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^0-01 / 2019-20

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(1) Tender Form for Printing and Supply of Secure Original Diploma Certificates

1.1 Template designing of Secure Original Diploma Certificate and data printing in coordination with the

1.2 Security printing of certificates with High security features listed in the technical specifications.
1.3 The bidder must supply Original Diploma Certificates in quantity as required. The Original Diploma
certificate shall be printed in multi colour in A4 size. The material shall be non tearable paper with 200
micron A4 Size. Compatible with laser printing also.

Bidder must confirm to the following list of security features that are mandatory to be adopted in the design
and printing of Diploma certificates.
L Micro no./SERIAL NUMBER: It consist of specific number.
H. HIGH RESOLUTION BORDER: Micro text embedded as a border. Fine border is printed on the
Certificate- To produce extremely fine line borders that when copied, gives a line breakage or
smudge effect.
III. COPY-N-CHECK: Approved Security printing software must be used & words like copy or void
should be incorporated in the document accordingly.
Iv. MICRO LETTERING- Security printing of some texts must be done with very fine, tiny letters
which cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be seen only with the help of a powerful magnifying
V. U-VERIFV- Security printing should have images/logos that are suitably embedded in the document
such that these images are not visible by naked eye. The image should be readable only under certain
range of Ultra Violet light. Such images cannot be copied by scanners or colourcopiers.
vl. QR CODE: A QR code uses four standardized encoding modes to store data efficiently; extensions
may also be used.

I. The Bidder should be an ISO certified company.

ii. The bidder must be an RBI/IBA empanneled security printer.
iii. The bidder must have valid registration certificate by Industry department and Udyog Adhar.
iv. The bidder must have an average annual turnover of atleast INR 01 (One) crores during the last three
financial years/audit balance sheet of C.A and must submit IT return copies for the last three year.
V. The bidder must have two work experiences of working on turn-key printing projects for any
Board/University/NIT/IIT and Other's Teaching Instaurations.
yiylRlcb oB ^ (arra a/4 Paper 64 GSM white front page Printing with Single
Colour Binding, Double Stitching with number and SBTE Perforation.
(3) ^ 56x71 cm. ^ ^ 31^ (180GSM) High Quality.
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