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Character Education


This lesson was for students to begin to understand the importance of having a calm
reaction to a problem and gave some practical tools to calm down. We did a science
experiment to show that a "green zone reaction" (taking time to breath, asking for help,
doing something different) leads to better problem solving and a better outcome. However,
using a "red zone reaction" (yelling, throwing a fit,hitting objects or people) makes the
problem much worse than it should have been. We then practiced some tools together to
start building the students' calm down toolbox together. We will continue to add to this
throughout the year, To conclude the lesson, Mind Yeti taught us about having a calm
body and brain.

Crazy 8 Breathing: a breathing tool; start in the star in the middle of the 8
and take a deep inhale around the first loop and exhale around the second
Count to 10: A calm down technique that allows your brain to slow down
enough to recognize which zone you are in and choosing another calm
down tool to "get back to green" Students might need reminders to either
slow their counting or count to a higher number.
Sweet Treat Breathing: Breathe in (smell the cookie) and breath out (cool
down the hot chocolate)


1. Build a "toolbox" in class or at home and write down tools to put into
the toolboxes to give students a visual of the lesson
2. Begin to work with the students to start to recognize the tools they are
already using to calm down and praising their use of them. Come up
with new tools as a class or as a family to add to the toolboxes.
3. When you see a student who may be in the yellow or red zone,
encourage them to use one of their tools and evaluate how it works. If
it did not work well for them, encourage them to try a different one next
time. Every students' toolbox will look different.

Thank you for your support of the counseling program!