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S.No. Chapter Name Page No.
01. Introduction of Event 03-04
02. Event description 05-06
03. Event overview and purpose 06-07
04. Aim &objectives 07-08
05. Organizing committee: 08-09
06. Sponership: 09-10
07. Physical requirement 10-11
08. Impact 12-13
09. Approval and consulation 13-14
10. Federal government 14-14
11. Marketing 14-18
12 Financial control 18-19
13. Risk management 19-21
14. Event staging: 21-21
15. Staffing and security 21-22
16. Safety and security 22-22
17. Event evaluation 22-24

As my term paper topic is to organize a martial arts
competitions in our city. And I have to prepare complete event
proposal for that. First of all what are martial arts: Martial arts
(literally meaning arts of war but usually referred as fighting arts) are systems of
codified practices and traditions of combat. Martial arts all have similar objectives: to
physically defeat other persons or defend oneself or others from physical threat. Some
martial arts take a great deal of their underlying theory from beliefs systems. Most
specifically, Buddhism, and in Asia have been practiced in harmony with others, such
as Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism or Shinto while others follow a particular code
of honor. Martial arts are considered as both an art and a science. Many arts are also
practiced competitively, most commonly as combat sports, but competitions may also
take the form of "forms competition" which is an integral discipline in most arts but is
seen by the uninitiated as dance.
The term martial arts refers to the art of warfare (derived from Mars the Roman god
of war) and comes from a 15th-century European term referring to what are now
known as historical European martial arts specifically to what is today known as
Historical Fencing, but is now most commonly associated with Asian fighting styles,
especially the combat systems that originated in East Asia. The term both in its literal
meaning however, and in its subsequent usage may be taken to refer to any codified
combat system, regardless of origin, a practitioner of martial arts is referred to as a
martial artist. Martial arts have originated and evolved in various cultures at various
times. In the Americas, Native Americans have traditions of open-handed martial arts
such as wrestling, while Hawaiians have historically practiced arts featuring small
and large-joint manipulation. A mix of origins is found in the athletic movements of
Capoeira, which African slaves developed in Brazil based on skills they had brought
from Africa.
Martial arts vary widely, and may focus on a specific area or combination of areas,
but they can be broadly grouped into focusing on strikes, grappling, or weapons
training. Below is a list of examples that make extensive use of one of these areas; it
is not an exhaustive list of all arts covering the area, nor are these necessarily the only
areas covered by the art but are the focus or best known part as examples of the area:

• Punching: Boxing (Western), Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do

• Kicking: Capoeira, Savate, Taekwondo

• Other strikes: Karate, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Choi Kwang Do

• Throwing: Glima, Jujutsu, Sambo, Judo

• Joint lock/Submission holds: Aikido, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Hapkido, Judo,

Chin Na
• Pinning Techniques: Wrestling, Judo, Shuai Jiao

Boxing was practiced in the ancient mediterranean.

Event name: Organize an international martial arts competition in city. This is
the name of my event.

Event type: It is mega event as this is international event. and it is sporting


Location: It will be held outside in the city as it is mega event. We have to

chose right place for that so people can easily come their.we have to decide the
location to take care the following factors:

• Easy to approach.

• Easy to manage all the things.

• External environment of the location.

• Place for the audience setup.

• Others arrangements.


Finding a date and time that is suitable for our event is always a difficulty. What
may be great for we and the organizing committee may clash with other mega
events at the city. Try to find out as much as we can about what is happening in
the city and then plan our event accordingly.
Duration of martial arts competition would be starting from10am to according
to comlition of event .Timing would be increase or decrease according to
audience taste and strength.


The definition of martial arts

Martial arts are identified with fighting and yet, through the practice of martial
disciplines, exponents have found an increased spiritual awareness. Thus a
strange paradox begins to emerge, a concept of inner peace beyond fighting.
Eventually, through continued studies, a search for a higher understanding of
one's self is fostered. No one can train in a martial art discipline without at some
stage becoming aware of this fundamental theme. To realise this is to be half way
towards grasping the true value of martial arts.


