ICEfaces™ Project Integration for NetBeans v6.

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Overview Requirements Installation Add ICEfaces Framework Create ICEfaces Friendly Page

Overview ICEfaces 2 Project Integration for Netbeans v6.9 provides ICEfaces 2.0.0 Beta2 support for developers who use Netbeans v6.9.x for ICEfaces 2 application development. This integration extends Netbeans' web framework and provides following extra features for ICEfaces 2 support. Following features are offered in this integration for ICEfaces support.
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Creates web project with ICEfaces capability. Configures required libraries and configuration file. Changes deployment descriptor and configures the IDE for ICEfaces support. Provides sample ICEfaces facelets page, ICEfaces friendly template/template client page

Requirements Netbeans IDE v6.9 Java Bundle. Netbeans IDE v6.9 Java Bundle can be downloaded from • ICEfaces Project Integration for Netbeans v6.9 bundle (

Remove previous version of ICEfaces Integration for Netbeans 6.9 If you have installed previous version ICEfaces Integration for Netbeans 6.9, you need to remove it first. This can be done as following:
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Tools → Plugins → click Installed tab Find and check ICEfaces Libraries and ICEfaces Project Integration, and then click Uninstall button Restart Netbeans

Installation Download and unzip to a local directory. After the zip file is unzipped, a subdirectory named “nbms” with 2 .nbm files: • org-icefaces—netbeans-modules-web-frameworks.nbm (ICEfaces Project Integration) • org-icefaces—netbeans-modules-lib.nbm (ICEfaces Libraries) Following instructions describe how to install ICEfaces Project Integration and ICEfaces Run-Time Libraries. 1. From the main menu bar, select Tools --> Plugins. 2. Select Downloaded tab in Plugins installation wizard and click Add Plugins... button. 3. In Add Plugins file dialog, navigate to the directory where was unzipped. Navigate to nbms subdirectory and select

nbm Click Open button. please un-install any previous versions of the ICEfaces Project Integration prior to installing this plugin.nbm org-icefaces--netbeans-modules-web-frameworks. Following these steps to create ICEfaces web project. In Plugins installation wizard. Add ICEfaces Framework In order to create a web project with ICEfaces support. follow instructions and finally press Close button. In following dialogs. . and click Install button. check the Install checkboxes beside ICEfaces 2 Libraries and ICEfaces 2 Project Integration. accept license agrment. adding ICEfaces Framework to the web project is required. • • 4. 5.

1. From main menu bar. 2. template. select ICEfaces (Do NOT need to select JavaServer Faces Framework here. and press Next > button. 4. Create ICEfaces Friendly Page ICEfaces page is basically the same as JSF page but with ICEfaces component namespace. On any active web project with ICEfaces framework added. Note that there are 2 ICEfaces namespaces for ICEfaces components and advanced components.. Java EE Version. or template client. choose File → New Project.. → Java Web → Web Application → Next > button In Name and Location view. and press Next > button In Server and Settings view. enter Name and Location of your project... 3. choose File → New File. select runtime server. ICEfaces 2 integration provides wizard to help your create ICEfaces 2 friendly page.) Click Finish. and follow wizards provided as shown below. This wizard detects . 5. In Frameworks view.

com/icefaces/component" for ICEfaces Components Enable Palette Palette view can be enabled by Window → Palette . template or template" for ICEfaces Advanced Components and use xmlns:ice="http://www.the type of current ICEfaces project and provide right facelets xhtml page.icefaces.icefaces. Use xmlns:ace="http://www.

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