Election 2010 Edition

CDO High School November 2010

pal-uhn-teer: an all-knowing, all-seeing crystal ball. Not to be crossed or questioned.

CDO Extends A Helping Hand In The Community
Lately, it seems that many schools and businesses have begun to help those in need, and I’m proud to say that CDO has been taking the initiative and is participating in various charity events. CDO students and teachers have come together with Shoes4Souls to help raise new athletic shoes for children from Prince Elementary School and Amphi Middle School. These children do not have the resources that we have, and CDO has not only taken notice, but has taken the first step in helping out. Students in certain advisory periods even made the signs that you see all over campus to help promote this charity. The Shoe Drive is only one of the charity events that CDO has helped with. Students who are part of the Key Club, as well as students from various other schools, have teamed up with Edward Jones in a food drive for Interfaith Community Services. The deal is, people bring in nonperishable items to the Edward Jones office on La Canada Dr., and they get a free breakfast. This charity has been happening for four years and last year alone raised almost 13,000 pounds of food! The great thing about this charity is that it’s not only the CDO Key Club and other schools, it’s the common public. They all team up to help out those less fortunate. If you want help, this drive happens on November 13th from 8 a.m. to noon. If you want to learn about more ways to help our community and those less fortunate, a great way to do so is by joining the Key Club at CDO. The Key Club is a great opportunity to know what you can do to help and how you can participate. They are doing events such as a shopping spree at JC Penny for less fortunate kids, and the Eliminate Project, which is a fundraiser to help eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. CDO has already taken the initiative with the Shoe Drive, and there is so much more that we can do, we just have to take that -karylin veres- Co-eiC first step. In Photo- From left to rightTatum Conners, Debbie Lyons, Kellie Hammond, Ms.Sandy,Nick Meyerowitz, Mrs. Smith, Mara Johnson, (Not pictured, Ry Offret)
piCture Courtesy of

2010 Election Results
November 2nd was election day, and Arizona finally has their results. District 1 of Arizona had Paul Gosar of the Republican party as their winner, district 2 had Trent Franks from the Republican party as their winner, and district 3 had Ben Quayle also of the republican party as their representative. District 4 had a democratic winner, Ed Pastor, who beat Janet Contreras. Both districts 5 and 6 had republican winners, David Schweikert of district 5, and Jeff Flake of district 6. Now, for the two elections that pertain to us CDO students, district 7, Raul Grijalva against Ruth McClung, and district 8, Gabrielle Giffords against Jesse Kelly. The winner of district 7 was democrat Raul Grijalva with 48 percent of the vote while Ruth McClung trailed not too far behind with 46 percent of the vote. District 8 also had a democratic winner, Gabrielle Giffords, winning with 49 percent of the vote, and Jessie Kelly right at her heels with 47 percent of the vote. As we know, people weren’t only voting on the House of Representatives. We were also voting on various propositions. Prop 106, on the Health Care Freedom Act, and 107, on the Affirmative Action Ban, both passed. However, Prop 109, “Arizona Hunting and Fishing Amendment”, was rejected. Prop 111, “Arizona Lieutenant Governor”, was also rejected. Prop 113, “Arizona Save our Secret” was another passing proposition. Prop 301, “Arizona Land Conservation Fund Transfer”, was rejected with prop 302, “Arizona’s First Things First Program Repeal”. However, three propositions are still up in the air. As of November 12th, Proposition 112, which is asking that Propositions and initiatives petitions are turned in two months earlier than is currently required, is slightly ahead. Another Proposition that has yet to be decided is Prop 110, which wants to help preserve military bases by letting the state trade trust lands with the federal government, is behind. A very controversial proposition, Proposition 203, which was the notion legalize medical marijuana, is also behind in the count, but we’re hoping to get the results very soon. It was a heated election and was one of the closest races we’ve seen in Arizona in a long time. -karylin veres- Co-eiC

Debbie smith

Hey Baby, You Busy?
November Events Calendar 11/11- Veteran’s Day 11/12- First round of state football 11/25-No school for Thanksgiving 11/26- No school for Thanksgiving Sports Schedules on page 7

