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September 2019
Telephone Dear CJFM Friend,
(210) 226 - 0421
Folks in their “senior” years are sometimes tempted to think they have outlived their
usefulness to God. But that’s absolutely not true! The Bible reminds us that the righteous
Fax “shall still bear fruit in old age” (Psalm 92:14; also Psalm 71:17-18) and is replete with
(210) 226 - 2140 examples. I am particularly mindful of widowed Anna, who continued to serve God with
her prayers well into her 80s (Luke 2:36-38).
But such examples are not just found in the Bible. Not long ago, we received this lovely
E-mail note from a woman who had just celebrated her 98th birthday:
Dear [CJF Ministries],

OrderLine Thank you for your lovely card, and kindness of remembering my birthday. On 5-26-
1921 the Lord brought me into the world. He formed me and shaped me to be a child
(800) 926 - 5397
of God. I have failed Him many times, but I take my failures to Jesus, and His blood
always washes them away.
Website I read God’s Word everyday. I start on January 1st reading Genesis Chapter One. By reading three chapters a day (sometimes I read more), I always finish the last chapter
of Revelation 22 on December 31st. This year will make my 58th time. My memory isn’t
so good, so repetition is good, as it keeps me on my toes and it feeds my soul.

I. C.

Another recent correspondent commented on the autobiography of Ruth Nessim, our

83-year-old colleague in Israel:
“I just read [ The Roofed Gate] today in one sitting. Ruth is amazing and I cannot be-
lieve what she has accomplished in her lifetime! . . . I am going to ask our Life Group
members from church to read it because we are doing a series about “Love Does the
Unexpected” and [Ruth] did it in so many ways that were so natural to her. She is really
an incredible role model.”

M. N.

I’m sure you know others whose lives are also worthy of mention. We praise God for all
those senior believers who have gained unique wisdom and have modeled lives of faith,
perseverance, and service. We are especially grateful for those who love Israel and the
Jewish people. May their examples inspire us.
Your friend and brother,

Gary Hedrick

We rejoice with our friend, Pastor Yossi Ovadia, and Kehilat Haderech (The Way congregation) in Karmiel,
Israel over the celebration of their 30th anniversary in June. Since observing their first Lord’s Supper
together in 1989, their fellowship of 10 has grown into a congregation of more than 150 today. Over the
years, they have met in a variety of venues, including the forest. With congregational sweat equity, and the
volunteer labor of believers from other countries, the congregation modified its current facility (a rented
industrial building acquired in 2017) to create a worship center, kitchen, classrooms, a nursery, offices, and
an adjoining young adult meeting area known as “The Well.” They give all glory to God!
Haderech’s anniversary celebration featured a time of worship and praise, a PowerPoint presentation
documenting the history of the congregation, and special congratulations from friends and international
supporters—including CJFM’s scholar-in-residence, Dr. Tim Sigler. Others, unable to attend in person, sent
their greetings in videos. As the date of the celebration fell on the Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost), Yossi also
shared a message from the Book of Ruth, which is traditionally read that day.

Members and friends gather to celebrate Haderech’s 30th anniversary. The Hebrew quote on
the wall is from John 14:6, He said to him: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.”
Photo courtesy of Sam Gordon of “Truth for Today.”

Throughout its history, Haderech has placed strong emphasis on the study of the Scriptures (Old and New
Testaments) as well as on the need to be socially engaged.* High priority is also given to reconciliation and
fellowship with Arab believers. This is a special challenge given the long-standing mistrust and animosity
between Jewish and Arab Israelis—even those who are believers. But Kehilat Haderech is committed to
demonstrating the truth of the Gospel—that in Yeshua, the wall between them has come down, and both Jew
and Arab are one new man in the Messiah (Eph. 2:14).
This vibrant congregation is making a great impact for the Messiah in Karmiel, in the Galilee, throughout
Israel, and beyond. We invite you to be part of their ministry through your prayers and gifts.