The mission of martial arts is to provide a range of quality educational

programmes that would provide all students with effective and efficient progress
in careers in martial arts and related fields.

The event is committed to continuous professional development and acts as a

centre for excellence for martial arts studies and research world wide.


Martial art is a broad field of study that includes subjects such as philosophy,
history, physiology, psychology, research, coaching techniques and bio-
mechanics. The uniqueness of martial arts is that unlike other sports they have
many styles incorporated that have mainly developed and been fostered in
different geographical regions around the world. The event recognises both the
individuality of practitioners and arts and also the possibility of entwining two
or more systems at their root levels.

The event will assist the students to enhance their knowledge and will provide
opportunities to improve professional practice and research in martial arts.

The event aims to provide educational programmes both at undergraduate and

postgraduate level together with practical training to further the career
opportunities of martial artists.


The promotion of community participation in healthy recreation in particular by

the provision of facilities for playing and taking part in martial arts. To advance
the education of the public in martial arts by the provision of training,
examination and awards.


*# To encourage youngsters to aim higher and dream bigger.

∗ To encourage martial artists all over the world to take part in

degree, post-graduate and certificate programmes in martial arts.

∗ To carryout research in martial arts

∗ To generate research interest’s world wide by publishing the

International Journal of Martial Arts Research.

∗ To create combined research work among other universities and

martial arts organisations in other countries.

∗ To create a centre of excellence for martial arts.


Organizing committee:

So now we have to make management committee for the smooth run of the
event. organising committee manage all the things which are the following:

• Venue of the event.

• Stage

• Lighting,audio etc

• Decorators and florists

• Entertainers

• Public relations

• Media

• Security of players

• Catering

• Cleaning etc.

Ensure that the committee members have the necessary skills and
knowledge or that there is sufficient time for them to be trained to
fulfill their tasks.

This is the important part of event and we have to go for sponership
for fund raising. Sponsor

An underwriting investment company that offers shares in its mutual funds, or

an influential institution that highly values a particular security and thus
creates additional demand for the security. In the context of project
financing, a developer of the project or a party poviding financial support.


1. An institutional investor or a brokerage firm that has a position in a security

and influences other investors to establish a position in that security.

2. See underwriter.


1. An underwriting firm.

2. An institutional investor or high net-worth individual who takes a large

position in a security, which encourages other investors to the same.
Sponsors exist because other investors trust them to make the correct
investment decisions most of the time.

Physical requirement

Venue: Now have to decide the venue of the martial arts compititions as per
the requirement.As it is mega event there will be a huge rush for the event so
location shoud be outside the city.we have a stadium outside the city .

Commentators: Is the person who will doing commentary during the

event. commentator are those special persons who coment to my event and
make it more successful. Success of an event of show completely depends on the
good commentator of event. Because an commentator is the person who gives
life to a show.

EVENT MAP: Event map provides business analysis, methodology and software
product to allow for more effective usage of organisational resource.

In almost every area of modern life and industry, making choices relating to how
to make best use of available resources is a common, complex and challenging
task. Although many highly technical, efficient automated techniques have been
developed within the field of research, they have not been made easily accessible
for the purposes of I will make the event map according to
management function and location.these are the images of some kind of event

Audience: As it is mega event the audience will be in huge
quantity.and we have to do all the arrangements for this.

Impact: Martial arts is the unique package of support and development

opportunities provided to winners and runners-up. This package enables young
volunteers to grow and develop their voluntary work by learning new skills and
developing as individuals, accessing new contacts and funding opportunities and
being supported to create quality volunteering opportunities for other young
people. It has following impact of social,environment etc:

Positive impact:

• Shared experience.
• Building community pride
• Increased community participation
• Expanding sporting perspective.

