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Corruption is simply an unethical deed against your fellowmen, especially to

those who have less power and authority. Twisting the rules, changing the
count of votes, bribing, etc. for one’s personal benefit is not and will never
be the right choice for economic growth. Corruption may be an efficient tool
for improving an individual’s status in life, but it is at the cost of the suffering
of others. Corruption will always have more harmful effects than progressive
effects. It will take a long time for it to cease, and most would believe that it
would be unstoppable, once corruption has begun. It eventually leads to
inequality towards the rich and the poor, causing the latter to have more
difficulties upon poverty alleviation.

2. Corruption affects our country, the Philippines, by impairing our economic

growth, and the people by worsening the standard of living for most. Citizens
are deprived of their constitutional and human rights due to lack of quality
service, lack of proper justice, poor health and hygiene brought by pollution.
In return, Filipinos would have less respect, faith and trust towards the
government and the officials. The investments of foreign nations would
decrease, and growth and development would be delayed. Citizens
connected to corruption would tend to forget its ill effects to others, thus
increasing their selfish mentality. Most importantly, corruption prevents the
essence of unity of the citizens of the Philippines due to the negative effects
it brings, which would cause anarchy and chaos.

3. As a Thomasian, I can help the society with regards to corruption by

undertaking ways to reduce the problem, and by educating others on what
to do. I would help educate others who have little to no knowledge about
corruption with regards to what its consequences are. I shall also practice
honesty and accountability to what I am doing in the university. Whenever
elections are to be held, I shall thoroughly research candidates, choosing
those whom I believe is just and fit to govern, and not just vote randomly nor
give in to the pressure of others to vote whom they had voted. I can also
encourage others to engage themselves with regards to corruption and its
scope. I will use my rights as a citizen and a part of society to exercise proper
justice and order.