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From borrower to lender

Modi extends $1B line of

After talks
credit to Russian Far East
Vikram hard‑
fiasco, US hitting
landed on lunar
surface; mission Taliban harder
still a success Trump ousts Bolton over Camp
Bengaluru: Not only ISRO, many
experts, space scientists and media
David meet on Afghan peace
outlets are asserting that Indiaʼs
moon shot was a success.
As ISRO tries desperately to get
the unbroken‑but‑tilted Vikram
lander back online after its hard‑
landing, space researchers & scien‑
tists in the city are convinced
there's still hope for the rover
Pragyan. Yes, it was disappointing
Before attending the 5th Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok that he Indian Space Research
last week, Prime Minister Modi visited Zvezda shipyard along with Organisationʼs attempted historic
Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Photo: PIB)
soft landing of Vikram near the
Vladivostok, Russia: Sanctions on developing the sparsely populated moonʼs south pole went awry.
countries such as Russia also region bordering China, which Forbes mag azine, for one,
impacted other countries as well involves construction of housing explained why the Indiaʼs endeav‑ President Trump said he fired National Security Adviser John Bolton,
as the global economy, Prime facilities, improving connectivity, or is not what you would call a fail‑ who claimed he had resigned. (Photo courtesy AP)
Minister Narendra Modi said last and the potential of enhancing ure by any standards. Washington: President Donald Maryland.
Thursday as he announced a $1 eco‑friendly tourism. The Chandrayaan‑2 mission, like Trump has said that the peace “Theyʼre dead. Theyʼre dead. As
billion line of credit for the less Indian companies had signed 50 its Chandrayaan‑1 predecessor, talks with the Taliban were “dead” far as Iʼm concerned, theyʼre dead,”
deve loped but resource rich agreements worth “billions of dol‑ managed to deploy its orbiter with‑ after he suddenly cance lled a Trump told reporters at the White
Russian Far East. lars" in investments during a visit out incident before the apparently meeting he had scheduled with House on Monday after being
Modi backed Russian President to the region last month in areas Continued on page 4 both the militant g roup and asked about the peace talks.
Vladimir Putinʼs blueprint for Continued on page 4 Related stories on page 12 Afghan leaders at Camp David in Continued on page 4

At UNHRC, India tears into Pak,

slams its poor rights record
Geneva: India tore into Pakistan at the UN diplomacyʼ vis‑à‑vis India, and cautioned the
Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on Tuesday world body against allowing its platform to
for raking up the Jammu and be misused by such nations.
Kashmir issue, saying a country “Pakistan has today pretended to
with a “gory record” on human speak as the voice of the global
rights had presented “false” community on human rights. But
and “concocted” narrative and the world cannot be fooled.
asserted that New Delhi will Pakistanʼs gory record speaks for
accept no foreign interference on itself,” said Vimarsh Aryan, First
the internal matter. Secretary at the Permanent Mission
Celebrating the inauguration of the Jain Samaj of Long Island in Hicksville, NY
amid prayers and fanfare over four days ending this Monday. India highlighted that Pakistan is the “epi‑ of India to UNHRC. He was responding on
(See more pictures and story on page 15.) center of terrorism”, which conducts cross‑ behalf of India to Pakistan Foreign Minister
border terrorism “as a form of ʻalternate Shah Mehmoo d Continued on page 4

LOCAL GOVERNMENT 6 JAIPUR RUGS 18 HEALTH 24 SPIRITUAL AWARENESS 30 excellence in journalism September 14-20, 2019


To perpetuate his life and messages GANDHI 150 will be celebrated worldwide to mark
Mahatma’s 150th birthday on October 2, 2019. At a local level Volunteers of Shanti Fund
launched on October 2, 2018, multi‐year celebrations in cooperation with the Consulate General
of India, and many institutions including governmental, religious and educational.

Befitting Gandhi’s image, Volunteers of Shanti Fund have completed more than a dozen
dignified events so far. The next event has a positive long‐term implication for Long Island. 150
trees will be planted in cooperation with the State University of New York at Old
Westbury(SUNY‐OW), the Consulate General of India‐New York (CGI) and Shanti Fund. A
variety of trees from flowering to evergreens will be planted in September 2019 at a befitting
peaceful open site within the 600‐acre campus of the SUNY‐OW. The area will be named

In Gandhian spirit greater individual participation is encouraged by adopting one tree. A suitable
tag indicating the donor’s name will be placed on or near the tree. A donation of $500 per tree is

Shanti Fund, a philanthropic organization based on Long Island, New York is in existence since
1993. At the invitation of the Suffolk County government in 1998, a life size bronze statue of
Gandhi was commissioned by Shanti Fund and unveiled at the County Executive office building
on October 2, 1999.Since then many peace and bridge building activities through education were
undertaken by the Volunteers of Shanti Fund.

Shanti Fund is a registered charity by the State of New York and has a 501‐c‐3 nonprofit tax‐
exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service – IRS (Fed ID # 11‐3178073)

Please visit You have a once in lifetime opportunity

Have credit card ready You can have your name or loved one or
Click on donation button and In memory of parents, grandparents etc.
Follow few simple steps

Enlightenment & Peace Thru Education

Official Media Partner : TRISTATE COMMUNITY September 14-20, 2019 3

AIA holds gala to kick off Deepavali mela

Woodbury, NY: The Association of
Indians in America (AIA) held its
Annual Benefit Gala on Sept 7 here
to prepare for its flagship 32nd
Deepavali festival, which is slated
for October 6, as usual at South
Street Seaport in Manhattan.
Supporters came from Long Island,
Manhattan, Queens and
Westchester area to the classy
Crest Hollow Country Club.
Attendees included Deputy Consul
General of India, Shatrughna
Sinha, past presidents of AIA, and
community leaders.
President Harish Thakkar high‑
lig hted AIA‑NY chapterʼs
Deepavali festival that attracts
thousands ‑‑ including Indians,
Kanubhai Patel, Chairman of Amneal Pharmaceuticals India, was Smt Chanchal Devi Shah, mother of CEO of Navika Group Naveen
honored by AIA President Harish Thakkar. Kanubhai was accompanied Shah (standing behind her), was honored with Family Pride award.
Americans, Chinese and Hispanic ‑‑
by his wife and son Chintu Patel, and introduced by Kamlesh Mehta. Presenting the plaque is Dr Samin Sharma.
and culminates in a spectacular
fireworks show. With its pioneer‑ Pharmaceuticals India Pvt. Ltd., diology, Mount Sinai school of Pride award on behalf of the Shah years in high positions and was
ing efforts, AIA has brought Indian who was honored as a great entre‑ Medicine. Third honoree Dr Tarun family for guidance and nurturing picked by CVS for its Paragon
culture, food and dance to the gen‑ preneur and whose sons Chintu Wasil, an eminent Hematologist & the entire family. She was joined Award.
eral public in the tristate area. and Chirag Pate l have turned Oncologist, is af filiated with by other golden ladies for the The program was supported by
Honorees of the evening were Amneal in USA into the fifth Northwell system and continues to photo op. the benefactor Dr Nirmal and Tina
high caliber individuals. Kamlesh largest generics company. serve the community. Also honored was a new genera‑ Matoo, Patrons Asmita and Arun
Mehta, Chairman of The South Dr Samin Sharma, Chair of AIA Smt Chanchal Devi Shah, mother t ion professional ‑ Vaishali Bhatia, Dr Neeta and Pramod Jain,
Asian Times, introduced Kanubhai Board, introduced honoree Dr of Naveen Shah, CEO of Navika Deshmukh, Doctor of Pharmacy, Kanak and Prabha Golia, and Vimal
Pate l, Chairman of Amneal Annapoorna Kini, professor of car‑ Group, was honored with Family who has worked at CVS for last 20 and Divya Goyal.

Protest outside WaPo Ravi Batra addressed UN counter‑

building against terror conference in Europe
New York: Eminent New York attor‑ veniently die or abdicate the illegal

Kashmir coverage ney and Chair of National Advisory

Council for South Asian Af fairs,
power ASAP. Once Law & Order are
re‑established, the Courts can reme‑
Washington: “You donʼt recog‑ Ravi Batra addressed a high level dy any violation of rights ‑
About 100 people nize, we have UN conferenceon counter‑terrorism Constitutional, Statutory,
demonstrated been ethnically he ld in Minsk, Be larus from Contractual or human. Itʼs almost
outside T he cleansed from September 3‑4, 2019. like anesthesia, a movement‑block‑
Washington the Kashmir The conference titled “Countering er, being given during Emergency
Postʼs building on Valley in the past terrorism through innovative Surgery so the patient can get rid of
Saturday to 20 years.” approaches and theuse of new and Ravi Batra speaking at the the Terror‑illness, get better and
protest its cover‑ A smaller emerging technologies” brought conference: he was invited in enjoy life and the pursuit of happi‑
age of the recent crisis in Indiaʼs group of counterdemonstrators together member states of the OSCE his capacity as Chair of ness.He was likely alluding approv‑
Kashmir region, reports the news‑ gathered nearby. (Organization for Security and National Advisory Council ing ly to Indian Prime Minister
paper itself. “The Postʼs coverage of Indiaʼs Co‑operation in Europe) and ASEAN for South Asian Affairs. Narendra Modiʼs handling of the
Vijay Sazawal, a protest organiz‑ actions in Kashmir since the Aug. regions.It was held to lead up to the face of the earth by making it Job abrogation of Article 370 in
er, said they believe The Postʼs 5 crackdown has been fair, accu‑ 2nd High Leve l Conference of #1; as the so‑called Liberals across Kashmir and its aftermath.
reporting has been overly sympa‑ rate and comprehensive – at a Heads of Counter Terrorism the world have embraced chaotic Batra added that humanity sees
thetic to Kashmirʼs Muslim‑major‑ time when India has imposed Agencies of Member States to be suicidal‑lunacy, while leaders flirt itself either as "Good" or "Evil,"
ity community while overlooking tight restrictions on the flow of held in New York in June 2020. with integrity.” "Light" or "Darkness," or even more
the concerns of Hindus and other information and has severely lim‑ In his address, Batra said terror is Batra then e laborated on cynically, as the unavoidable twins,
minorities from there. ited access by our journalists try‑ of two kinds ‑‑ "private" (as in set‑ "Lincoln's Recipe" for Leadership on "Yin" and "Yang." But Governments
“The point The Post has consis‑ ing to cover this important story,” tling of a private grievance extra‑ the "Road‑To‑Equality & have the tough job of picking not
tently failed to recognize is the Post Foreign Editor Douglas Jehl judicially), and "state‑sponsored" Constitutional Rights" essentially between "good" and "bad," but "bad"
injustice that has been done to the countered. ("war‑on‑the‑cheap," an obvious as: to personally have “substantive and "worse".
minorit ies of Kashmir by the Last month, Indian Prime "war crime"). He said, “I wish to integrity” and be financially honest, As for what is going in the United
majority community, which is the Minister Narendra Modi, revoked focus on Lincoln's Recipe ‑ not after and then, exercise extra‑judicial States, Batra said, “we are enjoying
Muslim community,” said Sazawal, a measure of Kashmirʼs autonomy winning ‑ but the necessary predi‑ power, in limited dose and for a lim‑ our ʻAmerican Springʼ ‑ a cleansing
international coordinator for the and imposed a communications cate, as it is relevant today in our ited time of a limited declared of sorts ‑ internal and external ‑ not
Indo‑American Kashmir Forum. blackout. fight to eradicate terror from the "national emergency," and then con‑ seen or felt since the Civil War.”
4 September 14-20, 2019 TURN PAGE

After talks fiasco, US hit‑ June, that could have led to war. He energy, defence and technology its statements today. This is an ill‑
Biggest drug cartel ting Taliban harder reportedly was against attempts by transfer to India. “(Sanctions) are no disguised effort to advance its terri‑
in US net; B’wood, Continued from page 1 the administration to reach a peace hindrance for the two countries," torial ambitions. We reject this
T he President on Saturday had agreement with the Taliban to facil‑ Modi said. propaganda,” Aryan said exercising
Dawood & Indian announced the cancellation of a itate US troops withdrawal. the right to reply.
Vikram hard‑landed on “We are not surprised at
pharma Co links emerge “secret” meeting with the Taliban
and the Afghan government he had Modi extends $1B line of lunar surface; mission still Pakistanʼs hysterical statements
New Delhi: In one of the biggest drug planned for Sunday at the presiden‑ credit to Russian Far East a success with false, fabricated narratives
rackets unearthed by the Drug tial retreat near Washington, Continued from page 1 Continued from page 1 aimed to politicize and polarize this
Enforcement Agency (DEA) of US, the reports Efe news. such as energy, health, education, doomed landing attempt took place. forum. Pakistan realizes that our
Indian connection has led to a for‑ Trump cancelled the meeting skill development, mining, and tim‑ As noted by Emily Lakdawalla of recent decision cuts the very
mer aide of underworld don Dawood after the Taliban admitted carrying ber, the Prime Minister said at the The Planetary Society, the orbiter – ground from under its feet by creat‑
Ibrahim and a pharma company out an attack in Kabul on plenary session of the 5th Eastern an eye up in the moonʼs airless sky ing obstacles in its continuing spon‑
allegedly operating from India, September 5 that killed 11 people, Economic Forum in Vladivostok. – will keep watch over our worldʼs sorship of cross‑border terrorism
where drugs like mandrax and including one US soldier. “For the development of (Russiaʼs) sole natural satellite for an entire against India,” the senior Indian
ephedrine were being manufactured. Trump also tweeted Monday that Far East, India will give a line of year. diplomat said.
The overarching investigation also over the past four days, the US credit worth $1 billion," Modi said. If the orbiter was lost too, then He added that “in this desperate
involves husbands of two former forces have "been hitting our This is the first region‑specific line sure, this mission would be a devas‑ mind‑frame, some Pakistan leaders
Bollywood actresses, charged with enemy harder than at any time in of credit that India is extending to tating, but not unforeseeable, fail‑ have even gone as far as to call for
international drug trafficking origi‑ the last ten years." any country, he said. “My govern‑ ure. Space is hard. But the ingenuity ʻJihadʼ and to encourage violence
nating from Kenya. The investigation US Secretary of State Mike ment has actively engaged East Asia of Indiaʼs scientists and engineers both inside Jammu and Kashmir
report filed by DEA in the US District Pompeo said on Sunday that as part of its ʻAct Eastʼ policy. I am means that ISRO will now be able to and in third countries, in order to
Court, Southern District of New York Washington remained open to confident that todayʼs announce‑ conduct a myriad of phenomenal, paint a picture of “genocideʼ which
on July 25, 2019, mentions the reaching a peace accord with the ment will be a take of f point for cutting‑edge lunar research regard‑ even they know is far from reality.”
name of D‑company aide Vicky Taliban, albeit one with “condi‑ (Indiaʼs) Act Far East (policy). This less of whether or not they can sal‑ Hitting out at Pakistan, Aryan
Goswami, husband of actress Mamta tions”. will also give a new dimension to vage Vikram. said, “This rhetoric will not distract
Kulkarni and Ali Punjani, ex‑husband Meanwhile, John Bolton who as our economic diplomacy," he said. The orbiter, connected with the international attention from
of another film star Kim Sharma. US National Security Adviser was a Usually, lines of credit extended Indian Deep Space Network – a col‑ Pakistanʼs persecution and elimina‑
Incidentally, Ali Punjani escaped strong supporter of India's anti‑ter‑ by one country to another may be lection of antennas and relays to tion of religious and ethnic minori‑
from Kenya to Mumbai where he rorism ef forts, is out after only linked to some obligation of import‑ support its interplanetary missions ties, be it the Christians, Sikhs,
was last spotted in Bandra's Asian about a year and a half and is ing goods, services or technology – is absolutely packed with top‑ Shias, Ahmadiyas and Hindus. This
Heart Institute in August. T he Trump's third advisor in less than from the of fering country. This notch tech. is the reason that Pakistan no
Mombasa police confirmed that Ali three years. Trump tweeted helps both countries to benefit from Originally designed to last a year, longer publishes of ficial statistics
Punjani was wanted in a drug case. Tuesday morning: "I informed John stronger trade and investment ties. the orbiterʼs flawless insertion into about its minorities as India does.”
T he Mombasa police is now Bolton last night that his services Indian and Russian companies are a stable lunar ballet is now report‑ The “blatant abuse” of blasphemy
approaching Interpol to detain are no longer needed at the White investing reciprocally in the energy edly allowing it to function for laws in Pakistan to persecute
Punjani in India. The report of the House. I disagreed strongly with and defence sectors, Modi said on almost seven years. These instru‑ minorities is well documented, he
DEA reveals that Vicky Goswami, a many of his suggestions, as did oth‑ Thursday, when asked about the ments – and several others – will said and gave the example of Aasia
druglord working for the D‑company ers in the Administration, and impact of sanctions on Russia by keep working, providing scientists Bibi, the Christian woman who was
in South Africa, later shifted his base therefore I asked John for his resig‑ the US and other countries. “The all over the world with game‑chang‑ incarcerated for years, and Abdul
to Kenya from where he smuggled nation, which was given to me this world is debating how much effect ing data until potentially sometime Shakoor, the 82‑year‑old Ahmadiya,
huge quantities of mandrax, cocaine, morning." Soon after, Bolton sanctions have on countries that in 2026. held under Anti‑Terrorism Act for
hashish, heroine and ephedrine. He claimed that it is he who had are sanctioned and because of those selling books.
initially worked for the Ibrahim resigned. sanctions, on other countries and At UNHRC, India tears into He said the recent case of abduc‑
Akasha syndicate in Mombasa and Bolton's hardline positions on the overall global economy. There Pak, slams its poor rights tion, forced conversion and mar‑
later partnered with Ali Punjani, Afghanistan, North Korea and Iran is a big debate on this," he said. record riage of a minor Sikh girl Jagjit
alleged drug kingpin. The report also were often at odds publicly with The sanctions imposed by the US Continued from page 1 Kaur, exemplifies the state of
mentions that Dawood aide Vicky Trump's diplomatic efforts, sending on Russia had had no ef fect on Qureshiʼs address in which he lev‑ women, especially from the minori‑
Goswami was sentenced by a Dubai mixed messages that undermined India strengthening cooperation eled wild and unsubstantiated alle‑ ty communities in Pakistan.
court on charges of drug peddling. In his efforts. Trump once said that if with Moscow in strategic sectors gations regarding Jammu and “And today, in this Council,
2013, after being released from jail, Bolton had his way, the US would be such as energy and defence, Modi Kashmir. “I have been forced to take Pakistan has the audacity to tell
Goswami shifted base to Kenya in several wars. He suf fered a big said. Indian companies have invest‑ the floor to call out the blatant mis‑ others about human rights that it so
where he came in contact with Ali setback when Trump cancelled a ed in the Russian oil and gas sector representation of facts and false egregiously violates again and
Punjani. bombing campaign against Iran in and Russian firms have invested in narrative peddled by Pakistan in all again,” Aryan said.

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Friends of Gujarat host a successful

ʻMera India New Indiaʼ mega event
New Jersey: Friends of Gujarat wrapped dance and song events, traditional and
up a successful 3‑day mega event ʻMera folk programs, seminars, food festival,
India New Indiaʼ at the NJ Exposition exhibitions, fashion shows, youth pro‑
Center over the last weekend. grams, shopping, food sampling and much
It was heartwarming to see thousands of more.
people who attended the festivities. It was The highlight of the Sundayʼs finale
a sold‑out event much in advance, as peo‑ night was the special segment ʻPower of
ple came looking for extra tickets for their Oneʼ with Javed Jaffery and Saif Ali Khan
friends and family. This year Friends of that saw a packed house, followed by the
Gujarat team brought together people musical concert by the sensat ional
from all different states under one roof to ʻDoorbeenʼ of ʻLamberghiniʼ fame with the
celebrate the diversity of India and its art, Punjabi rock stars Onkar & Baba.
culture, cuisine thereby facilitating cultur‑ Apart from the song and dance pro‑
al and business exchanges between the grams that were held during the 3‑day
Indian diaspora in America and fellow event, there were many seminars that
Indians back home. ʻMera India New Indiaʼ took place for the benefit of young and
Prominent community leaders, local officials and thousands
commenced on Friday August 30th with old alike. Renowned master healer Dr
attended the 3‑day event (Photo Credit: Gunjesh Desai)
the whoʼs who from New York, New Naram spent an entire day with a one‑on‑
Jersey, several renowned spiritual leaders, West Windsor Mayor Hemant Marathek Vijay Rupani and from the Speaker of Lok one with the attendees during a special
politicians, industrialists and others who among others. After the ceremonial lamp Sabha Om Birla. This was followed by health related seminar. Swami Parmatma
have gained significant recognition in lighting ceremony, the program proceed‑ dance numbers by local groups, musical Nanda spoke about youth empowerment
their respective fields. Among those who ings consisted of blessings from the reli‑ renditions by local and many renowned and Hinduism, Dr. Meena Murthy of St.
attended were H.H. Swami Parmatma gious leaders and a welcome speech by artists from India. Peterʼs University Hospital gave a special
Nanda, Vishal Bava, Nirmala Nanda Nath, president of Friends of Gujarat Kirit Patel. Day 2 and 3 comprised several enter‑ talk on reversing Diabetes and of fered
Satshri Swami, Satshri Bhakti Prakash Das, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi tainment segments that people enjoyed special consultations to members in the
Chairman of Prasar Bharati Dr. Surya Adityanath also spoke on the occasion via wholeheartedly. Over 25,000 visitors were audience. A special exhibition was organ‑
Prakash, Edison Mayor Thomas Lankey, satellite. The event saw an inspiring mes‑ in attendance during the 3‑day event that ized to commemorate Mahatma Gandhiʼs
Woodbridge Mayor John McCormic and sage from the Chief Minister of Gujarat was filled with several cultural programs, 150th birth anniversary.