*Kehilat Haderech cooperates with and supports numerous congregations and agencies: Be’ad Chaim (Pro Life); Lech
L’cha (a Messianic discipleship training program [see]); and the Ebenezer Home (the only
senior citizens’ home in Israel run by believers for believers—Jewish, Arab, and others). To learn more about Kehilat
Haderech and other ministries they are associated with, visit
Kehilat Haderech Leadership
Senior Pastor Yossi Ovadia
Haderech Senior Pastor, Yossi Ovadia, was born in Haifa, Israel, in 1960 to an Orthodox Jewish
family. In 1983, by God’s grace, Yossi came to personal faith in the Messiah and shortly thereafter,
was called to serve the Lord in Karmiel. In 1988 he established Kehilat Haderech, devoting himself
full time to ministry while also working full time as a civil engineer. His future wife, Ronit, was born
in Jerusalem to a secular Jewish family and grew up on a kibbutz. Remarkably, she also had come to
faith in 1983. Yossi and Ronit married in 1990, and they have been partners in ministry ever since.
Working a secular job while pastoring full time finally became too much for Yossi, and in 2003, he
resigned from his secular position. The Lord has blessed Yossi and Ronit’s efforts; Haderech now has
about 160 members, including 40 children. The Ovadias also have three grown sons of their own.

Elders and visiting pastors pray for Haderech’s co-pastors, Liron Shany and Yossi Ovadia (right),
and the congregation during Haderech’s anniversary service.
Photo courtesy of Sam Gordon of “Truth for Today.”

Pastor Liron Shany

The growth of Haderech necessitated the addition of another pastor to the staff. Liron Shany, born
in Israel in 1977 to a secular Jewish family, came to faith in 2004 while studying medicine in
Europe. As the grandson of both Holocaust survivors and Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany,
Liron feared family reaction to his new faith. Despite that, he returned to Israel where he met
Karin, a former Catholic who had left nursing in Austria to bring the Gospel to the Jewish people
in Israel. Liron and Karin married in 2006 and have been blessed with four children. They attended
Haderech for several years and Liron was ordained there in 2013. Since then, he has served
alongside Yossi at Kehilat Haderech. Like Yossi, he also resigned from a lucrative secular position
(he was a psychiatrist at a regional Israeli hospital) to devote himself wholeheartedly to ministry.
Please pray for these men, for their wives, and families. May God meet their every need and bless
their work on behalf of the Gospel in Israel.
There has been a lot of talk recently about the next generation. This is especially
true in churches and more importantly for us, in Messianic Congregations.
The current generation of leaders is getting ready to step down. Will the next
generation step up? Rob with Dan and Anja A

Yes, and CJF Ministries has developed a two-year program to help them
succeed. It’s called Leading Others (LO). Leading Others is designed to
mentor and train while providing community and ministry opportunities to
the next generation of Messianic leaders.
We’ve already launched the program and our first candidate, Kyle, will
graduate this September. With two years of mentoring and training with
Messianic leader, Irving S., he’s prepared and ready to begin his next ministry.
Two other young men are enrolled in LO, both Israelis, and are currently
studying in the US. When their education is complete, they will go back to
begin their ministries in the Land.
We are more than excited and blessed to play a part in the ministry of these
three young men. We hope you are excited as well, reaching God’s Chosen
People through congregations and churches with well-trained leaders. We also
hope you will partner with us in helping to fund our goal of a self-sustaining
Leading Others Legacy Fund. Training future leaders is a huge undertaking.
We welcome your prayers and also gifts to the fund—large or small. For
more information, contact Rob Styler at or (602) 769-1133.