Quote of the Month
“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” -Michael Jordan

News 02

We talked to CDO g rad student Philip Oro and asked him about his exper ience star ting from CDO all the way up to being in the prog ram Teac h For Amer ica. Q: What is it like working through the Teac h For Amer ica prog ram? And for those out there who don't know what it is, how would you descr ibe what the prog ram is? A: Teac h For Amer ica (TFA) is an organization that provides a cr itical source of well-trained teac her s to undeser ved and (usually) low socioeconomic reg ions of the United States in an effor t to help break the cycle of educational inequity. An overwhelming number of students across the nation, in all cities big and small, do not receive a g reat, or even appropr iate, education. TFA and its Cor ps Member s are working to reduce that educational ac hievement gap. Joining TFA, inter nalizing the prog ram’s values, and teac hing have been and will be incredibly rewarding exper iences. Cor ps Member s just like me are placed all across the United States and have already made huge impacts in the communities and cities they teac h in. I am luc ky to be par t of suc h a noble cause. That being said, the next two year s (or more) will be the most difficult two year s of my life. Teac hing is the most r igorous and demanding profession on Ear th, if you want to be g reat at it. I am looking forward to all of the lessons I will lear n and stor ies I will have in just two year’s time. Q: Would you suggest it for other students looking to be teac her s? A: I would not suggest it for students looking to be teac her s. I would suggest it for students looking to be GREAT teac her s or looking to be successful in whatever they c hoose to do with their lives. This prog ram is so muc h more than becoming a teac her. It is about realizing that there are some things in life that are bigger than your self, and that in order to tr uly under stand the world around you, you need to see and expose your self to as muc h of it as you can. Q: Do you have any advice for the students here that might be key points to get them ready for college? A: My biggest recommendation would be to consider and apply to colleges or univer sities that fit YOUR wants and needs, not the wants and needs of your fr iends, significant other, or parents. Going to a new place away from what I was familiar with and outside of my comfor t zone was the best decision I have ever made. Also, take as many AP, IB, or Community College (dual enrollment) classes as possible, as these will knoc k out many of the classes taken dur ing freshman or sophomore year. This leaves more room for classes that are fun, interesting, and outside of a specific cour se of study or major. Q: What was your college exper ience like? Did you feel prepared? A: College was the best and most difficult four year s of my life up until this point. The oppor tunities and exper iences I sought out and was exposed to in college have made me into a very well rounded and altr uistic individual. I felt very well prepared upon leaving CDO as I had done well in ter ms of g rades and involvement, but nothing really prepares you for college. Q: Do you enjoy what you are doing? A: So far, yes, very muc h so. As with every thing in life, however, it is all a matter of per spective. If any of you are interested in lear ning more about this prog ram, please visit this following link. http://www.teac hforamer ica.org/ -lexi epperson stafwriter

CDO Grad Is Part Of Teach For America!

J.T’s Animal Corner
The Arizona bobcat’s numbers are going down because humans are taking over their natural habitats. Bobcats are Arizona’s most common cats, outnumbering the mountain lion. A medium-sized bobcat can weigh 12 to 30 pounds and can be as long as 2 to 2 1/2 feet. Their faces are marked with orange or gray colors similar to a tabby cat. They have pointed ears with tufts of white hair at the ends. Their short tails make them different from other wild cats. Bobcats are shy and avoid people. Don’t let their small size fool you; they are very strong and can bring down a small deer. They can become angry when challenged, so never approach a bobcat. They may look like a friendly cat, but they have large claws and teeth. Bobcats hunt at night, looking for rabbits, rats, mice, and small deer. Bobcats live in desert to rocky and wooded areas. They may venture into backyards and under bushes. During the day bobcats may sleep in caves, thick brush, or hollow logs. As people move into natural areas the number of bobcats are becoming smaller. Hunting and trapping them are legal in Arizona, which contributes to their smaller number. Let’s continue to enjoy the Arizona bobcat while continuing to protect them so they can thrive in Arizona. -j.t. salah staff writer

photo courtesy of- http://staff. howard.k12.md.us/~alanz/indexpictures/bobcat1.jpg

