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Market Brand Launch of the Year and The

Some decades ago, India was a Most Admired Exclusive Brand Retail
white cotton country. Then Chain of the Year at the prestigious
came the terene revolution Images Fashion Awards 2001. Wills
before cotton and cotton Sport also featured in the Business
blends a-washed it. Riding on Standard Brand Derby in 2001. In the
the growth of the economy and following year, at Images Fashion
the increasing exposure to Awards, Wills Sport was awarded The
Western culture, came the Most Admired Women's Wear Brand
fashion revolution. Fashion was of the Year. Wills Lifestyle won The
a statement being made by Most Admired Exclusive Brand Retail
those who had arrived. Chain of the Year award for the second
ITC marked its foray into time in 2003. Again at the Images
lifestyle retailing with the launch Fashion Awards, Wills Lifestyle also
of its Wills Lifestyle brand in won Retailer of the Year award at Idea
2000. The market, although Zee F Awards in May 2006.
small, was a medley of activity
with a number of nationally History
distributed brands fighting for The story of Wills Lifestyle began with
their share of dominance. At the a desire to tap the ever-growing
other end of this spectrum fashion conscious market. With the
were several scores of regional increasing demand for high-end quality
players making modest offerings. products, Wills Lifestyle has
But between them, consumers differentiated itself on the basis of
were beginning to realise the unique fabrics, innovative designs,
role of branded apparel. exquisite styling and detailing backed
In the initial stages the by an exclusive chain of stores with
apparel market was limited to the emphasis on an international
men’s formal wear while the women’s Western The brand offers Wills Sport relaxed wear, shopping experience. In a market dominated by
wear market was virtually non-existent. Brands Wills Classic work wear, Wills Clublife evening well-known brands, it took very little time for
were largely category-focused with specialisation wear, the Essenza Di Wills range of fine Wills Lifestyle to make its presence felt –
in either formal shirts or trousers. It was in this fragrances, bath and body care products and an carving a niche for itself in India’s fashion space.
market that Wills Lifestyle entered. It was the elegant range of designer accessories. Riding on the success of Wills Sport the
first brand to offer a complete wardrobe for company launched a series of brand extensions:
both men and women. Achievements Wills Classic in 2002 and Wills Clublife in 2003.
With evolving consumer In a very short span of time Wills Lifestyle has
sophistication, higher carved a strong position for itself in the Product
disposable premium apparel market. The stores have Each Wills Lifestyle sub-brand is clearly
established themselves as preferred shopping positioned and the offerings across the
destinations in the prime shopping districts of spectrum are meticulously introduced. The
brand never
loses sight
of the
taste and
of the
nor the
trends in
the fashion
capitals of
the world.
the country. This was made possible by Wills Sport, fashionable relaxed wear, is
incomes providing a truly international shopping designed to complement the exuberant lifestyle
and exposure to experience with world-class ambience, superior of today’s fashionable consumer. Racy stripes
international fashion trends, the customer facilitation and a clearly differentiated and patterns, energetic prints, elegant layering
premium apparel market also witnessed product presentation. Wills Lifestyle stores and trendy dobbies make its shirts collection
a new brand awakening. In this backdrop of attract two million customers every year with unique and one of their kind. Its cargos, capris
growing awareness and understanding of several lacs of them having shopped before at and trousers are crafted with detailed styling
fashion, Wills Lifestyle’s offerings became more Wills Lifestyle stores. elements and polished off with flawless finish
and more relevant and the brand kept gaining in The industry has also acknowledged the for excellent hand feel. Superfine knits and
strength. Over the last six years, Wills Lifestyle growing presence of Wills Lifestyle, with the stylish casual jackets further enhance the Wills
has established a nationwide presence with 40 brand winning various awards. Within a year of Sport offering.
exclusive specialty stores across 30 cities. its launch Wills Sport bagged The Most Admired Wills Classic was the beginning of a new

Week, truly capturing the high ground of retail experience are carefully orchestrated to
fashion and lifestyle. The inaugural Wills Lifestyle reflect these values of the brand, with ‘Enjoy the
India Fashion Week, held from 5th to 9th April Change’ being the unifying philosophy.