NY engineer Dr. Raj Shah inducted into

Institute of Measurement & Control Worshippers
New York: Indian American at the
Chemical Engineer Dr. Raj Shah Ganesh
has been inducted as a Fellow of Utsav 2019
the Institute of Measurement and held at
Control. He is the first Indian Woodbridge
American engineer to achieve Mall, New
this honor. T he Inst itute of Jersey
Measurement and Control is rec‑
ognized by the Royal Charter as
the professional body for scien‑
tists and engineers working in
measurement, automation and
control. Founded in 1944, its
membersʼ original priority was to
maintain the national infrastruc‑ NYC declares end to largest measles
outbreak in nearly 30 years
ture and support wartime logis‑
tics. During the post‑war recon‑

struction years, attention shifted
to developing new major infra‑ Raj Shah he city spent more than $6 million, national increase that has resulted in the
structure programs including nuclear Fellow at the Royal Society of Chemistry, deployed more than 500 staf f and greatest number of cases in a single year in
power, oil and gas, the transport network UK which boasts such historical members issued a mandatory vaccination order 27 years. No new cases have been reported
and major industrial and chemical facili‑ as Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and for people living and working in four Brooklyn since mid‑July. Measles outbreaks are typical‑
ties. Dr. Shah was indicted into its hall of Albert Einstein. neighborhoods. The outbreak of a highly con‑ ly declared over when two incubation periods
Fellows (its highest honor ) last week. Dr. Shah was also honored recently by tagious and potentially life‑threatening dis‑ for measles (the equivalent of 42 days) have
Currently, the members of INSTMC are the Energy institute with the title of a ease was heavily concentrated in the ultra‑ passed. “Measles is one of the most contagious
still involved in all the above areas, but Chartered petroleum engineer this sum‑ Orthodox Jewish community, where misinfor‑ diseases on the face of the earth,” said NYC
the digital age has opened a new sphere mer. He is the first Indian American sci‑ mation about the safety and effectiveness of Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot. Although
of involvement in the area of sensors entist to achieve this distinction as well. the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine has there may no longer be local transmission of
linked to intelligence. This includes the The Energy Institute (EI) is the largest spread, officials said. A total of 654 people measles in New York City, she said, the threat
Internet of Things, cyber security, smart professional membership body that were infected, and 52 of them were hospital‑ remains, given other outbreaks in the United
cities and transport networks, driverless brings global energy expertise together. ized, including 16 who required intensive care States and around the world, including in
cars, personal health monitoring, and Dr. Raj Shah is wide ly recognized because of serious complications, according to Europe and Israel, as well as in countries in
astronomical exploration. It is a unique worldwide for his contributions to the a department news release. About 73% of the South America, Africa and Asia. She said vacci‑
and singular honor for Dr. Shah to be field of Fuels, Lubricants, and Greases. individuals were unvaccinated, 7% were nation coverage has increased significantly
honored as a fellow by this prestigious His specialization is in the development incompletely vaccinated, and 15% did not since the cityʼs emergency vaccination order.
institute. of laboratory analytical instrumentation know their vaccination status. The majority of She added: “We are grateful to the New
Dr. Shah is no stranger to distinction. used primarily in the petroleum the cases – 72% – occurred in the four Yorkers who shared the truth about vaccines
Just a few months he was named a laboratory. Brooklyn neighborhoods. The cityʼs outbreak and protected the health of their friends and
was the largest in the country, fueling a neighbors through this outbreak.”
6 September 14-20, 2019 LOCAL GOVERNMENT

County Executive Curran honors ATM inventor

Donald Wetzel on 50th anniversary
Rockville Center, NY: To commemo‑ thrilled to welcome back and honor amazing how far technology has
rate the 50th anniversary of the inventor Donald Wetzel and advanced in five decades. Today
Americaʼs first “Automated Teller commemorate a financial revolu‑ Chase smart ATMS can do 70% of
Machine” (ATM), Nassau County tion that happened in Nassau banking transactions, and it all
Executive Laura Curran joined County,” said Nassau County started in Rockville Center.
Supervisor Laura Gillen, Rockville Executive Laura Curran. “This is JPMorgan Chase is proud to sup‑
Center Mayor Francis X. Murray, another example of history being port the Nassau Countyʼs Industrial
Chase executives and members of made in Nassau County ‑ from the Development Agency and itʼs con‑
the Nassau County IDA to welcome moon landing to earthly advances, tinued economic development and
ATM inventor Donald Wetzel back Nassau continues to be a site for job growth in the region,” said
to Nassau County to proclaim the innovation.” “It was a pleasure and Lewis Warren, JPMorgan Chase,
day in his honor. The event, co‑ the honor of a lifetime to be recog‑ Managing Director Government
sponsored by the IDA, took place at nized today by the Nassau County Banking and Vice Chairman of
Chase Bank of Rockville Center (for‑ Industrial Development Agency and Nassau County IDA.
merly Chemical Bank of Rockville Nassau County Executive Laura Donald Wetze lʼs company,
Center) where Americaʼs first ATM Donald Wetzel (holding the citation) Curran, as well as Chase Bank, for Docutel, was a Texas‑based compa‑
was installed 50 years ago. Other my invention 50 years ago. Itʼs been ny that made automated baggage
notable attendees included Senator September 2, 1969. Wetzel, now 50th anniversaries this year includ‑ a privilege being back here in handling equipment before creating
Todd Kaminsky and 93 years‑old, was on hand to accept ing the Apollo 11 moon landing, Rockville Center for this special the ATM. Wetzel still co‑owns the
Assemblywoman Judy Griffin. the proclamation for his cash‑dis‑ Woodstock and the victories of Joe occasion, and I thank everyone who patent for the ATM, which is
Wetzelʼs invention took approxi‑ pensing machine that revolution‑ Namathʼs Jets and the ʻMiracle joined in this celebration of this archived with the Smithsonian
mately 11 months from conception ized the banking and finance indus‑ Mets.ʼ Almost 50 years to the day milestone,” said Inventor Donald Museum. Today, there are some
to fruition, and the first “cash box” try. after the first ATM was unveiled Wetzel. “The ATM changed the way 3.5 million ATMs installed across
was unveiled in Nassau County on “Weʼre celebrating several major right here in Rockville Centre, I am we think about banking and itʼs the world.

Comptroller Stringer pens NY AG leads anti-trust

open letter to workers probe against Facebook
New York, NY: As part of Labor Rights Week,
New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer New York: Two bipartisan attorneys general and wel‑
released an open letter to workers to ensure groups of state attorneys gen‑ comes a conversation with
workers are equipped with the information eral are launching separate policymakers about competi‑
and resources to stand up to unscrupulous antitrust investigations into tion.
contractors who illegally withhold wages. “As Facebook and Google, adding “People have multiple
many of you may know, my office enforces to regulatory scrutiny of two choices for every one of the
state and local prevailing wage laws. That of the worldʼs largest and services we provide,” said
means that if you have done construction most ubiquitous tech compa‑ Will Castleberry, a vice presi‑
Scott Stringer
work on a New York City public work project nies. New York Attorney dent of state and local policy.
or have been employed in a building service state or country.” Because informed workers Attorney General Letitia James
General Letitia James, a “We understand that if we
job through a city contract or in a building are their own best advocates, the
(Image courtesy:
Democrat, confirmed the stop innovating, people can
with an af fordable housing property tax Comptrollerʼs office has started a new initia‑ Facebook investigation in a news release Friday, easily leave our platform. This underscores the
exemption, then you may be entitled to pre‑ tive to fine contractors that fail to provide saying the probe would focus on Facebookʼs competition we face, not only in the US but
vailing wages and benefits, regardless of your written notice to the employees of their right “dominance in the industry and the potential around the globe.” The Washington Post and
immigration status,” he said. to receive prevailing wages and benefits. anticompetitive conduct stemming from that The Wall Street Journal, citing sources they did‑
“Often, workers are unaware that our office “Since taking of fice in 2014, we have dominance.” nʼt identify, have reported that a coalition of
has collected money on their behalf. Other assessed more than $28 million against City “Even the largest social media platform in the attorneys general will announce a separate
times, the workers are afraid to come for‑ contractors in unpaid prevailing wages with world must follow the law and respect con‑ investigation of Google in Washington, D.C., on
ward because of fear of retaliation by their interest and penalties, returned more than sumers,” she said. “I am proud to be leading a Monday. Google issued a statement that didnʼt
employer or because of their immigration $13.5 million to workers, and barred over 50 bipartisan coalition of attorneys general in comment directly on the antitrust concerns but
status. If you believe you were underpaid on contractors who took advantage of workers investigating whether Facebook has stifled com‑ said its services “help people every day, create
a City‑funded job – no matter who you are, or from State and City public work contracts. petition and put users at risk.” She said the more choice for consumers, and support thou‑
where youʼre from – let us know. We work to And weʼve done it because people came for‑ probe would seek to determine if Facebook sands of jobs and small businesses across the
recoup unpaid wages with interest, and we ward. No New Yorker should be exploited, endangered consumer data, reduced the quality country.” “We continue to work constructively
collect money for workers regardless of their and no New Yorker should be illegally under‑ of consumer choices or increased the price of with regulators, including attorneys general, in
immigration status or whether they still live paid, regardless of their immigration status,” advertising. Facebook said in a statement Friday answering questions about our business and the
in New York City or have moved to another he said in the letter. it plans to “work constructively” with the state dynamic technology sector,” it said. NATIONAL September 14-20, 2019 7

New York: In the year 2015, something aston‑

ishing and completely unexpected happened in
the world of Indian basketball. 19‑year‑old Zee Studios & ZEE5 to present digital film on
Satnam Singh Bhamra created history, becom‑
ing the first Indian to be selected in the
National Basketball Association (NBA). Zee
basketball player Satnam Singh
Studios will produce an original digital film the game and more kids will want to try it out.
based on the inspirational journey of Satnam There is huge potential for the game to grow in
Singh that will stream exclusively on ZEE5 India if only more people come out in support
soon. of it." Speaking on the film, Ashima Avasthi,
Excited for the film based on his life, Satnam Head & VP, Zee Studios Originals commented,
Singh shared, "It feels unreal that a film is “In our country where basketball has miles to
being made on me! As a sportsman, I have go before it enjoys the same kind of popularity
always loved films based on sports, and I feel cricket does, itʼs time we encourage other
honored that this film is my story. What excites sports. With the explosion of digital content
me most is that this is a basketball film, the consumption in India, thereʼs a huge market
first of its kind. I hope that the film will boost for digital first content, both films and web
shows." Aparna Acharekar, Programming
Head, ZEE5 India said, “We are constantly on
Indian couple, the lookout for engaging content that our audi‑
ences will enjoy and appreciate. This is a spe‑
scientist killed cial film that we are creating with Zee Studios.”

in boat fire ne

Lo a r 1

ery Dead 9


tte te: 6, 2


Lo tion 201

lic er 9
Ap tob


Kaustubh Nirmal and Sanjeeri Deopujari

Los Angeles: A US‑based Indian couple and an

Indian‑origin scientist were among those who
died from smoke inhalation when they were
trapped on a boat packed with scuba divers
that caught fire and sank of f the California
coast, according to media reports.
On Monday, a massive fire broke out on the
Fair and
d Affordable
able Rent
tal Apartments
75‑foot charter boat called ''Conception'' when Carmel, Put
tnam County
y, New
New York
the passengers were sleeping below the deck.
The fire engulfed the deck, killing 34 people,
including one crew member. Five crew mem‑ Spacious one-bedroom
om apartments
one-bedroo nts starting at
apartmen at $1,043
bers who were above the deck escaped by
jumping overboard. and two-bedroom
wo-bedroom apartments starting a
tw att $1,245.
The couple, Kaustubh Nirmal and Sanjeeri
Deopujari, lived in Connecticut and were
among the people who died aboard the vessel, Maximum
mum incomes
Maxim s as follows:
follows: 1-person $52,290;
during a three‑day diving excursion. Deopujari,
31, was a dentist in Norwalk while her hus‑ 2-person $59,780;
$ 3-person
person $67,270;
3-p $67 70; 4-person
7, 27 n $74,690.
band, Nirmal, 44, worked as a senior adviser at
Ernst & Young, the New York Post reported.
They were married two and a half years ago
and were "the perfect couple," said Nirmal's ■ Central airr conditioning
cousin, Rajul Sharma, told the Los Angeles
Times. "He found a soulmate in Sanjeeri," ■ Gas heat a and hot water
water iincluded
incl ded
Sharma said, recalling their endearing and
infectious smiles. "God took them away from us ■ Pri
vate pat
tios and balconies
untimely and unfairly, but even he did not have
the heart to separate them in death," he said. ■ Centr
al lau
undry facilitiess
Indian‑origin scientist Sunil Singh Sandhu,
46, was also there on a dive vessel that sank off ■FFitness
itness room
Santa Barbara in California.
Sandhu lived and worked in the US for more
than two decades, took up scuba diving only
recently, his family in Singapore was quoted as
saying by Singapore‑based The New Paper.
For inform
mation contact:
ntact: Hous
sing Action
n Council
Sandhu earned his master's and doctoral 914-332-4144 www
.housinga hac@affor
degrees from Stanford University and worked
as a scientist at a Palo Alto research company.
The massive fire was reported to be one of Wilderr Balt
Wilde Balter
California's worst maritime disasters in P A R T N E R S I N C.
decades. (PTI)
8 September 14-20, 2019 NATIONAL COMMUNITY

Tamil Nadu govt signs MoUs worth

Rs. 2,780 crore at New York Investors' meet
New York: T he Tamil Nadu order and a tradition of never dis‑ water.
Government has signed MoUs honoring a promise to investors," Ford Motor Co. International
worth Rs 2,780 crore at an he said. When asked when the Government Relations Manager
Investors meet in New York MoUs will take shape on ground, James Rowland said that the state
attended by Chie f Minister he says, "These investment are is "one of the best global part‑
Edappadi Palaniswami. Sectors long term plans, i.e, 3‑5 years." ners." He said that the state
which will receive investment, offered the company a vast pool
according to government of fi‑
Praise pours in for of skilled manpower.
cials, include petrochemical , the state State Chie f Secretary K.
pharmaceutical and Information At the Investors' meet, repre‑ Shanmugam, who was present
Technology industries. sentatives of two US multination‑ there, said that the state's invest‑
Over 200 industrialists took als, Ford and Caterpillar, gave tes‑ ment in social welfare resulted in
part at the meet held in New York timonials on Tamil Nadu's effica‑ it becoming a hub of economic
on September 3. According to cy in working with investors. act ivity and of consumpt ion,
reports, MoUs for 11 projects and Katie Hays, the head of govern‑ which backed economic activity.
four investment promotion coop‑ ment and corporate af fairs for The state was able to reap a social
eration were signed at the venue. Caterpillar, said that the manufac‑ peace dividend by having the
16 companies including ‑ Jean The MoUs were signed in the presence of Chief Minister Edappadi turer of heavy construct ion nation's best law and order situa‑
Martin, Aquil Systems, Scitus Palaniswami who was on a visit to the US. machinery and trucks found tion, he said and added that the
Pharma, Nurray Chemical, increased ease of doing business state planned to develop a Fintech
Novitum Labs, Jogo Health, ST Haldia Petrochemicals along with stateʼs Industries Department, under the current chief minister. city to draw companies integrat‑
LNG, Saram 4, Emerson, Aspire Naphtha Cracker Unit expressed says that Tamil Nadu offers sever‑ She said that the company ing technolog y and financial
Consulting, Revature ‑ LLC and desire to make investments worth al benefits to investors. received strong support from the services and it would be a draw
Zillion Technologies signed MOUs Rs.50,000 crore in the state. "T he State's Unique se lling government and received uninter‑ for companies in the sector in the
worth Rs.2,780 crore. Meanwhile Arun Roy, secretary in the point is its infrastructure, law and rupted supply of power and US.

CM Palaniswami
felicitated by the
Tamil community

Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami was felicitated by the New York Tamil Sangam and FeTNA, an umbrella body of Tamils in North America, at a community reception in
Times Square in New York. The chief minister from AIADMK party also addressed the gathering in Tamil.

Trump tariff‑hit US firms keen to

relocate to India from China
USISPF President Mukesh Aghi and Consul General Sandeep Chakravorty
talked about the new scenario at the Investors Meet with the Tamil Nadu CM.
New York: About 200 US compa‑ in investments to India, Aghi said war with China, the problems with India, Frank Wisner, what India come" for companies wanting to
nies have expressed interest in during an interactive session at protecting intellectual property and Tamil Nadu should do to get relocate or invest by helping them
coming from China to India, Tamil Nadu Chie f Minister K. and restrictions on doing business those companies to come there. find land facilitating clearances,
according to Mukesh Aghi, the Palaniswami's meet ing w ith there have prompted many US Wisner said that the Centre has and running interference with
president of US‑India Strategic investors here last Tuesday. companies to look for other places to reform labor laws to make the Delhi, said Wisner, who is now
Partnership Forum (USISPF). India's Consul General Sandeep to move or expand operations. condition of employment of work‑ International Af fairs Adviser to
The organization, which pro‑ Chakravorty also said that there By investing in other countries ers easy, enable the acquisition of the global law firm, Squire Patton
motes bilateral business and trade was a lot of interest from US com‑ these companies may be able to land easier, create reliable tax sys‑ Boggs.
relations between the two coun‑ panies to relocate from China to avoid the high tariffs imposed by tems and establish a solid financial He added that the state also has
tries, has received enquiries from India and he hoped that Tamil Trump, some of which went into sector that is able to fuel invest‑ to provide "the kinds of education‑
those companies about how to Nadu is rolling out the red carpet effect in September. ment. al and health infrastructure that is
invest in India and they have a for them. Aghi asked USISPF board mem‑ The responsibility of the state is required not only for workforce,
potential for bringing $21 billion President Donald Trump's trade ber and former US Ambassador to to provide "a framework of wel‑ but for managerial talent". DIASPORA September 14-20, 2019 9

British Sikh MP hits out "Deplorable": UK Foreign

at Boris Johnson's "racist Secretary on violence
outside Indian Embassy
remarks," applauded London: Two people have been arrested
after violent protests led by British
Pakistani groups outside the Indian High
Commission in London. British Foreign
Secretary Dominic Raab has condemned
the violence, calling it "deplorable."
"It is absolutely right that any violence
is deplorable. It shouldn't be conducted
Tanmanjeet in this country, or anywhere else for that
matter, at any individual communities.
What we now need to do is try and
reduce those tensions but also, on a posi‑
tive side, build up confidence‑building
measures to allow proper dialogue
between the communities in Kashmir
and also between India and Pakistan,"
Raab told the British parliament. British Foreign Secretary Dominic
Hundreds of protesters led by British Raab condemned the recent attack
London: Britain's first turbaned Sikh MP, Boris Johnson's references to the burqa as
Pakistani groups gathered outside the
on the Indian High Commission
Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, on Wednesday "oppressive" in the newspaper column. building in London.
demanded that British Prime Minister Boris "If you tell me that the burka [burqa] is oppres‑ Indian High Commission on Tuesday to
Johnson apologize for "racist" remarks against sive, then I am with you... I would go further and protest the ending of special status for ments and consequently organized van‑
Muslim women in the past. say that it is absolutely ridiculous that people Jammu and Kashmir. dalism of the property of the High
In a fiery intervention during Prime Minister's should choose to go around looking like letter "Another violent protest outside the Commission of India in London."
Questions (PMQs) in the House of Commons, boxes," he wrote at the time. Indian High Commission in London "This is the second time in less than a
Dhesi received applause from fellow Opposition Dhesi also challenged the British prime minis‑ today, 3 September 2019. Damage month that such an incident has taken
Labour party MPs as he made a passionate ter to order an investigation into alleged caused to the premises," High place affecting the security and the nor‑
speech about enduring such attacks related to Islamophobia within his own Conservative Party. Commission tweeted on Tuesday. The mal functioning of our Mission. We con‑
his turban while growing up in Britain. Boris Johnson responded by claiming that embassy also tweeted a picture of a sider these incidents to be unacceptable
"For those of us who, from a young age, have Dhesi had failed to read his newspaper article cracked window pane in the building. and have strongly urged the Government
had to endure and face up to being called names within its complete context, which was, in fact, a "Two people were arrested for criminal of UK to take action against those
such as towelhead or Taliban, or to people say‑ strong liberal defense of everybody's right to damage and remain in custody," a involved, and take necessary steps to
ing we come from bongo, bongo land, we can wear whatever they want. Metropolitan Police spokesperson said. ensure the normal functioning of our
appreciate full well the hurt and pain felt by He also declared he had Sikh relatives ‑‑ in an The incident was raised in the British Mission and the safety and security of
already vulnerable Muslim women when they obvious reference to his estranged wife, Marina parliament on Tuesday by Shailesh Vara, our personnel," the spokesperson added.
are described as looking like bank robbers and Wheeler, whose mother Dip Kaur is of Sikh ori‑ the MP for North West Cambridgeshire, Tuesday's was second violent incident
letterboxes," said Dhesi, in reference to gin. who said, "The violence and abuse tar‑ within a month after India raised con‑
Johnson's column in 'The Daily Telegraph' news‑ Boris Johnson said in his response: "I speak as geted towards the British Indian commu‑ cerns over protests outside the Indian
paper last year. somebody who is proud not only to have Muslim nity on this occasion is completely unac‑ High Commission on August 15.
"So rather than hide behind sham and white‑ ancestors but to be related to Sikhs like him. I am ceptable as it would be to any communi‑ Responding to the tweet by the Indian
wash investigations, when will the Prime also proud to say that, under this government, ty on the streets of UK." Mission in the UK, London Mayor Sadiq
Minister finally apologize for his derogatory and we have the most diverse Cabinet in the history In response to queries on anti‑India Khan also condemned the violent
racist remarks? Those racist remarks have led to of this country. We truly reflect modern Britain." demonstrations and consequent vandal‑ protests, saying it was "unacceptable". "I
a spike in hate crime," he said. The British prime minister called on the ism of the property of the High utterly condemn this unacceptable
Monitoring group Tell MAMA [Measuring Labour Party to address its own problems with Commission of India in London, the offi‑ behavior and have raised this incident
Anti‑Muslim Attacks] had unveiled research ear‑ anti‑semitism, a reference to numerous allega‑ cial spokesperson said, "We are deeply with @metpoliceuk to take action," he
lier this week which claimed that Islamophobic tions of anti‑Jewish incidents with the concerned by the reports of unruly tweeted.
incidents rose by 375 percent in the week after Opposition party. (PTI) demonstration by Pakistan incited ele‑ (With Inputs From ANI and PTI)


