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Hardwick WPCF Superintendents Report January 07, 2019

-Eagle Hill Force main restored to operation at 2pm 13Thurs18 after being down nearly 10 days. New air-release valve
installed at #1 BPV structure (Thoma). Flows remained steady around 50gpm from station the next few days.

-Issued Drainlayers Permit to S.S.Skowyra Inc. on December 5, 2018

-Issued Drainlayers Permit to David G. Roach & Sons, Inc. on December 18, 2018

-Roach plans to tie in new Eagle Hill stabilization/septic tank to Eagle Hill Pumping Station December 26 or 27. They did
express some concerns that inlet and outlet gravity lines are not pitched very well or buried deep enough to prevent
frost exposure but they are building it as close to spec as logistics allow. System is on-line as of December 28, 2018

-Tighe and Bond out 1/3/19 to attempt to flush line with assistance from us and Eagle Hill staff. 2 police details, fire
department and rental pump/hoses. 9am to 5:30pm. Pump station seems to be performing worse; 25gpm toward end
of cycle and an average of 28gpm the following day. Numbers from weekend Operator Jan. 5 and 6, 2019 indicated the
system is running much better (80+gpm). Down today with the greater flows but still 70+gpm.

-Contracted Power Products to service all (4) of our emergency generators twice per year. Big Power was previously
performing service as needed with the exception of Eagle Hill which we had contracted Power Products for already. Big
Power neglected following up on requests to supply quote to do all 4 of our units. Power Products started on annual
“Major” services this morning. “Minor” service will be done in 6 months.

Alarm/Call-In/Unscheduled overtime log:

-Weekend Operator texted me numbers leading me to believe Eagle Hill had a clogged Force Main again and could not
clarify in a timely manner. Superintendent went in and recalculated average flow from station at 51gpm. OK.

-12/26/18 Wheelwright Pump Station High Level Alarm; Potter and Johnson handled on regular time, cleaning float and
monitoring until caught up.

-12/28/18 Wheelwright Pump Station High Level Alarm; Martel and Johnson handled on regular time, cleaning float and
monitoring until caught up.

-12/30/18 3pm Wheelwright Pump Station High Level Alarm; no timely response from Martel and Johnson having car
trouble. Potter drove back from Wilbraham and enlisted Keenan Young for assistance. By arrival station backed was up
quite a bit. Cleaned float and monitored until pumped down.

-1/1/19 11am Wheelwright Pump Station high level. Potter and Martel responded. Cleaned float, monitored until
pumped down then replaced float with new unit.

-1/2/19 7:30 am Wheelwright Pump Station High Level Alarm. Potter and Johnson handled on regular time, cleaning
float and monitoring until caught up. Throttled back a little on influent gate valve

-1/4/19 6:30am Wheelwright Pump Station High level. Found gate unlocked and open on arrival (this happens to be a
teenage bus-stop). Potter entered can with Johnson as attendant. Throttled inlet gate valve open one turn. Adjusted
ejection timer from 10 seconds to 12/13 seconds. Noted that air compressor inlet filters are filthy and replaced same
during visit later in the afternoon. Also returned inlet gate valve to the normal (fully open) position.


-Potter attended OSHA 10 training class with Theresa Cofske and Chief Ayotte December 27-28, 2018

-Scheduled Operator Johnson and Superintendent Potter for Confined Space Entry training class in February. Substitute
Operator Martel was able to secure spots in these classes for us and took the training himself in December.