – NASSCOM President on ‘Indian IT Companies at crossroads – looking for next winning strategy’. SAP Labs India. Subex Ltd.President Enterprise Solutions. A panel discussion on ‘DNA for the next generation of IT leaders’ followed. Mrs Uma Balakrishnan. CEO. Oracle India. PGSEM Upda tes   PGSEM t h o u g ht E D GE . The panel for the discussion comprises of eminent leaders in the IT industry such as Som Mittal – President. The event ended on June 1. J Ramachandran. NASSCOM. Subhash Menon . Kush Desai – Managing Director.

Vivek Mathur. Efficient Frontier Dr. The workshop focused on the nuances of resume writing and provided a unique 360 degree perspective from HR consultants. Academic Cell   We have record of around 20 courses offered in each quarter for PGSEM with the effort of members of Academic Cell. CISCO Systems Mr. Anubhav Kothari and Kanishka Agarwal from IBM Business Consulting (Strategy & Change). Nidhi gupta.     Mr. HCL represented as PGSEM Alumni. Product Manager. The elective process is completely taken over by 2007 batch and Q2 and Q3 process are run by the new team.Anil. Chairman. PEHEL 2008 The 11 batch of PGSEM – 2008 batch organized PEHEL 2008 on 20 July 2008. Ganesh Natarajan. Director Consulting Practice. Tom Gillis. HP and Prof. Amazon represented the industry. Founder.Information Technology Solutions PGSEM Updates for 2008 Industry Speaker Series We had several prominent speakers addressing PGSEM Community as part of our PGSEM Industry Speaker Series. The event started with Chairperson’s address and video introduction of the incoming batch. industry and PGSEM Alumni. Trilochan Sastry. The workshop was facilitated by HR consultants from CRV Executive Search. Srinivasvijayraghavan BV. Anand Ranganathan. PGSEM Debate was the highlight of the day and was judged by Mr. Business Development Manager. made the evening fun-filled and worth-remembering. IIM Bangalore. th th PGSEM Upda tes PGSEM t h o u g ht E D GE . NASSCOM Mr. Mcafee. The workshop was attended by more than 50 participants. The cultural programme comprising of skit and light music. Yahoo! Resume Workshop Career Mgmt Cell of PGSEM organised a workshop on Resume Writing in August 2008. HP and Piyush Srivastava.N. Mr. VP Marketing. Om Prakash Subbarao. Product Manager.

The different committees – Career Management Cell.Hemanth Kumar N ('06) . Some of the key features added are:      Profile feature – Collection of Registration of events online Document section Exchange Experience Published Papers – under document section Event Calendar profile data of members PGSEM Merchandise : Merc & Ice T-Shirts As part of branding activity.  Students Affairs Council is formed with 2007 and 2008 batch students elected in Q2.     Price Points Social Networking Voice-based Search Offline Advertising .pgsem. to work on the real time strategic issues together with product managers. Academic . Ashutosh Kumar (’07). Srikanth Belwadi from Google (PGSEM Alumni). Branding and Communication Cell. PGSEM Website (www.Karthik Srinivasan ('06) and Abhinav Modi ('06) .Daniel Tony ('06) . PGSEM-BnCC has designed Merc & Ice T-shirts exclusively for PGSEMers and it has well-received by the students.Ajit Singh ('07) and Akshat Kumar ('07) PGSEM Upda tes PGSEM-Web Updates From its initial stage. Lokesh Tripathi (’06) is the designer of the T-shirts. New Student Representatives Elected PGSEM t h o u g ht E D GE  Karthik Srinivasan (‘06) and Pawan Kakawani (‘07) are elected as PGSEM Committee members.Information Technology Solutions PGSEM Updates for 2008 Google Academic Projects Four teams from PGSEM are given academic projects by has been added with new features. The idea is initiated by Mr. Sivasundaram (‘07) and team are maintaining the website.

PGSEM Upda tes  Upcoming Events  Convergenz ’09  NASCOMM-IIMB Seminars  Google Case Competition  IAMAI-PGSEM CEO Speaker Series  Exchange Process  Elective Briefings for 2008 batch  PGSEM Web new features And many more … PGSEM t h o u g ht E D GE . Academic Cell and Forum for Industry & Alumni Interaction are formed to focus on different activities. Students Affairs Council is formed with 2007 and 2008 batch students elected in Q2.Information Technology Solutions PGSEM Updates for 2008 New Student Representatives Elected  Karthik Srinivasan (‘06) and Pawan Kakawani (‘07) are elected as PGSEM Committee members. Branding and Communication Cell. The different committees – Career Management Cell. PGSEM t h o u g ht E D GE .CREATED BY: The Newsletter Editorial Team PGSEM Branding and Communication Cell (BnCC) Feedback and comments are welcome: Please mail them in to: pgsem-bncc@iimb.

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