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Personal and Consumer Health Quiz 

Study Guide: 8th Grade 

1. What are the four leading causes of death for ages 10-24, in order? 
2. According to the CDC, unintentional injuries are no longer called what? 
3. List prevention behaviors for each cause of death. 
4. Describe the difference between prevention vs. treatment. Why is prevention 
5. What are four factors that increase the risk for violence? 
6. What are six signs of Depression in teens? 
7. Are boys or girls more likely to engage in risk taking behaviors? 
8. Define the following terms: 
- Chronic: 
- Asthma: 
- Allergies: 
- Diabetes: 
- Epilepsy: 
9. What are the contributing behavioral and environmental factors associated 
with each chronic condition listed above? 
10. What strategies are used for preventing or reducing symptoms of each chronic 
condition listed above?