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publish: true and register this as Odata Sevice

cview_cds/cview?format=json format in json

You separate the @UI annotations of CDS into a different file – metadata extension

@Metadata.allowExtensions: true - will let CDS have Metadata extension file

Save & Activate

Now, you have to create CDS Metadata extension file

Metadata Extension:

Replicating it to other columns

check: $metadata
Copy the metadata URL above to download the metadata file

You will create the UI in webIDE using the annotation file – not a good practice

You should always put your annotations in CDS as a metadata file



CategoryFiori Elements

System: S/4 BOX, Service Name: CDS Consumption view

A Tile will be added to the Fiori Launchpad once the configuration is over in FIORI List Report APP

BOPF-CDS Integration:


Activate the CDS View, and Fiori transactional app is ready

CDS is enabled with BOPF through

Annotation in CDS View

Fiori Elements:-USE CASE: to add 2 additional columns to the Fiori list report:
1. CDS view -- Add those 2 columns and
2. Create @UI annotations in metadata file

1CDS View:

Add 2 additional Columns below Salesorder.overallstatus

Save and activate --- Goto Metadata Extension File to add @UI annotations to those 2 columns
2 Metadata File
Adding 2 additional columns in Fiori List Report

2 Columns goes here below


Go to the MDE File to add @UI annotations to the additional columns

<<===== headerInfo goes here in MDE

Save and activate Go to the App in WebIDEComponent.js and execute
2 Adding a status Filter to the app

Code is in the pdf from before

3 Use Case: how to insert field groups in the Object Page

CDS Consumption View

Add the field group in between the code above

Code with field group

Save and activate the CDS File and proceed to MDE fiile
Add the code above between the lines

You have to add this field group reference under the UI.facet above in the beginning

Add the block below : admingroup qualifier under UI.facet

Save & activate - open webIDE – run - check the item in fiori to find the field group show up