Indigenous Kashmiri minorities at the brink of extinction: KOA

Washington DC: There has been a head on the fate ful nig ht of opportunities to all and a chance tion, placed by the Government of
tremendous amount of confusion, OPINION January 19, 1990 when through for the development of regions India, are crucial to curb terror‑
misinformation, and fear being the loudspeakers of mosques, mil‑ like Ladakh which have been neg‑ ism and prevent the loss of civil‑
disseminated by propag anda the rest of India still applied in itants screamed words of hate for lected for far too long. Removal of ian lives.
mongers and the ill‑informed Kashmir. A Kashmiri woman lost minorities. “Convert, leave, or die” these articles will help curtail ter‑ We pray for the peace of
press about the abrogation of her right to own or transfer ances‑ that was followed by targeted rorism in the valley and empower Kashmir and we yearn to go back
Article 370 and 35A in India. tral property if she married a non‑ killings. T he terror uprooted women as more progressive laws to our homeland as the abroga‑
These temporary articles 370 and Kashmiri man. peace‑loving, helpless minorities. will apply to them equally with tion of these articles will bring
35A were highly discriminatory Article 370 and 35A allowed a The government remained silent the rest of the country. It is the peace, equality, and justice to all
against all indigenous Kashmiri breeding ground for armed vio‑ spectators. We became refugees duty of the Indian government, as indigenous Kashmiri minorities.
minorities stripping them from lence in Kashmir. in our own country, some forced a democratic nation, to safeguard Let us give peace a chance and
attaining educational & scholar‑ The growing influence of the to live in squalid tent camps. Even the liberty, equality, and safety of space to all of us Kashmiris who
ship opportunit ies and equal strait‑laced interpretation of Islam 30 years later there are hundreds all of its citizens. need time to heal.
opportunities in business and propagated through “Wahabism.” who continue to live in the hor‑ We believe that to curtail the Based on a press release issued
employment. Pakistan was able to capitalize on rendous and poor conditions of foreseen unrest and retaliation by by Kashmiri Overseas Association
The articles were also extremely this by financing, arming and refugee camps in Jammu and militant groups, temporary proac‑ (KOA), a socio‑cultural organiza‑
regressive for Kashmiri women. training militant groups across Delhi. We believe that abrogation tive measures of added security, tion of Kashmiri Pandits (Hindus)
Many antiquated laws banned in the border. This all came to a of these articles will provide equal restrictions, and internet regula‑ residing in the United States.
10 September 14-20, 2019 US AFFAIRS

Trump's challengers face Trump cancels ''secret'' peace

roadblocks in primaries
and caucuses
talks with Ghani, Taliban
Washington: President Donald
Washington: Former South Trump has cancelled a "secret"
Carolina Congressman Mark meeting with the Taliban and his
Sanford says he's running for Afghan counterpart Ashraf Ghani
president, making him the latest planned for last weekend, and also
Republican to attempt a long‑ called off peace talks with the mili‑
shot bid against President tant group entirely.
Trump in the 2020 GOP primary. The cancellation comes after a
Sanford, who was also South Taliban suicide attack on Thursday
Carolina's governor, made the in Kabul killed at least 12 people,
announcement on Fox News Former South Carolina's including an American soldier,
Sunday. He called for a "conver‑ governor Mark Sanford latest reports Efe news.
sation about what it means to be
to want to primary Trump "Unbeknownst to almost every‑
a Republican" and criticized aware of this history and are one, the major Taliban leaders and,
President Trump and his Afghan counterpart Ashraf Ghani
Trump over adding to the nation‑ hoping for a repeat of what hap‑ separate ly, the President of
al debt. Sanford lost re‑election pened to one‑term presidents Afghanistan, were going to secretly innocent people, then they probably Pompeo said.
to the House in 2018 when the such as George H.W. Bush, meet with me at Camp David on don't have the power to negotiate a Trumpʼs unexpected announce‑
president endorsed his primary Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford. Sunday," Trump tweeted on meaningful agreement anyway. ment comes after Washington and
challenger, who narrowly lost to Each faced a major primary chal‑ Saturday, referring to the presiden‑ How many more decades are they the Taliban on September 2 reached
a Democrat in the general elec‑ lenger from within his own tial country retreat in Maryland, willing to fight?" However, the US is a draft agreement in principle after
tion. party, and each went on to be near Washington. still interested in striking a peace more than a year of negotiations,
Sanford joins former denied a second term. Trump added that "unfortunately, deal with the Taliban, Secretary of which provides for the withdrawal
Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld Trump's campaign and allies in order to build false leverage, they State Mike Pompeo told CNN of 5,000 US troops 135 days after
and former Illinois Congressman are moving to change the rules admitted to an attack in Kabul that Sunday, but won't move forward signing. The Taliban has insisted
Joe Walsh as Republican chal‑ and even eliminate or scale back killed one of our great great sol‑ until there is proof that the Taliban that the troop withdrawal is a fun‑
lengers to Trump. All three have Republican primaries and cau‑ diers, and 11 other people. I imme‑ can deliver on its commitments damental issue in reaching an
little chance of winning. But, it cuses in states. The GOP in South diately cancelled the meeting and under a potential agreement. agreement during the nine rounds
seems, that isn't their only goal. Carolina voted to scrap its presi‑ called off peace negotiations". "I think as you saw, if the Taliban of talks held in Doha so far.
"Every time a president has dential primary, while in Kansas "If they cannot agree to a cease‑ don't behave, if they don't deliver ... The Taliban has refused to meet
had an opponent within their and Nevada, the aprty voted to fire during these very important the President of the United States is the Afghan government until a pact
own party ... that president has replace presidential nominating peace talks, and would even kill 12 not going to reduce the pressure," with Washington was formalized.
gone on to lose the general elec‑ caucuses in 2020 with an inter‑
tion," Weld said in an interview nal party process. Similar action
with NPR's Morning Edition. is expected in Arizona this
Trump's opponents are well month. Sharpiegate: First President
Trump falsely claimed in a
Tweet that Hurricane Dorian

Women facing restrictions was likely to hit Alabama. Then

he showed the media an
outdated map that had clearly
seek abortions out of state been altered with a Sharpie
pen. Now, the National Oceanic
Atlanta: Thousands of women in another state rose considerably, and Atmospheric
the U.S. have crossed state lines for particularly where a lack of clinics Administration has contradict‑
an abortion in recent years as means the closest provider is in ed its own weather serviceʼs
states have passed ever stricter another state or where less restric‑ view debunking Trump claim.
laws and the number of clinics has tive policies in a neighboring state
declined. make it easier and quicker to ter‑
Although abortion opponents minate a pregnancy there.
say the laws are intended to New Mexico's share of abortions
reduce abortions and not send performed on women from out of
people to other states, at least
276,000 women terminated their
state more than doubled from 11%
to roughly 25%.
US worried about Chinese aid in Bahamas’ recovery
pregnancies outside their home One likely reason is that a clinic Washington: President Trump has promised
state between 2012 and 2017, in Albuquerque is one of only a to help the Bahamas recover from Hurricane
according to an Associated Press few independent facilities in the Dorian, the devastating storm that has deci‑
analysis of data collected from country that performs abortions mated parts of the island nation. The United
state reports and the U.S. Centers close to the third trimester without States is not only concerned about the
for Disease Control and conditions. Bahamian people, but also the national secu‑
Prevention. In Illinois, the percentage of rity implications if China steps in to help fill
In New Mexico, the number of abortions performed on non‑resi‑ the country's vast needs, according to cur‑
women from out of state who had dents more than doubled to 16.5% rent and former U.S. officials.
abortions more than doubled in of all reported abortions in 2017. Parts of the Bahamas are only about 50
that period, while Missouri women That is being driven in large part miles of f the coast of Florida, raising con‑
received nearly half the abortions by women from Missouri, one of cerns about the potential for such a power‑
performed in neighboring Kansas. six states with only a single abor‑ ful economic and political adversary to gain
While abortions across the U.S. tion provider. a greater foothold in such proximity. The
are down, the share of women who Even that provider, in St. Louis, concern is reflective of the administration's The number of homeless after the Hurricane Dorian hit
broader anxiety around China's influence on Bahamas is 70,000 and rising.
had abortions out of state rose has been under threat of closing
slightly, by half a percentage point, after the state health department the U.S. and the world, from the economy and develop intelligence capabilities, intelligence gather‑
and certain states had notable re fused to renew its license. trade to surveillance. ing capabilities."
increases over the six‑year period, Missouri lawmakers also passed a "There are certainly concerns about the Chinese Emergency teams from the United States have been
according to AP's analysis. law this year that would ban having full access to the region," said Fernando Cutz, sent to help in the Bahamas, where tens of thousands
In pockets of the Midwest, South almost all abortions past eight who served as senior director at the National Security of people need food. 40 people have been confirmed
and Mountain West, the number of weeks of a pregnancy, although it Council in the Trump administration until last year. dead, but the numbers are expected to rise as recov‑
women terminating a pregnancy in faces a legal challenge. "You could imagine a situation where they would ery efforts continue. US AFFAIRS September 14-20, 2019 11

56% drop in migrants arriving Google to ban ads

at US border: Mexico for unproven
Mexico City: The Mexican gov‑
ernment announced Friday that
government's progress.
"We're showing that the strate‑ medical techniques
the number of migrants coming gy that Mexico put forward has
San Francisco: Under a new ads selling treatments that
to its border with the U.S. had been successful," Ebrard told
health care and medicines poli‑ have no established biomedical
dropped by 56 percent over the reporters. "I don't expect a tariff
cy, Google has announced to or scientific basis. The new pol‑
past three months as the country threat because it wouldn't make
ban online ads for ''unproven icy also includes treatments
tries to avert President Trump's sense."
or experimental medical tech‑ that are rooted in basic scien‑
threatened tariffs on Mexico's Despite the apparent progress
niques,'' such as most stem cell tific findings and preliminary
exports to its northern neighbor. in stopping illegal migration,
therapy, cellular (non‑stem) clinical experience, but cur‑
Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard repeated his govern‑
therapy and gene therapy. rently have insufficient formal
Ebrard, citing data from U.S. ment's refusal to become a so‑
"We know that important clinical testing to justify their
Customs and Border Protection called "third country,' as Trump
medical discoveries often start widespread clinical use.
(CBP), said the number of has proposed. That would
as unproven ideas ‑‑ and we "Google's new policy banning
migrants apprehended at the require migrants seeking asylum
Mexico is trying to avert President believe that monitored, regu‑ advertising for speculative
frontier in August was 63,989 in in the U.S. to apply for such pro‑
Trump's threatened tariffs on its goods. lated clinical trials are the most medicines is a much‑needed
August, down from 146,266 in tections in Mexico instead.
reliable way to test and prove and welcome step to curb the
May. Those numbers included peo‑ a relatively low number which he Trump has not yet responded to
saw as another sign of success. important medical advances. marketing of unscrupulous
ple who presented themselves at the latest figures, but on
The U.S. and Mexico agreed in "At the same time, we have medical products such as
U.S. ports of entry and were Wednesday he seemed very
June to a 90‑day window to allow seen a rise in bad actors unproven stem cell therapies,"
deemed inadmissible. pleased by Mexican efforts. "I
Mexico to reduce the flow of attempting to take advantage said Deepak Srivastava,
The Mexican government has want to thank Mexico, the Mexican
migrants from Central America to of individuals by offering President, International Society
deployed more than 20,000 police government, their great President
the U.S. The agreement averted untested, deceptive treatments. for Stem Cell Research.
officers and National Guard across of Mexico, for helping us," he told
plans by Trump to impose a five Often these treatments can According to Google's
the country as part of an aggres‑ reporters.
percent tariff on Mexican goods in lead to dangerous health out‑ announcement, they will con‑
sive campaign meant to deter In addition to stopping U.S.‑
the U.S. that would have increased comes and we feel they have tinue to allow advertising for
Central American migrants from bound migrants, Mexico said it has
every month until it hit 25 per‑ no place on our platforms," research happening in this
passing through its territory en been targeting smuggling net‑
cent. Adrienne Biddings, Policy space for clinical trials and the
route to the United States. Ebrard works, which it blames for instigat‑
Ebrard, is scheduled to meet with Adviser at Google, said in a ability for clinicians to pro‑
said there had been seven formal ing large migrant caravans bound
U.S. officials at the White House statement. mote their research findings
complaints of human rights viola‑ for the U.S. which popped up earli‑
This new policy will prohibit among the public.
tions involving the National Guard, Tuesday to review the Mexican er this year.
12 September 14-20, 2019 INDIA NEWS

'India may have lost contact with

moon on hard landing'
Bengaluru: Echoing Indian space
agency Chairman K. Sivan's hunch
on the descent of lander Vikram ISRO says moon lander
being terrifying, a space expert aid
its hard landing on the moon at a
tilted angle could have snapped the
Vikram located by Orbiter
communication link with the mis‑ Chennai: T he Indian space efforts are being made to estab‑
sion control here, 3.84 lakh km agency on Tuesday reiterated lish communication with lan‑
away. "The contact has been lost that its moon lander Vikram has der," ISRO said. The ISRO did
because Vikram would have hit the been lo cated by the not, however, say in what condi‑
moon's surface hard at high speed Chandrayaan‑2 Orbiter. tion the lander is on the lunar
and tumbled over rather than land‑ "#VikramLander has been surface. The space agency con‑
ing softly on its four legs as intend‑ lo cated by the orbiter of tinues to remain silent as to
ed," former Space Commission #Chandrayaan2, but no commu‑ proximate cause for the moon
member Roddam Narasimha told nication with it yet," the Indian lander tumbling and deviating
IANS. Space Research Organisation from its original flight path on
T houg h the Indian Space (ISRO) tweeted. "All possible September 7 early morning.
Research Organisation (ISRO) is yet
Prime Minister Narendra Modi with ISRO Chairman K. Sivan
to affirm what could have snapped or crashed from a thermal image station the lander's condition and
at the ISRO Headquarters in Bengaluru.
the contact between Vikram and its taken by its orbiter at 100km what it has been relaying since it
Telemetry, Tracking and Command normal till then. Narasimha said: not maintained the thrust to decel‑ above the surface while spinning hard landed because they both
Network Centre (Istrac) on early "As the telemetry signals showed erate its speed for soft landing on a over its north‑south poles, its have been programmed to transmit
Saturday, the 86‑year‑old veteran Vikram descending angularly as rocky surface in a hostile environ‑ health condition and the fate of its and receive te lemetry signals
space scientist said the link would planned, going through the rough ment. sensitive devices would be known through electromagnetic waves to
have been lost as the lander hit the and fine braking phases with its "If the four engines or thrusters, only after analyzing the data and perform the specific tasks as per
lunar surface hard, damaging its four engines on, the lander deviat‑ which were moving the lander scanning the image. The space the mission's objectives," said
half‑a‑dozen sensitive devices such ed to the right for a while before downwards, did not stop burning agency did not confirm reports in a Narasimha, who served the space
as laser detection cameras, ka band getting back to the intended path. during the fine braking and the section of the media that the com‑ agency for the longest period (18
and laser altimeters, and other vital This could have delayed Vikram's fifth or central engine did not gen‑ munication link between the lander years) from 1994‑2012.
sensors. positioning in a vertical mode for erate enough thrust to reduce its and the orbiter was intact but not "As the final descent is on an
Sivan had announced in a tense soft landing." speed, a hard landing would have with Istrac through its Deep Space autonomous mode and in accor‑
mission control room that the com‑ The hard landing would have been a bo dy blow to Vikram," Network (DSN) at Bylalu. "Even if dance with the required lunar con‑
munication link was lost when also occurred if the four engines pointed out Narasimha. the link between Vikram and the ditions, the scope for manoeuvres
Vikram was 2.1 km above the lunar had not shut of f when the lander Although the space agency on orbiter was intact, the space at the last minute or in unforeseen
surface on descent mo de as was descending from 400 metres Sunday claimed to have found the agency has to tell if the latter circumstances in unmanned mis‑
planned, and its performance was height and the central engine had location where Vikram had landed (orbiter) has relayed to the ground sions are limited," he added.

Trump again 1984 riots: Troubles mount

offers to help
India‑Pak on for Kamal Nath
New Delhi: Madhya Pradesh told IANS, "Suri has said he

Kashmir Chief Minister Kamal Nath, who

is battling infighting in his
stands by his statement in the
affidavit earlier in the case. He
Congress party, could face fur‑ has said Kamal Nath was giving
Washington: US President Donald Trump has
ther trouble as a journalist and instructions to the mob ther‑
once again of fered to help ease tensions
another person have come for‑ ough his body language."
between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir
ward to depose against him in The SAD leader, who is also
issue, even after New Delhi has reiterated that it
the 1984 anti‑Sikh riots, the De lhi Sikh Gurdwara
was a bilateral matter.
strengthening the case of Management Committee
While addressing the media at the White
Special Investigation Team (SIT) President, said that Singh, who
House on Monday, Trump said: "I am willing to
probing the 35‑year‑old carnage is the other witness in he case is
help them if they want. They know that. That is
in Delhi and some other places. facing security threat.
out there. "India and Pakistan are having a con‑ Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath.
Kamal Nath was an accused in His remarks came soon after
flict over Kashmir as you know. I think it is a lit‑
the case initially, but the court massacre of Sikhs in the after‑ Police Station, there are two wit‑ the Union Home Ministry on
tle bit less heated right now than what was two
had found no evidence against math of then Prime Minister nesses Mukhtiar Singh and Monday gave the nod to reopen
weeks ago." The President added that got along
him. Indira Gandhi's assassination in Sanjay Suri, who had filed affi‑ the case against Kamal Nath and
well with both India and Pakistan.
However, the 72‑year‑old vet‑ New Delhi on October 31, 1984. davits before the Nanavati several others, which means the
Monday's development comes after last
eran Congress leader and a Suri, who is now based in Commission regarding the lead Congress veteran will face fresh
month's meeting between Trump and Prime
Gandhi family loyalist, could London told IANS over phone, "I role played by Kamal Nath and inquiry for his alleged involve‑
Minister Narendra Modi which took place in
now face trouble as London‑ will depose before the SIT when‑ Sathe during the genocide." ment in the case pertaining to
France on the sidelines of the the G7 Summit.
based journalist Sanjay Suri and ever asked to do so." He said they in their affidavits post Indira Gandhi assassina‑
During the meeting, both the leaders had
Mukhtiar Singh have expressed He, however, refused to speak had briefed how Kamal Nath tion. The SIT is likely to consider
agreed that Kashmir was a bilateral matter
readiness to depose in the case. on the issue further. directed a mob (a group of fresh evidence against the veter‑
between India and Pakistan with no scope for a
In the light of the new devel‑ Earlier in the day, addressing a Congress leaders) to assassinate an Congress leader, which
third party mediation. Trump had first offered
opment, the Union Home press conference in the national Sikhs in the national capital. allegedly mentions that he had
to mediate when he said in July that Modi had
Ministry has given its nod for capital, Siromani Akali Dal (SAD) Sirsa said this case was closed instigated a mob near the
suggested this to him during their Osaka meet‑
reopening the case, as a result of leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa due to a technical glitch and the national capital's Rakabganj
ing. But India denied that Modi ever said such a
which Kamal Nath will face fresh said, "In a anti‑sikh riot case reg‑ name of Kamal Nath was delib‑ Gurudwara during the 1984
thing and stressed that Kashmir was a bilateral
inquiry for his alleged role in the istered at Parliament Street erately kept out of it. Sirsa later riots.
matter. INDIA NEWS September 14-20, 2019 13

The hits and misses of 100 days of Modi 2.0

New Delhi: Away from the cacoph‑
ony of self‑praise by the govern‑
ment and the Congress' one‑sided RAHUL, PRIYANKA
attack, how much has the Modi
2.0 actually achieved in the first
100 days in power?
There's one thing that even the New Delhi: Former Congress criticism and a glaring lack of
harshest critics of the government President Rahul Gandhi and leadership, direction & plans
accept, of course of f the record, Congress General Secretary where it's needed the most ‑ to
that abrogation of Article 370 is a Priyanka Gandhi on Sunday turnaround our ravaged econo‑
historic move that can be flaunted took a dig at the economic per‑ my." Cong ress General
as an achievement in its first 100 formance of the Modi govern‑ Secretary Priyanka Gandhi also
days as well as for decades to ment after the completion of attacked Modi government and
come. 100 days in office. said that the government is still
"In the political alleys of India, Rahul in a sarcastic way first silent on the issue of economic
some kept opposing revocation of congratulated Prime Minister slowdown and is hiding the
Article 370 and Article 35A. If this Narendra Modi for completing truth from people throug h
was so important, why did you not Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 100 days and then launched a drama, deceit and lie.
make it permanent in the last 70 scathing attack on Modi for the In a tweet in Hindi, Priyanka
years," Modi asked the opposition "permanent residents" of the state Governor will be the final authori‑ economic slowdown the coun‑ said: "Government is sitting
from the ramparts of the Red Fort and accord special rights and priv‑ ty. This move has rendered tooth‑ try is facing today. silent on economic slowdown.
on the 73rd Independence Day. ileges to them. less the polit ical class in the In a tweet, Rahul Gandhi said: The buisness has been stalled
The abrogation has done away The Article 35A was also anti‑ Valley, which was opposed to any "Congratulations to the Modi as companies are in trouble.
w ith the special status that women. When a J&K woman mar‑ move to change the status quo. Govt on #100DaysNoVikas, the From drama, deceit, lie, and
Kashmir enjoyed for decades. ried a non‑state subject she lost The Muslim Women (Protection continued subversion of democ‑ publicity they are hiding the
Even at Rohtak in Haryana on her state subject rights. But it was of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2019 ‑ racy, a firmer stranglehold on a critical condition of the country
Sunday, the Prime Minister pre‑ not the same in the case of men. ‑ commonly known as the Triple submissive media to drown out from people."
sented it as a decisive move and The men could marry a non‑state Talaq Bill ‑‑ was a poll promise of
said, "Now India can challenge any subject and keep their rights too. the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) mismanagement", as the opposi‑ which as of last month reportedly
challenge (thrown at it)". It was anti‑Dalit too. Despite liv‑ and is believed to have helped the tion terms it, has been a real saw evaporation of around 2.30
Revocation of Article 35A, which ing in Jammu since 1957, 636 party g arner minority votes. dampener. The gross domestic lakh jobs.
has not been as much talked Dalit families were tagged as non‑ Despite lacking numbers in the product (GDP) growth in the first Though the government is hope‑
about as the abrogation of Article permanent residents. Rajya Sabha, the government quarter of financial year 2019‑20 ful of economy "coming back on
370, has been another big leap Another political masterstroke ensured its smooth passage, mak‑ slipped to the six‑year low of 5 track", as Union Minister Prakash
towards bringing Kashmir into the was bifurcation of the state into ing instant triple talaq a crime per cent, and it's a matter of con‑ Javadekar said, but the comple‑
mainstream. It empowered the Union Territories ‑ J&K and punishable by three‑year jail. cern. tion of 100 days of Modi 2.0
erstwhile state of Jammu and Ladakh. J&K w ill have an But despite such bold steps and The economic slowdown has could have been grander had the
Kashmir's legislature to define Assembly, but the Lieutenant floor management, the "economic been badly felt in the auto sector, economy been bullish.

