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A note of thanks from Deacon Salomon, Tending Our Gardens

July 27, 2008 ny 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time I thank God for the gift of the transitional diaconate on May 24,
Stewardship In Everyday Life
2008. I want to also thank the St. Matthew Parish Family for their
warm welcome. I had a good time at this parish exercising my di- “What have you done with the garden entrusted to you?” — Machado
Readings for Mass It’s a Parish Outing Many are familiar with the phrase “time, talent, and treasure” as a
See “Wicked the Musical” aconal duties. Thanks to Fr. Vic for allowing me to work with the description of Christian stewardship, and these are indeed important
July 27, 2008 August 3, 2008 wonderful St. Matthew families. A special thanks to MarySue and
At the fabulous Fox Theatre aspects of it. However, stewardship is much more. It entails accept-
1st Reading 1 Kgs 3:5, 7-12 Is 55:1-3
We will go on either October 16, 17, 23 or 24, 2008. John Goza for letting me use their car—what a treat! ing all aspects of our lives as gift, and inviting God into each.
I believe God cares deeply about how we take care of our bodies,
2nd Reading Rom 8:28-30 Rom 8:35, 37-39 Nothing lasts forever under the sun, as time flies and passes very
If you are interested in going please email Fr. Vic at emotions, and relationships. God wants us to use everything we have
quickly. It is time for me to go on and leave St. Matthew, with all to bring about the kingdom in our lives and the world around us.
Gospel Mt 13:44-52 Mt 14:13-21
their joys and happy moments, as I let God’s plan to be accom- In March of 2004, Bishop Robert Morneau gave a presentation on
plished with what he has begun on each one of us. “The Spirituality of Stewardship” at the annual Regional Stewardship
Religious Education News Calendar of Upcoming Events Conference in Atlanta.
PSR Thank you all who are part of St. Matthew Parish, may God bless He presented this idea of stewardship as different gardens that we
Late registration for St Matthew's Parish School of Religion for the July 29 9:30AM Church Cleaning you!!! Deacon Salomon Garcia Cortes are called to tend in our lives. We will cover the difference gardens
2008-9 school year begins July 26 and continues through August 3, over the next few weeks, as a guide for discernment.
August YAM Calendar See Bulletin Board
2008. PSR Registration Packets can be found in the narthex or in Dea- Do you have friends or family who have left the Church? If It is important to realize that this is simply a starting point: a tool to
con Gayle's office. There is a late registration fee of $15 per child
Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School is currently seeking so, check out This website help you start asking your own questions. Only you can ultimately
unless you are a new member of the parish. PSR classes begin on Au-
qualified teachers for the 2008-2009 school year in the areas of has proven very effective in bringing Catholics back to determine how God is calling you in your life.
gust 17, 2008. A Parents' Orientation Meeting will be held at 9:45 am
It is important to note that this process should not necessarily be
on August 3, 2008. Math, Science, and P.E. Coaching experience is desired. Please practicing their Faith and a return to a vibrant life in the seen as a way of adding more tasks to your life, but as a call to bal-
contact Principal Daniel S. Dorsel at 770.461.2202. Resumes local parish. ance and openness. Stewardship addresses what we do in our lives,
PSR Teacher's Meeting July 30, 2008
may be sent to Our Lady of Mercy, 861 Highway 279, Fairburn, but more importantly how we do them.
We will be having a Teacher's meeting on July 30 after the 6 pm Mass
at church for all PSR Teachers for 2008-9. Please join us for a potluck GA 30213. Looking for a seamstress or someone who As you read through the questions, check off areas in which you
dinner before the meeting. We will be discussing instructions, plans Our Lady of Victory Catholic School in Tyrone is continuing to sews well to lend a hand in the St. Matthew would like to be more attentive or spend more energy. Feel free to
and issues for the new year and will be passing out materials for class. accept applications for the 2008-09 school year. A limited num- Church Nursery. We are hoping to have also star questions related to areas where you are doing well. When
PSR Teachers please plan to attend. drapes made for the nursery windows. The you are done, go back and circle one to three areas you want to work
ber of openings remain in 2nd grade, as well as a few select open-
Meeting to Discuss Junior Youth Group Activities for 2008-9, August ings in other grades. If you are interested in a faith-based Catho- church will provide all of the material and
5 at 7 pm lic education for your child, please contact Stephanie Johnston necessary supplies - we just need someone Garden of the Soul
Parents, PSR Teachers and Volunteers for the Junior Youth Group with our Admission Department at 770-306-9026 ext. 303. with a bit of time and talent. If you are able How do you answer when you are asked if you have a “personal rela-
( St. Matthew's Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Graders) are invited to at- tionship with your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”? All relationships
Our Lady of Victory Catholic School is currently accepting ap- to help - please call Gail Routon (770) 487-
tend a meeting on August 5 at 7 pm to plan activities for the coming take commitment, effort, time, and communication to be healthy and
year and review a tentative schedule. We would like to have your sug- plications for Substitute Teachers. All applicants must have a 2502. grow.
