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8 Anglican Church of Australia Primate: The Most Reverend Dr Philip L Freier 05 September 2019 Ms Anne Hywood General Secetary General nod offce mit generakecstay@anglicanorga Dear Anne Pease forvard the folowing questions to the Appia Tibuna: ‘ven THAT [A Ata session in August 2019 the Synod ofthe Diocese of Wangaratta purportedly made the Blesing of Persons Married According to the Marriage Act 1961 Regulations 2019 pursuant to Section Sof the Cane ConcerngSeraces 1992. 1. Sttin (3) ofthe Conan Concerning Services 1992 provides that allfoms ofrevce used pursuant Section 52) "must be reverent and elfying and must not be contrary tar 8 departure from the doctrine of thie Church ‘THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS avng under the constitution are refered to the Appelt Tibnal 1. Whether the regulon Blesing of Persons Martie According tothe Marriage Act 1961 Regulations 2019 mae bythe Synod ofthe Coces of Wangaata is consistent withthe Fundamental Dedaratons ond Ring Principles in the Constiitin ofthe Anglican Church of Aue 2. Whether heregulation s vay made pursuant tothe Conan Concerning Services 1982 Please do not heskate to contact ms to cay ay matter Grace and peace in Chis Jsus Yours sincerely AR lane ‘The Mest Reverend Dr Philip. Freie ‘rcibishap of Melboure and Primate Anglican Church of Australia ek 1) 2900 70 Fn imino ean oa