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Dear Families and Students of Aiken County,

It has been my honor and privilege to serve as Aiken County Public School
District’s School Board representative for Area 9 for the last 3 years.

The outstanding work our teachers, administrators, and district leadership do to

ensure our youth – ultimately the future leaders of our community and country --
will be engaged, informed citizens amazes me each and every day. Our students
and the commitment their parents and guardians have to their education inspire

As an elected official, chosen by parents and families throughout Aiken, my

singular mission has been establishing effective and efficient programs that
ensure each and every student’s success. Unfortunately, the projected direction
the current board is choosing to take is not congruent with my core values and
the vision I have for our students and educators. In my view, the board’s current
approach to decision making and policy setting does not support my primary
objective of student success, both in and outside the classroom, from pre-K to

Therefore, effective immediately, I am resigning my elected position. As a parent

of a child in our district, I will continue to support and promote public education
in Aiken County and will remain committed to working at the grassroots level to
make our district the best it can be and worthy of our citizens.

Ahmed Samaha

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