BJP confident of Finance Minister to list

India's win at actions in 100 days
Chennai: Amid the economic slow‑

UNHRC on J&K down plunging August sales of auto‑

mobiles to the lowest since 1997‑98
indicating further worsening of
New Delhi: As India faces the Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, BJP MP
demand and investment, Finance
litmus test over Jammu and and head of think tank Public
Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will
Kashmir at the UN Human Policy Research Centre.
elaborate on the decisions and ini‑
Rights Council (UNHRC), the Pakistan is trying to interna‑
tiatives taken by the Modi2.0 gov‑
ruling BJP is confident that tionalise the issue of Jammu
ernment in the last 100 days.
the global body will appreciate and Kashmir by raking it up at
She will address media on
India's posit ion ag ainst UNHRC. Its Foreign Minister
"Furthering Development ‑‑ 100
Pakistan's canards. Shah Mehmood Qureshi will
days of bold initiatives, decisive
The BJP, which is making its be in Geneva to raise the mat‑
actions of the government".
case on J&K domest ically, ter at the UNHRC session
The Q1 GDP growth has fallen to
maintains that abolition of starting on Monday.
5 per cent, slowest in six years.
special status of the state and "Our position won't change
Growth is down compared to the 5.8
it's bifurcat ion was done at the UNHRC. Kashmir is
per cent recorded in Q4 FY19 and
throug h a Parliamentary inalienable part of India and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.
the 8 per cent that the Indian econo‑
process, which is an internal the decision to abrog ate pared gains to end marginally high‑ crore on Monday, according to pro‑
my hit one year ago in Q1 FY19.
matter of the country. Article 370 is an internal mat‑ er. Opening at 71.67 a dollar, the visional exchange data. FPIs pull out
On Monday, Industry body SIAM
"Parliament passed a resolu‑ ter and will remain the same rupee traded in the range of 71.50 Rs 1,263 crore in first week of
figures revealed that monthly pas‑
tion with near unanimity that at UNHRC, " the BJP leader to 71 .73 against the US dollar, as September despite surcharge rever‑
senger vehicle and car sales record‑
backed India's decision (to assures. compared to its previous close of sal The central bank reduced its pol‑
ed their steepest fall ever in August,
abrogate Article 370). T he The BJP has already hit the 71.72. Forex traders will be looking icy rate to 5.40 per cent on August
highlighting the continued slow‑
mood of the nation is with the ground explaining govern‑ ahead to ECB's rate decision on 7, and has lowered the rate by 110
down in the sector amid assurances
government. So when the mat‑ ment's decision to the elec‑ Thursday and US Federal Reserve basis points this year.
by the government for revival.
ter will be taken up at UNHRC, torate and making a strong rate decision is also due next FPIs pull out Rs 1,263 cr in first
Continued selling of domestic
India's unanimous voice will case of India's stated position Wednesday. week of September despite sur‑
equities by foreign investors remain
be duly taken cognizance of that it's an 'internal matter' of Financial markets will remain charge reversal. Sitharaman also
a drag on the rupee though on
and India's posit ion of India and if anything has to be closed on Tuesday for Muharram. said the government will unveil
Monday, the Indian currency
Kashmir will be appreciated by sorted it must be done FIIs remained net sellers in the capi‑ measures to revive economic growth
strengthened to as much as 71.50
the global community," said bilaterally. tal market, pulling out Rs 188.08 that has slowed to a six‑year low.
against the US dollar (USD), but later
14 September 14-20, 2019 OP-ED

By Barkha Dutt Watching these developments, those who

Modi must allow

never believed in the Indian Union only feel

ne month after Jammu and more emboldened to argue that they were
Kashmirʼs special status was with‑ right all along. The BJP promises a “Naya
drawn, and restrict ions were Kashmir” with the end of dynasty and family
imposed in the Valley, it is time to ask: What fiefdoms. But how is this possible with a cur‑
is the governmentʼs blueprint for its future? tailment of all political activity? What mes‑
In the initial aftermath of a decision as dis‑
ruptive as the abrogation of Article 370, the
administration and the security agencies
had a legitimate focus on preventing the
politics to return sage are we sending to a potential genera‑
tion of new representatives?
The mainstream politicians have done
themselves no favors either. Only two of

to Kashmir
loss of lives. The arrests of mainstream them filed habeas corpus petitions in court
polit icians could have init ially been to fight for their release. Others have chal‑
explained as a strictly precautionary meas‑ lenged the abrogation of Article 370 but let
ure to maintain the writ of law and the sem‑ this one month lapse as if they were utterly
blance of order. Thirty days later, that paralysed. Perhaps they are. Else, what
rationalization cannot hold. explains, for instance, that not one among
There may be little sympathy for the the scores of prominent politicians under
Kashmiri mainstream in the Valley. But here arrest, have considered a hunger strike or a
is the conundrum for the Narendra Modi fast‑unto‑death? After all, the moral princi‑
government. The more you disenfranchise ple of Gandhian Satyagraha is all‑powerful.
the mainstream, the more you humiliate Templates have been set by people as varied
them, the more you push them to the mar‑ as Irom Sharmila, Medha Patkar and Anna
gins, the stronger you make the separatists, Hazare. I am not suggesting that this would
and, in turn, the militants. have altered any government decisions. But
People in the cityʼs downtown area, where it would have at least sent out a larger mes‑
for years every evening ends with ritualistic sage about functional politics and active dis‑
clashes between paramilitary personnel and sent. The situation is so piquant today that
protesters armed with stones, openly snig‑ although there are no curfew orders in
gered at the plight of the mainstream. Most place, people in urban centres like Srinagar
The BJP promises a “Naya Kashmir” with the end of dynasty and family fiefdoms.
of them have never voted in an election. are refusing to open shops and establish‑
But how is this possible with a curtailment of all political activity?
Today, they say, their stand has been vindi‑ ments or come out on the streets. That
cated, now that even someone like Sajad pro‑dialogue separatist. One of his brothers elections with the BJPʼs backing. Mattu was explains the images of empty, desolate
Lone has been imprisoned. After Syed is still a secessionist. His party was backed allowed to travel to Delhi for medical treat‑ streets that you see in the media.
Salahuddin ( the Hizbul Mujahideen militant by the BJP, and Lone likened the PM to an ment, and, while he was in the capital, I had Without a next move ̶ and one that must
who is now in Pakistan), Lone is the first sig‑ “elder brother”. Lone is among the scores of a chance to interview him in what would be lift the curb and normalise politics ̶ it is
nificant Kashmiri separatist who experi‑ politicians locked away by the administra‑ the first account of a mainstream leader the secessionists who will end up stronger.
mented with elections in 2002. tion, obviously under orders from the top. who has undergone detention. He called it That will be most ironic for a move that
He called out the Pakistani deep State and Srinagarʼs mayor, Junaid Mattu ,was also a “suf focating and humiliating”. Two days statedly set out to integrate Kashmir into the
the ISI for the assassination of his father, a former separatist. Last year, he won the after that interview, he was arrested again. rest of India.

Is Ladakh part of Buddhist ring encircling China?

By Saeed Naqvi determinedly concluded the deal
with several objectives but one

ardline Buddhist monks in which often goes unnoticed. To be
Sri Lanka have celebrated characteristically contrary, Trump
the creation of a new walked out of the nuclear deal,
Buddhist entity in Ladakh. It is an made a mess with Europe, North
optical illusion that Jammu and Korea, raised stakes everywhere.
Kashmir has been neatly divided But eventually he picked up the
into Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, thread where Obama had left it:
that is, Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist "Pivot to Asia" but only after having
entities. The projection of Ladakh soiled much turf en route. The US
as purely Buddhist is odd because support to the protests in Hong
in the combined population of Kong, playing up the Taiwan‑China
Kargil and Leh, Muslims are a dif ferences, shady US behavior in
majority according to the 2011 Sri Lanka, the Economic showdown
census. with Beijing are all part of Trump's
New Delhi has also been keeping risky, untidy "contain China" move‑
a steady gaze on Sri Lanka where ment set by his predecessor.
Buddhist, Muslim and Christian fac‑ But with Trump, you know noth‑
tors came into play during the April ing until you do.
The projection of Ladakh as purely Buddhist is odd because in the combined population
21, Easter Sunday massacre. Indian Who would have expected him to
of Kargil and Leh, Muslims are a majority according to the 2011 census.
Intelligence had alerted their coun‑ propose a meeting with President
terparts in Colombo as early as with state of the art technology. How many of these would possibly The Obama‑John Kerry team's Hassan Rouhani on the margins of
April 4 that a major act of terror Everyone was out to hold be brought into play in President priority became the nuclear deal the UN General Assembly? Or that
would be executed in the island Colombo's hand. A petrified estab‑ Donald Trump's strategy of encir‑ with Iran, signed in 2015 for a rea‑ he would initiate direct talks with
nation, possibly near Easter. lishment, it was hoped, would fall cling China? When Trump entered son: focusing on West Asian affairs the Houthis in Yemen either with
When the bombs were detonated into the Western lap. Machinations the W hite House in 2016, his on a daily basis was keeping the Saudi concurrence or without it,
in Colombo's churches and hotels would then follow to steer Sri avowed aim was to upturn every‑ administration away from other sailing above their heads? Either
killing nearly 300 people and injur‑ Lanka away from the Road and Belt thing Barack Obama had ever erect‑ global priorities that required Prime Minister Benjamin
ing 500 more, Indian Intelligence Embrace. Tibet, Ladakh, Bhutan, ed in the arena of foreign affairs, as urgent attention ‑ the pivot to Asia, Netanyahu will be hopping mad at
looked very impressive after the Sikkim, Mongolia, Myanmar and Sri in other areas. But his demoniacal for instance. Despite Israel and this turn or he will be pleased as
event. Then Intelligence agencies Lanka, are all bound by Buddhism, desire to eradicate Obamaism from Saudi Arabia throwing every mon‑ punch in case he was in the loop
from the US, UK, Israel, Australia, though sometimes of distinct its root has run into that constant key wrench at hand into the 5+1 and these leaks are only designed
India, all descended on Colombo Mahayana and Hinayana strands. called American national interest. discussions with Iran, the team to set up adversaries. Who knows?

The views expressed in Op Eds are not necessarily those of The South Asian Times. COMMUNITY September 14-20, 2019 15

Hicksville, NY: A 4‑day ce le brat ion called

Panchanika Mahotsav of inauguration of the Jain
Samaj of Long Island was held here amid prayers
and fanfare and attended by hundreds of families.
Experienced Vidhikar were invited from India to
perform the traditional rituals for the Pran
Pratishtha (consecration) of the temple. The cele‑
bration was held under the able guidance of Shri
Hiteshkumar Shah from Baroda, and assisted by
musical group of Shri Ashutosh Vyas from
The program started on Sept 6 with various
poojan / prayers for non‑violence and world
The highlight of the evening program was the
visit of Hon. Joseph Saladino, Town of Oyster Bay
Supervisor and other dignitaries. The attendees
were thrilled to see the visit by Town officials.
On Saturday the celebrations continued with
full vigor ‑ 18 Abhishek were held in which Jain
families participated with great enthusiasm.
On Sunday ‑ the celebration reached its peak
with what is called Pratishtha ‑ where members
danced in joy and tears. On Monday there was
Grand Opening and the celebrations came to
close. Jain Samaj of Long Island Inc. was estab‑
lished in 2007 to accommodate the social and
religious needs of Jain families in the area.
Pledges for over half a million dollars were
made during the inauguration for the future proj‑
ects of JSLI.
JSLI is located at 158 Plainview Road,
The Vidhikar performing the rituals for Pran Pratishtha of Lord Shri Shanti Nath as part
Hicksville, NY 11801.
of the opening ceremonies of Jain Samaj of Long Island (JSLI).

Kamlesh C. Mehta & Trustee Board of JSLI welcoming Town of Oyster

Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino. Town Supervisor presented citations
to Kanu Bhai Lakhani, Chandrakant Shah and Kamlesh Mehta.

Kumud ben
and Kanu
Lakhani ‑
of Jain
Samaj of LI
Ladies of Jain Samaj singing spiritual songs.

Thor & Dr
Families ‑

of JSLI Center

Witnessing the inauguration ‑ well dressed in beautiful formal attire

16 September 14-20, 2019 ULTIMATE BOLLYWOOD

Bollywood celebs to I am 44, India knows me

ISRO: Don't give up now: Pankaj Tripathi
galaxy of top stars
ankaj Tripathi went unno‑
including Amitabh
ticed in early films such as
Bachchan, Shah Rukh
"Run" (2004), and made
Khan and Kamal Haasan hailed
an impact with his craft only in
the Indian Space Research
the 2010s, with roles in "Gangs
Organisation's (ISRO) effort to
Of Wasseypur", "Sacred Games"
conquer the Moon. Their reac‑
and "Mirzapur". It's been over a
tions came after communica‑
decade now since his debut, and
tion between India's moon lan‑
the acclaimed artiste notes how
der Vikram and the orbiter got
India is recognising him only
snapped in a last‑minute snag
now, when he is 44.
when the lander was just 2.1
"I am 44 years old and India
km away from its designated
knows me now. Better late than
landing spot on the Moon's
never," he said.
South Pole.
However Pankaj, who was born
Here's what they have tweeted:
in Belsand, a village in Gopalganj
District in Bihar, does not fuss
Amitabh Bachchan: Moon is
about the challenges he has faced
3,84,400 kms and we failed at
to reach this high in his career.
2.1 KM that's 0.0005463% of
"I have faced the same strug‑
margin. Even this failure is a Amitabh Bachchan.
gles that any actor faces. My dif‑
foundation for new beginnings. Actor Pankaj Tripathi.
Taapsee Pannu: Lump in the throat, ficulties were no different than
Even this failure has a taste of success in
tear in the eye not coz of anything else the others. I come from a non‑filmy back‑ Kashyap's 2012 film series, "Gangs Of
it. Kudos to our Scientists and ISRO
but witnessing how beautifully you got ground and I am a small village boy, so the Wasseypur". Although he had just one solid
Shah Rukh Khan: Sometimes we don't
the entire nation together in hope and challenges were a little more. I think that is scene, he managed to leave an impact.
land or arrive at the destination we want
spirit... it's ok to take a few steps back organic and I have no complaints, because Since then there has been no looking back.
to. The important thing is we took off and
when u know you are about to make your that happens in every field and not just in His performance in the "Fukrey" series,
had the Hope and Belief we can. Our cur‑
longest jump. You are our hero ISRO. acting," Pankaj told IANS. "Masaan", "Nil Battey Sannata", "Bareilly Ki
rent situation is never and not our final
Farhan Akhtar: Success and failure will His breakthrough came in Anurag Barfi", "Newton" and "Stree".
destination. That always comes in time
and belief! Proud of ISRO. come and go but the determination to suc‑
Kamal Haasan: This does not tanta‑ ceed will forever remain constant. Proud
mount to failure. In Research and
Development there will be a learning
curve. This, is that precious learning
of you ISRO and deeply touched by this
consolatory gesture from PM Narendra
Mira Nair excited to start
'A Suitable Boy' shoot
moment. We will soon be on the Moon, Karan Johar: Salute and applaud the
Thanks to ISRO. The Nation believes and incredible endeavours of ISRO. So proud
applauds ISRO. of everything they continue to do... So
Ajay Devgn: The country stands togeth‑ proud to be part of a nation that has the
er, proud and hopeful! Thank you ISRO. most genius minds.

Gandhi inspired me to find

balance: 'Key & Peele' star
f you love the comedy sketch series "Key
& Peele", you are bound to be his fan.
Keegan‑Michael Key, along with Jordan
Peele, shot to fame in 2012 with the series,
through which the duo addresses a range of
issues including race, ethnic stereotypes and
masculinity. The show won two Emmy
The profound socio‑cultural undercurrent From left, Vikram Seth, Ishaan Khatter, Mira Nair, Tabu,
in his humour, perhaps, owes itself to his Tanya Maniktala, Andrew Davies.

unique inspiration. Key tells you Mahatma
cclaimed filmmaker Mira Nair will legends from across the subcontinent, all
Gandhi has been a huge influence in his life.
start shooting for the screen adap‑ coming together to make a human, funny,
He credits India's Bapu for altering his world
tation of the Vikram Seth classic political, sexy chronicle of India," Nair
"A Suitable Boy" in Lucknow. said.
"My biggest influence from Mahatma
Actor Keegan‑Michael Key. The film features Tabu, Ishaan Khatter "A Suitable Boy" tells the story of spirit‑
Gandhi has been that he thought globally.
and newcomer Tanya Maniktala. Tanya ed university student Lata in 1951 at the
That is something that I try to keep in the Choose our words wisely. From the quotes or
will play the central role of Lata, in the same time as the country is carving out
forefront of my mind. He has inspired me to the history that I have read, he seems to be a
project adapted by Andrew Davies. its own identity as an independent nation
try to find the balance between thinking of person who thought how it is affecting the
The creative forces behind the show ‑‑ and is about to go to the polls for its first
people individually, and how people are from group at large. He was a responsive man as
Nair, Seth, and Davies ‑‑ got together in democratic general election.
different cultures," Key, who portrayed opposed to a reactive man," added the actor.
Mumbai recently to start rehearsals and It is a tale charting the fortunes of four
Gandhi in an episode of web series "Epic Rap Beyond his series, Key's resume also boasts
read through scripts alongside the cast. large families and exploring India and its
Battles of History", told IANS. of interesting roles in "Pitch Perfect 2",
"The talent in the room sizzled ‑‑ Vikram rich and varied culture at a crucial point
"The biggest influence is a sense of global "Don't Think Twice", besides voiceover gigs
Seth, author of the masterpiece that I in its history.
thinking, that this action is going to affect in "Toy Story 4", "Tomorrowland", the "Hotel
have loved since the day it was written, The six‑part BBC One drama will be
somebody over here, or this action will influ‑ Transylvania" franchise and "The Lion King".
Andrew Davies, the great craftsman of shot on locations across India. Produced
ence somebody over there. We should really He is now all set to host National
distillation of epic stories into screen‑ by Lookout Point, it is slated to launch
take time to think about how we behave. Geographic's "Brain Games" reboot.
plays, cutting‑edge actors, first‑timers and next year. ULTIMATE BOLLYWOOD September 14-20, 2019 17

