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I really enjoy watching the kind of movies in which I can find a plot that entertains me from the

very beginning to the end of the film. I could classify among my most recommended categories

horror movies, comedy, and sci-fi, however the sort of movies I prefer spending my time at home

with are romantic movies! As soon as the film starts rolling I can’t stop crying if there is a touching

scene. I hate having to watch adds if I am using a different website that my Netflix the same way I

find quite annoying talkative and noisy people who love ruining your perfect time at the cinema


I could say there are thousands of movies I have watched over and over again, nevertheless the

movie I remember watching the most is called “my first 50 dates”, starring with Adam Sandler and

Drew Barrymore; I knew about this one after overhearing a conversation on a bus station, a young

girl was asking her mom to watch it again and she started crying over that, making me get closer

and finding out what the whole thing was about. First thing I did when I got home was looking for

it and I ended up liking it quite a lot since it was a very wonderful story of unconditional love.