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Converting Stereo tracks to Dolby Surround 5.1 tracks.

1. Introduction.
In this tutorial, I will explain how to convert a normal stereo (2 channel) sound track o a
6 channels DTS or Dolby Surround track and burn them on DVD that can be played on
any home of PC DVD player.
DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio is composed of these 6 tracks :
1. FL = Front left and goes to the left speaker
2. FR = Front right and goes to the left speaker
3. C = Center and goes to the central speaker (mainly for vocals)
4. LFE = Low Frequency Effect => deep bass sub-woofer speaker : For very low
frequency audio
(20 Hz to 100 Hz)
5. SL = Surround Left => Rear left speaker
6. SR = Surround Right => Rear right speaker
Here is how we will obtain these tracks :
We will have to create 6 audio tracks from the original 2 tracks.
Front-Left => This will be taken from the left channel of the stereo file.
Front-Right => This will be taken from the right channel of the stereo file.
Center = > We will bandpass filter the stereo file to extract audio in the vocal frequency
range (150
Hz to 3 Khz).
LFE => We will low-pass filter the stereo file to extract the bass for the LFE.
Warning: Extreme care must be taken here to let only signal above 20 Hz in this file. Or
else signal
below (lower than) 20 Hz may damage your ears or surrounding equipements when it
amplified by the sub-woofer. Audio editors like Adobe or Wavelab have this control
by default but I don't know for other software.
SL => Extracted from the stereo left channel, we will add reverbs and flanger effect to
make a
swirling sound fly on your back.
SR => Same as above but extracted from the right channel of the stereo file.
Software I am going to use :

Adobe Audition Version 1.5 or 2.0. Any aother audio editor having the functions
mentions in
this tutorial can be used. This technique can also be transposed to any other software.

Minnetonka SurCode DVD pro (Or any other freeware that can encode DTS.

Step-1 : Get the audio track and convert to wave (PCM).

You can do this with any usual CD ripping software and save the tracks in wav PCM 16
format. The resulting file is about 10 Mbytes for every minute of sound.
You can also use mp3 files but I advise you to only use High Bitrates (upto 320 Kbits/s
Save this file astest.wav.
This file has a sampling rate of 44.1 Khz (The CD specification) but DVD accept only 48
Khz. You
can keep the 44.1 Khz if you are only going to burn DTS audio-CD. Not for DVD.
We will have to resample to 48 Khz.
Open the « test.wav » file in Adobe Audition (From now on I will call it Adobe),
ClickEdit in the menu bar and select « Convert Sample type »

In the next window select 48000 as sample rate / Stereo as Channels / and 16 as bit depth.
quality to high by moving the slider to the left till you read 999 then click « ok ».
From now on we will use the audio files bundle with this tutorial. These are from the
movie :
Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani – Song – I'm the best.
I have chosen this one as it is in stereo and is a good song.
(And finally you will be thebest after completing this tutorial).
Files included :
I'm the best_stereo.flac
Adobe Audition documentation can be freely downloaded on adobe web site.
I have compressed it in lossless FLAC audio format. Use any FLAC decompressor or if
you are like
me, use FOOBAR2000 (Bundled with this tutorial). You will only have to decompress
original track « I'm the best_stereo.flac ». The file is already in 48000 Hz, so you wont
have to
resample it.
Here is how to decompress in foobar2000 (or fb2k).

Open the file in fb2k.

Choose WAV (PCM, fixed-point).

«ok » and it will be decompressed in the source folder with a «wav » extention.
Now open the « I'm the best_stereo.wav» file in Adobe.
Double click on the name of the file in the list and you will see the waveform in the main
Be sure to click the «edit » button on the left hand corner of the main window.
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Converting Stereo to DTS
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In this tutorial, the author explains how to convert a normal stereo (2 channel) sound
track to a 6 channels DTS or Dolby Surround track and burn t... (More) In this tutorial,
the author explains how to convert a normal stereo (2 channel) sound track to a 6
channels DTS or Dolby Surround track and burn them on DVD that can be played on any
home of PC DVD player. (Less)
converting stero
convertir wav
dts tracks
(more tags)
converting stero
convertir wav
dts tracks
converting sterio
minnetonka surcode
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