Answer the following questions about Halloween.

Halloween is celebrated on October the 31st every year. ItWhen is Halloween celebrated? holiday and the Christian originated from a pagan f. Is Halloween most famous in _____________________________ holiday of All Saints’ Day. The USA? name Halloween is a 1. The soul of a dead person, usually ____ Jack-o-lantern shortened version of All Hallows’ ___________________________ Eve. Today, it is more haunting living people. b. What religions and ____ Zombie of traditionswoman, who practices blacklargely lost its religious 2.a fun day forrelated to and has An ugly were children g. Do all the countries magic. Halloween? roots. Halloween is probably most famous____ Witch in the U.S.A. create around the world celebrate 3. A immigrants who has changed into a the mid-1600s and human being took it to America in Irish _____________________________ Halloween? ____ Dracula ___________________________ itwolf. slowly spread across the country. Halloween is not ____ Black cat 4. An undeadname Halloween skin and Where is the creature whose celebrated in many countries around the world although organs have been preserved. from? h. What’s ____ are traditional the Frankenstein many peoplecreature about it. Some Christians most not so 5. A sensitive know created with human _____________________________ candy on Halloween? parts and mechanical celebrate Halloween. ____ Grim Reaper happy that peopleelements. They believe ___________________________ 6. Aholiday religious holiday? because monstrous un-Christian theHalloween aiscarved pumpkin with a light of its origin as a Is ____ Ghost inside. _____________________________ pagan "festival of the dead." i. Which are the most ____ Mummy 7. An undead being that drinks blood to live.
identifiable colors of 8. A feline who brings good or bad luck. e. Who took Halloween tradition Halloween? Halloween has many easily identifiable ____ Werewolf symbols. The 9. An undead animated human who to America? ___________________________ personifies death. colors orange and black are widely used. In particular, _____________________________ 10. A reanimated human fires and black witches, who orange pumpkins and being corpse,What do children catsto do on and j. use

costumes are common features of this day. One of the biggest Halloween activities is trick-or-treating. This is when children knock on doors and ask for a small gift. If they don’t get anything, they’ll play a trick on the person who opens the door. Food also plays a big part of Halloween. Toffee apples are very popular and so is anything made from pumpkin. Halloween is also a popular topic for Hollywood. Many horror movies have been made about it. Because of this, Halloween is now

Match the pictures and the words to their definitions.

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