We can assume that most people know the basic steps to CPR, which begins with mouthto-mouth. Mouth-to-mouth is the first step and has been that way for a very long time. Now, there’s a change that puts the so called “simple step first” for the common CPR. Now the first, new, step to CPR is to star t with hard, fast chest presses instead of giving mouth-to-mouth right away. The reason this change has occurred is for the safety of the victim’s life. When a rescuer is giving hard chest presses, they are acting as if they are the hear t to the victims body. This makes the oxygen in the blood flow throughout the organs and keeps the victim alive, and then if needed, they will go through with the mouthto-mouth procedure. These now newly ordered procedures seem to be more efficient and are capable for anyone, including rescuers and even bystanders, to easily do. These steps seem to be pretty easy to follow. The first two steps involve the new change. So the first step should star t with 30 second chest presses. You need to make sure that these are hard and fast so that the oxygen in the victims blood is able to flow through its body, and remember you are acting as if you are this victim’s hear t, so it’s impor tant to take this seriously. Following the first step you should follow up with giving the victim two breaths to the mouth. You should repeat these steps if needed. This change only applies to adults and children, not newborns. We want to have as many safety precautions as possible. So remember, this new step is impor tant.

CPR Switch

-lexi epperson staff writer

The Newest T.V. Hit: JERSEY SHORE!

