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Anglican Church of Australia Primate: The Most Reverend Dr Philip L Freiet (04 September 2019, Bishops of the Anglican Church Dear Brothers and Sstersin Christ, ‘Greetings inthe name of our Lord Jsus Chis. ‘Yesterday | refered othe Appelie Tebunal some matters razed on account ofthe Synod ofthe Diocese of ‘Wangaratta approving lst weckenca service of besing that could be used for couples including coupes af the same-sex, who af marsed under the Commonwealth Mariage Act 2017. As | indicated in my 23 July 2018 "This (ned regulation) a signfiant matter forthe national Church and, on my present adic, woud ely ive rie toa queston under the Corton on which minds wll. Should sucha proposal be approved by the Synod of the Dlacese of Wanguata and give rie to auch a question, intend, after obtaining appropriate chic, t refer that question to ths Apple Tribunal under #621) ofthe Conttuton. This would aust the ‘Anglican church of usta inthe daiaton ofthis issue and putin pace an ordery process by which heise ‘canbe addressed” "have writen to both shop Jha Fares, who f now on long Sec leave and Archdeacon Clarence Bester, the Vico General asking thatthe serie of besing ot be used while the Appellate Tuna! reference Is under consideration, ‘Te General Synod Ofc wilin due course nite submissions forthe Appellate Tribuna’s consideration ‘Tere may be vale in meeting of bishops before the end ofthe year a things unfold, {hve scheduled 20 November 2019, 25a time when tis could take place fitisneeded, I anticipate thatitwould beat the PrkRoyal Melbourne Airport Hote! Pease cover tis matte in prayer as itis pastoral sentve ad of sigticance tothe unit of eur church ‘Also uphold the members of he Appelt Tibunal and the Venerable Clarence Bester sole as Viar General ‘ofthe Diocese of Wangaratta and Ushop Jt Parkes during hsleave period, John ays up his pactorl staff on ‘Saturday, 21 December Groce and peace in hist esus ‘Yours sincerely Melba - ‘The Moh Reveend Dr PhlipL Freer -Achbithop of Melbourne and Prine Anghcan Church of Australia Sit, Lee 19 Ket Sts Sy NSW 20 "he () 25720 «tna pnp sate