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(Ivatan: Provinsiya nu Batanes; Tagalog: Lalawigan ng Batanes) is an archipelago province in

the Philippines situated in the Cagayan Valleyregion. It is the northernmost province in the
country, and also the smallest, both in population and land area. Its capital is Basco located in
the island of Batan.



While Batanes is filled with amazing sights and activities, those

who want to see something that is truly special should take the
time to visit the San Jose de Ivana Church. The church is nearly
250 years old with a foundation that dates back to 1795. You
wouldn’t guess that by looking at it though. The San Jose de Ivana
Church is one of the best preserved churches in the region and
some people make the mistake of thinking it is new!


At the center of Batan Island of the country’s northernmost

province, Batanes, stands proud and mighty a national cultural
treasure. Facing the vast West Philippine Sea, the Church of San
Carlos Borromeo in Mahatao has stood the test of time and
season. In fact, for 230 years, the church’s main structure
remained as it is.

3.UYUGAN CHURCH- San Antonio De Florencia Church is located in

Uyugan. For San Antonio De Florencia Church and beyond, use
our Uyugan trip itinerary maker to get the most from your Uyugan

1. Basco Lighthouse

This six-story-tall lighthouse is one of Basco's most

renowned landmarks. Together with the lighthouses of
Sabtang and Mahatao towns, it was constructed by the
former congressman of Batanes. Basco Lighthouse was the
first to be finished in 2003.

2. Diura Fishing Village

Not far from the Mahatao town proper is the Diura Village.
The community's primary livelihood is fishing and to kick
off the beginning of fishing season, its members perform
the age-old ritual they call kapayvanuvanu in the hopes of
a bountiful catch. If you want to witness this amazing
ritual performed, you might want to time your visit in
March or April.

3. San Carlos Borromeo Church

Mahatao's parish church is declared as a National

Cultural Treasure in 2001 due to its architectural
prowess and impressive state of preservation. Built
during the Spanish colonial era, it is made of stone and
lime and set in the Baroque architecture style.

Vakul-Kanayi Festival
Sabtang Island just held its first-ever Vakul-KanayiFestival this year. Starting from April 25 to 27,
activities are made from indigenous outdoor games and cultural shows to colorful parades and
street dancing competition. Vakul is the headgear worn by women and kanayi are the vests
wrapped on men when they work.


The Ivatans are a Filipino ethnolinguistic group predominant in the islands of Batanes of
the Philippines. Their ethnogenesis is unclear; their origins remain untraced among scholars,
but they are known to be an Austronesian group, related to neighboring Ilocanos on purely
linguistic basis.
The culture of the Ivatans is partly influenced by the environmental condition of Batanes.
Unlike the old-type nipa huts common in the Philippines, Ivatans have adopted their now-
famous stone houses made of coral and limestone, designed to protect against the hostile

1. Pension Ivatan

Try the Breakfast Medley (P1,000; good for 5) of

tocino, beef tapa, longganisa, paco, fried flying
fish, scrambled eggs, fried kamote, garlic rice, and
brewed coffee.

Besides this, you should also try the

bestselling Ivatan Platter consisting of kinilaw,
kaliente (beef skin), inihaw na liempo, lobtsers,
coconut crab, fern salad, grilled flying fish, tuna,
uvod (banana trunk), venes (gabi stalk), and beef

2. Coconut Crab

These crabs are known for their sweet meat and

aligue. The best part is the aligue, which tastes like
a mixture of crab fat mixed in coconut milk,
bursting with creamy and sweet goodness that’s
best paired with rice (P1000/1 kilo).

These crabs, called tatus, are already on the

endangered list and are only allowed to be
consumed locally. We don’t encourage tourists
to participate.

3. Lobsters

Can you believe we got these rock lobsters at the

market for just P1000? We suggest ordering these
instead of the endangered coconut crabs.

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