Opinion 03
Android v.s. Iphone

It’s a nationwide phenomenon that has I haven’t personally met too many people that grasped the attention of our youth. The late actually take the show seriously, they don’t night antics of young adults in a house together strive to be just like J-Wow or as “cool” as People around the world seem to be has teenagers fist pumping like champs. It’s Vinny. Viewers find it entertaining that there raving about this “showdown” over the Android none other than, Jersey Shore, MTV’s “reality” are really people out there that make this their and the Iphone. People are wanting to know show is about 4 Guido’s and 3 Guidettes livlifestyle, and to be able to tune in every week which phone is best for power uers. Although ing together in a house over the summer. For to watch the newest drama go down, is what the newest Iphone doesn’t come out for a couthose of you who are unfamiliar with the term, it’s about. ple more weeks, the Android keeps improving it’s another name for an ItalianSurprisingly CDO students its hardware continuously so it’s up to date. American. To the young adults aren’t as on board with the rest of The Iphone seems to have a better ease of use. in the house, having the title the U.S when it comes to this show. Only because it has one main button that every “Guido”, is far more than just a I polled 135 students around campus time you push it, everything shows up for itself name, it’s an entire lifestyle. and in classrooms and found that not on the screen. But then the Android takes over GTL, it’s their motto. everyone even knows what Jersey for openness. The Iphone is well known for all Gym, tan, and laundry. The Shore is. 32 percent love Jersey Shore its apps that take up so much space, but the boys; Vinny, Pauly D, Mike and made it a priority to watch each Android is more open and not so chaotic. “The Situation,” and Ronnie live their day to week. Only 7 percent of students polled can’t Then again, the Iphone takes over for day lives by these three words. They work out, stand the show. 26 percent are neutral, claimbattery life. The Iphone seems to have an exgo to the tanning salons and then head off to the ing they like the show, but if they missed an tremely long battery life that outs the Android dry cleaners for some clothes washing fun. But episode here or there, their world was still drastically. So as you can see, both the Iphone this is just the beginning of their jam packed intact. The real surprise was that the amount and Android seem to be good choices. So its and important day. At around 11 pm, the whole of students who have never even bothered to up to you to choose. group goes out to a club and drinks the rest of watch it, or hadn’t heard of it all together was their night away. If that wasn’t fun enough, it’s -lexi epperson, feature editor 35%. So maybe Jersey Shore isn’t as big almost a personal goal for any of the housemates a phenomenon as originally anticipated, but to bring home a boy or girl to “smush” with. either way, with the completion of their second So with an entire show based around season, I have a feeling that we haven’t seven people doing basically nothing but partyseen the last of the crew. ing for a summer, why is it such a huge show? -katelyn treichel, editor in chief It’s because it’s so ridiculous that it’s funny. Most people think that Astrology is a simple study Photo Courtesy of: http://assets.nydailynews.com/ img/2009/12/25/alg_jersey_shore_cast.jpg where everyone fits into one of 12 types. We see horoscopes in magazines and think that if those don’t come true, then Astrology must not be a valid study. The majority of people who think that Astrology is a fraud are not even informed about how it works or what it actually is. Honestly, I cannot blame some people for thinking that Astrology Nearly two-thirds of adult Americans are overweight or obese. Despite the atis stupid when they are uninformed. First of all, horoscopes tention of many health professionals, the media, the public, and millions of dollars on are not real Astrology, true Astrology goes much deeper mass educational campaigns about the benefits of healthier diets and increased physical than just Sun Signs. activity, obesity in the United States has more than doubled over the past four decades. Authentic Astrology uses all the planets (including These statistics are staggering numbers and its not even finished If trends continue at Pluto), some Astrologers even use asteroids such as Chiron, the current rate, 100% of Americans will be overweight or obese by the year 2048. Vesta, Pallas, and Juno. The specific day and year you were Comparing the amount of people who practice regular physical activity and comparing born configures the placement of each celestial body. Each it to the many who practice the habit of “super-sizing” is really not a competition and it planet represents a different facet of your personality as does not just stop at the adults they are now teaching their children too; According to well as people in your life. Not only that, the exact time of 30% of children aged 2-19 are considered overweight or obese and it has been estimated your birth will put your planets into different houses. These than 1 in 3 children born in the year 2000 will develop diabetes in their lifetime! represent certain areas of life, for example, the first house The truth is that people need to stop making excuses, stop “dieting” and start explains how you present yourself to the world, the second making better food choices. There is no need to choose fat food excuse me fast food house stands for possessions and money, the third house when you can go home and make your family a nice home cooked meal. It saves you represents siblings and grade school, and so forth. Then money as well as saving you the extra pounds. Americans are now spending over $140 there’s the aspects, which are geometrical degree distances billion on fast food each year. Another thing many Americans are doing is blaming between planets. They show how your planets, or different their weight on genetics, it is not genetics people need to stop putting more calories facets of your personality and people in your life conflict or into their body than they burn, it is not that hard of concept. Children in American are complement each other. suffering with obesity. Being obese increases a child’s risk for some serious childhood There are dozens of variations of how to practice medical problems, including; Asthma, heart, disease and high blood pressure, Sleep Astrology, as well as things that it can be used for. Some Apnea and breathing problems and bone conditions, such as hip problems, gastroforms are spiritual, and some are mundane. It is actually intestinal diseases, early puberty, and psychological problems, like poor self-esteem quite a vast and complex study, and despite common and depression. These are serious health issues but what about the sociology issues too. misconceptions, it is not superstitious or simple in any way. Children who are obese are at increased risk for emotional problems that last well into I have some experience in the field, as I have been filmed adulthood, according to several studies and experts on the subject. Obesity and the for three documents, so you may ask me any questions you mental disorders they contribute to should be considered as serious as other medical wish. Some Astrologers think the way that Astrology works illnesses, they say. A study at the University of Medicine conducted a study on the effects is that the planets have magnets that pull on earth that of obesity. It showed that obese boys and girls had higher rates of loneliness, sadness and affect different people in different ways. Others believe nervousness than non obese boys and girls. These children were more likely to smoke that Astrology is simply one of the mysteries of the and drink alcohol. universe. My point is that I think that people should not This is a MASSIVE problem in the united states that needs to be fixed soon or judge Astrology when they are not even informed about we will all be doomed. how it works, or what it even is.

The Truth about Astrology

U.S.A.: Land of the Free, the Brave --And the Obese!

