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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region X
Division of Camiguin
District of Guinsiliban


Narrative Report on Brigada Eskwela 2019

As mandated by Deped Memorandum no. 36, s. 2019, Guinsiliban National High

School conducted the Brigada Eskwela 2019 last May 20-25, 2018. With the theme

“Matatag Na Bayan Para Sa Maunlad Na Paaralan,” the Brigada Eskwela is the National

Schools Maintenance Week that brought together all the education stakeholders to

prepare public school facilities for the opening of the school year. Parents, students,

alumni and other people from the community were encouraged to join the teachers in

the week long annual event.

The faculty and non-teaching staff of Guinsiliban National High School held the

brigade eskwela caravan and opening program last May 20, 2019 to signal the start of

the week-long event. Parents and other stakeholders from all over the town came to

help out. Most of the women swept the school grounds to clear a summer’s worth of

fallen leaves and other debris; while the men did various minor repairs around the

campus. The students also pitched in by helping their teachers prepare the classrooms

for the incoming school year.

For each day of the event, different volunteers from various agencies came to

pitch in. The officers from Guinsiliban Police Station repainted the front concrete fence

while officials from different barangays collaborated to repaint some classrooms. The

officers from The Bureau Of Fire Protection came full force and blasted the newly

finished concrete school ground with their high pressure hose to remove dirt and excess

cement. Other volunteers painted the concrete surface to make it into an outdoor

basketball court.

A new concrete pathway was constructed in front of the grade 7 classrooms to

keep the students away from mud and dirt when the rainy season arrives. A mini “Mt.

Illihan”, planted with various flowers and other ornamental plants, served as the center

piece for the landscape. Pruning the overgrown trees near the school buildings was also

necessary to prevent future accidents.

Through the overwhelming support of the parents, students, teachers, non-

teaching staff, and the volunteers from various agencies, the school facilities are now in

good condition and ready to face the opening of the school year. Evidences for the week

long activity are attached herewith.

Prepared by:


Committee on Documentation, Chairman

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