I experienced racism at a Priyanka jets off to

Toronto for 'The Sky
young age: Russell Peters Is Pink' premiere
New Delhi: Tickling the funny bone
comes naturally to Russell Peters, who
makes people chuckle with his jokes on
cultures, ethnicities and stereotypical
accents. The Indo‑Canadian stand‑up
comedy star says he has experienced
racism and prejudice at a very young
age. "I experienced racism and preju‑
dice at a very young age and it really
affected me. I couldn't understand it, so
I've spent most of my life exploring
race and culture and our so‑called dif‑
ferences," Peters told IANS.
Even though he jokes about every‑
thing, religion is something the funny‑
man will not touch.
Priyanka Chopra Jonas with Farhan Akhar
"I won't touch religion. People are in a scene from "The Sky Is Pink”.
prepared to die for their religion, so

what's the point of going there?" he Indo‑Canadian comedian Russell Peters. riyanka Chopra is on her way to the
said. Peters has drawn criticism that his Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF),
humour banks on stereotypes. He is popular for his catchphrase "some‑ brown man born in Canada, and living where her upcoming starrer, "The Sky Is
stresses that it exists for a reason. one's gonna get hurt real bad". in the United States. The possibility of Pink", is scheduled have its world premiere on
"Stereotypes exist for a reason. I'm He says his late father helped him people who look like me being deport‑ September 13. "On my way to @TIFF_NET today.
not making them up. I'm very honest in shape his comedic voice. ed is a reality for a lot of people these Can't wait for the rest of the team to join me for
my act; if I don't know anything about a "My dad was the funniest guy I ever days," said Peter, explaining the rele‑ the premiere on the 13th. So excited for the
group of people I won't say anything met. He was dry and very British. He vance of the word "Deported" in the amazing early reviews and to share this with the
about them. I also won't do jokes about also had a real love of comedy and the title. world! #TheSkyIsPink," tweeted Priyanka who,
people that aren't in the room to hear spoken and written word," said the 48‑ He is excited to be back in India. "I apart from starring in the film, also co‑produces
them. The positive feedback that I get is year‑old. really do love being there, so when the project.
that I'm actually acknowledging every‑ Peters returns to perform in India in these dates became available, I was like "The Sky Is Pink", scheduled to release on
one and speaking to them from a place October as part of a return leg of his 'I'm in!'. I've also never been to Pune, October 11, also features Farhan Akhtar and
of knowing them and understanding smash hit "Deported World Tour" with Ahmedabad or Hyderabad, so this Zaira Wasim. The film is produced by RSVP and
them," he said. "There's no malice in my Zee Live. should be fun. These shows are also Roy Kapur Films, in association with SK Global
act. It's fun and silly," added Peters, who "I'm not a political guy but I am a among the final dates for Deported." and Purple Pebble Pictures

'Chhichhore' is a winner all the way
hhichhore" is an obvious, all‑
DEATH RUMORS round winner. It is a fun film with
a not‑too‑complicated message,
Film review
which fulfils the primary Bollywood objec‑
Filmmaker tive of pleasing crowds. Despite riding
Mahesh clich's, it is impressively written, directed
Bhatt. and acted out ‑‑ which should satisfy most
critics. And since the effort is likely to
please crowds and critics alike, the out‑
come should keep the film trade happy.
"Dangal" maker Nitesh Tiwari's new film
tick‑marks several boxes. It is topical in
the way it highlights the ever‑increasing
pressure to excel in entrance exams that
teenagers face.
This is the story of Annirudh (Sushant

Singh Rajput) and Maya (Shraddha
ctress filmmaker Pooja Bhatt has rub‑ A scene from the film 'Chhichhore'.
Kapoor), successful engineers and a
bished reports that her father, filmmaker divorced couple. Their worlds come crash‑ a carefree past, the story sets up two very did not quite grab the limelight. "Dangal",
Mahesh Bhatt, passed away after suffer‑ ing when their only son Raghav tries com‑ different coming‑of‑age sagas. There is his next, ended up Bollywood's biggest hit
ing a heart attack. Pooja took to social media to mitting suicide after failing in engineering Raghav's plot, rendered with bittersweet ever, but it was always meant to be Aamir
quash rumors of her father's death, saying that entrance exam. In hospital, Raghav's con‑ sensitivity ‑ fluctuating between hopeless‑ Khan's film and little else.
he was absolutely fine. She joked that Mahesh dition continues slipping. His will to live ness and hope. Then there is the story of "Chhichhore" manages to hold audience
Bhatt would outlive all other members of the ebbs and his body won't reciprocate to Annirudh's college days, where he and his attention throughout its near two‑and‑
family. To boost her statement, Pooja posted a treatment. hostelmates learn to believe they can win. half hour runtime, despite basically being
latest picture of Mahesh Bhatt, where he looks fit Anni hits upon a crazy idea, to revive his Tiwari and co‑writers balance these two predictable, feel‑good fare. You realise
and fine. son's interest in life. He starts telling very unlikely parallel subplots well, to set this film is not just about what it intends
"To the rumor mongers and the ones who Raghav the story of his days in engineer‑ up a seamless entirety. to convey, but also about how this bit is
called in a genuine state of panic upon hearing ing college, and how he, along with his "Chhichhore" marks coming of age for executed. For that reason, "Chhichhore" is
that my father @maheshfilm had a heart attack bunch of friends and Maya, turned from Nitesh Tiwari, too. For long, the writer‑ a rare Bollywood commercial film where
and is dead, here is ample proof that he is his losers to winners. For the right cinematic director was waiting in the wings. His the art of storytelling triumphs.
usual self, living dangerously and kicking! In red impact, the friends will arrive, too, when debut film, "Chillar Party", was too small‑ A big reason why the film clicks is the
shoes no less! This one ain't going nowhere in a Anni calls them, to be at Raghav's side as budget an affair a" and, anyway, a co‑ cast. While Sushant is effortless in his
hurry and will hopefully survive us all!" Pooja their story unfolds. direction venture with "Queen" maker portrayal of both ages, Shraddha is a per‑
wrote, captioning the picture. Oscillating between a grim present and Vikas Bahl. With "Bhootnath Returns" he fect fit as the young Maya.
18 September 14-20, 2019 ART & CRAFT

By Prakash Bhandari

Jaipur: The world famous Jaipur

Rugs, Indiaʼs most ethical producer
of handmade carpets, and Italian
The colorful world of India's
designer Matteo Cibic have come
together to bring out a vibrant col‑
lection of handcrafted rugs that are
inspired by Cibicʼs visit to Jaipur.
The city was recently designated
most ethical rug producer
as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Cibic has taken cues from the cityʼs
A new collection by famous Italian designer Matteo Cibic for Jaipur Rugs
architecture, colors and the minia‑
ture paintings and played on the cul‑
celebrates the beauty of the Pink City and the talents of Indian artisans.
ture and beauty of the historic city. It has been exhibited in Paris and Milan this year.
This pop, graphical and colorful col‑
lection depicts a phantasmagorical ly skilled artisans by giving them the
India! Cibic has mixed geometric chance to become designers them‑
and decorative patterns together in selves. Under the Artisan Originals
this bold, contemporary collection initiative weavers from remote vil‑
and used the many shades of pink, lages get to be the designers of their
rose, orange and peach that are typi‑ own rugs. It taps into the untamed
cal to the city. He has used bold fashion from the villages of India
motifs using iconic figures such the and experiments with the originality
Rajasthani moustachioed soldier, the of rural craftsmen. It helps nurture
monkeys, the triangular flag, and their creative potential, which is
iconic views of Jaipur's buildings unexplored at a global stage. Each
and monuments. The collection is rug, hand‑made with more than
named after Wunderkammern, 200,000 knots, is the story of its
known as cabinets of curiosities that creator – complete with emotions,
came into existence in the mid‑16th dreams, and personality. This has
century in Europe. These room‑like led to a transformation in the minds
cabinets were repositories for all of the consumers whereby they
types of wondrous and exotic want to engage with the weavers
objects. Jaipur Rugs will also show‑ and know about their life story. Each
case contemporary designs by in‑ rug in the collection is a masterpiece In his collection for Jaipur Rugs, Italian designer Matteo Cibic has incorporated bold motifs using iconic fig‑
house designer Kavi and celebrity for the design inspiration it weaves. ures such the Rajasthani mustachioed soldier, the monkeys, the triangular flag, and iconic views of Jaipur's
designer Gauri Khan at the show. Through the Artisan Originals initia‑ buildings and monuments.
Jaipur Rugs is a family business tive rural men and women who
ginalized artisanal communi‑
strengthened by the purpose of pro‑ either had no education or just pri‑ The man who revolutionized
ties across the country and
tecting ancestral know‑how and mary education, have stunned the traditional carpet industry in India,
lay the foundation of a last‑
connecting rural craftsmanship with world with original designs compet‑ NK Chaudhary founded Jaipur
ing relationship, the Jaipur
global consumers. By placing the ing with professional designers and Rugs in 1978 with just two looms
Rugs Foundation (JRF) was
human aspect at its core, the compa‑ mega design houses on the global to enable economic prosperity
established in 2004. Its
ny has grown to become the largest stage. This initiative has also solved among destitute communities.
vision is to create a society
network of artisans in India. It uses the rug industryʼs constant chal‑ Today, it has over 7000 looms and
where equality, justice, and
the age old art form of handmade lenge with surplus yarn. The Artisan sells in over 60 countries.
peace prevail through socioe‑
carpets as a tool to bring prosperity Originals rugs are made using hand‑
conomic development. Its key
into the homes of 40,000 rural arti‑ spun leftover yarn batches, which
aim is to provide opportuni‑
sans of which 80% are women. cannot be used afresh, thereby
ties for all, with the insurgent
Founded in 1978 by Nand Kishore reducing wastage and making the
mission to serve as a social
Chaudhary with just two looms, it color palette of these rugs as unique
innovator promoting the
now has over 7000 looms and sells as their design. This is a remarkable
cause of artisans (especially
in over 60 countries. Today the com‑ example of sustainable production –
women) by providing.
pany creates contemporary works of reusing and reviving from waste.
art by collaborating with creative Nearly 80% of Jaipur Rugs
talents capable of showcasing this weavers are women who take pride
ancestral craft with a new vision. in working from their own homes.
Jaipur Rugs is the only Indian From the tribal belts of Gujarat to
company to have ever won the best diverse communities in five states of
modern collection at the Carpet India, these women represent what
Design Award as well as the only the company calls the ʻCreative
Indian company to have won the Casteʼ. They have not had a fair
German Design Award in 2016, share of opportunities but now have
2017 and 2018. found their voices and dignity with‑
The organization has also won an in their communities. Unlike the
EDIDA (Elle Deco International practices of the standard carpet
Design Awards India, 2017) in the industry, Jaipur Rugs women
Flooring category with the Artisan weavers have now gone on to
Originals Collection, a range that become Bunkar Sakhi (weaverʼs
showcases traditional Rajasthani friend) – a managerial and leader‑
culture, motifs inspired by nature, ship role emerging from grassroots,
and personal stories. that was traditionally only executed
The year 2019 has started with a by men. It takes one woman 54 days
bang with the Artisan Originals col‑ to spin 60 kilometers of yarn, which
lection bagging the If Design Award makes up the average 9ʼ X 12ʼ rug.
and the European Product Design Jaipur Rugs products are sold in
Award. 60 countries and find themselves in
the window displays of retail This looks like a nice carpet, but it is much
Creative social innovation:
more. It is food, electricity and school fee for
Artisan Originals Jaipur Rugs Foundation The facade of a Rajasthani house? No, it is a Matteo
thousands of artisans in India. It is Durga Deviʼs
Jaipur Rugs also supports its high‑
To be able to reach out to the mar‑ hope to build her childʼs future. Cibic carpet inspired by Rajasthan. FEATURES September 14-20, 2019 19

By Kiran Ahuja

his National Nutrition Week
(September 1‑7), thereʼs no
deny ing that a g row ing
Professional athletes up
number of professional athletes
are choosing to fuel their bodies
with healthy vegan foods. From
tennis legend Novak Djokovic to
Formula 1 champ Lewis Hamilton,
their game by going vegan
elite sports stars are opting for
vegetables, fruits, pulses, grains,
and other plant‑based foo ds
Some of the toughest athletes
instead of animal‑derived ones.
Former Australian cricketer on the planet are vegan because
Jason Gillespie stays in top shape
by eating vegan, and our very own
national football captain Sunil
they know that humans don’t
Chhetri has also stopped consum‑
ing animalsʼ flesh, eggs, and milk. need to eat animals to be
strong. (Photo Shutterstock)
He says that eating vegan food
helps with recovery and that heʼs
experiencing other health benefits.
“Itʼs been a few months since Iʼve
turned vegan now and I feel as eating an animal energetically bad used during high‑intensity exer‑
healthy as I will ever be.” for raising the Kundalini aka being cise. For example, Trujillo loves
From Ironman tri‑athletes and in your higher‑self, but also spiri‑ eating sweet potatoes before com‑
record‑breaking runners to When the top tennis tually and physically.” petitions because they provide the
“Americaʼs strongest weightlifter”, player Novak Eating vegan foods that are low complex carbohydrates and energy
athletes exce l when they eat Djokovic stopped in fat and rich in vitamins, miner‑ he needs for fight night.
vegan. Vegan strongman Patrik eating animal flesh, als and antioxidants benefits ath‑ Athletes are also choosing to fuel
Baboumian broke the world record he said, “It hasnʼt letesʼ performance, endurance, up on vegan foods to protect ani‑
for the most weight ever carried just changed my recovery, and more. These foods mals from the intense suf fering
by a human and holds multiple game, itʼs changed keep their hearts strong, body caused by imprisonment in
weig htlift ing world records. my life, my well‑ weight and inflammation down, cramped, waste‑covered cages,
Canadian figure skater Meagan being.”
and saturated fat and cholesterol sheds, or warehouses; genetic
(Photo : WaPo)
Duhamel is an Olympic bronze, sil‑ levels low, which prevents pain, modification and drug regimens
ver and gold medalist who also increases aerobic capacity (the that result in chronic pain and
holds two world championship ability to use oxygen to fuel exer‑ crippling deformities; abject abuse;
t itles ̶ and sheʼs veg an. US cise) and improves blood viscosity and slaughter by the billions.
womenʼs national soccer team star so that more oxygen reaches the Sports stars who eat vegan foods
Alex Morgan went vegan because muscles, thereby improving athlet‑ also score big for the environment
of her dog and says it makes her al surfer Tia Blanco went vegan at ducer Hamilton ̶ sharing how ic performance. The US Academy and prevent the waste of precious
“stronger and helps with fatigue age 16. Athlete Dana Glowacka turning vegan optimizes their of Nutrition and Dietetics confirms resources. Raising animals for
and recovery”. powers up with vegan food and health and builds strength. Arnold that vegan foods are appropriate meat, eggs and dairy is responsible
Many professional basketball holds the womenʼs world record Schwarzenegger ̶ whoʼs been for athletes and reduce their risk for more greenhouse‑gas emis‑
and American football players for the longest abdominal plank dairy‑free for over 40 years ̶ and of suf fering from heart disease, sions than the worldʼs transporta‑
including DeAndre Jordan, JaVale which she held for over four hours. Djokovic are also executive pro‑ type 2 diabetes, hypertension, can‑ tion sector and more water pollu‑
McGee, Kyle Kuzma, Jahlil Okafor, Some of the toughest athletes on ducers. When the tennis player cer, and obesity. t ion than all other industrial
Colin Kaepernick, and Malcolm the planet are vegan because they stopped eating animal flesh, he Many professional athletes sources combined and it sucks up
Jenkins are vegan and they credit know that humans donʼt need to said, “(It) hasnʼt just changed my choose to build and maintain body one‑third of the worldʼs freshwater
their animal‑free meal plans for eat animals to be strong. In fact, a game, itʼs changed my life, my well‑ tissue with vegan protein sources resources and global cropland for
improving their recovery time, study revealing that Roman gladia‑ being.” Vegan mixed martial artist such as beans, nuts, seeds, tofu, animal feed. Letʼs all be winners
energy levels, weight loss, strength tors were predominantly vegetari‑ and Ult imate Fig ht ing tempeh and non‑dairy milks ̶ for our health, animals, and the
and more. an inspired the upcoming docu‑ Championship competitor Abel because unlike animal‑derived planet by going vegan.
Venus Williams, the most deco‑ mentary ʻThe Game Changersʼ, Trujillo credits his Kundalini yoga sources of protein, they also con‑ Dr. Kiran Ahuja is nutritionist.
rated tennis player in Olympic his‑ which features professional ath‑ practice for inspiring him to go tain fiber and complex carbohy‑ The opinion expressed are person‑
tory, is meat‑free while profession‑ letes ̶ including executive pro‑ vegan and explained: “Not only is drates which are the primary fuel al.

Facebook Dating with Secret Crush feature launched in US

acebook on Thursday launched its on the Like button to let them know. Facebook and/or Instagram.
Dating feature in the US where "If you aren't interested, you can pass on If you choose to use Secret Crush, you
users can choose to opt into them. Facebook Dating allows you to can select up to nine of your Facebook
Facebook Dating and create a dating pro‑ match with friends of friends and/or peo‑ friends or Instagram followers who you're
file (separate from the main profile) if ple, not in your friend circle," said the com‑ interested in.
they're 18 years or older. pany. Facebook Dating won't match you "If your crush has opted into Facebook
Facebook said it is also giving people the with friends unless you choose to use Dating, they'll get a notification saying
ability to integrate their Instagram posts Secret Crush and you both add each other that someone has a crush on them,"
directly into their Dating profile and giv‑ to your list. Facebook explained.
ing them the ability to add Instagram fol‑ "All of your Dating activity will stay on If your crush adds you to their Secret
lowers to their Secret Crush lists, in addi‑ Facebook Dating. It won't be shared to the Crush list too, it's a match!
tion to Facebook friends. rest of Facebook," said the company. People using Facebook Dating can also
"By the end of the year, we'll make it "Finding a romantic partner is deeply share details of their upcoming date
possible to add Facebook and Instagram If you choose to use Secret Crush, you personal, which is why we built Dating to and/or live location with someone they
can select up to nine of your Facebook
Stories to your Dating profile too," said be safe, inclusive and opt‑in. Safety, securi‑ trust via Messenger.
friends or Instagram followers who
Nathan Sharp, Product Manager, Facebook ty and privacy are at the forefront of this In addition to the US, Facebook Dating is
you're interested in.
Dating, in a blog post. product," said Sharp. currently available in 19 other countries,
On Facebook Dating, you will be sug‑ you are interested in someone, you can Secret Crush feature in Dating lets you but not in India as of now. It will be in
gested to others who have also opted in. If comment directly on their profile or tap match with people you already know on Europe by early 2020. Source IANS
20 September 14-20, 2019 SUBCONTINENT

India, Pakistan to fight it out on J&K at UNHRC

New Delhi: After failing to garner support on
Jammu and Kashmir from countries individu‑
ally, Pakistan is now preparing to rake up the Jaish’s Masood Azhar told
issue at the forum of United Nations, mainly
with the agenda of internationalizing the mat‑
by Pak to create unrest
Pakistan, which has become desperate ever
since the government of India abolished the
special status of Jammu and Kashmir granted
in Kashmir
under Article 370 of the Constitution and aulana Masood Azhar, the Jaish‑ “secretly” released by the authorities and
bifurcated the state in August, is sending its e‑Mohammed chief has been told told to oversee execution of terrorist oper‑
Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi to to renew efforts to create unrest ations in Kashmir over the next few days
get the issue raised at the Geneva‑based UN in Jammu and Kashmir ahead of high‑pro‑ and weeks by his group.
Human Rights Council (UNHRC). file meetings of the UN human rights Pakistan had detained several leaders of
The intent is to get the world human rights body this week, and the UN General the Jaish‑e‑Mohammed and restrained its
body to make some critical remarks against Assembly later this month‑end, according activities after the group claimed respon‑
India by particularly citing the restrictions to two senior officials in Indiaʼs security sibility for the Pulwama car bombing in
imposed in Jammu and Kashmir after the his‑ establishment. February that killed 40 CRPF troopers
toric step with regard to it was taken through Masood Azhar, 51, according to an input and led to the Balakot air strikes by the
a Parliamentary process. by Indiaʼs Intelligence Bureau, had been Indian Air Force.
India, obviously, has prepared to foil
Pakistan's designs. It has sent its expelled Led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi him‑ meetings with Russian President Vladimir
Pakistanʼs Foreign Minister Shah
High Commissioner to Pakistan Ajay Bisaria Mehmood Qureshi. self, India has been telling the world that the Putin and Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir
and some other senior of ficials of the abolition of the special status of Jammu and Mohamad.
External Af fairs Ministry to highlight that to highlight how cross‑border terrorism spon‑ Kashmir and its bifurcation into two Union Pakistan's move to take the issue to the
Pakistan is unnecessarily trying to rake up an sored and nurtured by Pakistan has caused Territories was aimed at ensuring all‑round UNHRC comes after facing rebuff from most
internal matter of India at an international bloodshed and hampered development in economic progress and social development of the countries to its attempts to rope in
forum. Jammu and Kashmir. After the abolition of here. Modi has been telling this to leaders of third‑party intervention to make India revoke
India is expected to assert its well‑articulat‑ the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, various countries during his telephonic con‑ its decision of August 7.
ed position that restrictions were imposed to India has launched a diplomatic blitzkrieg, versations as well as personal meetings. New De lhi has maintained that since
save human lives and cite the record that not telling the major powers of the world as well Recently, he did so in Vladivostok in Russia Jammu and Kashmir has legally acceded to
a single civilian has died there in the last one as other nations about the rationale behind on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic the Union of India in 1947, all matters related
month in any police action. India is also likely the decision. Forum (EEF) last week, when he held bilateral to the state are internal.