-colby hobbs, sports editor

-sophia natania elice rubin, op./ed. editor

Feature 04
Student Teacher Excelling at CDO
I interviewed Mrs. Fox’s student teacher Mr. Heyd, who will be graduating in December from Northern Arizona University. Here is what he had to say. Q1: Mr. Heyd, where are you from? A1: I am from Hawaii. I lived on the island of Gahu. Q2: Would you like to work at CDO? A2:Yes, I would love to teach at CDO. I want to be a Dorado! Q3: Do you enjoy working with kids? A3: Of course, students are always happy and willing to learn. They make teaching enjoyable and fun. Q4: What is your favorite football team? A4: The Tennessee Titans, and of course the CDO Dorados. Q5: What is your favorite food? A5: I always enjoy anything from Nico’s. Q6: What is your favorite band? A6: Passion Pit or Pretty Lights, it’s a toss- up. Q7: Why do you want to be a teacher? A7: Because I really enjoy seeing the looks on student’s faces when they learn and understand new subjects and skills.
-AbrAhAm VelAsco, stAff Writer

Oracle & Magee

w w w. m a m a s f a m o u s . c o m

since 1980

Speedway & Swan

297-3993 Eastside
222nd & Kolb

319-8856 Far Eastside
Broadway & Houghton



20 oz. Soft Drink
with the purchase of a Slice of Pizza!
Coupon CDO2


Not valid with other offers. Valid Monday-Thursday. Must present coupon to cashier.

DINE-IN & CARRY-OUT ONLY Now repeat after me, Mama’s Pizzaaah...

Dorado Den
Hungry or thirsty during lunch and tired of waiting in ridiculous lines at the snack bar? If so, the Dorado Den is the place to go. Since 2005, marketing students have managed the Dorado Den, with the help of their teacher, Mrs. Bible, to get a hands on experience of what marketing in the real world is like. Some things sold at the Dorado Den are: fresh cookies and brownies, popcorn, water, pickles, otter pops, Gatorade. Don’t forget CDO merchandise such as lanyards, tote bags and tee shirts. All proceeds from the Dorado Den go to community service projects, charities, and traveling opportunities for marketing students to go to conferences. The Dorado Den is located in the upper part of G, and is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during both lunches, and Tuesday during tutorial. So if you have a minute and a few bucks, stop by the Dorado Den, you won’t regret it! -MadElinE dunlap, fEaturE Editor

Going Green
As you may know, “Going Green” is a great way to save the environment, energy, and money, with excellent benefits to you. There are many ways you can save the planet, and it’s easy! You can start by doing simple things such as: saving trees, not polluting the air, recycling, remembering to turn the lights off when you leave a room, buying recycled plastics, bringing re-usable bags to the grocery store with you, or changing your light bulbs. Just by changing your light bulbs to eco-friendly ones, you can reduce environmental impact and your energy bill. These bulbs use a smaller wattage of electricity, yet make the same amount of light as regular ones. Also, they last ten times longer then regular bulbs so you won’t have to waste your money buying more. Recycling is another great way to go green. Just by recycling your newspapers or plastic bottles you can save about 700 trees annually. If you use a recycled aluminum water bottle, then you will not have to worry about recycling plastic water bottles. Also, it saves money because you wouldn't have to worry about buying cases of water every time you run out. A very easy way to save energy is to unplug phone chargers, computers, and other chords that are not in use. By taking shorter showers, 30 gallons of water could be saved, which also reduces your water and heating bill. Walk or ride a bike when possible! Every car on the road is polluting the air, do you want that to be you? It may seem like no big deal now, however, in the end, it all adds up. When you throw away your electronics, the chemicals and metals from them seep into the ground, which is detrimental to our planet. I hope reading this has convinced you that saving Mother Earth is a smart, money- saving way of living. And remember, “Go Green!” -Erica EllEr, Staff WritEr

