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LUNCLASSIFIED/FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY EXTERNAL INTELLIGENCE NOTE, FBLPhoentx 30 May 2019 (U/FOUO) Anarchist Extremists Very Likely Increasing Targeting of US Government Entities in Arizona, Increasing Risk of Armed Conflict (1 Thi yout expres the jadi and ppv fh oe aa ny not be reletv of the matona Penpece ofthe Federal Sueno estipon (UNFOUO) FBI Phoenix assesses anarchist extremists (AES) very likely" at incteasing the {argeting of US Government (USG) law enforcement personel and fetes along the Arizona border, increasing the risk of armed confit. This assessment is made with medium confidence,” ‘based on human and open source reporting with varying access and reliability, the majority Inaving direct acces, FBI Phoenix also assesses Asizons based AFs likely ae increasingly arming themselves and using lethal force to furher their gals and in conioottions with ‘ideologically opposed groups. This assessment is made with low confidence, based on reporting ‘om two hun sources, one with diect access and less than one yea of corcborated reporting snd one wit direct access, and an online writen to the FBI PublicAccess Lin. (UIFOUO) This external intelligence note assumes cusent border issues* motivating APS will ‘not be resolved in the ner tem and also the majority of AFs donot further thei goals with fireanns, instead preferring tactics like vandalism, destruction of propest, or assault wih easly accessible items like sticks, rocks, and bots. The AE threat o Arizona likely wil growin {nteasity and frequency in the neas to mid-term Also, if AEs more frequent incorporate firearms into ther operational plans, they likely wil fel more emboldened if eonfonted by 'USG entities or ideological opponeas doing AE operations, increasing the opportunity for an escalation to violence. Reporting fom both open and human sources that AE groups have ‘banned firearms or carrying loaded weapons, or reporting of anti-gun setore in AE propaganda, could indicate a sif from tis produe’s assessments, These indicators, if found to be accurate, ‘could cause a change inthe confidence level or inthe assessments in general, 1 (0) Sex Append A prentin of iktibod (U)See Append: Confidence in Asesnts nd Jadments Based oa Body of formation. «(U) ere prpoes oft eral itelionee oe, “wren ude is” ef tohe eate xe ad ‘ontacton of borer al de US's banding ensembles, ly oma Inge Cel Aten mire carvan. (0 tats exer inelgence pot, FBT Phenix defies “ear ter 06 mows, ni-ena 6-2 mnt, sone a 2 sto eng UNCLASSIFIED/FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY FF Bact Ne "eviniteo0 LUNCLASSIFIED/FOR OFFICIAL USE. ONLY "UNCLASSIFIEDIFOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY (Source SammaryStaemert (wirovo) Reporingin ths exer liens note was deve primarily fos aman sures wih varying ‘eges of sce and coreberion ard one opt sous, Mos ta te ky asi odgners wee ‘hehaman Sure wih es ness eprting on nts of ie AE group Border ibe rom (BLE ane the avtznacTeva bode an the DHS pen suc lige reps tht eco cela AE vic. ‘courage tengo US enter inane. Turan sore wih det aces eparing on ‘Azone iting iti ie pro's montring af US Here ao and mis ropa ered ho ‘ite sues. The open sure aries exclusively povided cee. The hum sore clletn occ [coon hay 208 nd 7 Febeuny 2019, on the DES open sue oegenceclleton outed eee) {and 7 Ferry 2019, The caletvereporng was crete 24 A201. (U/FOUO) Anarchist Extremists Very Likely Inreasing Targeting of USG Entities ‘Avizona, Increasing the Risk of Armed Conflict (UNFOLD) FBI Phoenix assesses Arizona-based AES very likely are inereasng the targeting of| USG facilities and personne, inereasing the risk of armed conflict. This assessment is based on inreasing human and open source reporting that AES are encouraging likeminded individuals to ‘retaliate against porceived USG border atrocities. USG actions related tothe southwest border ‘over the past year, including militay deployment assist DHS with surveillance, detection, and the hardening of ports of entry, have intensified AEs" hostility towards the USG slong the border. AEs view US immigration polices and procedures fr handling illegal immigrants — including avests, removal, and bocderbariers—as violations of human rights and supporting ‘government facies and personnel as symbols of US tyranny, ‘+ (UUPOUO) According o a DHS open source intelligence report, in early April 2019, a Posting toan AE website called for “disruptive actions” aimed