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Hardwick WPCF Superintendents Report April 01, 2019

-3/4/19 Josh Prouty has submitted resignation for his position at the WPCF and resignation was approved by the BOS.

- 3/5/19 Power Products at Gilbertville WWTP to update software on generator and transfer switch control boards.

-3/5/19 Entered manholes at Thoma and Boise BPV’s to pump water and check pressures; reported same to Dan from
Tighe & Bond via e-mail. Pumped 18” water from Thoma manhole.

-3/6/19 RJMcDonald out for 5th time this season to look at backfiring and tripping oil burner. Out again 3/7/19, again
3/8/19. Tripped again on 3/9, 3/10, 3/11. Scheduled them to return 3/12/19. May have fixed it this time.

-3/7/19 Notified by Marty at 7am of sewer backup at High and Church. Called for Alm to suck out manhole and keep it
out of the street until warm enough to bring out jetter. Used old sewer rodder from Highway to break through blockage
(felt like roots) enough to get flow. Alm vacuumed out sludge/debris from manhole and invert. Returned in afternoon to
jet up line from Church St. and down from High and broke through (but barely) with our small jetter. Ware came in with
their jetter 3/11/19 and ran root cutter up line twice, followed by “wart hog” jetting head. Removed 6’ long, 6” diameter
bundle of roots.

-Paragus I.T. installed new computer at Wheelwright WWTP 2/11/19 but system is still running off the failing old one
because of licensing and programming issues. Returned 3/8/19 after several online sessions to work on again.

-Ordered new Air Compressor pump for Wheelwright pumping station from Quincy ($1850 plus freight) as I believe #1
compressor is pumping way below design. I was quoted on this 2 months ago and they are holding price despite an
increase to $2300; list is $2650. Oil was not changed in these for an extended period of time (10 years?) before I started
with the Town. #2 likely needs replacement also but we will hold off.

-3/20/19 In preparation for chlorination season, ran a new 160 foot, 1/4” feed line from pump room to effluent flume at
Gilbertville WWTP. Tested all Sodium Hypochlorite pumps at both WWTP’s. Picked up 5 deldrums Sodium Hypochlorite.

Alarm/Call-In/Unscheduled overtime log:

-3/6/19 Caught Wheelwright Pump Station backing up at 8am just before going into alarm. Float nearly seized up from
thick grease. Cleaned same and monitored. Returned to station in afternoon to clean again and check operation.

-3/8/19 2pm Wheelwright pumping station alarm. #2 air compressor motor has clearly blown. Ordered new. Cleaned
float and monitored station for over 3 hours while it pumped down with only one compressor.
-3/11/19 1:30 am Wheelwright Pumping Station alarm. Potter acknowledged but could not reach other staff to perform
confined space entry. Johnson responded at 4:50 am and arrived at 6:10am to assist. Cleaned very greasy float,
monitored for extended amount of time as sewer was backed up and we have only 1 compressor online.

-3/11/19 9:30pm Wheelwright Pumping Station High Level. Potter/Johnson responded (no response from Martel) and
cleaned float, waited 3 hours for station to pump down with one compressor. Left station at 1:45am.

-3/12/19 Lagrant electric installed new motor for #2 compressor at Wheelwright pump station. Johnson acted as
attendant. Potter/Johnson cleaned float after as a preventative measure in attempt to get a night’s sleep.

-3/17/19 6:15pm Wheelwright Pump Station High Level. Martel and Johnson responded and cleaned float.

-3/23/19 8pm Wheelwright Pump Station High level. No response from Martel. Potter and Johnson responded. Float
stuck in lower position; removed same and cleaned. Monitored station until pumped down to bottom of invert.


-We have stepped up our advertising campaign in search of licensed Operators and received 4 applications and/or
resumes so far, one licensed.

-In effort to make some progress toward reaching modern codes and OSHA requirements, ordered a “Lockout/Tagout
Kit” for each WWTP as well as 8 glow-in-the-dark exit signs to mount at exit doors. Potter installed Logout/Tagout
station in Gilbertville WWTP and installed exit signs at all exits without existing signs (Both WWTPs and Gville station).
Johnson to install Lockout/Tagout station in Wheelwright.

-Tighe & Bond has been very slow, almost unresponsive, in addressing questions and concerns about the Eagle Hill Force
Main lately.

-1/28/19 Representative from Hayes Pump out to discuss options for heavily worn and vibrating #1 RAS pump in
Wheelwright. This pump was installed new in 2017 and is severely worn, even beyond the point of being rebuilt. This is
likely due to the high amount of air bubbles in the RAS causing cavitation as well as the fact that the pump runs at 100%
most of the time in an effort to keep enough D.O. in the system. He has a couple options for more durable pumps and I
asked him to quote them both for us. Pump w/ hardened iron and steel wear parts: $4900. Same pump w/ Stainless
Steel : $21,000. It looks like it would be a waste to replace it with what we did before and should go the hardened route.
Per January meeting, we decided to wait until Spring unless vibration gets to a destructive level. Recommend we
order a new pump now and schedule installation as soon as it arrives.

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