Get Stuffed for Thanksgiving
For generations, Americans have taken part in Thanksgiving, a time to give, share and feast. Most families have meals that consist of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and an assortment of pies. The most famous and traditional main course to Thanksgiving is turkey. It was also the main course for the pilgrims and Native Americans, during the first Thanksgiving. Not all Americans eat turkey however. Some common substitutes are ham, chicken, or in some cases, tofu. Thanksgiving is a happy time that helps families connect, and stress the importance of sharing. Thanksgiving isn’t just about the food; it’s also about spending time with family and loved ones. I went around CDO and asked 38 students what they eat for their Thanksgiving dinners. 28 students reported that they have turkey as a main course; however, 10 students chose ham. As for the most common side dish; 15 students eat mashed potatoes. Followed closely is stuffing with 13 students, then cranberries with four students, and casserole with three students. In last place comes corn with one student. For desserts between pumpkin and apple pie, pumpkin pie won with a total of 22 with apple pie shortly behind with 16. So feast away, and remember to be generous; it’s only once a year! -JoSh halE, Staff WritEr

The 5 Most Anticipated Movies of the Month!
This month, there are some greatly awaited films coming to theaters that everyone will love! The top movies of this month include: 1.) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1: Move out of the way Twilight! The world’s favorite teenage sorcerer is hitting the big screen once again in J.K. Rowling’s last piece in the well-known series. The gorgeous Daniel Radcliffe will be playing Harry Potter for the last time in this two-piece movie. As many Harry Potter fans know, Harry was a young, ridiculed boy until he discovered he was a famous wizard. After 6 years of attending Hogwarts School of wizarding and witchcraft, Harry finds himself going back this year for the last time. Several intense events are included in this heroic film. Make sure to look out for it on the release date- November 19th, 2010! 2.) Love and Other Drugs: Coming to theaters November 24th, 2010 is yet another well-awaited film starring Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal. Love and Other Drugs seems to be the Up in the Air for 2010 with Gyllenhaal already wiping clean the memory of Prince of Persia and Hathaway, well, we’ll never forget Bride Wars! 3.) Morning Glory: Coming to theaters November 12th, 2010 is also one of the month’s most awaited movies. This movie stars the beautiful Rachel McAdams from The Notebook and Mean Girls and the dominating Harrison Ford (seen in Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and many more!).

Feature 05

It’s got a great preview that hints at the first actual, genuine performance from Harrison Ford along with a script that may have finally found a way to use the often-untapped screen charisma of Rachel McAdams. It feels like Morning Glory could be a rare project that transcends to be a beloved film. 4.) 127 Hours: Starring the charming James Franco (Spiderman trilogy, Pineapple Express and many more!) is the true story of Aaron Ralston, a mountain climber who became trapped under a boulder in Utah and had to resort to extreme measures to survive. It sounds like Oscar bait in every way from the fact that Boyle (director) teamed up with writer, Simon Beaufoy and again to the likelihood that James Franco has finally found the role that will get him his long-deserved Oscar nod. 5.) Due Date: Peter Highman (Robert Downey) is an expectant fist-time father whose wife’s sue date is a mere 5 days away! As Peter hurries to catch a flight home from Atlanta to be at his wife’s side during birth, his intentions go completely wrong leading on what turns out to be a cross-country road trip that will ultimately destroy Peter’s last nerve. Be sure to see this awesome, action and comedypacked movie coming out November 5th, 2010! - sarah hale, staff Writer

Formal is Coming!
November 20, 2010 is a date to remember, because it’s the night of Winter Formal. Formal 2010 is sure to impress this year, because the theme is. . . well actually, before we get to the good stuff, let’s recap last years formal. Last year, the theme was Alice in Wonderland, complete with various decorations, food, and even a DJ. Now that we’ve had a recap, it’s time to reveal what you’ve all been waiting for. The theme of Winter Formal 2010 is. . . . . The Circus! Although the theme sounds great, we don’t know any of the small details such as decorations and food. However it is certain that student government will come through, as they have done previously. So don’t forget formal, because it’s sure to be a blast . - Karylin Veres, Co- eiC