2006 in New Delhi was a stupendous success,
attracting buyers from around the world,
besides showcasing creations of India’s best
known designers. In line with the intent of
partnering with the country’s designer
fraternity, Wills Lifestyle announced a
partnership with two of the country’s best
known designers, Rohit Gandhi-Rahul Khanna
and Monisha Jaising to create the first edition of
the exclusive Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week
line which was showcased at the Grand Finale
of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week and
will be subsequently retailed through Wills
Lifestyle stores across the country. This unique
partnership with the designer fraternity will
help create an exclusive
chapter in corporate special occasion wear offering
work wear. Trendy, to satisfy the needs of the
innovative, chic and fashion-conscious Wills
stylish, it reflected Lifestyle consumer.
the new work ethos Having built a powerful
of the new brand portfolio, Wills Lifestyle
generation. Shirts is aggressively expanding its
made from the retail network. In the next
finest imported three years, the number of
fabrics and crafted Wills Lifestyle stores is
exclusively in Italy expected to reach 100.
and exquisite
trousers and jackets Promotion
made by European A fine blend of strategy and
master craftsmen creative sums up the
have become the promotional campaigns of
brands’ hallmark. Wills Lifestyle. It revolves
Luxurious cashmere around the philosophy of
from Zegna Baruffa further accentuated the 'Enjoy the Change' – the change that comes
classic look. through actively exploring one’s own multi-
With the rapid growth in the evening faceted-ness and magically discovering a new
wear segment, a need to cater to it was acutely self. This theme reverberates in all of its
felt. Wills Lifestyle realised that the demands of campaigns, be it individual product or
this category of buyers were as varied and brand campaign, with the focus being
individualistic as the segment itself. Wills Clublife, on the unique designs, detailing and
a range of glamorous evening wear was created styling that sets it apart from the rest.
and uniquely positioned to perfectly This single-minded focus acts as the
complement the glittering evening life of unifying thread.
premium consumers. Sensuous satin and sequins Wills Lifestyle stores across the
embellished with stylish jacquards and alluring country further accentuate the brand
prints reigned supreme. With the right look for experience. At these exclusive outlets,
the evening, Wills Clublife captured the customers can browse at leisure and shop in a
imagination of consumers. relaxed and pleasing atmosphere. The use of
Broadening its product offerings and to space is refreshing, which is reflected even in the
evolve as a complete fashion wardrobe, Wills spacious changing rooms. Every store offers an
Lifestyle also introduced a vast range of fashion international retailing ambience with extensive
accessories. Thoughtfully designed and use of glass, steel and granite, reflecting the
meticulously crafted the accessories include ties, most contemporary trends in store design,
cufflinks, shoes, socks, caps, handbags, wallets, thereby creating a splendid backdrop for the
belts and eyewear. Essenza Di Wills, an exclusive premium offerings. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT
range of fine fragrances and bath and body care To add to the experience, Club Wills, the
products for men and women, was launched in lifestyle privileges programme introduced in Wills Lifestyle
August 2005 to complete the lifestyle offering. 2004, takes the relationship with consumers
beyond fine fashion to the realm of fine living. More than 2 million customers walk into Wills
Recent Developments Club Wills members can enjoy exclusive in-store Lifestyle stores every year.
Wills Lifestyle has now become the title service privileges and a bouquet of lifestyle Wills Lifestyle is the only brand in the country
sponsor of the country’s most prestigious privileges designed to complement their taste with a ‘No Questions asked return policy’.
fashion event – the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion for fine living.
Wills Lifestyle stores are known for their
Brand Values excellent customer service – customer
Elegance, sophistication facilitators are known to walk the proverbial
and exclusivity sum up the ‘extra mile’ to create consumer delight.
core values of Wills
Wills Lifestyle has tied up with the designer
Lifestyle. It is from these
duo from Delhi Rohit Gandhi-Rahul Khanna
values that the brand
and Mumbai-based designer Monisha Jaising to
derives its strength to
create the first edition of the exclusive Wills
provide superior consumer
Lifestyle India Fashion Week Line which will be
value and to match global
retailed through Wills Lifestyle stores across the
standards of performance.
International premium
quality and vitality are The privileges programme for consumers at
imageries that the brand Wills Lifestyle – Club Wills – has over 30,000
evokes. All brand loyal members who keep returning to the
communication exercises, stores to acquire the pick of the season.
from advertising to the