Negative impact:

• Community alienation
• Negative community impact.
• Substanic abuse

Approval and consulation
For helding the martial arts there should be approval of local government because it
is on local level.And there are laws and regulations at each level of the event that may
require to compliance.
In my event there would need of taking permission of local music copyright. because
there will be littleit music as well in the event for entertainment it is nesseccery to
take permission.So music licensing is mandatory for this event.
Approval and consulation of higher authority would be taken so that event can go on local level.
Enviormental impact would be positve,it would be given by event authority so that
our aword function will be legally approved. These kind of laws followed by the
fedral government:

Federal Government is divided into three main branches: the legislative, the judicial,
and the executive. These branches have the same basic shape and perform the same
basic roles defined for them when the Constitution was written in 1787. Congress, the
legislative branch, is divided into two chambers: the Senate and the House of
Representatives. Representation in the chambers is carried out by the formula set
forth in 1787: by population in the House and by state in the Senate. The president is
the elected chief executive officer and is charged with faithful execution of the laws.
The Supreme Court and all other federal courts have the judicial authority vested in
them by the Constitution and by subsequent legislation. A system of checks and
balances prevents power from being concentrated in any one of the three branches.
Power is divided on a territorial basis between the states and national government.

The main things for approval are:

• Roads and traffic authority.

• Liquor licensing.
• Police.
• Building
• Insurance
• Health
• Environment
• Entertainment
• Music licensing
• Security.

Competitive or marketing analyses: in this I have to analyse
there should not be another event on same city. It can affect
our we have to take care about this.

Customer segmentation:It is for the audience what our

audience want? Who are the audience?

Customer segmentation is a concept in economics and marketing. A market
segment is a sub-set of a market made up of people or organizations with one or
more characteristics that cause them to demand similar product and/or services
based on qualities of those products such as price or function. A true market
segment meets all of the following criteria: it is distinct from other segments
(different segments have different needs), it is homogeneous within the segment
(exhibits common needs); it responds similarly to a market stimulus, and it can
be reached by a market intervention. The term is also used when consumers with
identical product and/or service needs are divided up into groups so they can be
charged different amounts. These can broadly be viewed as 'positive' and
'negative' applications of the same idea, splitting up the market into smaller
• Gender
• Price
• Interests
While there may be theoretically 'ideal' market segments, in reality every
organization engaged in a market will develop different ways of imagining
market segments, and create Product differentiation strategies to exploit these
segments. The market segmentation and corresponding product differentiation
strategy can give a firm a temporary commercial advantage. So with the help of
customer segmentation we analyse our audience.

Price and ticket program:-

The another essential element in event marketing is the price. The cost of
tickets are assigned by the buses organizer and the cost of travel are assigned
by the organizing committee .

Meeting audience needs:-

Meeting with the audience need is very important. Because we, under the same
roof provide almost all the things during the entire process of the event
management, so that our audience should not move here and there for different
services.Food ,entertainment,enviorment surranding area are the prefrance of
the audience needs.these all would be well planned by my management of the

Advertising and Promotion :-
The next element is the promotion. The best method is the advertising through
which we make many people favorable. The public relations also plays an
important role. The promotion through banners,local t.v. channel,road shows etc
plays a very important role iv promotion and advertisement.

Advertising and promotions is bringing a service to the attention of potential and

current customers. Advertising and promotions are best carried out by
implementing an advertising and promotions plan. The goals of the plan should
depend very much on the overall goals and strategies of the organization, and
the results of the marketing analysis, including the positioning statement.
The plan usually includes what target markets you want to reach, what features
and benefits you want to convey to them, how you will convey it to them (this is
often called your advertising campaign), who is responsible to carry the various
activities in the plan and how much money is budgeted for this effort. Successful
advertising depends very much on knowing the preferred methods and styles of
communications of the target markets that you want to reach with your ads. A
media plan and calendar can be very useful, which specifies what advertising
methods are used and when.
For each service, carefully consider: What target markets are you trying to
reach with your ads? What would you like them to think and perceive about
your products (this should be in terms of benefits to them, not you)? How can
you get them to think and perceive that? What communications media do they
see or prefer the most? Consider TV, radio, newsletters, classifieds,
displays/signs, posters, word of mouth, press releases, direct mail, special events,
brochures, neighborhood newsletters, etc.

