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These boots were made for presentin’ @adi_rajan

Actors often use creative visualisation techniques to manage their nerves. As presenters, we can also use positive mental images to deflect negative self-talk, compose ourselves and
visualise success before an important presentation. A simple way of doing this is using the idea of the ‘inner’ shoe. Choose a pair of ‘inner’ shoes based on your presentation needs and
use one of the following prompts to manage your nerves before you start your presentation.

1 Wear a pair of flip-flops when you can’t focus Wear these shoes when you’re anxious about 6
because you are thinking about a million things. 1 presenting on a complex topic. You’re hiking up a
Relax your shoulders and take a deep breath. steep mountain. As you approach the summit, the
You’re walking on a soft sandy beach with a calm path becomes increasingly challenging. You are
blue sea stretching out in front of you. As the tide forced up clamber up a rocky surface. You climb up
goes out, walk towards the rising sun on the on to a flat ledge and as the mist parts, you realise
horizon. you are at the very top looking down at the world.

2 Wear these shoes when you’re feeling uneasy or Wear these shoes when you’re low on energy. 5
uncomfortable because you are presenting Imagine yourself on a football pitch. Hundreds of
something new. Look around and imagine you’re your fans are cheering you on as you weave the ball
with a group of friends in a setting you feel around the players from the opposing team. You
comfortable in. One of your friends hands you a approach the other team’s goal with the ball. You
box that’s carefully gift-wrapped. You unwrap and stop, aim and kick the ball hard. Everything around
open up the box. Inside is an object which is a you slows down for a second. You’ve scored a goal!
source of comfort.

3 5
3 Wear these shoes when you’re presenting on a Wear these shoes when you think you might be 4
challenging issue which has no easy solutions. presenting to a hostile audience. Pull your
Imagine yourself walking across a swamp. There’s shoulders back and stand taller. Imagine yourself
water up to your feet and slippery mud taking up more space and looking down at your
everywhere. Thankfully, you’ve got your trusty audience. You’re armed and ready for anything
wellingtons on. You stomp confidently across the they throw at you. Someone tosses a hat up in
muddy water and up on to dry land. the air. You aim and fire right through it.

Immersivities Managing nerves when presenting Conceptualised and designed by Adi Rajan

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