Messianic Jewish believers in Israel today sometimes face opposition from their ultra-religious countrymen in much the
same way as their first-century counterparts (ref. Acts 21:17-32). In June, an angry mob of 30-40 ultra-Orthodox Israelis
harassed and assaulted fellow Jewish Israelis as they arrived at a Hebrew language Messianic worship concert in Jerusalem.
The mob blew whistles, screamed, spit, pushed and shoved men, women, and children trying to enter the facility where the
concert was being held. Police eventually brought the situation under control.
Despite such episodes of overt Orthodox opposition, an increasing number of younger Israelis are showing interest in
the Gospel. IDF soldiers in training are now visiting Messianic congregations (including Kehilat Haderech in Karmiel)
to learn what Messianic Jews believe, and why. Many of these prospective soldiers ask volumes of questions and even
request copies of the New Testament. Despite opposition, God is at work! Please pray for both the Orthodox and all
Israelis to see the truth and embrace Yeshua as their Messiah.
The following verses are excerpted from a poem written in 1986 by our colleague in Israel, Jewish believer Ruth Nessim—“How
Beautiful upon the Mountains.” Her words remind us that there is still work to be done. We must tell the Good News to Israel!

The Gospel’s gone to all the world; So rise from your slumbers, children of God
We’ve sailed the seas to tell Go forth and fight the foe.
The heathen masses of God’s love; If we don’t tell them who Yeshua is
But what of Israel? How will the people know?
The Gospel’s gone to all the world; How beautiful upon the streets
We’ve sailed the seas to tell The feet of them that tell
The heathen masses of God’s love; Glad tidings to this ancient Race
But what of Israel? Good news to Israel.*
*The entire poem—as well as many others written in Israel from a Messianic Jewish perspective—
is available in a collection titled, Musings from Galilee.
Work in the World
September 2019
by Dr. Gary Hedrick
Learn why God commissions us to reach out to
the Jewish people and fulfill the greatest work in
the world.
Paperback (G-21) $7, 27 pages

The story of Ruth Nessim, a Jewish believer in Jesus born in Though born in England, Ruth Nessim always felt drawn to
London in 1936. After escaping the bombing of the city in World Israel, the land of her ancestors. In 1971, she and her husband,
War II, Ruth came to faith, married, and became a nurse midwife Albert, finally were able to fulfill their dream of moving to the
and an active witness to the Jewish populace of northern Israel, Holy Land. In this book of poems, written from the perspective
where as a widow, she continues to live and serve today. In telling of a Jewish believer in Jesus, she shares her deep feelings about
her story, our colleague Ruth also offers us rare insight into the life, death, God, and the Land she loves.
early Messianic movement in Israel and forcefully demonstrates
Book (BB-62) $14, 92 pages
that God loves all people, including Arabs and Palestinians!
Paperback (BB-196) $15, 158 pages


This high-quality, 16-month calendar begins
with September 2019 (when we celebrate Rosh

Hashanah) and continues through December

2020, making note of Jewish holy days, Sabbaths,
and Torah readings. Traditional US holidays are
also highlighted.
This year’s calendar focuses on the little-known
Jewish communities of Greece. In addition to
breathtaking photographs taken on location,
the calendar also includes an interesting and
informative article by CJFM scholar-in-residence,
Dr. Tim Sigler, who examines the ancient origins of
these communities, the effect the Holocaust had on
them, and the unusual impact they have on Israeli
society today.
CJF Ministries/Messianic Perspectives PO Box 345 San Antonio, Texas 78292 (800) 926-5397
Calendar (1) $12, (2-4) $11 ea., (5-10) $10 ea.,
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Other News


Brother Sergey G. of Bobruisk Brother Ivan L. of Mstislavl

Top: Brother Sergey from Bobruisk (light shirt and no jacket) addressed a
session at a recent men’s seminar. His topic: Israel and the Church. The
Scripture on the banner behind the men is taken from Lamentations 3:25, The
LORD is good to those who wait for Him, To the soul who seeks Him.
Right: After their Passover Service in Mstislavl, members of the congregation
shared a sumptuous meal.
Bottom: At the end of June, with the government’s approval, Brother Ivan invited a
prominent local pastor and his team to conduct a three-day evangelical outreach
event. Sergey and 15 members of his congregation from Bobruisk helped Ivan
organize the event. Praise God, 160 children were among the attendees.

Brother Ivan L. of Mstislavl