What media is most practical for you to use in terms of access and affordability
(the amount spent on advertising is often based on the revenue expected from
the product or service, that is, the sales forecast)?
You can often find out a lot about your customers preferences just by
conducting some basic market research methods. The following closely related
links might be useful in preparation for your planning.

Broadcasting is the distribution of audio and video content to a dispersed

audience via radio, television, or other, often digital transmission media.
Receiving parties may include the general public or a relatively large subset of

Public relations:

Public relations (PR) is a field concerned with maintaining public image for
businesses, non-profit organizations or high-profile people, such as celebrities
and politicians.
Public relations is used to build rapport with employees, customers, investors,
voters, or the general public.Almost any organization that has a stake in how it is
portrayed in the public arena employs some level of public relations. There are a
number of public relations disciplines falling under the banner of corporate
communications, such as analyst relations, media relations, investor relations,
internal communications and labor relations.
Other public relations disciplines include:
• Financial public relations - providing information mainly to business
• Consumer/lifestyle public relations - gaining publicity for a particular
product or service, rather than using advertising
• Crisis public relations - responding to negative accusations or
• Industry relations - providing information to trade bodies
• Government relations - engaging government departments to influence these are some factors of PR and I will take care of these during
my event.

Capital funding: It wiil arrange through the oranising committee and
sponsorship and through chief quest etc.The organizing committee
provide money to following fuctions:

• Fees
• Costs
• Taxation

And at last we will prepare profit and loss statement.

Risk management:
Risk management is the identification, assessment, and prioritization of
risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to
minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of
unfortunate events or to maximize the realization of opportunities. Risks
can come from uncertainty in financial markets, project failures, legal
liabilities, credit risk, accidents, natural causes and disasters as well as
deliberate attacks from an adversary. The risk management method is in
the context of project management, security, engineering, industrial
processes, financial portfolios, actuarial assessments, or public health and
The strategies to manage risk include transferring the risk to another
party, avoiding the risk, reducing the negative effect of the risk, and
accepting some or all of the consequences of a particular risk.

For the most part, these methods consist of the following elements,
performed, more or less, in the following order.
1. identify, characterize, and assess threats
2. assess the vulnerability of critical assets to specific threats
3. determine the risk (i.e. the expected consequences of specific types
of attacks on specific assets)
4. identify ways to reduce those risks
5. prioritize risk reduction measures based on a strategy

Principles of risk management
Risk management should:
• create value
• be an integral part of organizational processes
• be part of decision making
• explicitly address uncertainty
• be systematic and structured
• be based on the best available information
• be tailored
• take into account human factors
• be transparent and inclusive
• be dynamic, iterative and responsive to change
• be capable of continual improvement and enhancement.

So I will manage the risk using this procedure and principles in my event.I
will already prepare for the following risks:

• Financial risk.
• Environment risk.

Event staging:
Theme of the event: As it is sporting event. Theme is to play sports.
and to promote the integrity.To prepare the friendly environment in
different country.
Now the followings are the arrangements we have to do in staging:

• Layout

• Entertainment

• Sound

• Lighting

• Special effect

• Transportation

• Traffic arrangement

• Security

• Water

• Electricity

• Seating plan

• Food safety plans

• Noise

• Toilet

Staffing and security:

In this I will recruit person who is very skilled towards ehe event
management. And assign the work to them.

Safety and security:

I will arrange all the best arrangement for the safety and security like first
aid,police, ambulance etc.

