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Garrett Mueller

Professor Nguyen

ECON 2301

4 September 2019

Singapore Case Study Questions

1. Classify which elements of Singapore’s system falls under C / LF

Some consider Singapore to be a “welfare state” or “nanny state". The citizens are

heavily policed, but they are also aided by the government. Singapore ensures that its

citizens are housed, healthy, and economically successful. Although it has some

command policies, Singapore has lots of laws and incentives for businesses to operate


2. Is this system successful? Why / why not?

The system is very successful for Singapore. Although the citizens have some complaints

about the restrictions, they are still very happy to live there and they are satisfied with the

system. They feel safe, equal, and they feel like their beliefs are respected.

3. Do you think this system can be replicated? Why / why not?

No I don’t think it could be replicated elsewhere. Singapore is convenient for this system

because it only has around 5 million people and they are fairly isolated. The citizens are

generally okay with what the government does because they don’t know anything
different and their content and information coming in from outside is policed by the


4. Would you want to live in this system? Why / why not?

I would actually like to try living there. My dad worked in Singapore for a while and he

really enjoyed it. He said the same as the video: every place you visit is super clean, the

food is fantastic, everyone is nice, tolerant, and their city infrastructure and entertainment

are outstanding compared to America. It also seemed like it was fairly easy for that guy

to setup his business.