Taliban militants launch assault Belly dancers come to

to seize Afghan province 'rescue' Pak's ailing economy
Islamabad: In a desperate attempt Bacha‑baazi?" a user tweeted.
to revive its cash‑strapped econo‑ Another wrote: "Incredible event
Kabul: Hundreds of Taliban
my, Pakistan organized belly dance in Pakistan. Investments attracted
fig hters launched a massive
performances at an event to woo through belly dancing. If economic
assault and captured some vil‑
global investors. condition of Pakistan worsens fur‑
lages and remote parts of
Organized by the Sarhad ther it might lead to strip dancing
Afghanistans Farah province in
Chamber of Commerce and also." A Twitter user pointed out
an ongoing intense battle, of fi‑
Industry (SCCI) in Azerbaijan's cap‑ that while India is launching Moon
cials said.
ital Baku from September 4 to 8, missions like Chandrayaan‑2,
Farah police spokesperson
the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan is organizing belly danc‑
Muhibullah Muhib told Efe news
Investment Opportunities ing to entice investors.
that the defense and security
Conference had belly dancers "From selling buffaloes to host‑
belt of the provincial capital with
among other attractions to rope in ing belly‑dancing 'conferences',
the same name came under a
potential foreign investors. Pakistan is clearly thinking out of
coordinated Taliban attack from
The video in which women can the box to fix the economy," a user
the north and northwest of the
be seen belly dancing at the event wrote.
has gone viral on social media and In July, the International
The militants captured several
Twitterati were quick to react. Monetary Fund (IMF) had
areas on the city outskirts, he
Some Pakistani local media sites approved a three‑year $6 billion
and Twitterati called it the 'Naya loan package for Pakistan to rein
T he attack is a third on an
Pakistan way'. in mounting debts and stave off a
Afghan provincial capital in less Site of a recent bomb attack in Kabul. "Pakistan woos foreign investors looming balance of payments cri‑
than a week after US special
with belly dancers to revive coun‑ sis, in exchange for tough austerity
envoy Zalmay Khalilzad said that recruitment centre be fore er Noor Ahmad Chakani, the mil‑
try's ailing economy. What next? measures.
they have finalized "in principle" Afghan security forces retook it, itant group's so‑called deputy
a peace agreement with insur‑ Muhib said, that the militant intelligence chief in Farah, was
gents to end the 18‑year old war. group suffered "heavy losses" in shot down.
Muhib said security forces several strikes. Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah
were resisting the Taliban offen‑ "More than 50 Taliban fight‑ Mujahid claimed in a statement Pakistan
sive to retake the areas they cap‑ ers, including two commanders, that their fig hters launched
a belly
tured. were killed and several others "large‑scale attacks" to capture
"With the help of reinforce‑ wounded in the counter‑attack," the capital city of Farah.
ment and airstrikes, we are now he said. Farah has been one of the most gramme
pushing the militants back from Interior Ministry spokesperson insecure provinces in western to entice
the areas they penetrated in the Nasrat Rahimi said reinforce‑ Afghanistan that borders Iran. investors.
morning," Muhib added. ment of special forces were sent Its capital city was attacked sev‑
The Taliban briefly took con‑ into the city. eral times by Taliban fighters in
trol of the Army's provincial Rahimi said Taliban command‑ the past two years. INTERNATIONAL September 14-20, 2019 21

Brexit: British Parliament Saudi Energy Minister

replaced in surprise move
to be suspended Riyadh: In a surprise move, Saudi
Arabia has re lieved Energ y
wee k and had been Energ y
Minister since 2016, also lost his
London: The five‑week suspension Minister Khalid al‑Falih from his Industry and Mining Resources
of the Parliament in the UK will post and replaced him w ith portfolios last week, Efe news
begin later as the MPs are expect‑ Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, quoted the decree as saying on
ed to again reject the govern‑ according to a royal decree. Saturday.
ment's call for a snap election. Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman is The ministerial change comes
Opposition MPs confirmed that the son of Saudi Arabia's King as Riyadh prepares Aramco for
they would not back the push for a Salman and is also an older half‑ an initial public offering (IPO).
October 15 poll, insisting that a brother to the Crown Prince, Prince Abdulaziz had earlier
law blocking a no‑deal Brexit must Mohammed bin Salman. served as the Deputy Oil Minister
be implemented first, the BBC It is the first time that a mem‑ from 1995 to 2005, after which
reported. Ministers have said that ber of the ruling royal family will he was named the Assistant Oil
they w ill test what the law occupy this post. Minister until 2017.
requires of them. Prime Minister Al‑Falih, who chaired state oil He also serves as the State
Boris Johnson has been warned giant Saudi Aramco until last Minister for Energy Affairs
that he could face legal action for
flouting it.
The government has described
the law, which would force the PM
to seek a Brexit delay if MPs don't
Demonstrators gather outside the Houses of Parliament in London.
approve a new deal or no deal by
19 October, as "lousy". under discussion to get round the Court, said such a ploy would not
MPs will seek to press ministers Brexit delay legislation is to ask a be legal because the legislation
on the issue later in the House of sympathet ic European Union compels the Prime Minister to
Commons. Now, MPs will not get member to veto an extension. seek an extension.
another chance to vote for an Another potential option would "To send the letter and then try
early election until after then, be to formally send the extension and neutralize it seems to me to
meaning a poll would not be possi‑ request mandated by the new law. be plainly a breach of the act," he
ble until the end of November at However, Lord Sumption, a for‑ told BBC Radio 4's Today pro‑ Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman.
the earliest. One plan reportedly mer judge of the UK's Supreme gramme.

Iran activates advanced Robert Mugabe ‑ from Zimbabwean

centrifuges in n-deal breach liberation to oppression
Tehran: Iran
announced that it Harare: Former Zimbabwean
had act ivated President Robert Mugabe, a "hero" Former Zimbabwean
of the independence strugg le President Robert Mugabe.
advanced cen‑
trifuges to boost against British colonial rule who
its reserves of later became an iron‑fisted ruler,
enriched urani‑ has died at the age of 95 in a
um, part of its Singapore hospital, where he had
plan to scale been receiving treatment.
back its commit‑ The nonagenarian leader, seen by
ments to the the West as an unrepentant dictator
2015 nuclear eventually overthrown by his own
deal in response military at the end of 2017, had
to the US' unilat‑ been hospitalized in the Asian coun‑
Spokesman for the Atomic Energy
eral withdrawal try since April.
Organization of Iran Behrouz Kamalvandi.
from the pact. For a country still struggling by
As a third step in Iran's reduc‑ its promises," he added. the economic crisis the long‑serving
tion of commitments under the T he Internat ional Atomic President left behind, news of way for an independent Zimbabwe. elections again and everything
deal, the Atomic Energ y Energy Agency (IAEA) will con‑ Mugabe's death awoke bitter mem‑ In the country's first post‑colonial seemed to indicate that nothing was
Organization of Iran (AEOI) acti‑ tinue to monitor the Iranian pro‑ ories of a man who went from being elections, Mugabe became Prime going to change for Zimbabwe in
vated 20 IR‑4 and 20 IR‑6 cen‑ gramme and it has already been the nation's father figure to one of Minister, a post that was abolished the short term, until November 14,
trifuges, Press TV quoted the notified of the new measures, the greatest examples of an anti‑ in 1987 to create the of fice of 2017 when military tanks rolled
bo dy's spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi said. colonial hero who, once in power, President. He enjoyed that position into the capital, Harare.
Kamalvandi as saying in a news Part of the nuclear deal turned to autocracy. for the next three decades thanks to That same night, the Army's high
conference here. A total of 20 required the Islamic Republic to T he son of a carpenter and a some questionable elections and command took control of the coun‑
such centrifuges are now opera‑ reduce its centrifuges by two teacher, Mugabe was born on the systematic repression of his try. Mugabe and his family were
tional, he said, adding that Iran thirds and use only its first‑gen‑ February 21, 1924 near Harare, in opponents, reported Efe news. unharmed but were placed under
had the right to reduce its com‑ eration apparatus in exchange of what was then Southern Rhodesia, a During his tenure, Mugabe house arrest.
mitments to the nuclear deal slight easing of international British colony. entered controversy with his order Mugabe did not relinquish power
since other signatories were not sanctions. Mugabe waded into politics aged in 2000 to expropriate thousands of until November 21, when his ouster
upholding their end of the deal. "It is not a violation to the deal, 36 and got involved with several farms from white farmers for redis‑ was confirmed by a successful no‑
"We have started lifting limita‑ it is a rectification," Kamalvandi groups engaged in the incipient tribution among the black popula‑ confidence motion tabled by his
t ions on our Research and said, warning Europe it was run‑ Zimbabwean independence struggle tion. Mugabe blamed internal prob‑ own party.
Development imposed by the ning out of time to react. against the UK, for which he was lems, like the floundering economy, Following his resignation,
deal, it will include development Meanwhile, US De fense imprisoned in 1964. on international sanctions and took Mugabe's public appearances were
of more rapid and advanced cen‑ Secretary Mark Esper said he He spent a decade behind bars aim at the US and the UK, accusing limited, although, in one interview
trifuges. "All these steps are was "not surprised" by the meas‑ and was later obliged to live in exile. them of fabricating lies about him. with South African public TV chan‑
reversible if the other side fulfils ures taken by Iran. In 1979, he signed the Lancaster At the age of 93, Mugabe nel SABC, he labelled his ouster as a
House Agreement which paved the announced his intention to run in "coup d'état".
22 September 14-20, 2019 BUSINESS

Slowdown plunges auto sales to lowest since 1997‑98

New Delhi: The ongoing consump‑ Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) responding month of the previous
tion slowdown that has gripped the Director General Vishnu Mathur said year. Passenger car sales in the
Indian economy dragged down the in a video message. month under consideration plunged
automobile industry's August sales "We do not have much time, in by 41.09 per cent to 115,957 units,
to the lowest level since 1997‑98, case we miss on this opportunity, against 196,847 units sold in
leading to the sector seeking even a the festival season will also probably August 2018.
"bigger stimulus package" to revive not be good, so we have to look at Overall, passenger vehicle sales
growth. The demand for another the festival season before we take declined by 31.57 per cent in
stimulus arose after August's sales decision now to reduce GST and to August to 196,524 units against
data showed that overall sectoral announce a scrappage policy which 287,198 units in the corresponding
offtake in the domestic market has will help the industry in reviving its month a year ago.
plunged 23.55 per cent. This level of fortunes." In the commercial vehicle seg‑
downturn was witnessed only once Finance Minister Nirmala ment, sales were down by 38.71 per
earlier, in December 2000, when the Sitharaman had earlier announced cent to 51,897 units.
de‑growth was registered at 21.81 several measures to rescue the auto T he sale of three‑wheelers in
per cent. The available data series sector including lifting ban on pur‑ August declined by 6.93 per cent to
commences from 1997‑98. At pres‑ chase of vehicles by government 58,818 units. In the case of two‑
ent, the industry's sales have been departments, and allowing addition‑ wheelers, which include scooters,
A million contractual manufacturing jobs are at risk
on a downslide since the last 10 al 15 per cent depreciation on vehi‑ motorcycles and mopeds, the sale
due to the consumption slowdown.
months due to a high GST rate and cles acquired from now till March edged lower by 22.24 per cent to
lack of adequate liquidity. It had tion slowdown which has forced government to come out with some 2020. On Monday, data furnished by 1,514,196 units. The sales decline
recorded a slump of 18.71 per cent value‑chain operators across the kind of a bigger stimulus package the SIAM showed that total sales of has also dented production levels,
in July, the highest monthly sales automobile industry to reduce pro‑ and to stregthen the stimulus that the Indian automobile sector causing job losses. The domestic
de‑growth in the last 19 years. A duction levels. has already been given by giving the declined by 23.55 per cent in passenger car production has fallen
million contractual manufacturing "The data in the month of August industry a reduced GST rate from 28 August to 1,821,490 units, from by 28.63 per cent to 182,495 units
jobs are at risk due to the consump‑ only highlights the urgent need for to 18 per cent," Society of Indian 2,382,436 units sold during the cor‑ from 255,717 units.

Slowdown: 10 things government can do

By K Yatish Rajawat
Immediate steps:

rowth has momentum and slowdown 8 Give auto sector incentives to invest and shift to electric vehicles
has inertia. The Indian GDP growth 8 Incentives to auto sector employees to upskill on electric vehicles
has fallen to 5 per cent in the April‑ 8 Change GST collection to quarterly for companies below Rs 1 crore
June quarter, from 8 per cent. This slowdown 8 Reduce the GST slab rates
can only be reversed if both short‑term and 8 Adopt the Direct Tax Code, cut income tax for the bottom slab
long‑term reforms are undertaken. The fall in 8 Improve credit flow to both consumer and industry
GDP growth is sudden and dramatic. Till now, 8 Reduce real interest rates by 135 basis points as cost of capital has to come down
while only businesses were talking about the 8 Change the credit culture in public sector banks
slowdown, it is now a reality for the country. 8 Stimulus should drive investment, upskilling for displaced employees
People worry about how bad things are and The fall in GDP growth is sudden and
8 Factor market reforms, including bringing the cost of land down.
is this the bottom or the beginning of a slow‑ dramatic. Till now, while only businesses
down. were talking about the slowdown, it is
now a reality for the country. also affecting the consumption cycle. The consolidation of Public Sector Banks
These concerns and perceptions need The stimulus for auto companies has to (PSBs) announced on August 30, falls into the
answers as they affect consumer confidence EVs have a fraction of moving parts as com‑ promote investment. India needs an invest‑ latter category. It will not turnaround the
and consumption. Sectoral collapse has hap‑ pared to an internal combustion engine. The ment of $40 billion in batteries for EVs. Auto banking sector, ease the credit flow or even
pened because of poor business decisions in engine and drive line are two crucial compo‑ companies can get incentives for making this improve the transmission of interest cuts ‑‑
banking, real estate, construction and lately nents of the internal combustion engine that investment. They can be incentives to shift the three most important problems contribut‑
in non‑banking finance companies contribute 50 per cent of the auto compo‑ existing production lines to electric cars. ing to the slowdown. The consolidation will
(NBFCs)/housing finance companies (HFCs). nent industries' revenues. The move to EV These are, however, palliative measures take time. The consolidation of the PSBs is a
Now all these sectors are looking for stimulus will disrupt the supply chain of components and will not turnaround the economy The structural reform much needed, long overdue
packages to bail them out from their mis‑ at one end and maintenance and repair on bigger issue is revival of consumption and may reduce the recapitalization require‑
takes. the other. This needs specific incentives to demand. ments. The governance reforms will improve
Take the auto sector, for example. It did not upskill employees to maintain, repair or Action has to inspire confidence among the process of supervision, hiring and com‑
prepare for shifts in consumer behavior and make electric vehicles. consumers to spend and for industry to pensation. It will not change the credit evalu‑
market needs. They contribute almost 6 per Upskilling of mid‑level workers is the core invest. Removing taxation on foreign portfo‑ ation, disbursement and monitoring of loans,
cent to the GDP and offer employment to 37 component of all sectoral stimulus packages. lio investor and other prickly issues is a which is the core problem in PSBs.
million people and are clamoring for stimu‑ The disruption in industries is not cyclical or hygiene factor. It shows the government is Banking leadership can use the disruption
lus on behalf of their employees. because of economic slowdown. There is a correcting mis‑steps faster. Addressing it to overhaul the culture and build a new sys‑
The stimulus has to be for both employees structural shift in many industries because of within a week, which the Finance Minister tem and processes. If they get sucked into the
and corporates. The sector is asking stimulus technology or shift in consumer preferences. Nirmala Sitharaman did shows the speed of merger and take their eyes off credit growth,
to protect jobs, but it does not mean it will Automation is affecting jobs in both manu‑ response. The current initiatives are either customer retention, their merged entity will
happen as they move to electric vehicles (EV). facturing and services, which displacement is short‑term measures or long‑term reforms. be weaker than the sum of the parts. SPORTS September 14-20, 2019 23

Nadal beats Medvedev in Canadian Bianca stuns Serena

marathon match to win US Open to win maiden Grand Slam
New York: Spanish ace Rafael Nadal has from two sets and a break down to force a New York: Teenager Bianca
won the US Open for the fourth time, slog‑ decider. But, showing his trademark fight, Andreescu stunned 23‑t ime
g ing throug h a marathon five‑set experience and unrelenting resolve, the major champion Serena
thriller against Russia's Daniil 33‑year‑old Nadal fought off his chal‑ Williams 6‑3, 7‑5 to become
Medvedev in the men's singles lenger to cross the finish line in a Canada's first Grand Slam sin‑
final. Nadal outlasted Medvedev thrilling fashion. With his gles champion here in the US
7‑5, 6‑3, 5‑7, 4‑6, 6‑4 in four 19th Grand Slam victory, Open finals.
hours and 49 minutes in front Nadal closes the gap to Williams was denied a record‑
of an e lectric Arthur Ashe just one on Swiss leg‑ equaling 24th Slam title as the
Stadium on Sunday, surviving a end Roger 19‑year‑old Andreescu on
stunning comeback by the Federer Saturday became the youngest
Russian, ATP Tour in the Grand Slam winner since Maria
reported. all‑time Sharapova at the 2006 US Open.
With the vic‑ t i t l e While it was the fourth succes‑
tory, the chase. sive de feat in the finals for
Bianca Andreescu of Canada with Serena Williams.
Spaniard He has Willams, Andreescu tied Monica
claimed his also moved Se les, who lifted the 1990 failed to reach the main draw at Flushing
fourth US to three ahead Roland Garros trophy in her fourth major, Meadows in the previous two years, surged
Open title. of Novak for the record as the fastest player to grab 2‑0 ahead.
Nadal made Djokovic for solo a first Slam crown in the Open era. Williams fought back from being 5‑1
his opponent second place on The morning showed the day as Williams down to level 5‑5 by hitting 14 of 17 points
work for the list. Nadal has by conceded her opening service game in a pulsating contest.
every point and cont inued his with successive double faults at Arthur T he Canadian then held for 6‑5 and
overcame the impressive run of Ashe Stadium.Andreescu did not let the Williams erred on a backhand to give
aggressive form, extending his gifts go in vain as she capitalised on them Andreescu two more shots at the title.
Rafael Nadal with the US Open trophy.
Russian in one of winning streak to 10 and took the first set as Williams handed Williams hit an ace to save the first but
the most gripping five‑set finals in the straight matches, and improving to 26‑1 her the first with another double fault. Andreescu secured victory on the next with
Grand Slam history. Medvedev, 23, rallied in his past five tournaments. In the second set, Andreescu, who had a crisp forehand return.

Shami doesn't need to surrender anymore: Lawyer

New Delhi: T he order by the higher court and the rest of the "Shami has gone to the US after
Alipore Court in Kolkata that need‑ plan of action you will get to know the tour of the West Indies got
ed India pacer Mohammed Shami tomorrow," he said. over and he will be back in the
to surrender within 15 days from Shami might have left for the US country on the 12th. He has been
September 2 no longer holds good from the tour of the West Indies, in constant touch with his lawyer
as his lawyer Salim Rahaman has but he has been in constant touch on the court matter and has also
managed to get a stay from a high‑ with his lawyer as well as the spoken to the relevant people
er court. BCCI. within the board on the matter,"
Speaking to IANS, Salim said that A case of domestic violence filed the functionary had said.
the move was in any case against against him by his wife, Hasin The BCCI had on September 2 ‑‑
the legal process and there was no Jahan, had seen the Alipore court the date of issuance of the court
way that Shami could have been in Kolkata order the India pacer to order ‑‑ made it clear that no
asked to surrender. The first move surrender within 15 days. action will be taken against the
had to be that of summoning Speaking to IANS, a senior Board bowler till they see the charge
either Shami or his representative. of Control for Cricket in India sheet. W hile it was init ially
"T he order didn't hold much (BCCI) functionary had said that thought to be an arrest warrant,
ground because while you can the fast bowler would return to his lawyer had clarified that it was
summon a person, you cannot India on September 12, and till a note of surrender.
issue a surrender notice. We have then he was in touch with his
got a stay on the matter from a lawyer Salim Rahaman. Pacer Mohammed Shami.

Tendulkar pays tribute to

spin legend Qadir
New Delhi: Sachin Tendulkar paid tribute to Pakistan spin legend Abdul Qadir, who died on Friday
after suffering a cardiac arrest. Tendulkar, who famously hit Qadir for one four and four sixes in
an over, three of which were on the trot, in a 20‑over exhibition match in Peshawar in 1989, said
that Qadir was "one of the best spinners" of his time.
Qadir was part of the fiersome Pakistan bowling attack, which also included Imran Khan,
Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis, when India toured the country in 1989. It was the tour in
which Tendulkar started his illustrous international career.
"Remember playing against Abdul Qadir, one of the best spinners of his times. My heartfelt con‑
dolences to his family. RIP." said Tendulkar in his tweet with an image of Qadir plying his trade.
Although the match in which Tendulkar went after Qadir was only an exhibition game, it was
expected to be his debut game before being called off. The official match, which was the first ODI
of the series, was abandoned and the 20‑over exhibition was played in its place.
Qadir had told a 16‑year‑old Tendulkar after bowling a maiden to Indian captain
Krishnamachari Srikanth that he should try and play shots instead of treating him with respect as
Pakistan spin legend Abdul Qadir died after suffering a cardiac arrest. that would be benefical to his career. Qadir's next over to Tendulkar read 6, 0, 4, 6, 6, 6.
24 September 14-20, 2019 HEALTH

Junk food diet leaves UK teen deaf and blind

London: A teenager in the UK has
gone blind and deaf after living 17‐YEAR‐OLD ATE ONLY CHIPS,
of f a diet of chips, crisps and
sausages for up to a decade in a PRINGLES, SAUSAGES, PROCESSED
case believed to be the first of its
kind in the country. HAM AND WHITE BREAD
The 17‑year‑old, who has not
been named, ate only potato
chips, sausages, processed ham
and white bread, making him mal‑ WHAT IS JUNK FOOD
nourished, Bristol Live reported.
According to the teenager's he term high in fat, marketing of HFSS to children
mother, her son began going of f sugar and/or salt (HFSS) is tightly regulated.
his meals when he was about foods is used synony‑ Certain protocols had been
seven years old and used to eat mously with "junk food". Junk adopted by Europe for the mar‑
only junk food. He told doctors he food is a pejorative term, dating keting of foods and beverages
did not like the "texture" of fruits back at least to the 1950s, to children.
and vegetables. "I would make him nice sand‑ Those suffering from the condi‑ describing food that is high in In May 2010, the World
The case came to light after it wiches and put an apple or other tion often avoid food with a cer‑ calories from sugar or fat ̶ Health Assembly unanimously
was written about by Dr Denize fruit in and he wouldn't eat any of tain texture, sme ll, taste or with little dietary fiber, protein, adopted the WHO Set of
Atan, from the University it. His teachers became concerned appearance, or only eat it at a cer‑ vitamins or minerals. Recommendations on the
Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation too. "His brother and sister have tain temperature, according to It can also refer to high pro‑ Marketing of Foods and Non‑
Trust, in the Annals of Internal never stopped eating. They love eating disorder charity Beat. tein food like meat prepared alcoholic Beverages to Children.
Medicine journal. everything. But he was just as fit The teenager's lack of nutrition with saturated fat. The term A WHO evaluation in Europe
The boy began to lose his hear‑ and healthy as them. He has severely damaged his optic nerve, high in fat, sugar and/or salt states that children are exposed
ing at the age of 14. always been skinny so we had no causing a condition known as (HFSS) foods is used synony‑ to an increased variety of media
His eyesight also quickly deteri‑ weight concerns. You hear about nutrit ional opt ic neuropathy mously. In certain jurisdictions, such as non‑broadcast media.
orated and he has now been left junk food and obesity all the time (NON).
with no job and no social life as a ‑ but he was as thin as a rake," "We couldn't believe it when we mare," said the boy's mother. min supplements.
result, said his mother. said the woman. were told what had happened. His Dr Denize Atan, who has been The family agreed for the case
The woman said that when her The teen is apparently suffering sight went downhill very fast ̶ to caring for the teenager, said the to be reported in the journal to
son was in primary school, he from an eating disorder known as the point where he is now legally patient is still eating mostly the raise awareness of ARFID and the
used to come back home with his ARFID (avoidant‑restrictive food blind. We are told the damage is same food ̶ although his nutri‑ importance of nutrition for good
packed lunch untouched. intake disorder). irreversible; it's been a night‑ tion has improved through vita‑ eye and ear health.

