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Answers are as follows:

1. Jewellery is basically the sole important object for all the special occasions.. We can at sometimes
avoid the accessories but jewellery always plays an important role being artificial or original..

2. For me if I am planning to purchase the jewellery then I will go for its performance in the market like if
its value is constant over last few years or not. For more clarity its rate projections over last few years. I
don't want to purchase the jewellery whose market rates are not constant and there is peaks and valleys
in its values..

3. I don't connect to jewellery emotionally.. It's basically the return that I will get from it.. Jewellery has
its beauty enhancing features but on the financially stronger part is the one which is useful for me..

4. I don't have much knowledge about its design.. But I would prefer a sober one..

5. I don't think it is in alignment with the older generation.

6. I think the diamond jewellery stands out as compared to gold as gold jewellery is kinda outdated

7. These ads basically relates to some very emotional things of life.. Like for every father its his daughter
who is the most lovable and these ads basically shows the bond between the father and daughter which
makes me emotional.. Other than jewellery it's the bond that is precisely shown in these ads.. Just an
add on being on emotional side I always pray to have a cute little daughter of mine .. (Kindly ignore
these last line.. It was my feeling so I expressed it)

8. The festival of Diwali is the festival that is having a very integral role in our life in order to purchase
these ornaments.. Hence this festival would be the most preferable to me..

9. Don't have much idea about it.. I don't think that commodity market plays any important role in it..
10. In case of gifting the jewellery to the newborn , I think we preferably give silver spoon or silver based
bowls and glasses as it has some scientific benefits to it.. Gold is something that we prefer to wear in
wedding or some functions .. I don't think that gold is the only option ...