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Exercise 4:

Answer five questions about you and five about one member from your family. Use
Adverbs of frequency

How often do you do these activities?

How often does your family member do these activities?

 Do you play chess?

I like to play cheddar because it helps me memorize plays.

 Do you like to go to school?

Yes, I like to go to school because it is interesting to learn new things and share
time with my friends.

 How often do you eat away from home?

I create once or twice a month, either as a family or with my friends.

 Do you like to visit your friends?

I really like to visit my best friend, we see each other very often and share snacks

 Do you call your friends very often?

I really call them only once a month when we meet to share our experiences.

Questions about my daughter

 How often do you do favors?

Luna is a 9 year old girl and is very helpful she likes to do favors for everyone.

 Do you like watching the news?

Very rarely do you like to watch the news.
 Do you like to wash clothes?
Luna likes to put her clothes in the washing machine and then hang her, she is
very judicious with her personal things.

 How often do you like to go shopping?

Luna loves shopping, but she only goes shopping when she gets good grades at

 What do you do when you rest and relax?

Luna likes watching dance videos and dancing and singing so she relaxes after
doing her activities.