Event Evaluation
Evaluation is an activity that seeks to understand and measure the extent to
which an event has succeeded in achieving its purpose. The purpose of an event
will differ with respect to the category and variation of event. However, to
provide reach and interaction would be a generic purpose that events satisfy.

There can be two attitudes with which evaluation can be put in its proper
perspective. The concept of evaluation stated above was a critical examination
digging out what went wrong. A more constructive focus for evaluation is to
make recommendations about how an event might be improved to achieve its
aims more effectively.

To carry out an evaluation and measurement exercise it is essential that the

predefined objectives of the events have been properly understood. The brief
should contain all the data to be communicated since if an event has been
organized without a clearly defined purpose, any evaluation would be rather

The Basic Event Evaluation Process

In events, the basic evaluation process involves three steps:

• Establishing tangible objectives and incorporating sensitivity in
• Measuring the performance before, during and after the event correcting
deviations from plans

These steps are discussed below:

Establishing Tangible Objectives and Sensitivity in Evaluation

Setting objectives for an event is easier said than done. It is more difficult to set
standards and declaring an event successful after it meets them. To provide
tangibility to the problem, the best approach is to begin with definition of the
target audience for whom the event has been organized. In the case of
commercial events, the audience could be end users who use the company’s
products. An event might be conceptualized to achieve different things for
different audience. Once the audience has been defined, the next step is to
identify and put on paper what each of the audience is expected to think, feel and
do having been to the event, that it did not think, feel or do beforehand. This
adds an element of tangibility to the evaluation and measurement proceedings.

Measuring Performance

Although perfect measurement is not always practicable, the measurement of

performance against the objectives should ideally be done on a forward looking
basis so that deviations may be detected in advance of their occurrence and
avoided by appropriate actions. The concept research is used to anticipate the
viability of a concept during the conceptualization process. Formative and
objective evaluations are carried out during the customization phase of an event.
Summative evaluation can be carried out to measure performance during the

• Concept Research:
• Formative Evaluation:
• Objective Evaluation.
• Summative Evaluation:
• Correcting Deviations

The fundamental reason why event evaluation is carried out is to navigate the
event so as to ensure that the event objectives are achieved in total. And since
deviations may occur during any stage in the event designing phase, it is
important that measurement is carried out at all possible stages.

Critical Evaluation Points

Events can be evaluated based on the critical success factors listed below; from
both the clients’ and event organizer’s viewpoints.

There are multiple criteria for evaluating the success of an event from the event
organizer’s point of view. These are over and above ensuring perfect reach and

interaction for the client by networking on-time & at lowest cost. The client
event-target audience fit should match the clients’ brand/product/company
image and personality perfectly, keeping the target audience as the focal point.

Measuring Reach

Reach is of two types – external and actual event reach. Since events require
massive external publicity-press, radio, television and other media are needed to
ensure that the event is noticed and the benefit of reach is provided to the client.
Measurement of external reach is possible by using the circulation figures of
newspapers and promotions on television and the radio.

Concept of event quality and measuring quality of event

Exactly on the lines of the evaluation of effectiveness of an event comes the

concept of event quality. In essence, quality of an event exists in the clients’
perspective and thus varies from client to client. By aiming for quality by
maintaining standards, preventing mistakes, never cutting corners and using
only top quality infrastructure is looking at quality from a skewed angle.

Every client expects the event to provide the ideal audience to associate with;
impress and entice. Thus, the quality of an event can also be defined in terms of
the audience quality. Clients should focus on three major statistics that define
audience quality:

• Net buying influences which can be defined as the ratio of the number of
audience that can recommend, specify or approve purchase to the total
population at the event.
• Total buying plans imply the percentage of the audience planning to buy
a product/service from the sponsors’ stables within the next 12 months
after the show.

• Average audience interest is the percentage of audience that shows an

interest in the sponsors’ products or services during the event itself
and immediately after. This may be measured by keeping track of the
number of visitors to the sponsors.

So with this we can analyses our event.