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Mic-08( TIGRE oR PRT WIFE ATOR Sa Ba BE roared [- Xelan Prop 1, LLC ‘Anne Kihagi, authorized representative for Xelan Prop 1, LLC 458 Doheny Drive, #1889 Los Angeles, CA 90048 rexemoveno: (415) 691-1264 raxno omen: en scones own: smomerronvwme Defendant Xelan Prop 1, LLC ‘SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF San Francisco stneersoonss: 400 McAllister Street ‘ery anozeccor: San Francisco, CA 94102 seancn wave: Unlimited Civil Jurisdiction CASE NAME: ‘Umpqua Bank v. Xelan Prop 1, LLC SUBSTITUTION OF ATTORNEY—CIVIL — (Without Court Order) CGC-18-564941 ‘THE COURT AND ALL PARTIES ARE NOTIFIED THAT (namo): Xelan Prop 1, LLC makes the following substitution: 4. Former logal representative [Z) Party represented self [—] Attorney (name): Xelan Prop 1, LLC 2. Now legal representative arty is representing soit CZ) Attomey 4. Name: Karen Y. Uchiyama, Esq. », Slate Bar No, (fapploabley: 154414 © Address (number, street, oly, ZIP, and lw fm name, Hf epplcabe): 733 Webster Street, San Francisco, CA 94117 4, Telephone No, (include area code): (415) 563-9300 3. The party making this substitution iss C_] plaintit jefendant [—] petitioner [—) respondent (—] other (specty): “NOTICE TO PARTIES APPLYING TO REPRESENT THEMSELVES uardian Personal Representative + Guardian ad item “Conservator + Probate lduelary “Unincorporated + Trustoo ‘Corporation ‘assoclation '¥you aro applying 2s one of the parties on this list, you may NOT act as your own attorney in most cases. Use this form to substitute one attorney for anothor attorney. SEEK LEGAL ADVICE BEFORE APPLYING TO REPRESENT YOURSELF. NOTICE TO PARTIES WITHOUT ATTORNEYS. ‘A party representing himself or herself may wish to seak logal assistance. Falluro to take timely and appropriate action In thie caso may result in serfous lagal consequences. 4. consent to tis substitution. Date: August 20,2019. Xelan Prop t LLC - authorized representative b Aedes, Manager (TYPE OR PRINT NAME) 7 anATURE OF PARTY) STZ) conve aban, Date: August30_, 2019 Xelan Prop 1, LLC by authorized representative Di Abitrny _Mawoee |(VPEOR PRI MAME), TO (araNATURE OF FORMER ATTORNEY) 6) 1 to this substitution, at: Bf 4 , 2019 Karen Y, Uchiyama, Esq. > ZL. Fon em 7 paneer (eee pet ofr by ma mpits ae ‘SUBSTITUTION OF ATTORNEY—GVviL clears ee Sop ce) (Without Court Order) ‘ocean