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Personal and Consumer Health 

Study Guide: 6th Grade 

1. What is the difference between a communicable disease and a chronic disease? 
2. Give three examples of communicable diseases. 
3. Give three examples of chronic diseases. 
4. What are two other terms used for communicable diseases? 
5. What conditions/diseases are often spread through airborne transmission? 
6. How can you prevent illnesses from being spread through airborne transmission? 
7. How can you prevent “catching” something through contaminated objects? 
8. What are four ways illnesses are spread through indirect contact? 
9. Define the following:  
a. Respiration-  
b. Alveoli-  
c. Asthma-  
d. Triggers-  
e. Asthma Attack-  
10. What common triggers may cause an asthma attack? 
11. What are the signs of an asthma attack?