Want to live longer? CDC recommends 'stop vaping'

STOP CONSUMING as lung disease numbers rise
SOFT DRINKS Washington: CDC (Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention)
reported using THC ̶ the psy‑
choactive ingredient of marijuana.
London: Greater officials advised people to stop But more than half of them also
consumption of using e‑cigarettes until scientists used nicotine.
sugar‑sweet‑ gain better understanding of the A variety of products and
ened and artifi‑ epidemic of serious vaping‑related devices were employed by the
cially‑sweetened lung disease that has sickened as vapers, and distinct lung disorders
soft drinks is many as 450 people and left at were reported, according to the
linked to a high‑ least five dead across 33 states. report, authored by top health
er incidence of The latest deaths were reported officials in the two states, which
all‑cause mor‑ Friday by health departments in appeared in MMWR and the New
tality, Indiana, California and Minnesota, England Journal of Medicine. Most
researchers Centers for Disease Control and
following deaths in Illinois and of the patients had nausea or vom‑
Prevention has confirmed 215
have warned. Oregon. State officials say a num‑ iting as well as breathing prob‑
vaping‑related lung disease cases
"We found ber of cases involve marijuana lems and a third were sick enough
and was investigating another 235
that higher soft products, but caution against to be intubated.
possibly related to vaping.
drink intake was associated pated. The study found that drawing any conclusions and say New York state officials on
with a greater risk of death drinking two or more glasses there may be multiple causes. outbreak. Thursday said they had found vita‑
from any cause regardless of per day ‑‑ compared with less No device, product or substance CDC said it had confirmed 215 min E in all the confirmed cases in
whether sugar‑sweetened or than one glass per month ‑‑ of has been linked to all cases, Dana vaping‑related lung disease cases their state. But FDA said no single
artificially‑sweetened drinks soft drinks, sugar‑sweetened Meaney‑Delman, who heads the and was investigating another 235 substance has been identified in
were consumed," said study soft drinks and artificially‑ CDC's response to the epidemic, possibly related to vaping. the more than 100 samples it test‑
senior author Neil Murphy from sweetened soft drinks was asso‑ told reporters on a call. Minnesota's first vaping‑related ed. Also, since vitamin E is present
International Agency for ciated with higher risk of death “While this investigation is ongo‑ death involved a 65‑year‑old man in most vegetable oils, its presence
Research on Cancer in France. from all causes during an aver‑ ing people should consider not with a history of lung issues, the might not signal a cause of the dis‑
"Our results for sugar‑sweet‑ age follow‑up of 16 years in using e‑cigarette products,” she state's health department said. ease, scientists said.
ened soft drinks provide further which 41,693 deaths occurred. said, adding that people should Indiana and Los Angeles County Scientists who have been study‑
support to limit consumption According to the study, 43 avoid buying products off the also reportedly had deaths. The ing vaping's health risks for years,
and to replace them with per cent died from cancers, streets or modifying them in any first fatality was reported last such as University of North
healthier beverages, preferably 21.8 per cent from circulatory way. week in Illinois. Earlier this week Carolina physiology professor
water," Murphy said. diseases and 2.9 per cent from Her statement stopped short of in Oregon, officials said a man Robert Tarran, say there are many
For the study published in the digestive diseases. the recommendations of some who bought marijuana vapor from damaging chemicals in vaping
JAMA Internal Medicine, nearly The findings support public public health experts, who want a dispensary had died. products. "Sad to say, Iʼm not sur‑
452,000 men and women from health initiatives to limit soft CDC to flatly tell consumers to A major case study published prised this is starting to come out,"
10 European countries partici‑ drink consumption. stop vaping until scientists can Friday found that 84 percent of 41 said Tarran, who has seen lung
clarify the cause or causes of the Illinois and Wisconsin patients damage in nicotine vapers. LIFESTYLE September 14-20, 2019 25

Robots turn teachers in Bengaluru school

Bengaluru: Disruptive technologies and who also heads the project.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) are making their Rao and his 17‑member team have
way into classrooms as humanoid robots to designed and built the three robots in‑
teach students and interact with them as house from light‑weight 3D‑printed materi‑
teachers do, at a school in Bengaluru. als with imported smart servo motors.
"Our robots impart lessons daily in five These robots emulate human‑like gestures
subjects to about 300 students in Classes while delivering the lessons in the class‑
7‑9 in four sections by turns. They also room. "It has taken our team nearly two
interact with them and respond to ques‑ years to design and develop these robots
tions in the subjects," Indus International with software, hardware, and AI to make
School's Chief Design Officer, Vignesh Rao, them teaching assistants and allowing the
told IANS here. human teacher to be more relevant in the
Though the 5‑foot 7‑inch robots, dressed classroom so that they can focus on the
in formal female attire, do not replace real child and not the subject alone," he added.
teachers, they complement them in teach‑ "The response of students to a robot
ing lessons in the subjects and reply to teaching them is positive and encouraging.
FAQs (frequently asked questions) from They feel the collaboration between a
students. (Image courtesy: human teacher and a robot enhances learn‑
"We have programmed the interactive ing. It makes the human teacher focus on
robots to answer questions students fre‑ the four sections for Classes 7‑9. It is affili‑ Collaborative Learning Model (CLM), the the child and personalizes learning," Indus
quently ask on the subjects and related to ated to the Geneva‑based International man‑machine team, comprising a teacher, Trust Chief Executive Lt. General (retd)
them. With AI in play, the robots are able Baccalaureate (IB) Institute and follows its students, and the robot, collaborate in the Arjun Ray told IANS.
to respond to questions and doubts of our syllabus, which is recognized worldwide. classroom to deliver a lesson. The teacher Touted as the first‑of‑its‑kind, the school
wards after a lesson is taught," said Rao. "The AI‑enabled robots teach lessons in collaborates with the robot and brings out plans to scale the pilot project to roll out
The private international day‑cum‑board‑ Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History, the key concepts, relevance, and applica‑ more robots for other classes and more
ing school has 25 co‑ed students in each of and Physics to Classes 7‑9. As per the tion of the lesson being taught," said Rao, subjects in future.

Prince Harry launches eco-friendly Intelligence above looks for

travel initiative 'Travalyst' millennials in India, finds survey
New Delhi: Prince
Harry, the Duke of New Delhi: Do you think looks tory for two people in love.
Sussex, has precede intelligence? Well, mil‑ The data has been gathered
announced a global lennials find intelligence way from an average of over
partnership with more appealing than looks, 86,000 respondents in India
service providers in according to a survey. with an aim to understand
the travel industry ‑ According to the data gath‑ what Indian millennials want
‑ Travalyst ‑‑ to ered from users of dating app from life and relationships. The
improve conserva‑ OkCupid, 83% women and 79% data has been gathered
tion, environmental of men find intelligence way through the questions on the
protection and more appealing than looks. app, which is coming out
expand local community eco‑ people's minds to different cul‑ When it comes to the kind of #FindMyKind campaign, which
nomic development by encour‑ tures, new experiences and to relationship they want, 72% their lives now. Another finding the new and existing users
aging sustainable tourism prac‑ have a profound appreciation for believe that traditional gender points out that 89% of users will answer to match better with their
tices across the industry, a state‑ what our world has to offer. As roles, such as men being heads of choose to be with a partner in a potential partners. A majority of
ment said on Tuesday. tourism inevitably grows, it is households and not house‑hus‑ serious relationship even if they respondents (88%) will support
Led by His Royal Highness and critically important to accelerate bands, or women taking care of canʼt have children. As many as their friend in following their
co‑founded alongside leading the adoption of sustainable prac‑ chores and children or changing 68% of the users say that they passion over high‑paying jobs
service providers in the travel tices worldwide; and to balance their names, have no place in donʼt believe marriage is manda‑ that they donʼt love.
industry,, Ctrip, this growth with the needs of the
Skyscanner, TripAdvisor and
Visa, this first‑of‑its‑kind initia‑
tive is dedicated to exploring and
environment and the local popu‑
lation. Bringing companies, con‑
sumers and communities togeth‑
Stand little more to combat
promoting solutions that will
make travel more sustainable,
the statement said. The initiative
er is our best chance to protect
destinations and ecosystems for
future generations," the Duke of
effects of sedentary lifestyle
New York: Spend more time little energy in their activities
brings together global business‑ Sussex said in a statement. The
standing to increase energy and, therefore, the difference
es ‑ those at the center of con‑ initiative is looking to establish
expenditure and combat the neg‑ between sitting/lying or standing
necting customers and operators more collaborative partnerships
ative health effects of a seden‑ is practically nil for them. But
in the travel market ‑ to utilize that bring together the collective
tary lifestyle, a new study sug‑ energy spenders burn approxi‑
their unique position to educate, expertise and perspectives of
gests. The research published in mately 10 per cent more energy
raise awareness and promote local communities, policymakers,
the journal PLOS ONE, has also when they switch from sitting or
positive change. Working with governments, NGOs, other lead‑
found that we burn 45 kilocalo‑ lying to standing,” Amaro said.
companies, consumers and com‑ ing businesses and social entre‑
ries more, per six‑hour period Amaro‑Gahete from the The factor that appears to have
munities, the partnership will ini‑ preneurs; leveraging technology
while standing compared to lying University of Granada in Spain. the greatest effect is muscle
tially explore and promote solu‑ and strategic initiatives to help
or sitting. For the study, the researchers mass. People with more muscle
tions that help drive sustainable scale the global supply of sus‑
“If we take steps to combat a used a sample comprising 53 mass expend more energy than
practices and consumer choices tainable travel options to meet
sedentary lifestyle by making young adults, who were classi‑ people with less muscle mass,
in areas including; supporting the growing mass‑market
small lifestyle changes, such as fied into two types, “savers” and said the researcher. In light of
local people, protecting wildlife, demand from consumers.
spending more time standing, “spenders” of energy, depending the results, the authors recom‑
tackling climate change and Individuals and organizations
this could reduce the risk of on the amount of energy expen‑ mend spending more time stand‑
environmental damage, and alle‑ can learn more about supporting
developing diseases such as obe‑ diture they consumed when ing in the office as a good strate‑
viating over‑tourism. "Travel has this work by visiting www.trava‑
sity or Type 2 diabetes,” said switching from sitting or lying to gy to use up more energy and
the unparalleled power to open
study lead author Francisco J. standing. “Savers consume very thus avoid storing it as fat.
26 September 14-20, 2019 SELF HELP

4 Tips to dress for success at work 5 Cool ideas for

n todayʼs workplace, many employers have
abandoned strict dress code policies, pro‑
viding employees with more flexibility to
dress casually.
In fact, 59 percent of American workers hereʼs no good reason to wait until
described their current employerʼs policy as the new year to focus on self‑
“business casual” or “casual,” according to a improvement. Thereʼs also no excuse.
recent study from Randstad US. Although a September is Self‑Improvement Month, and
more relaxed dress code gives you the cre‑ a fine time to learn a new skill, take up an
ative freedom to express yourself, not every‑ old hobby or set a goal.
thing may be appropriate for a work setting. son to person, ranging from casual to conser‑ Here are five cool ideas to try out over the
Here is the fashion 411 on workplace attire vative, depending on oneʼs taste. course of the month:
today. 8 Donʼt break the bank. Fifty‑five percent 8 Start coding: Whether you want to
8 Understand your companyʼs dress poli‑ of managers agree they care more about per‑ switch careers and become a software or
cy. If youʼre unclear of your employerʼs dress formance than what their employees wear, so web developer or simply take up a new
code policy, just ask your manager or HR. donʼt feel pressured to break the bank in hobby, learning to code can open up a world
Thirty‑eight percent of 25 to 35‑year‑olds say order to keep up with the workplace Joneses. of possibilities, while keeping your mind
theyʼve been asked to dress more profession‑ Your expertise is more valuable than any active and vital. And these days, free online on your bookshelf for years, give yourself a
ally by their manager or HR, and 45 percent sparkly set of cufflinks or a pair of heels will tutorials available in dozens of programming reading goal to achieve this month.
say they know someone who has been sent ever be. However, you can look great for less languages, can help you get started without 8 Get outdoors: Spending time exercis‑
home from work for breaking dress code poli‑ with a few smart strategies. Visit the Randstad any tools required but time and dedication. ing in nature has powerful physical and
cies. Unclear policies may be the culprit, and US career resources portal for workplace 8 Learn to play piano: Learning a musi‑ mental health benefits. Give yourself the
no outfit is worth the risk ‑‑ or embarrass‑ fashion tips to “casually” rip the (office) run‑ cal instrument can improve focus, enhance motivation needed to get outdoors with a
ment ‑‑ of being sent home. Another tip is to way at‑ memory and reduce stress. For a fast‑track wearable device, such as the WSD‑F30 Pro
simply take note of what people around you resources/personal‑brand. to playing songs skillfully, check out the Trek Smart Outdoor Watch, which includes a
are wearing, especially those in senior‑level 8 Leave the weekend wardrobe at home. Casio CT‑X700, which features a Step‑Up built‑in compass, altimeter and barometer,
positions. As the saying goes, dress for the job According to many U.S. employees, some Lesson system to easily learn songs from the as well as a slew of fitness and nature apps
you want, not the job you have! things are still considered a bit too casual for keyboardʼs built‑in library. The display designed to promote wellness and help you
8 Dress for comfort and performance. the office. In fact, the survey found that the shows proper fingering and notation, and a better appreciate your surroundings.
Donʼt be afraid to embrace your personal majority of Americans think ripped jeans and six‑track recorder allows you to quickly cap‑ 8 Start saving: If you donʼt have a sav‑
style, as long as it stays within your compa‑ leggings are not appropriate, even in a casual ture your inspiration. ings account, think about opening one dur‑
nyʼs guidelines. Sixty‑three percent of office environment. Therefore, if you show up 8 Set a reading goal: You donʼt have to ing the month of September. Make it pain‑
younger workers (aged 18 to 35) say they to work in ripped jeans, thereʼs a good chance be a student to complete a reading chal‑ less by having the fund draw automated
actually prefer dressing up for work, as it (statistically speaking) that you wonʼt be mak‑ lenge. Whether itʼs to read 5 non‑fiction monthly payments from your checking
boosts their confidence and performance. The ing a great impression. The same goes for leg‑ books over the course of the month or get account. Then sit back and watch your sav‑
definition of “dressing up” can vary from per‑ gings ‑‑ sorry athleisure lovers! through that classic tome thatʼs been sitting ings grow.

Why children should spend more time with their grandparents

lay is important for every‑ adults helps children understand connect and make new memories.
one, no matter their age ‑‑‑ how aging works, and later accept 8 Give children an opportunity
and when grandparents, their own aging. to express themselves by letting
parents and children play together, 8 Grandparents are storytellers them share their ideas for what
thatʼs where the real benefits of and their wisdom and experience they want to play with you. Theyʼll
unstructured fun are discovered. can open childrenʼs horizons fur‑ be more enthusiastic about partici‑
“Play time with adults of differ‑ ther, as well as ignite imagination pating if they get to call the shots
ent ages is not just a chance for and creativity. sometimes. In todayʼs tech‑savvy
families to bond, these interactions When it comes to adults, inter‑ world, grandchildren might want
with positive role models can help generational play is beneficial in to play with a toy that uses aug‑
children develop a range of impor‑ the following ways: mented reality or teaches coding
tant social, language and problem‑ 8 Children bring innocence, joy skills. This can be a great way to
solving skills,” says Dr. Amanda and laughter to any situation, help‑ engage with them on their level
Gummer, child psychologist and an ing adults reduce stress. and learn more about their
expert contributor to 8 Active, busy play time can favorite activities. Plus, youʼll be keep an older adult vital and learning something new!
Adults benefit from play time healthy. Indeed, those that play 8 Let your grandchildren win
too. As one grows older, the free with children burn more calories, and lose the game sometimes. This
unstructured fun enjoyed in child‑ experience fewer falls and become is a great chance to boost self‑
hood is often replaced with struc‑ less reliant on walking aids, esteem while learning about good
tured activities like sports, card according to studies. sportsmanship. (StatePoint)
games and solving crosswords. 8 Play time is good for an aging
Time spent with youngsters can adultʼs mental and emotional
keep adults young and give them a health. Games can help seniors
chance to relive more carefree maintain cognitive skills and retain
days. memory, and the quality time with
According to The Genius of Play, children can prevent feelings of
a national initiative whose mission loneliness and boost positivity.
is to raise awareness about the Whether youʼre young, old or
importance of play and help par‑ somewhere in between, these
ents make play a critical part of three tips from The Genius of Play
raising their kids, here are three can help you make the most of the
reasons why intergenerational time together:
play is good for young children: 8 Share your favorite games
8 Unstructured play tends to be with your grandchildren. From
collaborative, encouraging cooper‑ hide‑and‑seek to hula‑hoops, intro‑
ation and honesty. ducing them to the games you
8 Spending time with older played years ago is a great way to EDUCATION September 14-20, 2019 27

5 ways to manage college application stress

By Lindsey Conger dation early in the process to 4. Reuse What
ensure they have time to write a
You Can

pplying to colleges can be thoughtful recommendation.
stressful, and for Luckily, the Common App
teenagers, this decision is
2. Stay Organized makes it easier for students to
one of the biggest they will have Regardless of how many apply to multiple schools a little
made in their lives. College‑ schools you choose to apply to, quicker. You wonʼt have to refill
bound seniors might be feeling there can still be a lot of informa‑ out your basic information
overwhelmed and overworked as tion and conflicting dates to numerous times, and you can
admissions deadlines loom clos‑ remember. Instead of trying to send your personal statement to
er, and the stress will build as keep track of it mentally, write it all the universities that accept
they struggle to finish everything down and organize it. List out all the Common App. However,
on time. The application process deadlines, the cost of attendance, some schools will require supple‑
isnʼt easy, so students should cre‑ whether you need test scores, mental essays. As you apply to
ate a plan of action on how to more schools, you might realize
how many recommendations
cope with the added pressure. you have to write on a similar
schools require and if they
Parents can also serve as a sup‑ topic for multiple schools. Reuse
require any supplemental essays.
portive shoulder to lean on dur‑ the content when you can, but
As you complete the items on the
ing this busy time. Here are five make sure that each essay is still
checklist, cross them off. That
tailored to the particular school
surefire ways for students to way, you are never left wonder‑
and fully answers the specific
manage college application ing if you forgot to answer a sup‑
stress effectively. plemental essay question or how

1. Start Early many letters of recommenda‑ 5. Keep A Positive

tions you need to submit.
If the thought of applying to
college causes you anxiety, then
3. Ask For Help
You will get in somewhere! If
you might be overwhelmed with You arenʼt expected to do this you have planned ahead, written
all the options. Start early by vis‑ all on your own. Ask a trusted genuine essays that reflect your
iting admissions websites, talk‑ adult, like a parent, teacher or personality and applied to a bal‑
ing to college students or repre‑ school counselor for help with an anced list of colleges, then you
sentatives and attending infor‑ get started on your personal plate early is the letters of rec‑ essay, your college list or any will likely get into a school that is
mation sessions to figure out statement now. By finishing that ommendation. Think of teachers, other part of the application. You the perfect fit for you. College
where you might want to attend essay by the time school starts, mentors or coaches that you could even consider hiring an application season can be stress‑
college. you can alleviate some of the have formed a close relationship independent counselor to be ful, but by taking these steps,
The Common Application stress of balancing classes with with over the years. Give them your guide and assist you with you can manage the workload
prompts are released before the application process. your resume and ask them to more specific issues. Donʼt wait and find your place at the college
summer even starts, so you could Another thing you get off your write you a letter of recommen‑ until itʼs too late. of your dreams.