gestions and feedback. on the coming year. Any ideas and support you 4 year college degree (education degree not required). If you are Does God miss you? Do you regularly spend the time you want to
can provide would be appreciated. We will look forward to seeing you
on August 5th.
interested in substitute teaching, please send a cover letter and
resume to Jennifer Bigham, Assistant Principal, Our Lady of
Adult ♫ Choir Rehearsals ♫ Youth with God?
Do you make retreats?
Victory Catholic School, 211 Kirkley Road, Tyrone, Georgia Tuesdays from 7:00-9:30PM Sundays from 12:00-1:30PM Do you take advantage of liturgies, workshops, and other opportuni-
Attention Confirmed Teens and their Parents—On July 31, we are
30290. You may also fax your resume to 770-306-0323 or email ties to grow in your spirituality?
holding a planning meeting for Confirmed Saint Matthew Parish teens, St. Matthew’s Stewardship Journey continues…
it to Please note, you must be avail- Do you pray regularly? As much as you would like?
16-18 years old, and their parents. We will be planning future activities In a few short months, the Gallup Organization will
able for substitute training on August 28, 2008. Do you use prayer, fasting, and almsgiving to cultivate your relation-
and events for this group, and listening to ideas for developing the
group in the future. The night will be a combination of socializing with be conducting a survey to help us determine the level ship with God?
light food and drinks, and an informal meeting of the adults. There will of our parish engagement. You will each be invited to Do you spend time just listening to God?
be time for billiards, video games, other entertainment, and an informal Visit Fr. Vic’s blog at participate in that survey in November and in mid De- ______________________________________________
discussion for the teens in the basement. The meeting will be held July cember, we’ll all learn the results together. Currently, ______________________________________________
31, at 7 PM, at the home of John and Janet LeBlanc. members of the Stewardship Committee are preparing ______________________________________________
Please let us know as soon as possible if you can attend. Contact Todd Ministry Highlight
Wilmore at or 678-850-6552 for direction. a program to help each of us explore our God-given
Providing space for teens in this age group to stay connected to other Youth Choir strengths and talents. Financial Giving in our Parish Family
Catholic teens is very important. We hope you will join us.
Children in grades 2-8 are encouraged to join this fun and en- Ken Groover, Kathy Hampton, Lisa Lowther and
tertaining music group. Earlier ages will be considered if your Mike Walsh are attending a two-day coaches training July 20, 2008
child can read. We rehearse after the 11:00 Sunday Mass for in Indianapolis this week. Please keep them in your
Mass Intentions one hour 3-4 times per month depending on our singing prayers as they travel and learn. You will be hearing Offertory $13,571.00

Tuesday 9AM Lena Guarnaccia schedule. The children will sing approximately 6 times per much more about Strengths and Gallup in the weeks Given in checks & envelopes (220) $12,997.00
year, including First Communion and Christmas. Each child and months to come.
Wednesday 6PM PSR Teachers Parish Debt Reduction $76.00
is required to be present at 75% of the rehearsals. At the end
Thursday 9AM PRISM Leaders of the year all children who have attended re- Rosary Group Invitation and Prayers Second Collection $1,564.39
hearsals and performances will enjoy a day of I would like to invite everyone to join the Rosary Group to Upcoming Second Collections
Saturday 5PM St. Matthew Parish Family
fun at Six Flags or Lake Lanier Island Water pray the rosary with us Thursday mornings after the 9:00
Sunday 8:30AM David A. Matthews Park. For information about this ministry Mass. If you want us to pray for someone, please call Helen July 27—Rev. Mr. Salomon Garcia Cortes
Sunday 11AM Ronald Magolda please call Sheri Dillon at 404.944.0177. Martin 770.463.3697. August 3—The Georgia Bulletin