Black Friday: Are You Ready For It?
Thanksgiving has come and gone, the food has been eaten, you have caught up with other family members, and plenty of television has been watched. It is now the day after Thanksgiving, better knows as Black Friday. Black Friday is a day where many people wake up in the wee hours of the morning, or sometimes even stay up all night, to get in line at big retail stores and the mall so that they can get to all the great deals that the stores offer. Stores give incredible sales on major ticket items, such as flat screen TVs, I-pods, big appliance’s and many other items. For some families, this is a tradition that they enjoy. Sadly, it has come to my attention that many people have stopped physically going to stores, and are instead, sitting at home at the computer, doing all their shopping online. Sure online shopping has skyrocketed recently, but I honestly didn’t think it would affect the way people would participate in Black Friday. “I don’t really like Black Friday because of the crowds. It’s no fun shopping when you’re hot, and having to shove past people to get to a few measly items. The computer is at your house, and it’s just so much easier.” Says Alyssa Sisson, a CDO Sophomore. I can certainly see her side of things, I mean some people don’t like crowds, I totally get it. But for some people, some of the fun of Black Friday are the crowds. You get up, bundle up in sweaters, make a pit stop at Starbucks for a warm pick-me-up, and then get ready to face the crowds. “The crowds are half the fun!” Says Rachel Gilbreath, a CDO Sophomore, “I enjoy having to fight the crowds, because once I get what I want, I feel like I won.” Online shopping, although useful for those that aren’t physically able to go out and shop, seems like it’s taking away from the spirit of Black Friday shopping. Although the traditional way of Black Friday is to get up in the freezing cold and wait in lines all night with rude, irritable, and ignorant people trying to get one of five 55” plasma screens TVs. But the new thing is to sit down in front of a computer screen with a blanket and a warm cup of hot chocolate in your warm house and pick what you want with plenty of stock to choose from and many of the same deals on the web. So there is not a huge competition. All-though you must stay up all night or just go to sleep and wake up for the deals supplies are limited and you must wait for delivery. You still can find the best deal the quickest and there is no beating that.
Karylin Veres, Co-EIC & Colby Hobbs, Sports Editor

Winter Sports Preveiw
Girls Soccer
Boys Basketball
CDO Girls’ Soccer team is kicking for a successful season. The team is looking incredibly good this year and everyone has a role to play. The girls are hoping for high turnouts at their games and only us Dorados can provide that support. Their first home game is November 30th against Rio Rico. So be sure to grab a jacket and be out there to cheer on your Lady Dorados!

The CDO Boys Basketball team is in full swing and the future is bright for our Dorados this season. With a team of twelve, the boys are practicing hard and relentlessly for the hopes of a stronger and better team. Junior, Jake Kimberlin is a second year varsity player and was confident that the team would go far. “I think that we have a good chance of going farther in state than we have before.” Jake also says, “I’m excited to see how our team is gonna come together.” The boys have their first season game on November 30th at Mountain View. They’re hoping to have a big outcome at their games this year and they need your help. Photo by Kattlyn trichel So get out to the court and be ready to watch

The wrestling season this year is going to be a good one. With a strong group of boys, and high hopes, it’s all hard work for the Dorados. Sophomore kevin Pina is very optimistic about the season. “ I think we will compete with everyone this season. We have to become a tough team and should do well this season.” Their first hope meet is December 1st against Nogales. Good luck Dorados!


Girls Basketball

Boys Soccer
They’ve won state two years in a row, and they’re clearly a dominating force on the field. They are the boy’s varsity soccer team. CDO has a great soccer team, which is evident when looking back on past feats. With a big title to defend, how are they feeling about the upcoming season? “I think we’ll do good and make it to state.” Says Andy Yingst, part of the CDO varsity boys soccer team. Andy has been playing soccer for 9 years, and is happy to be on the varsity soccer team as a sophomore. There are many wonderful things about being on the boy’s varsity soccer team, so what’s Andy’s favorite part? “The girls.” Yingst says. But heis all business out on the field, and with what he calls “great” team unity, they’re ready to play every team that comes their way. Speaking of other teams, Catalina Foothills and Sabino are the two teams that the CDO boy’s varsity soccer team is most excited to play this season. Although the team wishes that more people would come to their games, they’re still stoked for this season. So get ready CDO, because the CDO boy’s varsity soccer team is ready to win!

