Self-Publishing Boot Camp

Carla King

Why Publish?
Reality Check
Set expectations. Will my book...
How to Write a Book Proposal by Michael Larsen 3rd Edition Business Plan in a Day by Rhonda Abrams 2nd Edition

‣ Create income? ‣ Contribute to career? ‣ Personal satisfaction?

Chapter 1

Platform Development is #1
‣ What is platform? ‣ Consistent branding ‣ Start: NOW ‣ Website, blog, social media ‣ Contribute to community
Easy, cheap, fun marketing & publicity

‣ ASK:

Where are my readers?

Chapter 2

Editing is #1, too
• Writing groups or peer groups • Conceptual editing • Copyediting / line editing • Proofreading • Finding editors and proofreaders
Chapter 4

Design is also #1
• Book cover - digital and print • Interior - digital and print
static vs reflowable

• Tools - DIY w/MS Word • Hiring designers

InDesign/Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator

Chapter 5

Sales Channels
‣ ‣

Non-exclusive You can use any and all of these channels


20% + 30% if aggregated and purchased through other online store:

and others

‣ ‣ ‣

Amazon (CreateSpace, DTP, Kindle)
30% +

Bookstores - Want Your Self-Published Book in Stores? Weigh the Options

Direct - website, back-of-room sales

Chapter 9

Bowker:Control Your ISBN
1. You buy block of 10 ISBN numbers
e Pitfalls of Using Self-Publishing Book Packages

2. Insert metadata for SEO
A Self-Publisher's Guide to Metadata for Books

3. Price your book 4. en buy your bar code (for print) 5. Lifecycle - notify when out-of-print or 2nd edition available
Chapter 6

Curators: Your new best friends
‣ ‣
Targeted / vertical markets in genre or industry Vetted!

• Bloggers, reviewers • Social network community • Reader rating systems

‣ ‣

Catalogs - books, supplies, gear, gifts . . . Micropublishing

10 Steps to Self-Publishing Success
1 Set your mission and goals Get a reality check on your personal and professional expectations 2 Develop your platform Social media, forums, communities online and off. 3 Take care of business Budgets and business activities 4 Finish writing and editing Writing groups, outsourcing to editors and proofreaders for quality book 5 Design Standards for ebooks and print, finding a designer for quality book 6 Get your book into the system Buy your own Bowker ISBNs, bar codes, to control your metadata 7 Format e-book versions and print How for format for digital, printing on-demand, short run, and offset 8 Sell your book Selling on the web, direct, in catalogs, back-of-room, and packaging books 9 Distribute e-book & print formats Formatting and distribution to e-tailers and brick & mortar 10 Never stop marketing

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