We are highly thankful to Miss Komal Walia for her active support. sincere . We are really grateful to our HOD ---------------for providing us with an opportunity to undertake this project in this university and providing us with all the facilities. valuable time and advice.SUBMITED TO: MISS KOMAL WALIA Deptt of CSE PRESENTED BY: RAHUL KUMAR SINGH RB1902 A13 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I take this opportunity to present my votes of thanks to all those guidepost who really acted as lightening pillars to enlighten our way throughout this project that has led to successful and satisfactory completion of this study. whole-hearted guidance.

cooperation and pains-taking involvement during the study and in completing the assignment of preparing the said project within the time stipulated. particularly the various friends . their help. We are thankful to all those. Lastly. it would have been extremely difficult for us to prepare the project in a time bound framework. healthy and conductive environment and including new and fresh innovative ideas for us during the project. who have been instrumental in creating proper. .

Introduction Requirement Analysis System Design Source code Future scope of project .TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. 2. 4. 5. 3.

here is a possibility that the same data in different registers may have different values which means the entries of the same data do not match. This term paper project is just an application of the language C in developing softwares. as now it can be searched over the software by choosing some options. to open the new account .create a new account . For example consider the . it abates the work load of an organization. designers and users to develop and implement a system.that is the entire details of the customer .display all account holders. In a nutshell. The system development life cycle is the set of activities. Personnel decide that the particular system needs improvement.savings . balance enquiry etc. He/she is just required to enter the desired options.INTRODUCTION In the existing system. It becomes very inconvenient to modify the data. no one likes to perform calculations on calculator or manually when computer is there. REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS This process is adopted when management of the system development. The user need not to type in most of the information. On the whole it liberates the user from keeping lengthy manual records. In the existing system. carried out by the analyst. This inconsistent state does not supply the concrete information which poses a problem in the case information related to particular search record. In today’s world. most of the records are maintained on paper. The systems that are present in the nature follow common life cycle pattern. Everyone wants his/her work to be done by computer automatically and displaying the result for further much money he/she can deposit and withdraw from the bank. This is the program for keeping records of the salary . Our project is very useful. User is no longer required to check his register in search of records.

char last_edu[20]. So the general activities from the life cycle of the system are given below: • Select ion and identification of the system to be studied • Preliminary study • Defining the system • Design and development of the system Implementation of the system #include <stdio. int age. After successful operation or a number of users. the vapors form clouds which again bring rain.raining system. float bsal. }Employee.//Structured declared variable of some data type char lname[20]. Similarly consider a man made system initially a system is analyzed. river flows into sea. designed and made operational by the efforts of system analysis. the system becomes less and less effective by change in the environment. the sea water evaporates to form vapors. char join_date[20]. int id.h>//header file contains functions of string typedef struct Employee//convert any identifier to a data type { char fname[20]. Initially the rain falls into the river.//Structure Variable int main(void)//void type of argument is passed { . So these changes have to be incorporated in to the system by minor modifications. char sub_taken[20].h>//header file that contains printf and scanf function #include<string.

//If the given stream has a buffered output.DAT".Modify Records 4.Exit").*ft.//gives the size of emp variable using structure while(1) { printf("1.//File Pointer char another."wb+"). Employee emp.choice.Add Records 2. switch(choice)//checking entered choice { .&choice). char lname[20]. printf("Enter your choice").fflush writes the output for the stream to the associated file scanf("%c". long int recsize."rb+").//file is opened at read mode if(fp==NULL) { fp=fopen( " id.DAT". } } recsize=sizeof(emp). char fname[20]. fp=fopen("EMP. check. fflush(stdin). FILE *fp.ListRecords 5.//file is opened at write mode if(fp==NULL)//checking the whether the file exists or not { printf("Can't Open File").Delete Records 3.

&id).&emp.SEEK_END).//writes to a stream printf(" Add another Record (Y/N): "). ft=fopen("TEMP.//another file is opened . printf("Enter joining date. scanf("%d".recsize.last_edu.subject taken"). fwrite(&emp. scanf("%s %d %f".fname.1.emp. } break. another=getchar(). while(another=='Y'|| another=='y') { printf("Enter the first name.sub_taken).bsal).&'1': fseek(fp.age.join_date.emp. case '2': another='Y'.fp)."wb"). while(another=='Y'|| another=='y') { printf("Enter the id of the employee to be deleted : "). fflush(stdin).id.0.age and basic salary : ").last name.&emp.//sets the file pointer associated with the stream to a new pointer another='Y'. scanf("%s %d %s %s".DAT".last education.

while(another=='Y'|| another=='y') { printf(" Enter name of employee to modify : ").1.DAT".DAT".//Ft File is closed remove("EMP."EMP. rewind(fp).ft).emp. scanf("%s". printf("Delete another Record(Y/N): ").id!=id) fwrite(&emp.recsize.//removes data if found rename("TEMP.fname).//Contents are added if the file does not have that data } fclose(fp).DAT").//Reposition file pointers to stream’s beginning while(fread(&emp. } break.1.rewind(fp). case '3': another='Y'.//Fp File is closed fclose(ft).fp)==1) .DAT").fp)==1) { if(emp.1.recsize."rb+").//renames the file fp=fopen("EMP. another=getchar(). while(fread(&emp.recsize. fflush(stdin).

&emp.emp.emp.1.fp)==1) printf("%s %s %d %g".emp.fname.sub_taken). another=getchar().subject taken and last education : ").age. break.SEEK_CUR). case '4': rewind(fp). fflush(stdin). .last_edu). fseek(fp. break. fwrite(&emp.join_date. scanf("%s%s%d%f%s%s %s".-recsize.//taking Input } break. while(fread(&emp. } } printf("Want to Modify another record(Y/N): ").emp.recsize.fp).basicsalary.joining_date.last_edu. emp.recsize.fname.bsal.& lname.{ if(emp.age.emp.emp .id!=id) { printf("Enter new fname.emp.lname.1.lname.emp.age.sub_taken.emp.emp.

} } } FUTURE SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Our project will be able to implement in future after making some changes and modifications as we make our project at a very low level. It cannot be used for large scale bank purposes.//File is closed return 0. So the modifications that can be done in our project are:- This project can be implement only at small bank '5': fclose(fp). .

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