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 You do not take anything from an Ethnic.
(ethnics are known by their tainted colours and
their bestial sounds) Beware! Fellow Caucasians,
they will try to trick you into thinking they`re a
Caucasian but do not worry! I have the solution
for that you will read that later on.
 You must always wear and own CRITICAL items
to fully am and delve into your Caucasian roots. (I
will show you those items in the next chapter)
 Furthermore, if you have an Ethnic friend right
now. Ditch them. Plain and Simple. The longer
you stay with them the more infected you will
become. And once u have become even 1% ethnic
you are already lost. I have seen so many
Caucasians get infected and eventually die from
the Ethnicity Disease. Such a shame indeed.
 And Also, You must always worship the true
goddess/god among the Caucasians. Our lord and
saviour and our kind Creator. Joanne the
Scammer. You must always say his name 10
times In your Caucasian mirror every night
before you sleep or your wig will fly off. (for the
smart ones among us: you have to say it 10 times
because 10 is the number of 0`s we have on our
bank accounts.)
 Lastly but not Least, Caucasians always look like
they are having fun and if you don’t then just


Essential items:
 The Caucasian wig. Of course you can dye it in many

 The Infamous White Polarbear Jacket. Very rare and


 Multiple Phones. Staying connected to all your

sugardaddies is very important so you should atleast
have 3 phones and they should all be Bedazzled.


 Tracksuits. They are cute but always wear ones that are
colourful otherwise people think you are actually going
to the Gym. EW.
 Always and I mean ALWAYS have this marker on you so
whenever you do not know whose a Caucasian and who
is a fake Caucasian AKA Ethnic. This marker will show
u whose real. If u use it on them and the ink is visible it
means they are fake.

 Tiaras. Always act like a princess and you will be treated

as one.
 Diamonds. Always bedazzle your body with diamonds. I
mean who doesn’t love a good shine.
 And Last but not least, always decorate your house with
these essential Caucasian Items.