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ve HEADS CAROLINA, TAILS CALIFORNIA Words and Music by TIM NICHOLS “Sreaanserguenrees sere. Lee aligns or Lo MUS Conrall ana kommer and MARK D. SANDERS. ‘Moderately 8 A 8 & == Ba = by, what do you say we Juat_ get leave this Lowa wean tn the back OF a Oe tamva ‘Couple E 8 x 8 —— G2 == SSS] o oe = one-horse town — eb ele with outa 1 got modern = day" Nios sécarehin® “or” the Promised We Gin E peo-ple in Box = ton. Aln't your dad - dy igo four hun - dred miles be - fore we slop for gus, Tp to-morrow night a's lp —— Sey and” then welts a Wek athe gp B= ry a OF oe aL SS ee Meads Caro - lem talk Cals forsla, some = where green - ef, some = where warm = ep t 8 * A 3 SS SS SS SS SSS $a = EES sae — iin themoun - tains, down by the o-cean, where it don't mut-ter, longus we're goin" 8 A 8 oT Calf for We can loud We're gon-na sips 2 a = 6 Sade =a SS wet outst bere Mt we got =e ede 9 Greyhound bye tay, ee bound © kg a 8 haloes = run the bad luck that’s tail in? us on, B a ——— — Om, al or ia y Repeat ad lib. and Fade