Swish. Listening to the Girls’ Varsity Basketball team in action, that’s the sound you’ll hear. Dedication and determination are two words that describe these girls, and a promise for a great season is a given with them. This season there will be four returning varsity players, and ten players in all. Domino Manheim is excited about seeing her hard work pay off on the court, and she sees it as her biggest reward of playing. “I’m really excited because they are a great group of girls who are extremely committed, and are very close to each other, with no drama,” Coach Brown, girl’s varsity basketball head coach said after being asked about this season in relation to seasons in the past. When asked what the strengths of this year’s team were, the head coach answered, “IQ, perimeter play, and of course our 6-1 big.” Coach Brown’s goals for this year are, “To be happy, to win our region, to do well in tournaments, and to make it to state.” The girls will have their first scrimmage against Cholla on November 18 at CDO, and the first game will be on November 30th at CDO against Mt. View. This year, the varsity team has the amazing opportunity to play at the McKale Center on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, against Sabino. To see the schedule for the rest of the season, visit the CDO website http://www.amphi.com/schools/cdo/. Go Lady Dorados! Photo by Kathryn treichel

Sports Editorial: “Football is dangerous..... Really?!”
We all know that football is a hard fast-moving sport, but I feel that not many people are aware of the dangers that come with playing this sport. Football has many common injuries starting from sprains to broken bones, but have you ever heard of a player being paralyzed? Or having severe head injuries even with helmets? I want to inform people of the many dangers that aren’t out in the public enough. Let’s start off with the head injuries. Some experts are saying that helmets seem to help cause concussions. How you may you ask are the very things supposed to keep you safe so dangerous? Well when two players collide helmet-to-helmet, the head decelerates instantly and the brain lurches forward which then results to bruising and or stretching of some tissue. Some people say that helmets shouldn’t be worn, but others argue saying, “If the players didn’t have helmets with the way they play football these days, they would die on the first day.” Then of course others say that this would encourage the players not to use their heads as weapons anymore. And then there’s the paralyzed college football player, Junior Defensive Tackle Eric LeGrannd, who after making a very violent tackle on the return kick off, was paralyzed from neck down. Eric was rushed to the hospital and had immediate overnight surgery so that his spine could be stabilized after his tackle. The coach had went and saw him before Eric had his surgery and was there for when it was over to see him again. He said, “Eric’s spirits were as good as you can expect. he was cognizant of me being there, his mom, everybody.”Eric is supposed to be in hospital care for the near future. All in all, my intention is just to inform people that football has its consequences in the end. I’m not intending to put out negative thoughts to this sport, I simply wanted to have people be more aware of the dangers of this football. I personally don’t have a certain opinion on the whole helmet issue, but i do feel that helmets should not be abandoned. I just think that the guys that go into this sport show be cautious and and take precautions while playing this sport. -L exi e pperson , F eature e ditor

Lil’ Dorados
Charlie C. Zia K.

What was your Halloween Costume? What is your favorite candy?
Tyler G.- A blue Power Ranger with a helmet Ricky G.- A Dinosaur and a Pirate

Landen T.- Tootsie Rolls and Suckers Brendan H.- All the candy is my favorite




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November Question : What percentage of the students polled, HATE Jersey Shore? The CDO Palantir is changing this year and we want you guys to help us out! Every month, one lucky CDO student will receive a free pizza from Mama’s Pizza just for reading our online paper. Each month in our paper, there will be a trivia question regarding an article. If you read the article, and think you know the answer, you can then go to the library and put your answer into a drawing with your name and grade. The first name drawn with the correct answer is our winner and will be notified with instructions to get their free pizza. So get involved with the CDO Palantir and check back next month for the next question!

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