al US Customs and Border Proostion (CBP) and US Immigration and Customs Enforeement (ICE) infastracture, such a detention fails, beginning on I May 2019 and disruption of the “daily ‘operations ofthe border, by fighting ICE and the border industriel complex.” Later in ‘the month, a self-identified antifascist who expressed support for AES stated ona social media site, “Every ICE detention center shall be taken over, with ICE employees ‘+ (UPOUO) On27 February 2019, an anoaymous use published an article discussing the response othe 15 February 2019 US Executive Branch declaration ofa national (Uwe i arel'saubor od the xen webstart se hae inthe 6 Febery eon i ‘rkrow pile, teen sir angus, hese a a UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY 2 LUNCLASSIFIED/FOR OFFICIAL USE. ONLY emergency at the border and inciting followers to take an “offensive” posture against ICE. tnd CAP. The user wanted supporters o “sufficiently inhibit” ICE and CBP “through disruption and direct action,” and some ofthe recommended tactics incladed occupations, blockades, and disruptions at er near ICE facilities and homes of agency officials, _ccording oa DHS open source ineligence report * ‘© (UiMOLO) As of January 2019, an Arizona-based l-wing nili-tke group, kad been ‘monitoring various US Borde Patrol atvites,rightoving militia groups, and other troup favoring the border vl, mostly to expoce human rights abucee and communicate threats to humanitarian groups operating in he area, according to & human source with iret acces, much of whose reporting has been corroborated over the past year.* ‘+ (UIMEOUO) In 7 December 2018, various AE groups, led by the BLF, were organizing or operations to distupe USG border security operations and the construction of the proposed walla the Texas and Arizona borders with Mexico aording to & human ‘source with direct access witha reporting history of les than one year, some of whose reporting has boon eoreborated.” (U/FOVO) Anarchist Extremists Likely Increasingly Using Firearms To Further Operational Goals and duving Confrontations with Opposition Groups in Arizona (UiIFOLIO) FBI Phoenix assesses Arizona-based AEs likely are ineeasingly using firearms to fut thee organizational goals and during canonttions with groups the ideologically ‘oppose, FBI Phoenix bases this assessment on recent reporting indicating APs ae taining with ‘and seeing firearms for "rect action” and countering opposition groups, including government ‘nttes, Asa contrast, historically anarchists have favored Turthorng hoe goals though erimes like destruction of propery, which do not require a firearm, + (U/MEOUO) In carly December 2018, BLF organizers planned for camps in Texas and Arizona to serve as staging platform for onsite armed support ofthe migrant caravans. EBLF also planned to tain members i fighting, combat, and conducting reconnaissance via drone; encouraged members o bring personally owned firearms; and intended to purchase firearms from a Mexizo-hased arto associate, according toa human source with direct access reporting for les than one year, some of whose reporting has been ‘carraborated for less than one year.® + (UIMEOUO) According to human source with dec access during an Anti training ‘serine from 6 0 8 Apeil 2018 in Flagsta, Arizona, individuals from multiple AE and ning groups resivedfrearme failirzation taining. The trsnore had on display various firearms, among them AR-15s, AK-47s, and handguns "(QA cactrie eles par of eter usc newer comment eer by tosh tees an oppo Ai Ani tnldedvnlnce the pct gia hse nis pe pps long white spec es peeved ait anol LUNCLASSIFIED/FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY 3 LUNCLASSIPIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY + (U) In March 2017 an online writin tothe FBI Pubic Access Lino, who had diet gees, reported on Phos, Arizona-based AB group Rednack Revolt, including on its fundraising for firearms purchases and on its offers to act as armed security for various protests and armed components of Anta protests © (U) Perspective (Violence between let and rightwing extent groups has become inereasngly probable ‘ein he at few yar. Some ave prison cled the ute demerts pita! "vironment es boned i-ving groups thoughout he eum, ving anarchists to reapond, according to open source reporting At east one fereign goverament his llgodly Stoked polit and seolgial differences osm ate to sow politcal snd soca isco in {he counry,aecording reporting fom ancn-biparisan policy instal" Comiued policy