I‑751, Waiver of Joint Filing Due to

Divorce, Termination, or Annulment
By Michael Phulwani, their divorce/annulment is final uine; and before. If USCIS needs more evi‑

Esq. and Dev B. or if the U.S. citizen spouse died. 4Evidence supporting the cir‑ dence to prove the marriage was
Viswanath, Esq. If the couple are just separated or cumstances that ended the mar‑ entered into in good faith they
in divorce/annulment proceed‑ riage. will send a request for evidence,

f an individual applied for a ings, they cannot file under this After the whole I‑751 packet is which must be timely answered.
green card based on their category. The individual must filed, the conditional permanent Or an interview may be sched‑
marriage to a U.S. citizen and submit evidence to establish that resident will receive a receipt uled. Once USCIS reviews the
they were married for less than their marriage was a bona fide notice which also extends their whole I‑751 packet it will deter‑
two years when they were grant‑ may file Form I‑751 without their real marriage and not just a busi‑ status. The conditional perma‑ mine if the conditional perma‑
ed residence, they will receive a spouse; this is when the individ‑ ness transaction to get a green nent resident is allowed to con‑ nent resident qualifies for a waiv‑
“conditional” green card that is ual applies for a waiver of the card. The individual must also tinue to live and work in the U.S. er of joint filing and send a letter
only valid for two years. Before joint filing requirement. There provide evidence that the mar‑ while their case is being to the applicant with their deci‑
the two‑year mark is up the indi‑ are three circumstances where a riage is legally terminated. If the processed, and travel the same as sion.
vidual must file a I‑751 form to waiver of the joint filing require‑ U.S. citizen spouse died than the
remove the conditions on their ment may be granted: the mar‑ individual must provide a death Dev Banad Viswanath is the Principal
green card. If the conditions on riage ended in divorce, annul‑ certificate. Evidence to establish a Attorney of The Banad Law Offices PC
their green card are not removed, ment, or death of the U.S. citizen marriage was entered into in in the United States,
spouse, the individual will suffer good faith would include wed‑ and Banad Immigration in India for which
then the green card and their sta‑
extreme hardship if they return ding records, birth certificates of Attorney Michael Phulwani is also affiliated
tus and right to stay in the U.S.
children, joint financial records, as Of Counsel. With Offices in Manhattan,
will terminate. to their home country, or the
pictures, among other items. Queens, Bangalore, and Mumbai, the firm is
Normally to remove the condi‑ individual was abused or treated
The following is what must be able to assist clients with all facets of the
tions on a green card, the green cruelly by their U.S. citizen
immigration process, including
card holder and their spouse spouse. This article will focus on submitted to USCIS along with
Employment Visas, Consular Visa Assistance,
would jointly file Form I‑751, waiver of the joint filing require‑ Form I‑751:
Student Visas, Removal & Deportation, US
Petition to Remove the ment due to divorce, annulment, 4Copy of the permanent resi‑
Citizenship and Green Card Applications
Conditions of Residence, within or death. dent card, front and back; based on Family or Employment. Dev B.
90 days of the expiration of the An individual may request a 4Evidence that the marriage Viswanath can be reached at
green card. There are a few cir‑ waiver of the joint filing require‑ was entered into in good faith and 718‑361‑5999.
cumstances where an individual ment for Form‑751 only after and that the marriage was gen‑
28 September 14-20, 2019 HUMOR

Funny Side by Nury Vittachi

Why is modern life


n alligator can eat a quarter of its same when eating those extra‑tall burgers.)
body weight in a single meal, equiva‑ A bird‑lover in our office commented that

AND lent to a human eating 89 bowls of

rice," a reader told me in an electronic conver‑
some songbirds eat a meal of insects roughly
every two seconds during their waking hours.

PAKISTAN sation.
I was not impressed. Ever seen teenagers
That's 30 meals a minute! Definitely worth
adding them to our Dining Heroes list.
eat? Eighty‑nine bowls is just the appetizer. Listening to this conversation was a col‑
This exchange was triggered by a news league who was on a diet where you have six
New York Head Quarter report that a snake had been seen in Florida small meals a day. (I told her I totally loved
eating a deer larger than itself. The snake the sound of that, except for the word
422‑S Broadway
became a new Dining Hero for my son and "small".)
HICKSVILLE myself, replacing TV's Miss Piggy, whose sen‑ The discussion became a competition.
NY 11801 sible eating plan is: "Never eat anything you "Forget alligators. A growing hummingbird
cannot lift." consumes TWICE its weight in food every sin‑
516‑827‑1010 How did you eat something larger than you gle day," the bird‑lover said.
are? Impressive. In human terms, that would be
Snakes temporarily dislocate their upper equivalent to a teenaged boy eating a couple
and lower jaws so that they can eat big things, of sheep a day. Could teens really do that? I
including cows and buffaloes, said a herpetol‑ texted one to ask. "If you put them on a pizza,
ogist friend via email. (Humans have to do the or cooked them as rogan josh, sure," was his
reply (after translation from teenspeak).
But would it be dangerous? I phoned a doc‑

Laughter is the Best Medicine tor friend who said that physicians used to
think it was impossible to eat yourself to
death. But in 1985, top medical journal The
Lancet reported a case in which a 23‑year‑old
By woman consumed one pound (450 grams) of
Mahendra liver, two pounds of kidneys, an eight ounce
steak, two eggs, a pound of cheese, two slices
Shah of bread, a pound of mushrooms, two pounds
Mahendra of carrots, a cauliflower, 10 peaches, four
Shah is an pears, two apples, four bananas, two pounds
architect by of plums, two pounds of grapes, and two
education, glasses of milk. She was rushed to hospital
entrepreneur by where surgeons cut her open ‑‑ but she died
before they could remove her lunch.
It reminded me of a true story from this col‑
artist and
umn in 2014. A woman ate so much to cele‑
brate Lunar New Year that she exploded. A
cartoonist and
nutritionist at Beijing Friendship Hospital
writer by hobby.
said the 58‑year‑old patient felt ill from
He has been
overeating and demanded a lunchectomy. The
recording the
electric knife used by a surgeon provided a
plight of the
spark which met combustible gases from
immigrant alcohol, causing a messy explosion in the
Indians for the operating theatre.
past many I don't wish to be morbid or anything, but
year in his car- you have to admit, if you have to die, this is
toons. Hailing pretty cool way to go. You eat all your
from Gujarat, favorite foods, and before even your weighing
he lives in scale can reproach you, BOOM. You're done.
Pittsburgh, And someone else has to clean up the mess.
Pennsylvania. Now please excuse me while I go dislocate
my jaw. ASTROLOGY September 14-20, 2019 29

Chandigarh, India: +91-172- 256 2832, 257 2874

By Dr Prem Kumar Sharma Delhi, India: +91-11- 2644 9898, 2648 9899;

SEPTEMBER 14‑20, 2019

Aries: You find pleasure and enjoy Cancer: Going for a vacation is Libra: Parents are likely to be coopera‑ Capricorn: Investment should be han‑
ecstasies of love in the arms of partner. always a big expenditure‑ you must tive despite your erratic behaviour. dled with extreme care and avoid
Unexpected travel could be tiring, put‑ plan everything beforehand. An Timely & swift action would give an being lured by dubious money ven‑
ting some of you in a frenzy state.Therefore, unexpected message from a distant relative edge over others at professional front. Good tures.Romantic partner would try innovative
not to forget to give yourself a much needed brings happy news for the entire family. time to divert attention to spirituality to enhance methods to catch your attention. A week
massage the body to give relief to tired mus‑ Avoid being volunteer to overspend other‑ mental toughness. Your travel plans are smooth, when smile will perpetually be on your face
cles. Successful execution of brilliant ideas wise you will have to come home empty but the toughest part is that your partner does‑ and strangers will seem familiar. Take some
would help in earning financial profits. pocket. Initiatives in love bring positive nʼt have much time for leisure activities. If you time to travel with your spouse for romance
Unexpected gifts and presents from close rel‑ results as you catch the desired attention. want to really benefit make sure you carefully and seduction. Second half of the week is
atives/family members cannot be ruled out. Your enormous confidence would help in listen & follow friendʼs advice. also the time to spend money on your home‑
Taurus: Shape your travel plans in such enjoying a healthy life. Scorpio: Avoid overspending on enter‑ ly accommodations.
a way that they are not stressful. Deals Leo: No help from family members tainment and luxuries especially in the Aquarius: Performing rituals/auspi‑
on commercial property can tend to be would disappoint you. You are likely first half of the week. Love life brings cious ceremonies at home prove high‑
at full boom Wednesday onwards. If possible, to strive hard in order to achieve tar‑ immense romantic pleasure. Yoga and medita‑ ly beneficial. An improvement in
just motivate others to make their life worth‑ gets at professional front. You need to make tion would help in keeping in shape and men‑ monetary position makes it convenient to pur‑
while by involving themselves in some charita‑ a proper planning before embarking on love tally agile. Travelling with kids can be a chal‑ chase essential items. A romantic encounter is
ble work.A firm commitment will not only journey. Off‑plan property investment is one lenge, try to reduce the stress. Preparations likely to add spice to life. Your confidence and
enable to achieve professional targets but also of the easiest and most profitable methods to are must before you plan for a new house.It energy will be high this week. Dreaming of
to realise your dreams. Friends and family maximize gains in the real estate market. will certainly be a wonderful week to contact travelling is good, but if possible than plan a
members would lend a helping hand. Virgo: A very healthy week filled with people who share the common dreams. trip side by side too. Investing residentially is
Gemini: Some of you are likely to torn happiness & vitality. Minor prepara‑ Sagittarius: A trip that is unconven‑ one thing you can rely on.
between the real world and spiritual tions before you travel overseas will tional and adventurous will be Pisces: Your lack of will might make it
perspectives.Not a very promising make your trip a lot smoother. To take busi‑ favourable enjoy every minute of it. difficult to achieve your goals towards
week to make investments especially in spec‑ ness to newer heights you will have to induct Getting your dream home will be the great‑ second half of the week. Before you
ulations. Cutting down the number of parties highly motivated persons with excellent est pleasure for you.Unexpected visit by old travel, examine yourself and your travelling
and pleasure jaunts would help in keeping in interpersonal skills in your team. Relatives friend could give you a pleasant surprise. partner, to determine what you expect from
good mood. It should be a perfect getaway are likely to give some valuable advice You should look twice at investment schemes your vacation.Business partners would be
time for you and your partner. Selling your regarding personal life. This week long‑term that are presented to you this week. Selfish enthusiastic about new plans & ventures.
property privately can be an excellent way of investment would enable to make substantial behaviour of a friend/acquaintance could Engaging yourself in praiseworthy things
saving on costs. gains. disturb mental peace. would add to familyʼs reputation.

September 14, 2019 best. Speculations however will

Governed by number 5 and the ANNUAL PREDICTIONS: FOR THOSE BORN IN THIS WEEK not be beneficial, therefore strictly
planet Mercury. You are practical, not recommended. Investment in a
sharp, dignified, sensitive, original out and important contacts will Some exhilarating news from your and diplomatic person. You are house or land will bring you long‑
and dashing individual. You are play immense role in improving children would boost up your spir‑ simple and very helpful, but you term benefits. Relation with your
friendly and very helpful, but you your financial standing. A sudden its later in the year. The months of need to control your tendency to spouse during this period will be
need to control your tendency to influence of a person from the December, May, September and behave impatient and short‑tem‑ cordial and on an even footing.
behave impatient and short‑tem‑ opposite sex will give a new and November will be eventful. pered at times. Children will bring you good news
pered at times. interesting twist to your life. Later This year you can look forward and you will be proud of their
New proposals and assignments in the year blessing from a saintly to major changes in your profes‑ achievements. Romantic alliances
for you this year. Business will person will provide comfort and September 17, 2019 sional career. A long due transfer will prosper and strengthen. The
flourish and financial gains will lift peace of mind. Stay away from Ruled by number 8 and the or a promotion can be expected months of February, May and
your confidence. Legal matters strangers who behave extra planet Saturn, you are dynamic, towards the middle of the year. September will be important.
that have been haunting your friendly and excuse all those who practical, responsible, hardwork‑ Those undertaking a foreign trip
mind will settle to your satisfac‑ approach you for temporary loans ing, authoritative and highly disci‑ in the second half of the year will September 20, 2019
tion. Promotions and increments and financial assistance. Friends plined. For you your duties and have a highly pleasurable and a Ruled by number 2 and the
are likely for some. Relationship will be helpful but demanding. responsibilities take precedence very exciting journey. Do not Moon. You are imaginative, smart,
with somebody close might get The months of February, July & over everything else, but you need spend lavishly on luxuries. trustworthy, generous and author‑
strained over trivial issues. September will prove to be signifi‑ to check your tendency to behave Financial difficulties and health itative person. You have good
Romance and new alliances look cant. stubborn and jealous at times. problems will mar peaceful atmos‑ command over your work and
likely for those unattached. Elders Your next year will see you phere at home. Despite few initial people look up to you for advice
and children in the family will September 16, 2019 improve your financial position, problems earlier in the year, your and support, but you need to
demand a lot of your attention. Influenced by number 7 and the but there will be an increase in financial position will become check your tendency to behave
Health of your spouse may cause planet Neptune, you are energetic, your expenses as well. Put your much better as new moneymaking selfish and moody at times.
concern and anxiety. Sportsmen ambitious, independent, honest ef forts on projects that promise projects w ill be undertaken. This year you will feel more
and artists can look forward to and possess a sharp memory. You long term gains without wasting Spiritual gains for some later in secure with your prevailing job
some fame towards the end of the are highly innovative and have an much time on small problems. the year. The months of March, and your monetary position will
year. The months of February, in built talent to impress others, Only selective investment will be August and October will be highly also improve. Money transaction
June, October and November will but you need to control your ten‑ rewarding and you should avoid significant. however should be made careful‑
be significant. dency to behave impatient and speculation on all fronts. Arrival ly. Some losses due to speculation
erratic at times. of guests and relatives during this September 19, 2019 or hasty decision during this peri‑
September 15, 2019 This period is good for you to period will be plenty, who will Influenced by number 1 and the o d cannot be ruled out.
Ruled by number 6 and the take important decision. You shall bring you gifts in cash and kind. Sun. You are active, energetic, Businessmen will sign new and
planet Venus. You have a pleasant gather knowledge, information Employment opportunities for authoritative, brilliant, systematic important contracts. Overseas
personality, sharp memory and and make new and long lasting some of you. and a talented person. You always ventures will be highly lucrative.
you are fond of worldly pleasures. contacts. You shall leave no stone Romance will be pleasant and welcome new ideas and thoughts, This might not be the perfect year
You stay ahead of others because unturned to achieve your desired will add a spice to your life. The but you need to check your ten‑ for matters relating to your heart
of your interest in new things and goals. Businessmen will expand months of February, May, July and dency to behave spendthrift and and forming a matrimonial
new technology, but you need to their ventures into new and more November w ill be hig hly dominating at times. alliance.
control your tendencies towards profitable avenues. Investment in significant. The beginning of this year will The latter half of the year will
moodiness, timidity and interfer‑ stocks would bring spectacular see you complete many of your see you undertake a pilgrimage,
ence in the affairs of others. results. Health would definitely September 18, 2019 pending jobs in hand. which will bring you mental com‑
This coming year is good for need more attention. Meditation Governed by number 9 and the New money making opportuni‑ fort and peace. The months of
judicial and govt. favours. Long and Yoga should be practiced for planet Mars. You are dignified, ties will be highly promising, but January, May, July and September
pending disputes will get sorted spiritual as well as physical gains. sensitive, courageous, confident will require you to give in your will be highly result oriented.
30 September 14-20, 2019 SPIRITUAL AWARENESS

Truth is high, true living is higher

in matters of non‑violence? the cosmos.
Nonviolence has several aspects. Selfless service comes from an
It involves non‑injury in thought, understanding that we are all
word and deed. We know that we members of one large family of
should not kill or hit anyone but God. To truly perform selfless serv‑
still we are violent to some. We ice, we must act without any desire
may be able to develop control for a reward or recognition. It is
over ourselves so that we do not one of the goals of spirituality to
physically harm anyone, but we help all humanity develop the
are quite careless when it comes to quality of love and service to all.
By Sant Rajinder Singh non‑violence in words and Chastity is the most important
Ji Maharaj thoughts. part of spiritual life. Spirituality
We injure the feelings of so cannot dawn on a mind which is

ife on earth, as we have it, many people, we think ill of so driven or attracted through the
has a tremendous bearing in many others. And because of our outgoing faculties to the outward
building the body and mind. grievous lack of patience, we are enjoyment. Out of five outgoing
We must therefore strive to simpli‑ prone to speak harshly. We must faculties of eyes, ears, nose, touch
fy weigh our words carefully. If we and taste, three are
life and learn to live truly. It is can keep control on our tongue, we most powerful. Lust attacks us
true living on which everything will find that our issues will be In order to progress in spiritual path, we eighty percent through eyes, four‑
resolved lovingly and we will not teen percent through ears and six
else depends, even the search for
injure or be injured in the process.
need to develop right understanding so percent through touch. So how
one self. The
importance of true living cannot For those treading the spiritual that we can have right thoughts, right should we maintain chastity? We
be over emphasized. It is rightly path, truthfulness is one of ethical words and right deeds. Each day we have have to just control our attention.
said, "Truth is higher than every‑ virtues we need to inculcate. If our attention is riveted at the
thing, but higher still is true liv‑ Failures in truthfulness can so many shortcomings in leading an ethical centre of the soul in the body, we
ing." The problem of personal con‑ be broken down into categories life. We have so many failures in the areas will not be affected by what we see
duct of man as an individual is one of falsehood, deceit, hypocrisy and or hear. We should observe chasti‑
of prime importance for success in illegal gain. Some failures under
of non‑violence, truthfulness, humility, ty in thoughts, words and deeds.
spiritual path. In order to progress these headings are quite obvious, selfless service and chastity. To be pure is the ground on which
in spiritual path, we need to devel‑ such as telling a lie or stealing. God manifests. Christ said,
op right understanding so that we People can lie in thought, word or powerful, all‑knowing and ego, the more God's grace can "Blessed are pure in heart, for they
can have right thoughts, right deed. It basically means they are endowed with the greatest of enter into us. shall see God."
words and right deeds. hiding the truth. We need to real‑ qualities. We are filled with ego. Then we lack compassion. Man As a result of failure in leading
Each day we have so many short‑ ize that while we may sometimes Ego manifests in different forms was created to have sympathy for ethical life, our soul continues to
comings in leading an ethical life. hide the truth from others but we i.e. ego based on knowledge, his fellow beings, to share the pain, come again and again to this cre‑
We have so many failures in the cannot hide it from God. He is all wealth and power. We try to the trials and tribulations of oth‑ ation, without hope of
areas of non‑violence, truthfulness, knowing and He is watching us all flaunt our knowledge. We try to ers. We should share the sorrows returning to its source. The only
humility, selfless service and the times, so our thoughts, words overawe others with our power and afflictions of our fellows, as way to become purified is to take
chastity. and deeds should be above board. and we try to prove our superiority well as of entire creation. How shelter under a Living Master. The
Unfortunately, we have devel‑ Next comes humility. Humility to others on the basis of the riches many opportunities for Master through meditation
oped ugly blemishes and are cov‑ means treating every human being we possess. selfless service, we take advan‑ process helps us to lead an ethical
ered with the dirt and dust of sins as equal and speaking to each one We should have love for all the tage of? By serving selflessly, we life. He has treatment for all our
we have accumulated while pass‑ in a humble tone, with people, regardless of their social expand our hearts from our self to ailments. He is yearning and long‑
ing through the wheel of life. How a sweet voice. But in reality each status and position in life. The our family, to community, our ing to come and bestow His love
many times we have gone wrong person thinks that he or she all more we empty ourselves of our country, the world and ultimately on us. (

By Sant Rajinder Singh

rom childhood, our life is a is in stillness that we come up with stillness can help us tap into our
series of activities that creative ideas. It is in stillness that creativity.
occupy our time. Parents we solve a difficult problem. It is If we learn the art of sitting in
create a schedule for their infants in stillness that we have revela‑ silence, even for our worldly work,
and toddlers. As children, our life tions. Scientists, musicians, artists, we will be able to transfer that
becomes a regiment of one activity poets, writers, philosophers, and ability to sitting in silence for med‑
after another. In school, we rush inventors often came up with mas‑ itation. We will find we are less
about to reach classes on our terpieces by sitting in stillness. jumpy and restless. We can devel‑
schedule. When we graduate, we From the stillness arose new ideas op the ability to sit still for the
take a job and we have a list of that revolutionized the world. longest possible time. We will be
tasks to do. It seems our whole life Similarly, stillness is where we used to stopping our mind, to let
is occupied in one activity after find our soul and God. God cannot our soul have its voice. When all is
another. Thus, when we try to be found by outer activity; God can still, we find the soulʼs voice is call‑
meditate, we find it almost unnatu‑ only be found within. Meditation tion we need to learn to sit in still‑ tice sitting in stillness. At our jobs, ing for us to find God. If we are
ral to sit still and still our mind. requires stillness for attaining ness. When we sit in stillness it we can spend some time thinking still, we can hear the Voice of God,
As a society we seem to value spiritual results. may look to others as if we are not about whether we are doing our or the Music of the Spheres, the
activity. The more we are seen Our life is like a train rushing doing anything. Yet, in stillness we work in the best possible manner Celestial Harmony, or the holy
doing, the better it looks. Few peo‑ along tracks of busyness. We are are doing the most important and if not, how to make improve‑ Word.
ple value sitting in silence. We so used to being busy that it feels activity in life̶finding our soul ments. We may come up with a We can balance our activities
think that if we sit still, we are not unnatural to stop our activities to and God. Few people attain God in new and better way of doing with times in which we are still. In
doing anything. We fear being sit in silence. Yet to solve a prob‑ life. Why? They do not know how things at work. If we run a house‑ this way we can improve our medi‑
labeled as lazy or incompetent. lem or create something new, we to do nothing. If they would learn hold, we can spend some time sit‑ tations. By sitting still in medita‑
However, each person needs to need to take time from our busy to sit and do nothing, they would ting in stillness to reflect on how tion we will find that we can be the
take time from all their busy activ‑ schedule to tap into our inner find everything. we can solve our family problems most productive, because we can
ities and be still. resources. Similarly, to achieve It may be good for each of us to or make life for our family better. attain the state of finding God.
Being still has many purposes. It self‑knowledge and God‑realiza‑ set aside some time daily to prac‑ If we are involved in the arts, the ( September 14-20, 2019 September 14-20, 2019